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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:14 pm 

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I have heard that said before too. The only slights that I have with that line of thought, are these. Would this violate the very crucial inter-galactic law of Choice? By keeping people entrained in only one world, would they be unable to experience and integrate the truths contained in other incarnations? How would choice play into this? Some say that Choice is at hand in EVERY single creation and co-creation we have had, are having, or ever will have. This could be pretty hard to digest, especially in cases of rape, molestation, murder, all that more dense stuff. And yet, in my personal experiences, at the Soul Level, there is only Absolute and Complete Love. Having been given the gift of seeing myself, on occasion, from that level of Soul, has been startling in its effects on my ego, and human pysche. Actually, it has been totally freeing, to see choices I made, that at ego level, I had judged and concluded as wrong, and bad, when viewed at Soul level, actually became rather enlightening. Indeed, helped me to realize that the very choices I make, are deeply linked to my OverSoul and Its intentions and all-knowing, of that which I needed at This Identity's level, to grow, and evolve in all ways. (far more ways than I was able to perceive at the time, that is for SURE!) :)

Wow, I am so very glad that you said what you did! This is really opening alot for me! :)

I also feel that Incarnating is itself, a locational and vibrational expereince and maifestation of choice. In many Star Cultures, there really is not what we would know as a physical body. It is more of a spirit body, far less in desnity than what we call "real" and "formed" in our experience of life. As well,(this pops up here, not sure how it relates) I have read that many of our Native American sisters and brothers, chose NOT to reincarnate onto the Earth plane until such a time as we are evolved enough to integrate and fully utilize the teachings that they had/have to share. This is of course, not to say that none of them have. It is to say that many of the highly evolved in their lineage, had been so deeply devestated by what they lost, and what they saw coming up, was just too much for their hearts to bear in physicality. So, they stayed in spirit form, and interacted with those who chose to incarnate again into the Earth Realm, to asssit, and aid those of us who are dutifully and intensely working to co-create a mutually loving reality.
To once again make the Earth not only a habitable, but a Desirable place to Be-Come.

Here is another thought. Many times, when we step out of this density, via death, or transcension, or any number of methods, lets just use death for this one... we regain much of what we thought we had lost, due to the very forgetful nature of lower density experience. When we return to the level of all-knowing, all-loving, all-encompassing truth, and its consistent availability, we often change rather quickly back into our Essential Selves. And with this change, may often come a deep knowing that "WE CAN DO IT!" and we can. Yet, perhaps just as when we are truly overcome with Joy, we forget all about the sadness that was, only moments or hours beforehand... we actually do the same thing while in our Truer Vibration? Perhaps we get that knowing of "We Can Do ANYTHING!" and then dive back into this lower density with all the hope and love, even though we are counselled as to all the effects of forgetting, and all the trials and tribulations that come along with our Current Earth Trends... we still have that intense feeling of hope and knowing, of love and altruism... and so we dive! And at some point, perhaps we are again immersed back into the relative so deeply that we begin to lose that hope, and identify with separation once more, creating the cycle of on again, off again, that we know so well?

It is interesting to note here, that since the waves and waves of Indigo, Mission, Rainbow and Crystal Children (many names apply, you get my point) have begun to incarnate so very rapidly and with such a great degree in sheer volume, that this, coupled with their innately Telepathic Natures, is a very powerful source for rapid evolution to our very world. To me, it is almost like the internet..(I know, sloppy comparison here!)... One day the internet was just another coputerized tool, used for school and by "geeks" in its initiality, and then, a few short years later, it is a global tool, used by rich, poor, homeless, and housed alike. It became, in a relatively VERY short period, a massive comunications tool for the common individual to realize their importance, and capacity to Share what they are Here to Share! I would also like to note here, that the way in which I am comparing these children, and their Telepathic Natures, to the Internet, is highly symbolic, occurring to me only now. Indeed, the Internet itself, could be a very useful tool in learning again to utilize our telepathic natures as Human Beings. It could show us that we are firstly all interconnected, secondly that we can all use it, thridly that we have access to all that others do, and lastly, that we have an Inherent Divine Right to Knowing the Truth that is shared by All.

Thanks for allowing me to share!!



PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 1:21 pm 
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Zuvuya: what would you say when/if you can have a contact with someone wihtout body, but only energy? For you: could he be alien or a God?

Do you know about the alien who came here long ago (thousand years) and was adored as a God?

And those flying angels, whre do they come from?

This is the scare of all religions: the truth about all!

If I show you I can fly with only my body (and without any device), would you beleieve again in religion?

Aliens came here are a lot, but those are still visitng the planet are at present few

Since corrupt peoples unite together to form a strong, honest peoples must do the same " (Count Leo N. Tolstoy)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:06 pm 
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I have Astral Projected without taking my body. This has happened to me at least twice under Meditative circumstances. I could talk to people where I went, and had enough 'substance' that I couldn't walk through solid things--I actually had to open them. But I didn't have THIS body with me.

And no, that doesn't make me believe in the god that the religions teach about. It makes me believe there is a Source, or at one time, perhaps before the Big Bang, there was a Source... I tend to think that when The Big Bang occurred, the Source broke apart and became all things in all universes; thus, we're all connected (much like the internet connects us all) to each other and each thing around us, whether we want to believe it or not.

When people die in a disaster, we may not be affected directly by it HERE, but that loss of life more assuredly does affect us all, indirectly. Much like a huge spider web that has sustained a tear in one part of it. An earthquake somewhere else most assuredly affects and reverberates throughout the core of the planet. Our science just hasn't determined exactly how this affects those of us on the other side of the world. But I believe it does.

Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:10 pm 

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It was much informative

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 5:19 pm 

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