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Earth is their fueling station
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Author:  busterdawg [ Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:00 am ]
Post subject:  Earth is their fueling station

I'm not saying they built Earth. I'm not a traditional Christian but I believe in the basics beliefs the Christian bible offers. Just that somethings might have been mistranslated. But that's not what I'm going on about. What I want to know is if Earth is a stopping point for our little friends. If Aliens are Demons or if They've only been here for less then a thousand years. Maybe even less then 100.. thought there are stories dating back to the 1800s about Aliens. Specificly about aliens. you could say the bible talks about them but I mean actual concrete evidence that the word "Alien" is actually talked about prior to HG Wells' "War of the worlds". There is a story about a Cln in Stockton who was picking up a friend in Fresno for a county fair and the man had witness a cigar shaped alien craft that hovered over the town of Lodi. We have been having a lot of UFO coverage here in the bay area this month. Even today there is some really dark remote regions just outside of San Francisco that Aliens could hide out in let alone back in the 1800s. Back then this whole delta region was a swamp. Have they been using Earth resources for centuries or is it possible they're demons that live in our hallow Earth? I truly believe they're evil either way. It just makes sense they're our demons that the Bible speaks of. I've been reading up on stories about how it's illegal to hike into certain caves not because it's a hazard but because something is hidden down there and it seems the Powers that be are protecting the gateway to center Earth by outlawing people from entering a certain distance. I know about carbon monoxide and all but is it possible that this is used to frighten people off? I heard there is a video of a group of people who managed to hike into a cave down some near 7 miles. It was to hot for them to travel any further down but they managed to get down to the mental I guess. I always thought you would suffer from blood clotting if you went down that far. Anyways.. input if you like.

Author:  busterdawg [ Sun Apr 06, 2008 6:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Earth is their fueling station

Guys I'm sorry. I'm really tired so I hope that makes sense. I should have done a spell and grammar check but those aren't my strongest points. :P

I think you can figure out what i'm asking though.

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