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PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2012 6:26 pm 

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Dear alienhunter - i went to the link you suggested to find the truth about alien abductions, and if you will bear with me (since i took the time to read that extensive view), i have this to say, and a few questions to ask.
First off, i believe that your extensive essay means you have a really strong viewpoint on this matter, and have gone to extensive lengths to get that viewpoint over to others, and indeed to convince them that this is the truth.
Fact is, i believe that Truth is relative. I believe you sincerely believe what you have written there, and respect that.
I would however like to ask you a few questions that need no answer to me, but certainly need to be answered by yourself:
Since you have based your entire essay on the writings of the Bible, the first question i ask is 'Do you know who wrote the Bible, and why?' It may surprise you to know that there were many 'Authors' of the Bible, and many who deliberately changed the writing therin for their own purpouses - Constantine was but one of them - if you do just a little research, you will discover that there are no less than 11 others who fiddled with this book for various reasons.
Second question - the fact that these people changed writings in the Bible, tells you that they must have had a motive - do you know what that motive was? Just a little research will tell you.
Third question - even if we accept that the Bible was written by one person (which it wasn't), were you there? Do you know firsthand what the motivation was for it? Do you know anything at all about the people who lived at that time and what motivated them?
Please understand that i am not trying to undermine your belief, but pose these questions because your explanation presents problems to me since i have spent the best part of my life studying the Bible and other religious texts, and that does not mean being able to quote by rote, but really get into the origins of the peoples in and behind the Bible.
Furthermore, I believe the Abduction Phenomenon is a very serious problem for humanity, and if it proves that even one percent of them are real, then we are in serious trouble.
If aliens are committing one of the most henious crimes (to be taken by force, or against one's will), then they are definitely not friendly.
As such, we need to ascertain for a FACT whether this IS taking place or not, and if so, we most certainly need a defense strategy.
Perhaps you'd like to rethink your presentation... then again, perhaps not.
Anyway, at the end of the day, being able to debate such sensitive subjects without becoming hot under the collar is essentially what intelligent human beings do.
Thank you for giving your time to read this.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:10 pm 

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Yea, 30 years backing your religious beliefs using people who have problems that have absolutely nothing to do with alien abductions! Yea, easy to stop something that they aren't experiencing in the first place. Ha, researcher... that's funny!

I wrote you a email, because I am looking for answers/ Help, asking if any of your so called abductees have had daytime, close encounters with witnesses? No reply! No help, just another person selling a product, called religion or more appropriate- a cult.


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