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PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 6:48 pm 
Tweaked and Timbit and everyone. This is just so fascinating! (The subject of how to inform the public, I mean, when the time comes.) I think the Oprah thing was just thrown up originally as an idea more than a serious method of breaking the news to the millions of viewers. As Timbit says, Oprah is a multi millionaire TV personality, and the thing with that is that such a person may not have the 'gravity' needed to tell the world that things will never be the same again. But then again who knows how things will transpire?
If world leaders are already 'in the know' as many believe they are, then embarrassment will be the least of their worries if news gets out. Indeed there may be no need for politicians if a New Age were to come. My concern is this, if aliens [i]are [/i]'collaborating' with the 'high ups' in our country and other countries even as we speak, what exactly is the 'deal' all about? I mean what's in it for the aliens? And what does it mean for the masses?

A thought Are 'good' and 'evil' [i]universal [/i]characteristics, subjecting [i]all[/i] life forms in the cosmos to those choices? (sorry if this sounds naive). What I'm getting at is that we live on a planet where we can choose to be good or bad individuals, therefore those capabilities are inherent in us as humankind. Now if aliens - non-humans I mean - have the same options, i.e to side with either good or evil, then we don't yet know (as yet) if our visitors are doing good deals with the Government, or bad deals. We pray it's a good deal and that, over cigars and brandy in some undisclosed location, the aliens are putting forward a plan for the evolution of us all into a peaceful green world with combined purpose and new knowledge.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 8:12 pm 
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Under 'Undefined Topics', second heading, e-books (by Imajica) is a website with a series of four video's by Dr. Karla Turner, and in the first two segments, she speaks to the issue of the 'alien agenda', and what do want from us. She kind of turns the tables on some theories that suggest there is only one species, and also questions their motives in light of the types and scope of abduction. I get the impression from her own personal experiences (that she describes in her first segment) that she has been subject to many unwanted invasions of privacy, both her and her family, in conjunction with those that oversee, and apparently condone and approve, these continued intrusions. (Governments)

I think that part of our perception of these so-called agenda's has been too often seen as benevolent and welcome. Indeed, to some they are. There is [u]no question[/u] as to the enrichment of their lives; some of our very own have had encounters over a lifetime that do not instill fear, or anything invasive. Further I think that most of what we know by way of testimony of those abductees is the most understood.

I think it is dangerous to suggest or believe that if one good species can come and benefit mankind, that there aren't others with [i]equal and opposite powers and agendas[/i] for purposes that benefit [i]them. [/i]That is one example of how our perception of abductions may be based on only one theory involving only one type of alien, where there are likely more types with different agendas that we hear little about because they are far more invasive, aggressive, terrifying and controlling. With or without conjuction by overseers.

That being said, it makes sense that those that do have a working relationship with the latter category as accomplices, for lack of a better word, are somewhere, somehow having their needs met in a mutually agreeable way. Technology in exchange for tracking of humans? No individual consent is given in the latter scenereo to being a living guinea pig for covert purposes and benefit of others, human or otherwise. We have something they need, I don't think it's necessarily the other way around.

Good, bad, evil and indifferent are perhaps as common among alien species as it is human species. The more commonly accepted gray's for example may be preparing us to accept and cope with a larger looming war of the worlds between species that need our earth's resources (human and otherwise) in order to survive themselves. Maybe any treaties formed with early contact (Dwight Eisenhower for example) have not been honoured and controllers themselves are subject to the same compliance as the rest of the population. Are we all in the same fold, just in different ways? Are we being fed crumbs and misinformation to keep the status quo for a purpose that precludes disclosure?

I think that disclosure may be more than many can understand or accept, but I think that the power and thus knowledge imbalance as it exists today, has to have some resolve whether or not we're ready for it. We may not have a choice in the future; history may just come tumbling down around our ears and we'll have no idea how it happened or what to do about it.


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 10:09 pm 
After reading those wise comments it sure makes me ponder this question of disclosure. I didn't know I could think so deep! So many possibilities to consider.... 'will it go [i]that [/i]way, will it go [i]this[/i] way', etc. But I guess the good/evil 'balance' is there for better or worse (no pun intended.) I was kinda hoping that an alien race had finally transcended the negative proclivity to do harm or evil and was here to impart the key to such evolvement to us. Still, maybe at least [i]one [/i]of the various alien races is more benign than the others?? Maybe you just [u]can't [/u]have positive without negative, like a basic cell battery?? It needs both poles to create the current / chemical reaction that provides a source of energy. More ponderables.

Re our Earth's resources. Apparently UFOs have been seen by many witnesses in Australia sucking up huge amounts of water from lakes! (Sorry, don't have the link but search GOOGLE.)
Truth is that we live on a precious, beautiful planet which we have abused, raped and pillaged for centuries. Is it so far fetched to think that other beings have seen how we mistreat our home and therefore think nothing of also plucking the riches it has to offer? As a species we may even be regarded with a certain amount of contempt by aliens who have witnessed all our wars, etc.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 10:13 pm 
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Just a little addendum, here...

We spay/neuter our animals, take them for check-ups, and occasionally they need treatment that requires a few days stay at the vet's. I have often seen the looks in mine's eyes - looks that can only be described as, "No! I don't want to go!" or, "Why are you doing this to me? I love you!" and, "Traitor! I'll never trust you or this car again!"

All we have to do is pick up a cat carrier and accidentally let the door latch rattle ... and there's not a cat to be seen. Anywhere! Several will pile up in the very back of the closet, while the younger ones will run for their lives while we're attempting to 'catch' the one or ones who need to go in.

We often take our children and other loved ones to the doctors, and often it's pretty much against their wills.

We take all of our loved ones - pets and people - to places they don't like, where sometimes treatments occur that no one likes, either.

Does that mean we don't love them? Or that we're just sadistically handing them over for torture? I'm sure they all think so, more often than not. But that's not our intent; our [u]intent[/u] is to keep them well or make them better. But it doesn't seem so to them.

So it well may be with the aliens; we are not privy to their intentions. We don't know if they care about us as individuals, as a people, or if we're just a means to an end, and perhaps each different group has their own agenda, separate from all the others. If the absolute truths were all known, our governments probably don't know as much as they'd like to think they do. But whatever our leaders DO know is surely a lot more than the rest of us.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 9:08 am 

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I ask the question " what if the situation were reversed"?
By this I mean what would our pilots, scientists do when visiting another planet. Past experience shows us, from the moon landings to the probe visits to mars that the first priority is samples. To date we have only found rocks and dust. But if we found plants, micro organisms [u]would'nt we go there more often[/u] and bring them back? At what size or level of intelligence would we say no, leave it/them there? Would intellect alone be the point where we respected the life form.
So with alien visits. Once we can percieve what they consider of [u]US[/u] and where we fit into their evolutionary scale, that may be the time to worry, or not.
just a thought


ufo incidents are like politicians affairs, you know they happen but they won't admit it.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 3:03 pm 
Perhaps all the rest of the rocks on the moon are asking each other why some of them are being abducted by aliens [tongue]

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 3:30 pm 

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One never knows ! [sly]

ufo incidents are like politicians affairs, you know they happen but they won't admit it.

PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 2:26 pm 

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