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PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:37 am 

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Before I begin, immediately after I saw my first two sightings and after reporting them to nuforc and mufon, I started refining my experience by writing thoughts down to the best degree humanly possible. Take in consideration, what I saw was not supposed to exist and I am describing how it perceived to be through the eyes of a well-intended person, me.

1st Sighting:
Approx. Time: 1 minute //Approx. Altitude: Not in Space //My Vision: 20/20 //Night: Not a thing in Site (not even planes for that minute, now that I think about it, it was dead silent).

On April 21st, 2007, 11:59-ish pm, I was on the computer when I felt like something was calling me outside to my backyard. Now that I think about it, I kind of felt like gravity was pulling me outside. I enter the backyard and lay on the concrete and I close my eyes for a brief moment to think to myself and then I open my eyes to a weird extremely bright white luminesce object that was ovalish above me (my first reaction was a plane with an all-encompassing light surrounding it). It was like no other, the object seemed capable of containing its own light from being emitted outwards. About 2 seconds into observing it, I noticed it start to interestingly part into three (3) ovalish crafts still moving towards my left. I say interestingly because it looked like it was melting into three of them. I noticed it start to "melt" from the front (considering it was headed northwest) making its way to the back in this "melting" fashion; "breaking up" into three separate objects. And it did it fairly quickly;

I immediately felt my body being overcome with something like no other. I have experienced adrenaline rushes before, like speeding down a road or sky diving, but this was 100 times amplified, I was instantaneously content and felt larger than life and death and the planet. As the objects continued to move equally apart from each other, the middle craft started to move towards the one bottom of it, back and forth several times. One can describe it as bringing the opposite ends of the magnets and watching them retract from one another. The craft above the middle one did not deviate from its path as it moved in sync with the other two (2). All three (3) made no sound and they were "gliding" through the air.

The light coming from the objects were still to my amazement so I had to find someone in my house to see what I was seeing, so I ran inside to get my teenage brother pointed them out to him, but they were now at some distance where city lights take away from the night sky, even though the city lights did not totally obscure them. Unfortunately my brother could not make them out because he was inside the house with lighted rooms and watching tv. After the event, I could not believe what happened, there was an overwhelming feeling over me, it was as if I was being pulled in all directions. I felt like something had expanded in my mind and I had this sort of connection. Wow, I saw a craft so close over my head split into 3 deformed oval shape beautifully lite crafts moving in a way as if it was communicating with me. Endorphins have nothing on this experience. I felt touched by another level of consciousness. I went to bed and woke to my normal day, did my deeds and the gravity-like feeling/connection was still on me strong as ever.

2nd Sighting:
Around 10:30 pm (approx. 10 hrs. & 25 min from my 1st sighting) I took my 2 teenage brothers to the backyard to lay and observe the sky and approx. 30 minutes later, an anomaly seemed to be occurring. My youngest brother saw it first, and notified the other brother, and then I saw it. It started out with one “flash” per person; interestingly enough. It was a stationed blinking light miles in the night sky, as if it was in space. The flash/strong white blinking effect occurred every 11 seconds for 5 minutes. I then grabbed the flashlight my brother retrieved and started to communicate with it, at first flashing it inconsistently with its flash and then I did it at the same times it did (maybe 3x ; since this seems to be a magic number for me), as described in my initial report(s).

The lights stopped “communicating” with us. We stared into the sky looking for any activity and roughly a minute later three (3) objects came flying down. It had lights at first, but half way through its decent (as it appeared) it stopped being lights and became three solid whitish objects, it just turned off its lights; just imagine seeing any white object in the dark. It flew so close to us, closer than what I experienced the prior night. I saw it come out of the sky so fast my eyes obviously could not keep up (like a turtle or another animal when compared to people). I saw it for 30 seconds as it moved from my center to my right side behind my trees, I think it was around the tree line. I was still capable of seeing all three of them. As it exited the tree area there was about a 7 second span of seeing them clearing the minor obstruction to when they entered a small cloud to the left hand side of my house. It made us do a 100 degree turn. In that 7 second span I still had the flashlight in hand, and shining the flashlight on it was possible. Even though it did cross my mind to lift my hand, a create fear came over me. I don’t know why my mind reacted like that. The objects never exited the cloud.

It happened again, the odds are astronomical, how, why, and what? So I recap with my brothers and the one that I dragged outside on the 1st sighting, experienced the flickering light above us and us communicating with it but could not see the objects because of a non-severe impairment of the eyes; he needed new glasses. Sucks for him. My other brother experienced the flickering light and noticed the objects flying behind the tree and into the cloud, but not when it zoomed down. After these events occurred, my two brothers and I started to have coincidences, synchronicities, and telepathy, which ever you prefer. It’s one of those weird things when you are thinking about something, and right after the person next to you states the exact same thing that was in your mind. When that occurred, we considered that we might have seen the same movie or was influenced by something for us to think the same thing; but we could not come up with such influence.

With these two experiences I immediately started to call up the local news and reported it to all main stream media outlets. One call was to a reported that sounded he was in his car on a cell phone. He stated that if something comes up he would let me know. Another one was to a reporter (Orlando Sentinel?) that reports on astronomy; I only left a message with no call back. I did all this hoping that someone else saw what I saw. I did also call Peter Davenport, which was the first one I called, exactly after my first sighting. When answered, he practically yelled at me made me feel like an asshole for, what he thought was prank calling. I didn’t even get a sentence in. I tried pretty vigorously to convince him that I was legit. He apologized and said that I called in the middle of crazy prank call frenzy and he simply told me to submit an online report; I did.

Well, the reason why I am posting this is because I feel like I have to. I feel like something big is about to happen with the earths ufo phenomenon but it needs our help. I will present some things (like a crop circle, my personal experience, & others) from the day I saw the light craft(s) in 2007 until now, which shows a connection to my experience. I think they left me with a formula for us to all have a massive sighting and hopefully me opening up a dialogue here and where ever fate guides me can bring change.

So I report my sightings:
http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/manage_sigh ... 1284812862
http://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/manage_sigh ... 1284812862

PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:38 am 

Joined: Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:24 am
Posts: 13
On June 28, 2007, near Mr. Davenport:
The posted image above shows such crop circle. When I saw it I thought it was oddly close to the day of my sighting, next to a person I just not too long ago had a brief conversation with. I grant you that it was not the same day or a month later; it was approximately 70 days; 2.25 months. This formation was cool but I was only fascinated by it appearing 2 months after my event in April 2007. It did not seem that important at the time up until a couple of weeks before my first post on other forums on September 6th, 2010 http://www.disclose.tv/forum/earth-day- ... 30993.html.

When I saw the objects and appearing the way they did, it seemed like they tried to play this acknowledgment game. It was like them saying “do you see me”, “when we want to be seen we will to whoever”. You probably can compare it to seeing the way a person moves and how much body language can say about a person and their mood. In my experience, my thoughts for that one week were of only certain thoughts and ideas and it kept running through my head (not obsessively like a mad man in the corner of the room, I was living a regular life, i.e., work, school, children…). My thoughts on expanding on “their message”? from my experience was of them wanting to be seen or videotaped when they want because they know when they are being seen or videotaped. I know my sighting alone should already be unbelievable but there are more outlandish stories out there than the one I am claiming. I was not abducted and my time seemed to be accounted for.

So with my interpretation of everything that happened, I start to think about all the accounts that relate to my own story. In regards to the telepathy that I believed to have at my two sightings, I only came across two people with similar accounts; Dan Aykroyd and the cameraman of the 1996 Wiltshire Oliver’s Castle incident. Dan Aykroyd in a popular documentary, I forget the name, and the cameraman in a follow-up interview; I think he was with his girlfriend during the interview and standing near the crop circle he videotaped. Both claimed to be practically dragged to observe a ufo phenomenon. When hearing the cameraman explain how he got to videotape the incident, he looked and sounded convincing despite all of the controversy of the video being real or not.
The 1996 wiltshire crop circle looks similar to the 2007 wilbur crop circle.
After the 2007 crop circle, Mufon started to have reports around Sept. 2007 of massive ufo sightings in Stephenville, Texas. To my knowledge, Mufon had radio towers in the area around one of the events and they broke down that data showing a ufo flying a distance towards Crawford, Texas. So from what I gather, this event was very promising to go down into history. In knowing a few massive ufo sightings, the first one that interested me in the 21st century was the O’Hare Airport Sighting on voting day for the next president of the United States of America , which obviously happened before my backyard sighting. This event apparently had many eyewitnesses and struck me as very amazing. I just never thought I was going to be personally involved in what was to come in Stephenville, Texas (if there even is a connection). One reason I feel there is a connection is because in the beginning of 2008 I started to search for my biological father and found him Nacogdoches, Texas; the oldest city in Texas. This city was not the epicenter of the phenomenon towards the end of 2007 but out of all of the places for my creator to live, it had to be near all of these ufo sightings .

I went to go spend time with him and when he came to my house in Florida, I told him, in my backyard, that I saw the two seperate unidentified aerial phenomenon’s right above his very head. He asked if I was on shrooms. That day was as if I was on something that was better than shrooms, even though I don’t know how it feels to be on them. Even though I did not have support from my father I still thought it to be a big opening to a world that we normally don’t live.
As I sift through my Journal I started to read again yesterday from the date of this posting, after 3 years of not reading it (using my memory to serve me right), I soon feel confident that I experienced a third sighting.

3rd Sighting:
On April 25, 2007, missing April 24th, 2007 because of my busy life, I wrote:
I went to a friend’s house, 6 miles away, to tell about my sightings. It was hard for the person to believe me. I went ahead and forced my friend to outside to see if the impossible could happen again. We sat and looked up as I pointed out all objects in the sky; stars and planes. I tried to do a warm up with the person to better prepare them. Twenty (20) minutes went by and I noticed a white flash in the sky, thousands of feet up, way above the airplanes that were traveling underneath it. The flash was stationary in the sky, like the second sighting I had but at 40 degrees from my zenith, directly over my home. The light was more bright/intense than the planes lights it was over; even the ones that seemed to be coming towards my direction. My friend was noticing it at times but again, with somewhat the same problem as my brother, she needed different glasses since my friend was wearing reading glasses, in combination with atmospheric distortion. The white light was going in and out. At eleven (11) seconds it flashed, five (5) seconds flash, then in eight (8) seconds it flashed again, and was continuing to flash white erratically for 5 minutes. I spent some time trying to point out the light to my friend, but with no luck. My friend went inside to retrieve the “better” glasses but I believe the inside light effected my friend seeing the night sky because my friend still was having a hard time seeing it. I got extremely upset because of the bad luck I was having getting the person to see it. At that point the object then flashed one red flash and a ½ second later it flashed (3) white flashes and then stopped.

At that point I was very skeptical of what I saw (as my Journal tells me), A. because we waited 15 minutes for it to come down, but never did and B. It was to impossible for me to have this type of interaction with something that does not exist; again for the third time. This night was nowhere near the occurrences of previous days but it still felt, how do I say this “alien”. What I do know from what my journal states is that it could not be explained and did not fit the description of anything I have experienced when watching planes, helicopters, etc… I have lived in this city off and on since I was (9) nine and 14 years later I have this stuff happen to me. I also spent an entire year outside at night in 2005 and saw meteors hit our atmosphere and I always expressed enjoyment to myself over them, but this UFO business in my backyard was like a million meteors.

Doubt, something we all can relate to. After having this connection with my first sighting for that week, the days went on where doubt was weighing in on me more than I expected. It was like a depression of doubt not going away. It was because I saw something that shouldn’t even exist, less alone communicate with me. So the feeling of the event became stagnant but the crop circle and the Stephenville, Texas incident reminded me of what happened to me. Now when I heard about the Chinese Ufo that shutdown the airport, and then seeing those weird spirals all over the world, I think there were 3 of those type of sightings, I was once again reminded of my experience.

So the Chinese Airport incident stroke me as interesting but how do they really relate to me? I don’t know about the spiraling ufo’s (even though I have looked into them; very cool) but the China ufo incident obviously involved an airport. After jotting down my thoughts on here, I soon realized what I saw my first sighting also involved an airport as shown below.
http://i1181.photobucket.com/albums/x42 ... 2842333301

PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:39 am 

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Conclusion as of now:
After posting my initial thread on another forum on Sept. 6th, 2010, I feel like I have come to many revelations about my event. I have only went knee deep into finding stories like my own and actually tried to make since of the “my” objects alien-like-lighting features, especially for it to have the ability to “melt” the way it did without disrupting the lighting being created; that is some quantum physics that probably involves time travel; even though my perspective is that time does not exist since everything is one to me, it’s more like space travel. So since time is not linear and space is forever, what does that make the craft(s) that I saw that day?
There was a man with his family that seemed to encounter the same light(s) as I did back in 2007 around the days of my sightings. He described the light as a “piercing light” which was one (1) “light” then seemed to become (3) three when going over his car.

I then noticed someone stated they saw this unique object on September 4th, 2010:
It looks like the same intensity of light I observed that night.
@ http://www.examiner.com/ufo-in-national ... shaped-ufo

Another example is this:

They both exhibit similar lighting as my object, even though the youtube video snap shot shows some yellow in it with an emission? trail behind it. The first Ufo pic is 98% likeness to my sighing, and if it was recorded by a high definition video camera or pic camera it still would be 99.9999% likeness, because my eye balls give me the ability to see truth 100% of the time, since I can deduce what I saw through comparing and contrasting; but again truths are meant to be broken because I don’t even know how the craft’s did what they did. My truth will evolve to another, thus breaking it.

I tried to find how these “lights” “crafts” “ufos” , whatever you can call them, exist and found info about LED lighting. Even though it has been around for a long time, the light that I saw that night seemed like a “superior” natural-looking white-light LED.
Links: http://optics.org/article/30544 & http://huminglie.spaces.live.com/blog/c ... 1943.entry

Then you go to wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode , and under Quantum Dots (experimental), you see not much is said about the article above only about Michael Bowers, which under Quantum Dots created a white light from a blue one, back in 2005, which created warm white light with a slightly yellow cast. Looks like the Ufo that crashed in the desert. Does anyone know when the Ufo crashed happened? On youtube, it just goes back to August 18, 2006, and who knows how long someone withheld that tape.

Pursuant to wiki this “superior” lighting does not exist and I can’t find any other references on the web at this time. But going back to the article, it states the ability for this “superior” light to work depends on a combination of manufacturing cost, efficiency, brightness and light quality. This article from CNBC states that LED Makers to Light Up Market, what on 2 year old technology? http://www.cnbc.com/id/22398419/Tech_Ex ... _Up_Market

So the only thing that comes close to my sighting is the “Superior” natural-looking white-light LED. I remember stating that the craft(s)/light(s) I saw were moving very naturally and not mechanical. Could this be due to what I describe in my story as magnetism (looks natural; magnets) and a “Superior” white light (natural looking light)? I think so. But what about the physics around the quantum dots that must be stabilized and not ripped apart by the “melting” effect I witnessed? If someone is thinking about a blimp coated in the 2005 Quantum Dots Lights, then consider that I did not see yellow what so ever. If you think it’s a blimp coated with “Superior” LED, than how do you explain that my sighting another families sighting occurred before this technology was invented? My sighting April 22, 2007, “Superior” natural-looking white-light reported to be invented July 16, 2007; a discrepancy of approx. 86 days; 2.7 months.

If you are telling yourself it is the government that has already invented it and somehow used the Quantum Dots “Superior” Light approach and exhibited the impossible physics I observed, then we even have a bigger problem. It makes me feel that I am living on a planet with two different worlds, slaves and the masters. People are starving all over the world, America has been filled with people taking their airplanes and crashing it into the IRS. All the men that died on the oil rig died in vein. All the people that have no jobs and have no electricity running through their homes are going to suffer in vein. While their impossible crafts glide through our backyards.
Then there is that question, why is the military visiting people like me with their high technology crafts. Are they toying with us?

From my personal experiences, what I saw was not military, even though government has something to do with this phenomenon. The craft(s) the first night is not even supposed to exist, but now they do, and people have to except it as their new truth. These objects are from another planet, because no laws of physics seems to make-up for what I experienced.

Pictures of craft(s), light(s), and the size of object. First two pictures do not give the sighting justice, but one can grasp the idea.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 6:41 pm 

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People fear what they can’t control. People can’t control what I saw, and experienced, because they are to perfect. The term "ufo" has out-lived it's definition for me since it is not unidentified, it is more of a "superior quantum fluctuating animate-like intelligence" respectfully termed by me as "SQFAI". I made this conclusion through my simple research into the lighting that I observed through my sighting and in reading the quantum physics of such technology produced in 2007.

Understanding the lighting alone has posed many questions but simply has closed the chapter on me understanding the lack of our capabilities to reach the superior-ness or perfection of what I observed and that exists. All though defining it does not meet our full knowledge of what it is, it can serve as a better foundation than just “UFO”. It seems this perfect “object” exhibits only what nature can provide, and again, that is something perfect that we cannot produce.

If somebody had a gun and pointed and shot what I saw, I would just bust out laughing because “they” are untouchable. And that fear can be as scary than your worst nightmare but one can be reassured with something so superior and their abilities so extensive ( we should be glad “they” have not killed us) which should than comfort us because we are in GOOD hands. The truth is in your backyard. See the "pure light object" for yourself.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:27 pm 
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Have you never seen this?

http://viewzone2.com/ufopropulsionx.html ;)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:36 am 

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This is my take for now on why I have been drawn back into this entire ufo phenomenon. I looked into the China incident last night, that coincidently seemed to ignite this ufo wave (if there is one). So far this is what I got from the ufo airport shutdown (pretty simple really; work in progress):

1. USA ICBM - June 16th, 2010 time?
2. Apparent Kazakhstan ICBM - June 30th, 2010 8pm?
3. USA ICBM – June 30th, 2010 time?
4. CHINA UFO Airport Shutdown – July 7th, 2010 @ 10:30pm
5. My second “awakening “ - August 10ish, 2010 // Started Blogging on Sept. 6
6. USA ICBM – Sept. 16th, 2010 3am
7. Nuclear Personnel Testify – Sept. 27, 2010
2. There is a video reporting to be a China Ufo and is slanted in so many ways that it took me hours to make some reality of it. I am currently settling with it being from Kazakhstan. CNN states it to be faked and/or depicting a Chinese ICBM? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOl8FeD45jI

1. & 3. http://www.vandenberg.af.mil/news/story ... =123215561 I find this article to be weird for some reason. Maybe because no times are given and maybe because the article was done a decent time after the launches. I don’t know but I am still working on it by looking for past articles I can compare it to.

4. I have searched and searched and I can’t find any convincing pictures or videos that show the ufo over China’s airport. If you look, a lot of video’s are of blurry pictures of lights and what seems to be a big military plane in the sky at daylight; contradicting 10:30 pm China time when the ufo incident happened.

5. I was reading a book about time not being linear (which was obvious to me) but I then had an experience that I mention in another blog to where I fell in a deep trance-like state that reminded me of the events that occurred in 2007. When my wife came in the room I was speechless, I felt connected to something beyond myself and I still don’t know how really to explain it except feeling like I was being sucked deep into my mind (weeee). I have not been online since November 2009 since over $5,000 worth of equipment was destroyed, including my computer.

My 5 year old child threw an ashtray at my 47 inch LCD t.v. (from Samsung) and my wife spilling water all over my computer and my xbox acting weird to the point it just stop reading discs and my surround sound being knocked off its table (thank god I cracked it open and fixed it, but the blue ray f’ed up; at least I had a back-up blue ray) and some other stuff; everything surpassed its warranty too. My brother bought a laptop in August and I was now able to use it for all of this month to find out what is going on in the internet. When doing so, I had come to experience some strange similarities of other ufo cases like my own. The similarities propelled me to research what I experienced in 2007. My wife then saw a “light object” at her friend’s house hovering over our nearby airport for 2 minutes than shooting towards our home.

The next day at 8pm I had a “white light flash beam” (yes I know it sounds StarTrekish) blind me for a second, a very delicate soft blind (weird), which the “flash beam” happened thousands of feet up as if it was a satellite looking at me. My wife noticed the big flash in her periph and then she experience the flash as well but it seemed to go half way this time. Something than happened on ATS that made me do something in the streets, like a protest for Ufo peace (lol) and I went home and asked for confirmation and the light craft showed up above my home but very far away. I researched all that I could to make sure what we have experienced was not a satellite or any other possible things, and it was purely unknown. Well, unknown for anyone else reading this, but I know what it was and it was a confirmation on something big that is about to happen with the ufo phenomenon. I have been pondering, but only looking into the recent ufo-like events, I soon realized some type of connection. One that I am still refining, adding, or eliminating to make since of the weirdness.

6. http://www.vandenberg.af.mil/mediacente ... =123222412

7. Just look at youtube I guess. I have not even seen it.

I don’t feel I have a complete answer of what is to come until I find out what the “crafts” that came to my house were made from or came from. I had a profound phenomenon occur in my home 3 nights ago affecting me and my wife at 3 am that I believe to be a key to all the answers, but I won’t bore you just yet with it.

I guess my current predicament is to find out the patterns and how often nations do ICBM. I know that North Korea has done some messed up testing’s on July 4th, last year right?, and that seems to be the focus on this whole nuclear stand-off business. Well, I feel I have scared myself a tad bit, but since I don’t know what was over my home this month or in 2007, I can’t just throw in the towel just yet or make any hard conclusions; just directing myself based on comparing and contrasting and living my life.

Maybe I am inundating myself with this nuclear business and I will obviously step back from it (since I have to eat, sleep, entertain, you know, try to live a life) to get a better unbiased picture, but it seems that the pieces are fitting nicely. Here is another nuclear caution by Mrs. Plame, a video many of you have probably seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8YllJjkf5Q&feature=fvst

PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:46 am 

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dad wrote:
Have you never seen this?

Very nice. I would suggest throwing in the quantum happenings of the light source I observed in my 2007 sighting and it ripping into 3 seperate crafts, each as big as a conventional airplane and I think we will have a winner. Thanks for the info to extend my knowledge. :idea:

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 8:56 pm 

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So I have decided to try and calculate the speed of the object. This is merely a rough estimate and other factors obviously have to be addressed. The picture below is from Google Earth. The pic on the left was originally three sections of the sky from my zenith to the point it was no longer visible. So I want to start out by placing the "object" at 10 miles in altitude. I then pretended to be the "craft" and then just counted to one minute hitting my mouse button so often to determine how far out the object probably went. At this rough estimation, I placed the object over the ocean as you see in the upper right hand corner. Calculating the mileage per Google map, the object seemed to be 80 miles out. The Earth curves approximately 6 feet in 9 miles. I then calculate the curve to be 52 feet in 80 miles. I am still trying to understand how altitude plays into it all; perhaps putting the object closer or further, especially not knowing the true altitude, even though I can obviously range it from 6 feet up into space. But just going off 50,000 feet, and the very rough estimation of clicking my mouse over the ocean, the object would had to be moving at 5,000 miles per hour/ Mach 7.
http://i1181.photobucket.com/albums/x42 ... 87561675So than what goes 5,000 miles per hour in 2007. I go to google and X-43A or Hyper-X pops up: http://articles.cnn.com/2004-03-24/tech ... _s=PM:TECH

In such March 25, 2004 article it states, "It will be the first time aircraft have detached in mid-flight for hypersonic flight. We've never separated two vehicles going Mach 5," said Leslie Williams, spokeswoman for NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center which is overseeing the test. "That's just never happened. It's a very risky thing."

Speeding up to 2007, I then compare Hyper-X to what I saw, nothing still makes sense. I understand 3 years later we could have made some improvements but looking at the propulsion system and thinking of the effects it creates in the atmosphere, it does not jive well together with my first sighting; as no trails existed and other descriptions I have made on this thread.
Propulsion System of the Hyper-X/ ramjet:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3lLQhem ... r_embedded

Then comes this YouTube Video reporting Mach 10 capabilities:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiBsD-ca ... r_embedded
This is just to get started. Some insight would be great though.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:17 am 
I was in n.w texas state at age 29 and i worked on science of radiation detectors i mailed a copy of my new theory on sacred geometry to most of the detecter companies in the industrial catolog the spirits of shaminic mystic wisdom where helping me SEE
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You can email or fax the time cops that set this in stone for all time on all worlds wherever theres movement in space also. They said you can fax 8 idias on miracles made with time travel from the future probably 4 things to fix the world at large and 4 things to ask for seriose help for your own town or household this is a mild request the time cops control it not you. And they will stay 4 blocks city sections away from your house most likely wont use your ideas at all, fax it in any way they care about what you think about using a real time machine.

My request is that the time cops in the future laser in visual information names and pictures of places or people that are of subject in question where you look at magazines or photos of buildings. The list of names on your magazine company owner list in your home will be the ones that would strap ther vest bomb explosive tighter if I walked away with 2 billion American dollers in my bank acount all mine. And the 1st building you see in buy a house advertizement will be stickered in ray beams that show who has 4 countries nucleur weopons compacted down into one vest bomb explosive device is the seething intensity level that they want me to exude poverty pond scum dirty penny homelessman goob quif time.
And secondly also the subject of names of people that would not give me good medical care when Im at age 88 but leave me in excrutiating pain without air to breath or super drugs to stop the pain will instantly magically be placed in books you pick up instead of the original story by time travellors 4 blocks from your home. I want to live thousands of years genetically mutated zero these names in the last few pages of the book show who never ever said there is a battle there is no sodomy.

The sports section shows android botmachines that freak out like Im some criminal and had it set up that My email at scott.florance1@gmail get zero zero new friends of pride and opurtunity. They blocked my email and now the time travellors will put them on display inside your reading matarial about sports.

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