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PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2004 11:43 pm 
I just got to have
some answers to this dream or actioule event that has happend to me
some years ago. I don\'t know if I believe in this kind of thing or not
but I do know that in this vast universe of countless galaxies we
can\'t be alone! Well, Here it goes, I Don\'t remember how I got there
but I remember that it was like a desert kinda\' place and I was on my
back in this black small oval on top rectangle with rounded corners
transparent cairer. It was like clear when you was inside looking out
but tented when you got out and looked back at it. It took a while to
get to where ever we was going and when we got to where thay was
taking me I saw all these big and small and all size structures every
where and transporters like the one that I arrived in going in and out
of all of the outer structures there. And I noticed that everything
was mad of or at least looked like that it was mad of the same thing
that the desert was mad of and the sky was a same color tan. I remember
the smell, weird Like burnt dust/ and slight hints of musk/
ammonia/sulfer all at the same time. these buildings were pyramid and
block combined weird looking structures with pyramid colloms but
slightly curved from top to bottom as that went to the ground about
every 100 yards around the main building. then it looked like I was
being carried towards this building on something like what I got there
on, (covered with this same dark but see through lid) but this time it
was a 4x8 stretcher bed that floated as 2 things, beings What ever on
each side brought me towards this big tan building and it look like the
wall turned to water and melted as we went through it and I found
myself being brought in a smi dark large room with dark square black
collums from top to bottom about 2 to 3 hundred feet from each other
and the flor was like polished black onix and there were all of these
small single bed like tables all over made of the same thing that the
floors were made of and all of these tall and short people, I guess
they were people, dressed in these black shrouds walking around and
then one came up to me and looked down at me at my head witch made him
look upside down and made him look twice as ugly when it\'s vail swaing
open. Yea, Yea< YUCK it UP but I DAMM sure not and this has been
hunting me for the last 14 YEARS!!! The next thing that I remember
after that is being not in but ON my bed facing the wrong way with
nothing on and I can\'t find the bed close I put on that night and
having to go through 3 sweekie doors plus my mom and dads room just
to go out side And them being very light sleepers I DON\'T THINK SO!!
LOOK, I\'m 29 years old and I Don\'t believe in SPOOKS GOGLINS OR
B.S.But I do believe in what happen to me but I just don\'t know did
happen. Help me figure this out will ya\" Thinks and May GOD BLESS!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 11:15 pm 
It seems to me you have been examined by
one of the paranormal spirituality group. My story is little bit
similar to yours. It happened to me 11 years ago (I was 19) and I
still don't know what it was. It was some kind of spiritual group
with bunch of very small and skinny people with no hair (long story).
There are many of those groups of people with paranormal skills. I
cannot explain you who they are and why they are doing this. As I was
thinking about what happened to me over the years; I come up with
conclusion, that they are looking for somebody, I think they are
looking for people with some special inside power, or sense. I'm one
of the people with little extra sense, nothing spectacular. I could
function as human lie detector and I can hypnotize sometimes. Anyhow
I don't think those people are bad, but I don't know if they are any
good either. I'm one of the yoga and martial arts guys, so I know the
true potential of human body and spirit, so I don't freak out when I
see staff like this. I also don't talk about those things much,
because I would look like an idiot. I recommend you to not
to talk about it and if you will email somebody you don't know don't
say who you are, or some news fucker would try to make money on it or
make you look like an alcoholic with hallucinations. There are many
unexplained things in this world and to find the explanation takes
time and energy, so sometimes it's better to forget about it and live
your life. However there are ways how to go back in time and remember
more details, but you would have to learn the principle of this
meditation and especially "discipline mind control", otherwise you
could get crazy permanently from those meditations. I wouldn't do
this if I were you.

I think good idea is this forum, so someone who knows can
response and tell their opinions, I know there are many people who've
had some unexplained paranormal experience, but they don't want to
talk about it, because they are afraid they would look like an idiots,
so the forum is working the best in this case.


PostPosted: Thu Jan 20, 2005 6:35 am 
I am having a hard time looking for the right forum to discuss these incredible things. It's virtually impossible to confront someone we don't know in face to face communication. I'd have to agree with the replyee here that it's best to start discussing things with the right forum.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 7:10 am 
In winter 1993-4 I saw a huge eliptical glowing yellowish amber-from-within spacecraft over the freeway when I was coming home from a friend's house in the greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. I recall my car stopping on the freeway for what seemed like a few minutes when I hit a sudden patch of heavy fog. My radio also went dead. First it was very scratchy sounding and then it went dead. When I got home, I saw that it was much later than I thought. Since I had abductions when I was younger, I will assume I was abducted and can't recall this last time. I am more psychic than most people (sometimes downright fabulous) and I wonder if they want people like me. I try not to think too much about it because some of the abductions were very frightful. What I recall from earlier abductions is a funny smell the aliens have and that I first thought they were little kids dressed in Halloween costumes. When I got closer, of course, I figured it out. They freeze me and make me unable to move. When they put me back down on the ground once, it felt like they dropped me hard. It hurt me. It's that kind of stuff I dislike- being hurt and not being adequately informed. It would be nice if I was a more willing participant in these abductions. I currently do not ever ever share these stories with anyone. No fucking way. I have no interest in being the subject of someone's mockery when they have no idea what is out there and very real for some of us.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 1:46 am 
My name is Mrs. Donnie Blessing. I have a research group in the Cincinnati area. I do research on alien abductees. I know you feel that its hard to talk to people about abductions, however, I will listen to your story and let you know what I think. We do regressions on people who feel they are abductees. Please contact me by email if you feel you would like to look into this any further.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 5:18 am 
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[#000000]Do you have a website? (As a research group) Just wondering what have you found out?[/#000000]

We cannot change our problems at the same level of thinking in which we created them - Albert Einstein.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2005 1:33 am 
[:)]Dear Mrs Blessing, My name is Linda, and I have been abducted more times than anyone I have heard about. Why they were so interrested in me I have no idea. But this I do know, my mother tried to kill me many times when I was a child, but to no avail. When the aliens came to me they told me two times how much they disliked my mother. They told me that they knew what she was trying to do. And once, when I had been injured badly enough that I had acquired gangrene, and noone took me to the hospital or Dr. for it, I knew that I had died. Before I died, the walls of my bedroom started breathing, they were moving in and out, then the ceiling disappeared and the room was gone, i was somewhere else. There were aliens everywhere all wearing white. None of them moved their mouths when they spoke. But I could hear multiple voices, not just one. I heard them call me by name...Linda...you are loved...(and I felt that love it was incredible, very fulfilling) go and be healed. Next thing I rememeber is being back in my bed thirsty like there were no tomorrow and very hungry. There were no markings on my body, none whatsoever. Linda Strakula.

PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 2:57 am 
well all i can tell you is that dreams don't usually have colour or smell to them, unless your a person that dreams warnings of future events.
it would seem you have experienced a paranormal event and it may not be what you think it is, you see we tend to begin our dreams with a simple start such as walking down a dark ally,then we add to it and the dream becomes a series of events that we are feeding to our selves for example i am in a dark ally walking slowly and i automaticlly believe i a may be in some kind of danger so i run then i think maybe its a monster so then i see a monster so on ......
In future dreaming and such like we will see colour and feel textures, so on....
these dreams are only partly controlled by our selves but mostly controlled by a paranormal power of some kind.
You may very well of been abducted by aliens but like many may have told you, it is not wise to go tell too many people as not many will understand you in the way you want them to, the worse thing to do is to talk to a regressionist as it will make your experiences become far too real and can cause many mental problems in the future, these people have a bad reputation for adding events and suggesting events happened that didn't, you can only imagine how twisted that can make a person and how much cash they get out of your suffering by writing about you and your abductions.
I think you have to keep your chin up, look on the good side of life and be glad you are alive and well, ummm there is also the fact that the aliens must think you are a very special person to want you.
Take great care of yourself and use your experiences to come on sites like this one and help others to understand their own paranormal events.

from Kizzie xxx[:)]

PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 8:42 am 
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While it is true that not all regressionists are good at dealing with UFO-related matters, there really ARE some very good ones: Budd Hopkins, Leo Sprinkle, Barbara Lamb, Betty Binder, Dolores Cannon (just to name a few). What IS important is that you talk to others in your area who have already used a good regressionist and had positiveresults. If the regressionist is really a good one in this area, you won't have PTSD or other bad repercussions from the experience.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 1:06 am 
[b][i][#800080]Hi Barbie, it's nice to chat with you and i hope we chat more, i have lots to say on the subject of aliens and other paranormal events.[/#800080][/i][/b]
[b][i][#800080]I agree not all regressionists are bad but so many are, when doing my studies on the subject of regression and regressionists i found there are only about 1 in 10 that are good honest people that simply want to help.[/#800080][/i][/b]
[b][i][#800080]I believe that a personal thing like a memory of an abduction should be kept to oneself, unless of course it's beginning to effect your life in general, everyone is different and we all deal with certain events in our own way, some of us can brush it aside and live a full life without any real problems and others simply crumble.[/#800080][/i][/b]
[b][i][#800080]I have had some truly nasty events in my life and i have been left badly scared in more than one way but i am a sensible person that knows the rights and wrongs in the world and i don't pretend i am anything special, i don't wish to be different i just want to be like everyone else but there are so many that want to stand out and be special, even if it means telling tales to get noticed.[/#800080][/i][/b]
[b][i][#800080]I have found in my many studies of the human psychology that those who really do get abducted don't tend to talk about it to just anyone, they pick certain people and even then it takes a lot of time and courage to say anything but time is a great healer and its true what they say.....a problem shared is a problem halved ....[/#800080][/i][/b]
[b][i][#800080]There are those that only think they were abducted because of a dream or two they had, these people are more forward about it especially on site like this one as all they wish to know is what others think, a simple answer as to if they just had a bad dream or not.[/#800080][/i][/b]
[b][i][#800080]Those that want attention just go over board... lol ... as you can tell on some of the posts on here....[/#800080][/i][/b]
[b][i][#800080]I think more people should talk about their problems but not unless they feel totally confident about it first.[/#800080][/i][/b]
[b][i][#800080]Well Barbie, i can see you love to chat about all things alien so i hope we will be chatting soon and sharing our thoughts on the subject, i would love to know more about you and your experiences when you are ready to, may be that you have some opinions on aliens, i would like to hear them.[/#800080][/i][/b]


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