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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 7:53 am 
This very much sounds like what a trance medium would be like if she didnt even know the words for such thing.......
How did she feel after?tired/
or was she invigorated by the experience/
Is she at present with us/or has she passed by now/
And you roisudoes you gmums talent run in the family?
Any siblings have the same ablity?or other abilities such as finding lost items/

[url "http//www.ufoseek.com/forum/gforum.cgi?username=Tweaked;"][b]Tweaked [/b][/url] thanks for sharing your experience~ I believe so many thing that not everyone can do~ becoz we are just a human~ not everyone can have the chance to have the talent.

Bergle~ my Gmum now is almost 90 years old~ she has stoped helping people for long time but every Chinese new year~ she will just help a little bit for my own family. she can just pray and solve the problem with her method~

Her talent is too strong~ but me and mother's side family members have strong sense for bad things beside or near~ if you believe in ghost or kind of power~ you will feel something cold from heart to the brain~ so that why people always said~ cold when scare in dark~ cold is not the feeling from skin~ it is the feeling start from the heart up to the brain~ and at that moment~ I will sense a sound of silent up to my top of brain~ so i know it is not a good thing beside and tell me to keep away~
My eyes~ some time~ I can see people face color~ not the skin color~ it is the [b]ectoplasm. G[/b]ray and blue color, it tells me he/she has bad spirit with him/her. but i can not help coz i dont have my Gmum talent but she could help~
She always tell people~ bad spirit follow him/her must has reason~ she told me we can talk to the spirit 1st to solve the problem. it is the best way for that spirit~ otherwise she has to make the spirit gone become nothing~ it is not good to give them no chance~ we have to solve the problem make the bad spirit become good one, let them stay for a chance~ if you believe good fairy beside you~ it is the same kind but they learn to become good fairy to help people~ so my Gmum is between us to help each other, it is my gmum talent for.

If you want to know something please let me know your day and time of birth. I try to get some idea of you and tell you the answer~ you dont have to tell me what you wanna ask, I will try to ask my Gmum and tell your answer~ may be after she listen to me why i have to do it coz I wanna find out more about her power~ (remember if you wanna to know, please dont think it is a testing, she dosent want to help someone who just think it is a game)....may be she will tell me a lot of informations about you~

PS one more new topic about my dream and the reason I cry during sleeping~

 Post subject: My dream and i drop tear
PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 8:33 am 
Just last night~I was dreaming and droped a lot of tear.
I have to say it out somewhere to share~~~

I was running around inside a building~ not much light~ some people around me but I am not looking at them~ just fast walk~ they are watcing me.....

I saw a stair i walk up~ just turn a corner, i saw a westren lady lying on the floor and ready to giving a baby birth. no one help~ and I was scared to help~ when the baby head come out~ I can see the baby skin is black~ the baby speak in lower voice and ask me help me out~ at that moment I started dropping my tear~ I just help the baby come out...and run again~ I run to a room~ i saw 2 bulls with a rope together~ they look fine and normal~ after WE "human" pull the rope and 2 bulls head comevery close. they become so angry and use their horns hit each other....i feel so scare. i heard the sound of 2 bulls when they hit~ why they were in normal mood become so angry becoz of us~ pull the rope? what is the maining of it? the bulls getting so angry~ the stronger one start to talk in human language. he said~ he is very angry~ need to kill the other~
I was scare why the bull can talk? is it becoz he is reached the angriest? I was lloking for help~ wanna stop them but i cant~ after a second~ some lights from out side the building come in~ all of us stop and looking at the light~ "the light seem shine on my face in real" and said: they come to help me to stop them. ( the light is moving, like flash light shien on everywhere)
After the light come, I opened my eyes and woke up ~ my tear still dropping out from my eyes~ the light helped me to stop the dream?~ I looking at the time~ the sun still not yet rise...I was thinking where is the light come from~ seen it shine on my face and wake me up~~~~~ They really has come~

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 4:32 am 
related to the world political situation ?US vs Iran?
The machinations of both sides lead to conflict?
Sorry i have nothing of great spiritual import to see in the dream, but it does describe the conflict between them a bit dont you think?
i must rest now but ill be back........
maybe tweaked will have another interpretation though.....gnight roisu....ill give details tomorrow....

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 4:01 am 
I dont know whats going on with my dreams.
it is my second times to dream of airplanes crash.
1st time was few months ago~ Two 747'airplanes crash at night, one dropped to the sea and the other one to the city.
lastnight~ same kind of dream, but this time just one airplane and it spinning in the air before crash to the sea.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:30 pm 
Please record thses dreams......
specially, if they leave you sweating and breathless or anything.
or if they awaken you.
Write them in a small book just a few lines for each....and record the date you dream it.
Perhaps a yearly appointment book or merely a school scribbler.
Keep it by your bed.....
If your gmum may help you,ask her about how you can pay attention to this and even make it more stronger.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 11:13 pm 
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My thoughts about Roisu dream of the bulls. The Bulls are two strong powers, not necessarly Irag or Iran But most certinly the US as the one must interested in killing the other. In all of the contact information we have, the aliens want peace for us and have come here to assist us in making that happen, they are the beam of light.

I would say his dream was very spiritual.


PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 12:37 am 
I too agree the bulls....i just applied it to us -iran but it could be china -tiawan too
think about that one....
the chinese say they are willing to go nuclear in such an attack....as well as the massive conventional capability they have pointed across the straights....
Roisu is in HK and hes far closer to that scene.....
Also could be very personal message too.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:14 am 
Roisu,I am from the mainland. Did your grand mom used Yi Jing. Did she get trained somewhere? Why don't she teach you how to predict.
But I don't agree there is any political sense in your dream. I would rather think it has something to do with your family and friends. The two bulls may stand for some people close to you.

PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 3:24 am 
I am not to my knowledge psychic,or talented in this field...
the interpretation i gave is what came to me first glance and without trying too think about it too much....no claims to accuracy here....
The dream could very well represent personal things too.
Roisu i am born 9 january 1946........do not tire or disturb yer Gmum if she is not up to it.
Still i am a long ways from HK,and it would be enlightening to hear what she may say.....so if its ok ask her...
Repeat do not tire or disturb her peace of mind....OK?
The ailiners are somethying that could be checked over time....
please record what you saw........

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