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Various sightings
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Author:  Julepit [ Sat Apr 21, 2007 12:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [bergle] Various sightings

Hi Bergle, there is an airport about twentyfive miles west, which I have known all along. I definitely know what aircraft look like in the sky, waiting to land etc.
Now I have a story to add to this continuing saga.... The starlike lights that I describe at the beginning here have continued to show every night as soon as it is dark enough for the stars to be visible. So last night I had asked my husband if he would please sit out in HT with me.(He's not as 'into' it as I am). I spent some time when we first got out there, giving him the drill, where to look, where most things appear etc. I said 'we should be seeing one of those light anytime' and we did see a few of these starlike moving ones. Moments passed and we were just relaxing peacefully watching the sky. Suddenly I spotted a group of the fast moving objects (not the 'starlike' lights but the others that I have seen numerous times that when they are up close seem to vibrate)in formation with up to nine crafts appear in the lower eastern sky. I got very excited and wanted him to see them too. He started to say (in the tone of irritation which I think most couples can easily recognize in each other) a sentence which was going to be something like, 'Would you be quiet or shut up or stop yelling but he stopped mid sentence at the 'Would you....' trailing off as he was stunned by what he saw. Finally I have confirmation from a cowitness!!!
He judged their speed to be 500mph at a minimum. He is a car/racing nut and he knows speed better than I do. He was amazed is the only way I can describe it. I kept saying "Finally" now he knows what I have been seeing that has been driving me mad. The objects came into view in the eastern sky, headed north and swerved west. Our sighting lasted approximately 5 seconds. He says he saw a row of six. I know I saw at least nine. What I also saw what that the group of nine was organized with three groups of three in formation. I saw the groups of three rotate their position in the formation. There was no noise accompanying them, they are definitely not military craft. He said he can see how I believe that these things cross through another dimension, as they seemed to appear out of nowhere.
Having him as a cowitness to the sighting has left me charged and yes also scared because what is this? Well what do you think now? jp

Author:  bebop [ Sat Apr 21, 2007 5:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Julepit] Various sightings

Julie: It sound like a great sighting, but why would you be frightened? I wonder could you get you husband to make a statement just for the records. It's good to get the thoughs of the Co-witness's as well. I know he probably thinks we are all nuts, but that's ok, we're use to that.

Bill (bebop)

Author:  bergle [ Sat Apr 21, 2007 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [bebop] Various sightings

Exacto mundo bud....
Julie these are great sightings!
Your ability to expect them to apear also has me somewhat fascinated....much the same as another member seems to" know."...when they are about to perform.....
This set of observations which you are making is important enough to warrant some prep work on your part soon.
There is no earthly reason you cannot attempt to track these things more precisely and also record as accurately as possible their place of apearance.....
The rifle scope on a tripod seems a good idea to spot the exact place these things are wormholing out of(.istole that from aniother thread)
I am speaking of a sort of opening between the dimensions of the multiverse which maY BE CREATED IN A SINGULAR LOCATION IN YOUR SKY....
Perhaps simpler means would be effective, like a stick or three with arrows on top.
Like a tee shape....
stuck in soft ground,and with multiple viewers sighted along towards the area they first apear in...the compass direction recorded .....
Sort of like definitive triangulation....
you would get an idea of the size of the area your speaking about...
If indeed it turns out to be a crack between the worlds it would be good science to determine its size and shape.......
Another advantage to several separate sight lines is the triangulation of distance.....
you could get a reading of how far these things actually are away...thus a better estimate on size etc....
do what simple thnngs you can to build a file of information .......

Two t shaped sticks stuck in the ground a measured distance apart mind you...or the idea starts to lose accuracy.....
the farther apart the better but its up to you what you can manipulate.....
bergle out for now..............

Author:  Julepit [ Sat Apr 21, 2007 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [bergle] Various sightings

Bergle and Bill, I will get my husband to do that but I have to do the typing for him[;)] Why am I scared? Because I don't know why I/we am seeing these things and noone else around here does. And now that he has seen it too I know that is real and that feels even more intense than if it had continued to be just me. I want to know what they are but I would bet that I will never know and I have no choice but to accept that. My husband believes for certain that what we saw was other worldly. This whole mystery just keeps getting deeper and more perplexing. In the near future we will be getting a video camera, something has to be done. I am certain that I can get video of this. Just give me some time and as soon as I get something on tape you guys will be seeing right away. all the best jp

Author:  bergle [ Sat Apr 21, 2007 10:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Julepit] Various sightings

Atta Girl!
Fear not... the thing is...if theyre real outworld stuff...they have been around all along and nothing untoward has occured.....no reason to expect fearfull things really....it just shows you how little we feel when alone....
thats why we share our selves here....
Tweaked and others have actually been contacted,and they seem to be more or less dealing with it.....
The sightings you are having may cease at any given night,and youll never see another anomally as long as you look,
On the other hand ive noticed that observation brings repeats to the observer more often than not....
once you learn to see tham you see more it seems......
Please invite your husband to our discussion,as we would appreciate his eyewitness description as a back up observation,and a fresh view
Dont relent from speaking your own emotional missgivings and thoughts as they are very important too.
The great experiment is cooking along nicely dont you think?
Already we have had signifigant repeat sightings....
Dont suppose that it may have something directly to do with our group ambitions do you?
These are supposedly telepathic beings julie,do you wish to invite them to contact of a deeper nature at this time?
Let us discuss this idea as i think it may be a distinct possibility in future....
Just keep talking to us here.....
lets all keep communications regularly.......

Author:  Julepit [ Sun Apr 22, 2007 12:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [bergle] Various sightings

I think it might Bergle...maybe let me know what you mean in a pm, okay? What you mention gives me trepidation, but I appreciate your point about them having been here along and nothing untoward happening...jp

Author:  bebop [ Sun Apr 22, 2007 5:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Julepit] Various sightings

Good going Julie: Franklin D Roosevelt once said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Remenber that every great discovery is always preceeded with an element of fear.

The following link is quite interesting, you may enjoy it. In the interview of D. Dan Burisch I discovered projects that I had worked on and people I had worked around.

[url "http://www.alienshift.com/id3.html"]http://www.alienshift.com/id3.html[/url]


Author:  Julepit [ Sun Apr 22, 2007 10:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [bebop] Various sightings

This appears to be an awesome link Bebop, thanks! My spouse is not being very depictive with his description of what he saw, and does not want to dictate much of story to me. But gave me the liberty to tell it for him as he gives me bits and pieces so I will try. It started when, I startled him when I yelled 'oh my god there they are!' He was about to say 'would you shut up' to me because I scared him but stopped at 'would you'. He saw a row of six lights come from the east. He says that they illuminated the sky somewhat( I did not notice this effect and myself I've not seen them so much as being lit but rather glowing hazy white). He says he saw them for four seconds. At first they were in the east heading north less than 10000ft in elevation and then they swerved west and that they 'faded' out, as in the lights went out, but he could still see the shape of them. He also drew a picture of the shape he saw them as, this is going to sound crazy and I have not noticed this myself, like a 'hamburger bun'.
There you have it. What is strange about this in a way is, although we were both obviously -observing the same phenomenon, we both saw it somewhat differently. There is something else that I will mention and it is that I do not believe that there will be any end to this soon. I know this is going to sound crazy, but last night when I went out by myself I saw groups of six or more five different times, one by itself and two together. There isn't anything I can do at this point to solve the mystery but I guess I'll keep watching because that's all I can do.
I realize that if I was an outsider reading this I would sound very fantastical so I won't always go into extreme detail here,. I'll keep you posted..jp

Author:  bebop [ Sun Apr 22, 2007 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Julepit] Various sightings

Julie: Please disregard who may or may not be reading this. This is not a popularity poll. Details you think are nothing may later turn out to be something important. I know that when I tell my stories I filter out stuff only to see later that what I filtered out changes the entire meaning of the experience. So I really try to tell everything I can remember, no matter how long or winded the story may get.

Tell your husband thanks for his help, and for the record the Hamberger bun has already been reported many times. If you think of anything later don't hesitate to add it the thread.


Author:  Julepit [ Tue Apr 24, 2007 4:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [bebop] Various sightings

Well here I am again with a couple of things to share. As you said Bebop, this is not a popularity contest, so I am always going to tell it like it is! First I wanted to mention what I saw last night. This was almost directly above me rough estimation 5000ft? What I saw was a single craft however I had never seen this as clearly. You see it materialized going on a straight fast course but dematerialized or rather it vanished suddenly after being visible 1-1.5 seconds. It seemed silver. So I have a theory that I want to put out there. If you look at the sightings reports on the mufon page there is one from ontario 2007 04 20 wit a photo(I hope no one minds me mentioning that). These I believe may be the same things we are seeing at my house. The majority of the ones I have seen are always headed to Lake St Clair. My theory is this, something is going on over/on Lake ST Clair. I have heard it mentioned numerous times about how these things seem to be witnessed very much, close to lakes,etc. The ones I have seen seem to start heading that way around 930 pm. Maybe its their break time and they're in the union?![crazy] later jp

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