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PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2010 8:34 am 
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Capri UFO town hall draws a full house
May 12, 2010

7:11 A.M. — Residents came out in droves Tuesday night to share their stories of UFO sightings and hear an investigator share his findings about strange objects seen over Capri.

Morgan Beall of Fort Myers, state section director of the Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, said he continues to study the Capri sightings.

“This Capri case is very credible and very interesting,” Beall. “It cannot be explained at this time, and so for now I am calling it unidentifiable.

Beall told about 100 people gathered at the Capri Community Center for what was billed as a UFO town hall that “all of the people I interviewed on Capri seemed very credible and very direct.

“We were able to work together and talk openly about the sightings that could be explained like celestial objects such as Venus or the moon,” Beall continued. “Still, some are unidentifiable.”

Beall said he is fascinated that so many around Capri had seen the objects.

“I am fascinated by the large number of reports in that area, and plan to pull together a team for further study,” Beall said.

MUFON, founded in 1969, is a nonprofit corporation that utilizes volunteers to resolve the scientific enigma known collectively as unidentified flying objects.

The Capri intrigue began with sightings that occurred on three consecutive nights in late March.

A bright white ball of light appeared out of nowhere, made no sound, and did not move except to disappear as quickly as it appeared over Johnson’s Bay on the Isles of Capri.

The light was captured by a video camera installed above the Capri Fire-Rescue station. That image has now been seen around the world due to intense media interest.

“There has been a rash of sightings over the last few months from Marco, Capri and Naples,” Beall said.

At the town hall, a number of local residents spoke about recent UFO sightings.

One witness from Marco Island had the crowd spellbound as she told her story of the unusual object she saw over the Gulf View Condominiums on the night of April 27.

“My friends and I went outside to watch the full moon, when all of a sudden we were distracted by a huge white ball of light that hovered completely silently between the 20th and 22nd floors of the tall condo building across the street from us,” said Delicia Craft.

She drew a picture to help explain.

“It looked like a ball that you would see drop from Time Square, but it was transparent,” said Craft. “It had white lights running up and down it in segments, and inside it was something that looked like an aluminum square or rectangle that was so bright, you could hardly look at it.

“I felt like I could have put my hand into it because it was so close,” Craft said. “I asked the caretaker of the condo if others had seen it and he said there were no residents on the top floors at this time.”

The recent sightings are not the only ones in Collier County. Another UFO was reported on Dec. 31, 2008 in North Naples.

A doctor and his wife watched a large ball of white light, very similar to the one seen on Capri, move in close over their lanai, where it took on a more saucer-like appearance that spun slowly without a sound as it passed over them.

Diane Gosik described a triangular object with three bright white lights that went over her head while she was tending to horses on her farm up North.

The lights were so bright she had to squint, Gosik said. The object appeared at around 10:30 p.m. and disappeared at around 12:30 p.m. in a swift rush. She said she felt disoriented in terms of time and memory for several days afterward.

Beall explained that this is a common feeling among UFO witnesses.

“Most of the sightings fall into patterns of triangles, globe-like, dish-shaped, still, silent, or those that move in formation and abruptly change formation in mid-flight,” Beall said.

When asked if he is a believer in alien life associated with some UFOs, Beall said he keeps an open mind.

“Hypothetically if there are, they are a hundred thousand times more advanced in their technology than we are to be able to get here,” he said. “Our methods of propulsion are also not silent.”

Beall offered these instructions to town-hall attendees.

“Be vigilant, use a tripod to steady your camera or camcorder, keep a log, and notify MUFON before notifying the press,” said Beall.

http://www.marcoislandflorida.com/apps/ ... 12009/1075

PostPosted: Sun May 23, 2010 7:22 pm 
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:22 am 

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I would have to say Clearwater Tampa area. Or even Silver Springs. They do a lot of sight seeing with glass bottom boats

PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:14 am 

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I witness a huge UFO in that area back in 1971, had 3 Doctors with me who also witnessed the UFO fly over us about 300 feet above a power line, no sound only powerful lights,.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 2:14 am 

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hello All,

Back when I was looking into the Big Black Triangles I sent off an email to MUFON with a couple of questions. First of all their "UFO Stalker" map is very handy if one wishes to stay fairly current WRT sightings. It's not that handy for establishing patterns though if one is trying to develope a better picture overall of UFO purpose though IMHO.

As an analogy to help illustrate the issue try this:

Take a MUFON case number, which is their reference number for each report and write it on small piece of paper. On the back side write the UFO sighting's date, time, and shape plus it's location and direction of travel. Do this for say 100 reports.

After that toss all of them into a hat, mix them up and remove them one at a time and place each piece of paper on a large glass table with all the case numbers facing up. Arrange these into numerical order as if one were using them to write a sentence. Now for the fun part! Lay on your back on the floor and inch yourself under the table so that the case number "sentence" data on the back of each piece can be viewed.

One will readily see that there is absolutely NO ORDER present. The info is nothing but a jumbled mess. It is therefore impossible to establish any UFO pattern whatsoever! Chronologically or otherwise. Is this intentional? Meant to look organized to the general public but in reality possessing no organized means to do a decent bit of research for one's self?

My email to MUFON addressed this point and was told I should become a member in order to get more indepth info. Also If I wanted access to data that has been collated chronologically that I could have access to that but may have to become a field investigator. I answered that I might consider membership if I could have an ingress to the data placed in chronological order and was informed that I was not allowed to see any witnesses' personal information. That was not even part of my request and I explained such and informed them that I had no interest or desire for that kind of data.

Long story short? I did not suceed in gaining a list of sightings in the order of when they occured. So much for research. I did say to them I was only wanting a time-of -occurance list for Black Triangles but to no avail.

MUFON. Non profit doesn't mean not paid. Too bad, they could be such an helpful resource for their own good, but no, not today. Sad.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:14 am 
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MUFON is not the organization it used to be... I think they've been infiltrated. But, while that's MY personal opinion, I could be wrong.

Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

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