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PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:05 am 
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Hi, Everyone-sistershane back again..
i just wrote an article for our MUFON newsletter that we have..thought i'd share it with you., in the post following this..
As you will read in my article..What i didn't say here when i first mentioned the Walesville/Westmoreland Jet Crash in 1954-was that i personally knew some of the people who were involved in it...were part of the scene where the Jet crashed. I personally believe-from knowing and talking to some of those who were there-that the jet intercepted a UFO-that finally attacked it-and brought the jet down. I'll post my article for anyone who may like to read it.There are still living survivors of the crash today.

When the story of my own UFO sighting/encounter came out in the book by Hans Holzer called "The UFOnauts"(1975), i was working for the telephone company in Utica, NY The publicity that followed when the book hit the stands was awful in a way. I was very unhappy about how Holzer wrote it-as well as how the hypnosis sessions went-and what came out of them. I do not believe what Holzer got out of me in the hypnosis sessions is all that really happened. He led me to what he wanted. Anyway-i subsequently lost my job at the old MA Bell, because they felt it didn't look good for the Telephone co. reputation-which is how they more or less-in so many words--put it to me.
For a few years after the book came out-i had my telephone tapped, some strange men in a car follow me and my family(i was single at the time-living at home). It was a bit unsettling-to say the least.
My father-who was stationed at Griffiss and an AF career man-was not happy i came out with the whole UFO encounter i had. He never said why-but he really seemed afraid for me. He always seemed to know more about my sighting/missing time/encounter-than he'd ever say. He told me when i decided to years later-pursue unlocking the amnesia i still had regarding my encounter-"Walk away from this--please! Don't go there.!". I could never get him to say why he didn't want me to walk that path to find the truth of what happened to me that night.
It happened 1968-and there were a lot of UFO's reported in CNY/Canada.
Today-because of MUFON investigators helping me re-investigating my encounter, and questioning me and having me tell my story at a special MUFON Abduction Conference that took place in Utica, NY library last year-i now do recall most of my experience-much of it-frightening-but i feel better-now that i've faced it.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:14 am 
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The Walesville Encounter

UFO Attack or Weather Balloon?

The following is an overall and, as you will see, an ‘up close and personal one, of what is known as the “ The Walesville Incident” in UFO literature.

In Walesville, NY , a Jet close encounter and crash on July 2,1952, that killed four, is well known one among serious UFOlogists; and even among them, is one of controversy.

Why? Because the actual cause of the Jet crash is one of such decided split opinion as to what really brought the jet aircraft down that fateful day.

First, the basic story of this case:

Briefly: Air Force Blue Book lists the official cause of the crash as one where a F94 Jet on a training mission from Griffiss Air Force Base, in Rome, NY, was diverted by Griffiss control tower, to an active air defense mission, to check out two reported UFO’s. The second UFO was first identified, to be a self-identified C47. The Jet then returned to the first UFO sighting, identified it as another military aircraft-simply because it was on a path into Griffiss AFB airspace. The Jet experienced, as it dropped down for a closer look at this not yet specifically identified aircraft, a sudden problem in the cockpit, an abrupt rise in the cabin temperature, with the fire warning light coming on and a blast of heat. The pilots immediately safely ejected.

This is where the real tragedy of this case begins. Without a pilot, the jet rolled over and headed to earth in Walesville, screaming across farm fields, missing the Walesville intersection, slamming into a huge oak tree, erupting into a enveloping fireball. By the end of this day, this fiery crash would claim 4 lives, injuring one.

Later that night-thousands of people phoned in to report a “silvery balloon-like UFO” floating over the Rome area. The Utica Astronomy Club tabbed it a weather balloon. Griffiss AFB, and Syracuse Hancock Field claimed they hadn’t released any weather balloons that day/night.

Now let’s examine as to the exact nature of the controversy and disagreements on both sides of this case.

The ‘the pro’ and ‘the con’ if you will, i now will present, for it being a UFO, or, not a UFO, related crash.

Then, finally, you will hear the personal, first hand accounts from those who were there, who witnessed and experienced this crash, & their thoughts and conclusions.

First, the Con:

The Project Blue Book files final investigative report of the incident was a government sealed one for many years.,though never as an official ‘UFO’ report-but as an’ IFO’ report. It was declassified and released, (upon request by Jan Aldrich, who headed ‘Project 1947’, a world-wide effort to document the origins of the modern UFO phenomenon), disagree it was a UFO concluding this was only a tragic accident.

Fact and conclusion: That the two UFO’s reported that sent the F94 on a diverted mission to investigate- were identified, and that the F94 crashed due to one thing: malfunction of the aircraft fire detector circuit that couldn’t be identified. But the pilot’s decision to abandon the aircraft was consistent with emergency instructions in F94C Flight Handbook.

Kevin Randle did his own “second look”-as he calls it-into the Walesville Jet crash. His sources coming from the Project Blue Book/government files & Condon Committee, Jaques Vallee, J. Allen Hynek, and Donald Keyhoe, “The Ufo Coverup” by Fawcett & Greenwood. From these, Randle finally concurs in general with the Air Force final report.

Here are a few of the critical of the “Facts” of this incident Randle puts forth to support his final conclusion and, was put forth by Blue Book as well:

Fact: Both UFO’s were identified by pilots.

Fact: UFO sighting of a balloon was after the crash.

Fact: The pilots stated there were cockpit fire warning lights, and the cockpit experienced intense heat. A conclusion of Air Force report: AF inspection requirements for the F94 fire and overheat warning circuits were inadequate-there was no fire.

This points to, Randle says, “To the UFO’s being identified as military aircraft, or a partially deflated balloon. There is no UFO in the classic sense, involved in this case.”

He continues, “This was a terrible accident, nothing more. The Air Force got this one right. There is no evidence to suggest a genuine UFO was present. As, he says, both UFO’s were identified as aircraft before the Jet experienced a problem and crashed.”

The crash was, Randle goes on to conclude, “the result of a “terrible bit of bad luck of the malfunctioning of the fire warning system, as the cockpit was being heated from normal aircraft operations, the only thing not explained is the sensation of extreme heat in the cockpit that suggested to pilots, along with warning light, the jet was on fire. This isn’t a UFO case, but an aircraft accident.”

Condon/Blue Book Conclusion:

1.) The first object was probably a balloon.

2.) There was no UFO in the aircraft accident case.

Now the Pro:

Jan Aldrich-who managed as you recall to obtain the release of the official Walesville files wrote:

“Despite Stan Friedman’s and Frank Feshino’s claims it’s not possible to find reports on aircraft loss in 40’s, 50’s; I obtained the Walesville incident report among the Air Force HQ Operations Top Secret Files!

The report says the Jet was on a training mission and was diverted to an active Air Defense mission, however there are no documents to say what the ‘active’ mission was. Also-it states the crew ejected when the warning fire lights came on, that there was no heat or smoke detected or felt. This report contradicts other official reports that intense rise in temperature was felt, along with he warning light, enough to make the pilots feel they had a probable dire fire situation”

(I ask, why eject almost immediately then-as they did??).

Therein lies the problem; she goes on to say;

“Pilots try to make sure that aircraft will clear populated areas before they eject, staying with the aircraft as long as possible. Yet, the pilot was not faulted, saying the proper procedures then in effect were followed by the pilot, that the warning light was defective.! Very strange.”

Francis Ridge of NICAP, did a report/file on the Walesville incident.

She states:”The preliminary lead from Keyhoe and description may not be totally accurate, bu,t this isn’t a jet crash with a UFO added later. Keyhoe’s version said the pilots, in original reports from NICAP to numerous newspapers articles all agree, that the pilots reported feeling unbearable heat. The local Utica Daily Press reports state: “Pentagon spokesman said an an unidentified aircraft was 75 miles from Rome, on edge of Griffiss AFB patrol zone when ‘JETS’ intercepted it”. This disagrees with what Kevin Randle and debunkers have stated, that there was only one interceptor sent to investigate the’ UFO’s’ on radar.! In addition, James Douglas, undersecretary of the Air Force, expressed “profound sympathy to the families killed in the crash, saying; “Preliminary reports indicate that a fire developed in forward section of aircraft, heat so intense in cockpit, the pilots were forced to eject.”

An officer at the base also stated the aircraft had “apparently exploded before hitting earth.” That was later changed to, “they were not certain when the explosion occurred.”

Lastly, Project Blue Book neither lists the “silvery disc and balloon sighting day before the crash, nor night following crash the next day. And, no Blue Book archive report did, though the newspapers did.

Yet, Blue Book does list Walesville balloon sightings in its “Sightings for July 1954” report.

From the Condon Report to an official USAF report, both seems to back up that, “The cockpit warning light came on as the pilots went down to check the second UNKNOWN aircraft that had been reported in the flight path to Griffiss. Pilots experienced abrupt increase in cockpit temperature, as they did, warning the radar operator of this fact. The fire warning remained on, the pilots then made the decision to eject.”

No mention of a fire. So, again, why eject so quickly.??

Randle quotes from the Fawcett and Greenwood book, “The UFO Cover-up”, to back his case for it not being a UFO related cause of the Jet crash, he cites an interesting quote from the book:

“Without the full details of the crash, it’s impossible to determine what caused the jet to malfunction. So, while we have no specific evidence the aircraft was attacked by a UFO, the cause of the crash remains unknown to this day.” Which also says to me, says there is no evidence there wasn’t an attack by the pursued UFO that caused the crash!

Blue Book lists Len Stringfield, as an investigator in the Walesville incident. Stringfield was a former Army Intelligence officer, and Ufologist who took particular interest in crashed flying saucer from his own WW2 encounter while in the air with 3 UFO stories, Uneasy about the "rumored loss of Air Force interceptors chasing UFOs, Stringfield related he was concerned about the "intent" behind the probes. He was listed not only as an investigators, but witness in the Walesville crash. He was not. He did not make an on-site investigation, nor witness the incident, as claimed. His report in a newsletter is what made him a “witness” in the Air Force file.!

So, herein lies the problems with this Walesville jet crash case. Some of the many contradictions, some already mentioned above, in one ‘official’ report to the other.

The official Project Project Blue Book report, (not USAF official report), states:

“The pilots believed the second object they were pursuing to be a weather balloon, or, that it might look like a silver bowl.”

Utica Daily Press reports “ After dropping down for a closer look, the F-94 jet Pilot Hank Coudon said, “It did look like a silver bowl”.

The later declassified USAF report states differently.

“Both UFO’s were identified as military aircraft.”

Wasn’t it stated by ‘Blue Book and other official reports’ only the second UFO had been identified as a military aircraft-on a flight path to Griffiss?

Is it merely coincidence that the jet developed a fault during the chase & identification of this second UFO?

Now it gets better, interestingly enough, that same day, a news report of a “silver flying disc” was reported in Paterson, NJ, at west NYC, at 3:00 o’clock, traveling so fast, that a NJ Telephone lineman John Caulley reported, “That a jet would have a hard time trying to catch up with it.” This happened nearly two and one half hours hours after the Walesville jet UFO encounter, crash.

Additionally reported at 11:00 pm that night another UFO was sighted again in that area by three Paterson police officers, who described it as “a bright disc moving in a westerly direction”.

And now, as promised, are the following are now details and personal testimony from those affected by this tragedy.

All testimony are from those I personally knew, and talked to, and others gleaned from newspaper accounts from those there at the crash site.

As I proceed with the intricate details of this Walesville incident, I do hope as this true story involves, it will take on a much more interesting and different account, as this will be an ‘up close and personal’ one of this tragedy, as told to me by the people who were there an actual part of this, three of whom I knew personally.

The child mentioned-who was hit and permanently scarred by the debris from the jet crash, name was Betty Lou Monroe. Her mother Doris, was the woman killed in the house hit by the jet fiery debris.

Betty Lou was to become a good friend of mine, and a best friend, to my younger sister Pam.

By the time of this jet crash in Walesvill, 1954 was being called the “Great UFO wave of 1954”. All through the year there had been news reports of flying disks and a variety of saucers in the skies all over the U.S. and Europe.

People near Walesville, and in nearby city of Utica and Oneida County area, were also reporting seeing these “silver bowls and disks in the sky” as the local newspapers reported it.

Walesville was a small little village in 1954. A whistle stop--as some might call it. A small community where everyone knew everyone.

Mary Peck had lived in Walesville since a young girl-she was now 79. According to Mary’s later statement to reporters, around noon of July 2, 1954, at lunchtime, Mary had just been reading recent newspaper reports on reported “flying silver bowls” and laughed, highly skeptical of it all.

As she got up to go from her living room to back of her house she heard a whining noise, then a siren-like noise that got deafening, she went quickly went to her window to look up into the sky.

Meanwhile, Doris Monroe was at that moment fixing lunch for herself and her three children. She lived diagonally across the Walesville intersection from Mary Peck. Doris and husband Floyd had just moved into their house 4 days before. Floyd worked in a foundry in Westmoreland, a town just three miles away. Doris’s year old daughter Betty Lou was outside in yard playing, while the three other older children were playing at a nearby creek. Doris was fixing lunch when she heard that same whining sound- that got louder and louder, that Mary Peck was hearing. Betty Lou began to cry and scream, and Doris ran out of to the front of the yard, looked around, then into the sky.

At that same moment, Stan Philip and his wife Florence and their eleven year old son Gary, were in their Chevrolet, coming into the Walesville intersection, after leaving early from their jobs as teachers in nearby city of Rome. They were heading through to go to nearby Hinckley reservoir to swim. They just passed a huge elm tree standing near the intersection.

Meanwhile, the pilots of the F94 jet had just minutes this, had just ejected the F94 jet safely. The Pilots, after going lower to obtain a closer look at the ‘silvery bowl’ they had been sent to identify by the Griffiss radar tower, experienced a rapid rise of temperature in the cockpit, with the warning light on instrument panel going off, they decided to eject, fearing an engine fire. The pilotless jet then rolled over, and headed to earth toward Walesville, across the creek and fields, missing the intersection, and slammed into the huge elm tree 100 ft. away. A wing full of jet fuel shot from the plane and ignited a fireball that literally chased Stan’s and Florence Chevy-engulfing the car and exploding it-literally pushing the Chevy into the front living room of Mary Peck’s home. The fireball then went into Mary’s front living room, and down the hallway. In total shock, Mary Peck ran out just in time through the back door, with her life, but suffering from first and some second degree burns.

In seconds, the fiery debris from the plane hitting the tree, destroyed the home of Doris and Floyd Monroe, killing Doris, who, for unknown reasons had re-entered the house. But, little Betty Lou was still outside on the lawn, and a flying piece of the plane debris did however tore a deep laceration up the child’s leg, from ankle to thigh. A man in the General Store across the street saw her tumble from the impact and carried her to safety. Doris’s three other children escaped unharmed.

Doris Monroe’s husband Floyd would come home to the horrifying scene of destruction before him. Note, nothing was ever roped off from start to finish of this whole area of destruction from start to end of the investigation. Floyd Monroe, Mary Peck and other survivors at the scene, noticed out beyond the creek, low in the darkening sky, hung the outline of a dim silver bowl.

Meanwhile, the two pilots had parachuted safely two miles away, totally unaware of the path of death and destruction their jet crash had caused.

Also interesting, the next day after the plane crash, 7 objects were, a Blue Book unknown, were sighted visually, and, also in New Mexico, 9 were sighted and recorded.

In 1964, 10 years after the jet crash, my family would go to live on the same street where the foundry Floyd Monroe worked at, was located, and was working, on that fateful day of crash.

When we moved there, Floyd had remarried and moved his family to that same street, just a few years before.

We became friends quickly with Floyd, a shy but hardworking man, 38 years old, and his family. His kids were all near our ages. The first we heard about this tragedy the family went through was when we asked about the deep long scar on his daughter Betty Lou’s leg. For years after the plane crash into their home, Floyd and the kids told us how they would shudder-and even start to run, every time they heard the deafening roar of a jet flying overhead. Certainly understandable.

Floyd even then, ten years later, had a hard time talking about that day he lost his wife and home, but he always said something that stayed with me in my memory, that he felt it was not a weather balloon that the pilots encountered. He would never go farther with his statement. Floyd had, he said, nightmares for years about it, and “felt that ‘something’”, brought that jet down. This, daughter Betty Lou would tell us this later.

But he was never specific about that “something”.

Over the years, we all in our family spoke to Betty Lou about it all. She told us she remembered nothing about the incident. Talking to her older siblings, they would only say they remembered hearing only screaming and whining of a jet, and then remember nothing but a huge fireball, and hot flaming debris flying everywhere. The Monroe family did not fare well, even years after the crash and their move to our street. Floyd divorced his second wife, moved away with three of his children. Betty Lou stayed with her stepmother, on our street, until she graduated high school.

Mary Peck, lived to a ripe old age after surviving the crash. Ironically enough, her own family lived on the same street Floyd Monroe later moved his family, and our family lived! We all became good friends of the Mary Peck’s grandson and family. Mary Peck lived for awhile with her family so this is how our family got to know her and her family, and I remember her well. We lived two doors down from her family’s home, and her great granddaughter Pam, became a good friend of mine.

Mary Peck however, gave no real insight or conversation to what happened that tragic day, or her thoughts on the cause. She did, however; tell her family, who told my Mother, and this statement came to me years later-- that she remembered the “silvery balloon”, as she described it, just “hovering in the sky not far from the scene of the crash”.

My sisters recently reminded me of how very skeptical Mary Peck always about “those silver disks and flying saucers” reports in the ‘Great UFO wave of 1954’.

Then of course, it was on this very street that I lived, that on May 2nd, 1968,with my Mother, 2 sisters and brother, that I would have my own UFO sighting, encounter, and missing time. As an almost eerie fact, Betty Lou Monroe, and some of her siblings and Mary Peck’s granddaughter, were all with me in my back yard when I first spotted the UFO that night.! I could never however use them as real witnesses to the UFO I witnessed, as they went in after awhile, not wanting to stay out any later to continue tracking it coming back more than once, over the area, as it did after I spotted it in my telescope. The only other witnesses were my Mom, boyfriend, and sister Pam. After awhile they left as well. And it became just became me and my telescope watching this amazingly fast, and very bright, UFO!.

The rest of course would become my own later UFO encounter story- and mystery history.

Thinking back now, I can now understand in great part, and I feel not speculation, as to why no one in the Peck and Monroe family did not want to stay out with me and observe this strange UFO circling the sky above me.!

For, whatever any of them thought about what caused the tragedy on that fateful tragic day 14 years before, that brought down the jet that forever changed their own lives, they all must have experienced a great deal of apprehension and a certain deja-vu when observing with me that very strange, bright and fast moving object was circling the night sky above us.

By the way, that night-with the help of my Mother and boyfriend in a call to Griffiss Air Force Base, and Syracuse Hancock Field-the object we saw-was not a weather balloon!

One fact now known of course:

Project Blue Book formed-March 1952, mission was radically different to that of both projects Sign and Grudge. For most part, Blue Book's approach was directed by a panel formed in 1952 by the CIA known as The Scientific Advisory Panel on UFOs, or more popularly the Robertson Panel, was determined that there was a distinct lack of evidence to support the notions that UFOs were extra-terrestrial in origin, but felt that UFO sightings represented a potential danger to national security that could be exploited for propaganda and psychological means by the Soviets. This concern that prompted them that UFO mystery should be demystified., which was Blue Book’s role. Some staff assigned to Blue Book (as Edward Ruppelt) were genuinely interested in resolving the UFO mystery and made praise-worthy moves to do so. Yet, on many occasions, bizarre and simply inaccurate explanations were offered to try, ie; Walesville incident (in my humble opinion), and resolve as many cases as possible and be quickly ‘determined’ as a result, as “weather balloons, stars, planets, etc It was never anything more than an exercise in public relations and had minimal staffing. Terminated in 1969, Blue Book continued to present seemingly adequate explanations to the UFO mystery whilst the real work went on behind the scenes. As evidence of this, consider the following from a 1969 USAF memorandum prepared by Brigadier General C.H. Bolender, the Air Force’s Deputy Director of Development. “Reports of unidentified flying objects which could affect the national security are made in accordance with JANAP 146 or Air Force Manual 55-11, and are not part of the Blue Book system.” That is what they were supposed to find. In post cold war time of paranoia about nuclear war, even invasion, from an enemy, of earthly orgin, our military and government deemed citizens didn’t need to be concerned by any of the ‘space’ alien kind!

So, now you know all about “The Walesville Incident”. Was it a UFO attack or weather balloon.? And/or a malfunctioning cockpit system?

What do you think?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 1:25 am 
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Scientist Reports UFO - Jet Encounter

The case file of a fighter jet in pursuit of a triangular UFO in Oklahoma is of great interest to those who follow UFO and plane encounters.

An incident that occurred on May 27, 2005, in Noble, Oklahoma, was duly reported to the National UFO Reporting Center, and published by Peter Davenport.

The report is of high value because of the credibility of the reporter, who is a scientist, who had never reported anything of a paranormal nature before. What he saw in Noble, Oklahoma, has changed his entire belief system.

Details of Sighting

The eyewitness was taking his nightly walk about 11:30 PM, on 05-27-05. As he looked up into the sky, he was surprised to see a triangular shaped object crossing the heavens from north to south. The sky was clear this night.

The craft was moving at approximately 500 knots, at about 20,000 feet altitude. Moving rapidly, the object made no noise. Soon, the witness saw a plane, which would have been a couple of miles behind the UFO. He was sure it was a fighter jet, which was flying at 600 - 700 knots.

The UFO and jet were flying toward the witness, and soon he could hear the sound of the jet's engines. The triangle appeared to be playing with the jet, as when the fighter closed the distance between them, the UFO would pull away.

This scenario played out several times, and as the two objects flew almost directly over the witness' head, the UFO suddenly made a sharp right turn - a maneuver the plane could not duplicate, as it made a much wider looping curve to change direction in pursuit of the UFO.

The cat and mouse game continued for a time, but then the UFO accelerated, and left the jet behind.

Description of the UFO

The witness described the lights on the triangle as not being an equal distance apart. Two of the lights were 50 - 75 feet apart, and the third light was much farther away.

He described the color of the triangle as an unusual milky white. Most triangles appear to be black or very dark gray. The lights of the jet were the traditional red, green, and white. The witness surmised that the jet must have been scrambled from Tinker Air Force Base, located only about 25 miles to his east.

The National UFO Reporting Center believes that the fighter jet was an F-22 "Raptor." There were no other reports of anything unusual that night, but the high credibility given to the witness make this an important report of a UFO and plane encounter.

It is possible that the UFO was reported by an individual to the air base, or the base radar picked up the object, and sent a jet to pursue the unknown object.
In either case, something flew over over Noble, Oklahoma on May 27, 2005, with capabilities beyond our present technology.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:12 am 

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What you say or suggest was an attack was simply the effect of getting too close to a saucer craft.

Other encounters with pilots involve heat, extreme heat, which is much like microwave heating.

The pilot reporting extreme heat when there was no fire is a good indicator of a saucer being involved.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:16 pm 
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You are aboslutely right-i feel-David-it was a case of the jet getting much too close.
With Walesville incident-i don't feel it was an attack-so much as just getting too close for comfort-as they say! Project Blue book was much TOO blase about this-to make it nothing--if you know what i mean. Back then-everything was a weather balloon-to the AF-in explanations. Of course you are talking about this being in the er of the cold war paranoia-so they didn't need to have the public any more nervous than they already were!
I remember in grade school we had drills-in case of nuclear attack. Had to get under our desks!
Thinking about it years later i laughed-realizing that would not have done a bit of good were it a real attack!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2009 1:52 am 

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At my school we were marched into the woods and made to lay down facing the base of a high cliff. Nuke drills and the sirens.

A few pilots have actually been cooked, microwaved, from getting too close to a saucer.

But back then it was swamp gas and weather balloons etc.

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