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PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:26 am 

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Yes first post, alien encounter/abduction, this must be BS blah blah blah.

Yes this is my first post, and I registered with this forum in hopes in finding some help or information that might help me with an encounter experience I had a few weeks ago. Any insight into this encounter would be very helpful to me and I greatly appreciate any feedback in advance.

Preface: This is NOT my first incident when it comes to ET's, but it is definitely the most personal, and most blatant.

Story: A few weeks ago, it was roughly around 11pm local time, and I had just turned out the lights to go to sleep. I was having some trouble actually falling asleep, tossing and turning. I eventually decided to turn my lamp on to feel "safe." This is atypical behavior for me but NOT unheard of. I typically sleep in the dark with only music playing at most. But every once in a while, I'll feel an urge to turn a lamp on by my bed before I can fall asleep. I'd guess I get this feeling once every few months if I were to guess estimate the top of my head.

So I did just that, I turned on my lamp, laid on my back, and put a pillow over my eyes to block the light (irony I know). The top half of my eyes were blocked so I had roughly 50% of the bottom half of my vision. I ended up falling asleep for about two hours (I later checked the time after I woke up). I was in the middle of a vivid dream, I can't remember the specifics but it was a good dream. Mid-dream, I was.snatched awake. Immediately, I realized I was in sleep paralysis.

There were two things woke me up: First, I heard a high pitched, directly in my ear, what I would describe as a metallic sound. For some reason hearing this sound, I just knew that they were here. Second, I was wearing a necklace with a copper pendant. My necklace was laying flat on my bed to the right of my head. I could feel a "pull" on my necklace, on the left side of my neck. Nothing painful, but enough to know that something was tugging at it. More importantly, my copper pendant was vibrating insanely fast. I was in sleep paralysis, so I couldn't actually turn my head to see it, but I could feel it vibrating incredibly fast.

Let me interrupt the story to say I am no stranger to sleep paralysis. I used to get it often when I was a kid growing up, and infrequently as an adult. I understand what it is, so paralysis on it's own isn't enough to emotionally charge me. In those few seconds I could account for the paralysis, but I couldn't account for the strange behavior of the pendant on my necklace.

Coming to this realization, I immediately went into panic mode. I tried to fight the paralysis but it was useless. I felt an energy pushing down on me, but mainly centralized in my abdomen area. With the pillow covering half my vision, I could still see the wall opposite me, my tv, I could still see that the light was on in my bedroom. But having only half my vision made me panic even more to no avail. Finally I tried communicating with whatever was in the room with me. Since I had paralysis, I tried to speak, but I am sure it was only mental. I basically expressed concern, I asked the entity what it was doing, I expressed my fear mentally to whatever was keeping me pinned.

That's when something tried to communicate back to me. I could still see the bottom half of my normal vision (because of the pillow). That is when symbols or geometric shapes, a lot of them overlaid my vision. I could still see the opposite wall, but it was like an overlay of symbols in front of it. After the symbols, came letters (ABCD, etc) but they were all jumbled up like a crossword puzzle. Then the letters started to spin counter clock wise. It was so fast, and I was so panic'ed I couldn't make out any of it.

It was at this point I had confirmation there was an intelligence in the room with me, and there was nothing I could do. I stopped trying to fight the paralysis and gave in to it. This is when I said to myself mentally "Am I at least safe?" I repeated that a couple times. The energy centralized in my abdomen made what felt like a pin-point trajectory to the right side of my abdomen. It was an intense feeling, but it wasn't pain.

And as fast as it started, in an instant it was over. I immediately sat up, looked around my room and everything was exactly as I saw it. Lamp was still on, everything was exactly in place as best as I could see a few minutes prior. This is when I looked at the clock and realized I had been asleep for roughly 2 hours. It took me a few hours to fall asleep after that, but eventually I passed out and woke up for work the next morning.

The following workday I could still feel that something has happened to the right side of my abdomen. It varied from a slight pressure to even a dull ache at times. This lasted until about the end of my workday, reaffirming to me that something had happened to me the night prior.

Can anyone give me ANY insight into this encounter? I've been researching nonstop for something similar, so any help would be much appreciated.

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