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PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:19 pm 
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almostalien wrote:
koval321 wrote:
Everytime i talk about aliens, i have later paranoia that men in black or someone else will come for me. Maybe its blockade put to me by aliens under hypnose, or am just panic person. For exaple i begin to see strange cars, strange ringphone its like usual paranoia. Anyway whole "abduction" could be part of this psychic illusion, when love them or fear them very strongly its often possible to experience them. Probably emotions are able to program mind, which later receive random events as something which have deep sense and hidden logic. Person focus and remember elements which fit to programed schema and ingnore, forget other elements.
Do not worry about men in black or some goverment coming to get you.Think of it this way.There are millions of people talking aliens.Being abducted and all kinds of stuff.There is not enough man power in the world to be coming after people. Think about how much money it would cost to find out more then most are just making up storys to be bloggers or just for something to too.If I show you a actual photo of a U.F.O and put it in a pile of millions.Can you tell the real from the fake some you can and others you cannot.And do you really think the aliens are going to let one of there studys just be taken from them.They can manipulate anyones mind if they want too. They just do not need too.They are so much smarter then us . Our minds are about as smart as a blade of grass to them.But that does not mean they do not like us or play games with us for a reaction. This goverment is so dumb it cannot even pay its own debt without borrowing from communist countries.But the good thing is at least aliens are not greedy or we would never be returned as if nothing happened .To think was it a dream or was it not.

i agree with you
before i was afraid of these surveys that some MIB will come after me but then I realized that they will not let me get hurt by them, it means that MIB might get to my house, search it etc. kill my family (if they were not abducted) and could lock me up but as soon as I will not get harmed by MIB they will not interfere :|
but generally I don't think MIB would go after me although i wouldn't like them have any record of me

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