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 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:04 am 
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Forum Rules:
There aren't too many rules, but please read through these before posting.

No Advertising:
All posts from new users with the irrelevant link in the post will be deleted with no warning and accounts will be suspended.
Unsolicited or unrelated advertisements as well as announcements or links to unrelated websites are not allowed in posts and will be removed without warning. We do allow announcements or discussions about related topics (free or commercial). Also, discrete links to the posterswebsite are allowed in the posters signature (adult, mlm, or affiliate links are not accepted).

Posts: Abusive, racist, sexist or derogatory remarks towards other users will not be tolerated. Offensive, obscene or illegal posts or links is also not allowed. Keep your post on topic while in the related forums, and use the (undefined topics forum) for other topics.

Signature Length: Please limit your signature to a maximum of 2 lines.

Forum Etiquette:
These are common sense guidelines you should follow when using the forum:

Search First: We have a powerful search system! Before you post, visit our search page.

Stay on topic: Stick to the original author's question when replying. If you are straying off into a new topic, start a new thread for it. Be the bigger person and don't reply to off topic posts.

Be patient: Give new users some slack, don't chastise them for not reading this guideline first. Make them feel welcome into the community. We were all newbies once. Avoid sarcasm, it's often lost in the post and just ends up being rude.

Be Nice and have fun! [cool]


Tweaked wrote:
In addition, I am asking all of you to do the following:

1. Do NOT use offensive language in your Headings. We hope to attract new members, and we wish to be a friendly, welcoming oasis for young people, whose parents monitor the forums their youth come to for information. While I am well aware that four-letter-words permeate today's social communications of our younger generations, most parents still require a civil in-home standard of speech. If a parent checks into this site and sees a lot of four-letter-words in the headings of your threads, most are likely to lock our site out of their child's computer. WE WISH TO BE A SITE FOR EVERYONE. We need younger people's ideas; we can all benefit from each other.

In some cases, using a phrase like "that's just bullshit" or, "he/she is an asshole" is a much shorter way of making a point; however, I am asking all of you to please use that kind of language sparingly, and only in the text - NOT the title. (Whenever someone quotes you to respond, the title is always repeated. Therefore, if the language in the title is offensive, it will be repeated over and over and over.) This does not make our forum appear member-friendly, and prevents many guests from wishing to join our community of exchange.

If some of you continue to post new threads with bad language, the thread titles and some of the offensive content will be edited. I will try to NOT change the gist of your comments, but I will clean up your acts ... if you don't.

2. PLEASE break your posts into paragraphs. I know you think everything you write is all one thought. And perhaps, sometimes, it will be. But it is difficult for us to read a post that has no breaks in it. It becomes a solid page of blur. If you want other members and guests to enjoy reading your posts, then breaking your thoughts into paragraphs will make it much easier for all of us.

3. Whenever possible, please provide source links for your posts. If you cannot locate a link to give us, then tell us in which magazine (month/year), which newspaper (date/section), what channel (CNN, KABC, etc.) and the date you heard it, or at which website you found the information you're citing. This will raise the standard of our forum, and help us to attract more serious researchers.

4. Often I begin to read a post, and find it's so cluttered with misspelled words, it's not enjoyable. In your computer's software you may have a "spelling feature." I suggest you use yours, because people seem to lose their posts when run through OUR spellchecker.

I realize that people from other countries occasionally post here. When English is not someone's first language, it is far more difficult for him/her to get a specific point across. So be patient! Read the posting more than once. Make sure you truly understand the message that poster is endeavoring to get across. And please refrain from using colloquial language; when foreign people are attempting to use a computer translator, it doesn't recorgnize phrazes like, "Eleven eggs short of a baker's dozen," or "fer meaning for", and "yers for yours." The better English we write, the more likely our ideas will be understood.

5. COMMUNICATION is the true key to Peace - whether it's with a rival, a bureaucracy, a next-door-neighbor, or an Alien intelligence. We must first learn how to communicate well with each other, to make ourselves properly understood by all. Let's raise the standard of our posts here in UFOseek, and work together to bring new ideas, knowledge, and wisdom to the forefront our collective societies. We will all be better stewards of the Earth if we can simply express ourselves well enough to be understood and respected.

I look forward to reading all of you in the Posts!

registration security code:

In case of any problems with registration please send email directly to miroweb(a:t)gmail.com

We cannot change our problems at the same level of thinking in which we created them - Albert Einstein.

 Post subject: online euchre
PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 10:07 am 

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 Post subject: Re: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:01 pm 

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There aren't too many rules, but please http://chinesebuffetnearmenow.net/ read through these before posting.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:36 pm 

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