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PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2012 9:42 pm 

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Mikk wrote:
This is an odd question I'm sure, but we are looking for some resource who might be able to answer our question.

I know it is possible for spirits to appear in any form or age they wish, but is it at all possible for a miscarried child to haunt family? It's not a manifestation of grief... the child was miscarried nearly 20 years ago, and the haunting is being experienced by all 6 family members. Many times... shared.

It's an intelligent haunting that began approx. 7 years ago. It first manifest by calling out "Dad" repeatedly in the voice of around an 8 year old child. What is curious is that I was the only one in the room, but later, in another room, it called out "Mom" repeatedly to my wife. That's about all it says... except on 2 or 3 occasions when we've tried to ask him his name... we've heard "what is it", or "where is it" (we're not sure).

We've never been the type to believe in such things, until it happened to us. We've been amused by his antics over the years, but don't make attempts to interact with the spirit. Well... other than to tell him, "I said, be quiet" when he tends to call to us and interrupts our sleep for lengthy periods of time. He tends to "act" like a child. He'll be quiet for awhile then start back up again. :lol:

The haunting has "developed" over the years. In the beginning he was very localized. Now he goes all throughout the house. Initially it was just voices, but he runs the full gambit now. Ie. knocks over stuff, opens doors and cabinets, cold spots, unrolling the TP rolls, touching, lights going on, shadows. It's all very sporadic though.

Not that we fully believe that it is in fact our son, but it's been a nice thought, the kids all enjoy him, and until recently, we just co-existed. Recently though we learned that a malevolent spirit might use a tactic like this. We've noticed what might be some signs... relationships have been a bit strained and there have been some times of depression, but it has not escalated dramatically since we don't give him much to "feed" on, I guess(?) If so though, then we would want to take steps to force him away.

Any insights would be much appreciated. Thank You!

Assuming your post is honest, I believe all you describe is possible, and indeed may manifest someone prevented from ever entering earthly life, or even (imo less likely) a demonic pretender playing on your vulnerabilities.

To help with direction, a plan of attack, could you state your belief system? What worldview do ya'all bring to bear on this very worrying situation?

For simplicity and convenience I'm gonna disregard the demonic option. It does happen rarely, however you have to work at it to get in such trouble. (If familymembers dabbled in Black Magic or Satanism or fooling around with Ouji Boards it could be considered.) The path of very 'ordinary' human spirits entering this place called Earth or Reality can be troublesome.

If it is one of your babies who didn't quite make it to Earth I offer a model to respond wisely and lovingly to this disturbance. From Christian belief (I'm a Christian Mystic, so I use the easiest example from my perspective!): over a number of days, at every location where you experience these paranormal upsets, pray (together) to Jesus to enter your home, living room, bedroom whatever and lovingly embrace the young/confused familymember causing all this havoc. Ask Christ to love this person, and bring him/her to wherever they need to be, not earthly limbo but a more happy/heavenly place so they will be happy and secure with God.

If your worldview differs from mine, don't hesitate to seek out any experienced pastor, priest (from your religion) or psychic to assist you in directing the lost spirit away from your home, and towards a better place, so you can live normal lives in a spiritually peaceful environment.

That's just off the top of my head. I hope you will be OK.


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