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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:11 pm 

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Yes abductions do really exist although experience has made me wonder whether abduction might be too hard a word to describe it.
I've been a willing participant in this for my entire life although I hadn't realized it until I was in my twenties. I'm 56 now and I still communicate with them although I regard them as friends now. A lot of us have been involved with their programs from even before we're born. I was fortunate enough to have been involved in the childrens programs and then the hybrid reproduction program and then in diferent teaching and learning programes..Most people are shielded from the memories of these programs as it seems quite destressfull when you aren't aware of what is going on. You're shielded from these memories so that you can continue on with your normal human life and not be affected or influenced by what goes on , however sometimes memories do manage to break through now and again and these broken unexplained memories can seem quite frightening. Some people are very frightened by it because their memories are quite fragmented and don't make a clear picture and then you add the fears of skeptics who have never experienced it for themselves and combine it with the way a lot of society shuns people who believe and others who try to say that people who have experienced this must be mad or crazy and it makes you question your own sanity. Once you become one of the lucky ones who are allowed to keep their memories in tact and and are taught just what it's all about you stop being afraid and want to be a part of it all. It's truely quite wonderous. I posted a lot of my experiences on this site a number of years ago but I have learnt sooo much more since then. Those I have been involved with should never be feared but I have heard of aliens who aren't quite so nice or good hearted and perhaps those should be feared. I think your instincts will tell you the difference between them or at least I hope they do.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:41 pm 

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Timbit wrote:
Good points there.

Also worth considering is that an abduction is a traumatic event. The human being has the benefit of nature to ensure survival, no matter what, and to protect itself, it will naturally not allow an attack on itself.

By that I mean that the direct memory is suppressed, sometimes entirely, sometimes most of it. Through time, human nature will allow for processing traumatic information, slowly, in bits at a time. Otherwise, if all of the information were consciously front and centre, you would end up falling apart.

Think of a person who has just been told that their beloved husband/wife has just died. You are told this by police officers at your front door, at 2 in the morning. The information, the force of the information, is too much to bare all at once. You can barely process the words, 'has died', let alone begin to process all the other details. That is nature protecting you from yourself.

Little by little, it begins to sink in, and all the emotion, confusion, conflicting thoughts, and questions, come to be dealt with. Particularly the emotions. Children in particular will be acting out, or angry, or uncharacteristically destructive- all based on emotions. All of us will have the accompanying emotion, first, before we can begin to understand that it was the trauma that caused the emotion, and then understand that facing the resulting reasons and facts, follows.

I think abduction essentially has the same components of any serious, traumatic, life changing event.


Wow, right on the money... add to the fact that we have to go to work tomorrow, get up in the middle of the night and feed the baby... We have to force the memory to the side to function, Now, tomorrow and next month... We are lucky when we have a day or two to shake, cry and fight off the wide eyed fear of a recent encounter... Take it from me, it doesn't even help much -even when there are four of you who all vividly recall a close encounter, the screaming and 6-7 hours lost time.. it is too much to believe, you all try desperately to find any answers ------- any answers beyond the rushing memories that won't go away..... Even 35 years later, that particular encounter still scares the living hell out of my brother and his wife...

I have apologized to them for being with me and having to witness that....unfortunately I have had encounters like that since I was 5... so loved ones, relatives end up experiencing this with you... Some can't handle it... My wife from that encounter left me soon after...and I could not face that it could be the reason when she could not explain why... She was just too scared to be with me. That still hurts... I wish I was at fault, it would be easier to accept.

Ah, sorry... have to go- tears are another big part of this curse.

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