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PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2018 2:33 am 

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It has always been a joke over the community that the GMs who run this match don't have any clue what is actually occurring or provide false information due to not understanding what they are doing, but in all honesty, this is an issue that has to be mended as soon as possible. As a result of this lack of information, when a new public hacking trainer is launch and a surge of players begin botting and macroing and FMAing, certainly nothing has been done for them for a lengthy time. This causes irreparable damage to the servers that they influence, while most of could be averted if two things were to change:Teach GMs about the game and the neighborhood, and change the EXTREMELY lenient prohibit rules to ensure hackers are appropriately penalized for breaking ToS.

Let us start the first of those 2 points using a story I've of a recent encounter with online GMs. To strike up a conversation, I started talking about Kraane and Daxi, the very first level 250 gamers on Reboot who was able to get there at an insane quantity of time - about three months after the launch of this server. And to my complete dismay, the GM that was supposed to be taking good care of our server said "I have absolutely no idea who these people are". I explained who they were, which they were amazingly popular players on the host to get the time and their incredible accomplishment and they reiterated that they literally had no idea who they were.

This tells me something extremely important directly from the very best - GMs have never once looked in the servers' rankings for the servers they're delivered to watch out. By proxy, this suggests they have no clue how to check the Dojo rank boards in game, or how to confirm the Tower of Oz ranking boards. Any participant that goes on any machine is easily able to which players ' hackers and which ones are not by simply glancing over the rankings on these boards... because there's no way in hell that the 'best' classes in the sport are far Blaze Wizards and Kinesis and they can clear Dojo faster than the strongest player in all GMS can. That is legitimately impossible, but GMs would never understand that.

How are we expected to trust people to have the ability to pinpoint and find a hacker if they don't know ANYTHING about the very server they're supposed to be keeping watch of? How do I literally walk up to some GM and attempt to mention that the most powerful players in the entire host, the server they are supposed to know enough to be able to handle and protect from hackers and they are not capable of working with a tool which anybody can use AT ANY TIME? There's a severe lack of knowledge and information provided to the folks running our sport that simply allows people to abuse the system more and more to their own profit, and absolutely nothing ever happens about it. https://www.4ms2.com/

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:17 am 

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I'm new and I'm interested in this topic. Thank you!

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