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[center][b]Among Souls for One Hour[/b][/center] [center](A trip in the world of souls)[/center] [center] [/center]
This is a true story that happened to a boy, who fainted and lost consciousness, and his soul went to the world of souls, which is the invisible world around us; he saw his dead relatives, and encountered many observations there, then his soul returned to his body, and regained his consciousness. He told his mother and family members, who did not believe him at the start, but later they did believe him after he described for them his uncle who had died before his birth, whom he had not seen before that accident.
It is written in the book "[b]Man after Death[/b]", by the same boy who had this experience Mohammed Ali Hassan Al-Hilly, the late interpreter of the Quran and the Bible.He wrote this experience when he was more than 40 years of age. [u]This book was published in Arabic with many versions; its translation to English is published in Beirut, Lebanon[/u]. I put it at the free website
[url "http//man-after-death.741.com/"]http//man-after-death.741.com[/url]
Click on [url "http//man-after-death.741.com/#Was_It_Death_or_Fainting_"]Was it death or fainting?[/url]
[center][b]"Was It Death or Fainting?[/b][/url][/center] [center][b][ An Hour among Spirits][/b][/center]
My father sojourned in Kerbala, and our house was near Al- Abbas market, where now it is on the street of Ali-Akbar. We had a [Turkish public] bath in front of our house.
In our house there was a basement, in which there was a high bench about one meter higher than the ground of the basement. Below this bench, there was a ladder joining with the fire-place of the bath.
At that time, I was seven years old; and I wished to sleep on that bench, but my mother forbade me from doing that and said 'If you sleep on this bench, you will fall on the ladder of the fire-place and you will die.' But I did not abstain from my desire, so I went up, while my mother was unaware, and slept on that bench. It was summer time, and about one hour later I fell on my head from that bench, over the ladder below, and fainted out and lost consciousness; I felt that I got out of my body, and went up to the basement leaving my body cast down on the ladder, then I looked at myself, to find that I was naked, so I became shameful of that, and looked this side and that side, searching about a dress to wear and cover my shame with it; I saw one of my dresses cast on the ground near the wall, so I outstretched my hand to it in order to pick it up and wear, but I could not lift it. Then I saw a girl, sitting at my right side, who was one of the spirits, and was carrying with her some of the dresses, (One of the habits and doctrines of Moslems is that they offer the dresses of the dead to the needy and poor; and that is on behalf of the dead; so my mother had offered the dresses of her dead children. I think the dresses, which that girl was carrying, were some of the dresses of my dead brethren which my mother had offered to the poor, i.e. the clothes, which that girl gave to me, were the ethereals of them, and not the materials.)
Then that girl turned to me and said 'It seems that you want a dress to wear!'
I said 'Yes, but I cannot lift it up in order to wear it.'
She said 'Today you cannot wear these clothes. Take a dress from me and wear it.'
And she gave me a white dress, a snow-white one that I thought to be like a shroud, from which myself got contracted; so I returned it back to her, saying 'I don't want this dress; because it looks like a shroud in its whiteness!'
So she gave me another dress which was striped and colored, that I accepted from her, and wore it.
Then she said 'Do you want water to drink?'
I said 'No!'
She said 'Aren't you thirsty?'
I said 'No!'
But she brought a cup or a glass, a crystal-like one containing water, and said 'Look at this water! It has a delicious taste like the fruit juice; if you drink of it you will never be thirsty afterwards!'
And she went on enhancing me to drink it until I took the glass from her and drank the water; when I perceived its coldness and its taste, I did not leave behind anything of it in the glass and returned the glass empty to her.
Then she said 'I am your sister, and this is your uncle Ali, so come to greet him!'
I looked at him to see a youth, whom I had not known before, standing at the side of the basement corner.
He smiled to me, and called me to come near him, but I did not go to him and did not wish to speak to him; because I did not recognize him, and because I did not know that I had an uncle named Ali who died before my birth. Moreover, I did not recognize the girl and I had not seen her neither before nor after that day.
Then my mother came hurrying when she heard the sound of my fall. She lifted my body from the ladder up to the basement. She sat down on the ground, embraced my body and started to kiss it and clean the face from blood, while she was crying and calling it with my name. My aunt came and sat near her. Then my older cousin came, and took a piece of wool, burnt it then when half of it burnt, she put it out, and laid it over the bleeding wound [This was their old way to sterilize the wound], then she wrapped it with a head-band, and sat down near [that body] calling and addressing it. Then my aunt brought water and started to spray it on the body face, but my body was dead-like; showing not any movement. All this took place while I was standing, looking at them. So I surprised from that and said to myself 'My mother must have lost her mind, and her thinking has become confused, so that she calls this dead body with my name, and she kisses it and cries at him, so doesn't she see me standing in front of her? And is this dead her son or am I her son?
Therefore, I approached her and started speaking to her. I said to her 'I am your son, I am Mohammed-Ali; don't you see me standing in front of you!? I am safe, I haven't any pain in my head nor in any of my organs!'
But when I saw my mother paying no attention to me, and hearing not my speech, I became sad because of her condition, and I was about to cry!
Then that girl said 'Why are you sad?'
I said 'Don't you see my mother crying and mourning!?'
She said 'Leave her, and go to play and enjoy yourself; for she will give up crying after a while.'
When I intended to get out of the basement, I noticed that my legs did not assist me in walking, as if they were fastened with fetters or tied with ropes
· [God - be exalted - said in the Quran, 75 29-30, describing spirits when they leave bodies [center][b]و التَفَّتِ السّاقُ بِالسّاق . إلى رَبِّكَ يَوْمَئذِ المَساق. [/b][/center]
The explanation( 29- And leg shall be wrapped with leg.
30- On that day [of death], to [the judgment of ] your Lord shall be the driving [of the soul.] )
The cause of this wrapping is an attraction occurring between the two legs that prevents the souls from walking on their feet, so that they go forwards like birds, light in weight and quick in movement.]
; so I said to that girl 'I cannot walk and get out of the basement, and I don't know what happened to my legs, so that as if they are tied to each other!'
She said 'Leave walking on feet, [and go gliding and shuffling], and go forwards like birds!'
But I didn't understand her words, and I said 'Does man walk save on his feet? And how can I go forwards while my legs have been paralyzed and prevented from movement?'
She said See how I go forwards and do just like me!'
So I learnt that from her, and went forwards, and left my mother crying. I went out of the basement aiming at the street to enjoy myself with playing in order to forget about my mother's condition and the corpse she was embracing. But when I reached to the house door, I lifted my left hand and put my four fingers, except the thumb, in the ring of the door and pulled it as I was used to open it every time, but this time the door did not open, and once again I pulled it with my utmost power, but the door did not open, but only that my four fingers were cut in the ring of the door, and my hand became without fingers saving the thumb; so I was astonished of that event, and my astonishment increased still more when I saw my fingers floating in the air, not falling on the ground, and no blood came out of them but they were, in elasticity and softness, like the wax at Summer time. Therefore, I became perplexed, asking myself how I could open the door when my fingers were cut down! And why I could not open it, whereas I had opened it many times before, and how my fingers were easily cut down, whereas they had been strong before, and why the blood did not come out of them, whereas it had been coming out of them for any mild scratch of any mild injury!
But while I was standing near the door thinking about my condition, the girl came toward me and said 'Why are you preplexed?'
I said 'My fingers have been cut down, and I couldn't open the door!'
She said 'As regards to your fingers, put them in their places on the palm, and they will return as they were! While as regards the door, you cannot open it, so if you like to go out of the house then get out through the fissures of the door!'
I said to her 'Do you mock me?'
She said 'I am not mocking, but I say the truth.'
I said with surprise 'Is that possible? And can I do it?'
She said 'Yes.'
So, using my right hand, I took my cut-down fingers from the air and put them in their places on the palm of my hand, and they stuck to it immediately and my hand returned intact again as it was before, and I became glad with the safety of my hand.
Then I put my head in one of the fissures of the door, to find that I had become like water when you pour it through a funnel from one bottle to another, or like the air. The particles of my ethereal body were attracted to each other, and all of them were following my head, like the iron filings attracted to a magnet, so that I was outside the house in less than half a minute.
I looked right and left, and saw people ( spirits) walking naked; some of them wore short clothes, so that their legs were uncovered and when they walked in the sun they disappeared from my sight.
Moreover, I saw men, walking in that street, having hoofs like the hoofs of horses; and when they were under the sun-rays they disappeared from my sight, but when they were in the shade they reappeared to the sight; and when halves of their bodies were in the shadow while the other halves were under the sun-rays, at such instance I only saw the half that walked in the shadow and I did not see his upper part, i.e. I saw two legs walking without the trunk and head until he would come to the shade region when a complete person would appear with his body and head, so I was astonished of that scene; I asked about them, and they said These are the genies (or demons) who have hoofs, but have no feet.
Then I lifted my head to the sky, and saw it cracked and fissured, in a different way from that which I was used to see it before, and I surprised from that.
Now, while I was standing surprising from what I was seeing, a mild or faint wind passed by me; it lifted me up from my place and threw me on the ground, and went on pushing me violently until I was stricken with the chairs of the café nearby to our house so that I suffered severe pain from that, and stayed in my place for few minutes sitting under the chair, and my left leg was outstretched, which I had separated from the right one with difficulty; then a man ( one of the alive, not of the dead,) came to sit on the chair under which I was sitting, and he trod on my leg with his foot, so that he increased my suffering and pain, and I pulled my leg and shouted at him 'Are you blind? You have crushed my foot with your leg! Haven't you seen me sitting here?' But he did not answer me with any word, then I repeated the words, but he did not hear me and did not even look at me. I said to myself What's the matter with people today that they neither hear nor see me!?
However, I stayed in my place until the pain disappeared and the wind became calm, then I left my place. In that state, I was like a piece of paper which the wind carries from one place and throws it in another place, or you can say like a bird's feather which the wind threw between the ruins, so I astonished of that, and my surprise increased furthermore when I felt myself light like the air, and I could fly without any wing; therefore, I raised myself up and became about two or three meters high, and entered the 'Al-Abbas market' delightful for that I found myself able to fly. Then I said to myself 'Can I get higher than this?'; and, raising myself up, I got still higher, and I came to fly up to four or five meters high. [From this observation, it seems that the earth gravity does not influence the soul; and for this reason, they can rise up in the sky, but the heaviness of air prevents them from rising up in the space, and the speed of the wind movement pushes and throws them on the ground; because the soul cannot resist even a faint wind.]
Then I noticed several pigeons, standing on the sticks of the market roof, and I desired to catch one of them, so I approached them while they were unaware of me, and I caught one of these birds; I was feeling the bird under my hand and in my fist; but, in spite of that, I wasn't able to control the bird and prevent it from movement; and, in stead, my fingers were cut down into many pieces with its force and movement, and the bird escaped my clasp, and started walking on the sticks, shouting and showing love to its female, while my finger parts remained floating in the air and did not fall on the ground, so I was surprised from this experience and I was perplexed. Then I remembered what had happened to me when I intended to open the door [of our house] and the cutting down of my fingers; therefore, I outstretched my right hand and took the finger parts from the air one by one and returned them to their sites on my hand, and they immediately stuck to it, and my hand returned to be intact as it was before.
At that time, one of those birds, near to me, flew, and I raised my hand to catch it, and my left hand fell upon my right upper arm, and it went through it, but it went through the flesh only without the bone, and when I lifted my hand from it, it fused and returned as it was, so I astonished from that, then I hit my upper arm once again to make sure, and again my hand went through it, and a third time with the same result; so that my ethereal body was like the butter in summer when the knife easily goes through it, and fuses when the knife will be lifted from it.
Then, while I was thinking, and by chance, a bird flied towards me, and pierced my belly coming out from my back, and its strike cut me into two halves so that it pushed the lower half about three meters away from me, and I fainted down because of the severity of pain. When I had regained my consciousness, I saw my ethereal body without lower back and legs; so looking right and left, I saw my both legs behind me floating in the air about three meters away, and the air was moving them with faint movement, and my ethereal body was translucent like the egg white, that I saw the leg bones appearing from inside it, and I astonished from what I was seeing and from my condition. I stayed perplexing how to bring my legs back to my body, and that would my body return intact as it was, after becoming two halves?
Meanwhile, I saw a naked man coming up to me, flying in the air, so I was disgusted from him; even I was afraid of him at the beginning, but when he started to talk to me about my problem; he even guided and advised me, I was not afraid of him anymore. He said 'What have you done to yourself?'
I said 'It is the bird that has done that to me, as you see.'
He said 'Leave the birds; because you are a spirit and you cannot catch them!'
I said 'What is the meaning of 'spirit'?
He said 'You are dead!'
But I didn't understand what he was talking about; I thought he meant to say The bird has killed you by its strike. So I said 'I didn't die from the bird's strike, but it cut me, as you see, into two halves; then can you bring me back my two legs?'
He said 'They will not come back to you; but you, yourself, can go to them!'
Then he took me by hand, and together we went to where my both legs were, and he put me upon them and leveled them with my ethereal body, so that they stuck to it immediately and they were like [a piece of] wax when you stick it to another piece, and I returned back to be intact again, so I was surprised from that, and said to him 'Have you any piece of cloth to dress me with, or any medicine that you may spray on my wound; in order that my lower part will not separate from my body afterwards!?'
He said 'No need for that!'
Then I asked him about his condition, and said to him 'Why are you naked? Haven't you any dress to wear, or pants to cover your shame with?'
He said 'They do not give me!'
I said 'Then go and buy from the market.'
He said 'Here, there is no buying and selling.'
But I didn't understand the meaning of his words. Then he said 'If I had given a dress to a poor man in the life of the World, for the sake of God, then the angels would have given it to me to wear and cover my shame with. But I hadn't offered any dress to any poor man in my Worldly life, so I remained naked in the Hereafter.'
Then he left me and went away, after advising me to leave the birds and to go to my family, while I looked at his back and his naked body which was brightening like the crystal or like a metal painted with phosphorus so that it was emitting a light.
Therefore, I surprised from his condition and thought with myself 'Is this man poor and doesn't he own any dress? No; because the poor usually cover their shame even though with a ragged piece of cloth.' Also I thought he might be mad, but a mad man does not guide and advise people, but he hurts them; while this man guided and advised me, and he even dressed my wound, and I didn't find any harm from him.
Then I shifted my thinking to myself, when I found that I cannot inspire the air as I was doing previously, but my lungs were quiet and unmoving, and without inspiration or expiration, and I became astonished of my condition. To test that I inspired an amount of air, but when it entered my interior, I felt a heaviness in my inside that bothered me, and I expelled it out immediately and got rid of it.
Then I noticed my eyes finding them do not blink as were they previously, and I could not make them roll to the left or right side, but in stead they were looking forward
· [God - be exalted - said in the Quran, 14 43 describing the soul [center][b]لا يَرْتَدُّ إلَيْهِمْ طَرْفُهُمْ و أفْئدَتُهُمْ هَواء[/b][/center]
The explanation( Their eyelids blinking not, and their hearts being void)
It means Their ethereal hearts are empty of blood and their lungs are empty of air; because they are ethereal souls. However, some of the words mentioned in this Quranic revelation are mentioned with the same meaning in some of the Arab poetry [written in the Arabic edition of this book.] ]
, and my eyelids were not blinking, as I was used to before, but I was able to close my eyes if I wished to do that.
I suffered much from the strike of that bird, and it bothered me a lot. Moreover, the smoke rising up from the restaurants annoyed me also; so I descended down and came to fly at a height of two meters until I entered the Abbas shrine and circled around it half a circle, i.e. I flew in the shadow side, while I could not go to the other side on which the sun shone. So I went flying at a height of about three meters, while people were below me walking and sitting, bowing down and kneeling in prayer, but none of them saw me. I was avoiding any bird flying towards me by going away from it in order that it wouldn't cut my body once again by its striking.
I would be at comfort when my way was in a dark place or in the shadow; I was able to see from a far distance and my vision was keen, while if my way would be in the sun, there I was like the blind and I could not see anything other than a white membrane over my sight. When I should come to a place with much light, there I could not see anything but the thing nearby to me. The sun annoyed me a lot. And because the courtyard of Al-Abbas shrine was without any roof and the sun shone on it, then its rays hurt me and its heat annoyed me so that I returned rapidly to the house, where I saw my mother sitting in her place, while my material body was in her lap, and she was crying and saying 'My son has died!', while my aunt was speaking to her and saying 'Don't cry; he has only fainted, and is not actually dead! Touch his body to see that it is hot; if he had died, then his body would have become cold!'
But my mother replied ' One hour of time passed since he fainted, and he has not yet regained his consciousness, in spite of that we sprayed water on his face but he did not awake, and we put the hot bandage on his head, but he perceived not; so if he was alive then he would have got up.'
But when I heard the words of my mother and her crying, I was afraid of that scene, and I said to that girl 'What's the matter with my mother that she cries and weeps and says Mohammed-Ali has died! My son has died! ?'
The girl said 'Aren't you dead?'
I answered her anxiously 'No, I am alive, I have not died, and I won't accept dying!'
She said 'Therefore, you will return back to your body!'
I said 'But where is my body?'
She said ' Don't you see it in your mother's lap, and she weeps over it?'
At that time, I realized that that was my body, and that I was a spirit, as did that naked man say the man who treated and dressed me. Then I became afraid of dying and of the end of my life by the hour of appointment, and I said to myself I shall return to my body and see will it sit up or will it stay as it is; so that if it sits up, then my aunt's claim is the right one, but if it stays as it is then it is dead and my mother's claim is the right one.
I asked the girl how I might return to my body, and from where I could enter. She said 'Enter from the nostril!'
I said 'How can I do this while it is a small opening.'
She said 'That is just as how you passed through the door fissure.'
Then she said 'If you determine to do that, then take off the dress and give it to me.'
I said 'Why?'
She said 'because you have determined to return back to your body!'
I said 'The dress covers my shame, then how do I take it off and stay naked?'
She said 'Your body will cover you when you will return back to it!'
I did not agree about the taking off of my dress, but she insisted on that, and persisted in her demanding it till I took it off and gave it to her, then I entered into my body from the nostril of the nose; and that occurred as soon as I willed to do so. So I recovered my consciousness and opened my eyes, to find my head in my mother's lap, and they had bandaged it with a black head-band. At that time, I felt pain in my head, and I told my mother about my story, and what I had seen in my short tour, but she became pessimist of that, and said 'Be silent and don't speak to me with such words, and never do that again!'
I said 'But, my mother, why? It was a nice tour!'
She said 'If you repeat such a tour, you will die!'
But when I told her about my uncle Ali who was standing in our basement, she astonished and said 'You saw your uncle Ali!?
Then she allowed me to tell her my story; and when my father returned back from the market, she told him about the incident; so my father came and asked me about my uncle Ali, and where I had seen him, and asked me to describe him, so I told him all that I had seen.
Following that incident, I was sick for few days, then I restored my health; so I thank God Who cured me, and showed me and made clear to me some of His signs.
Some people may not believe this incident, and may not believe in what I saw; but everyone will believe if he, himself, sees what I saw; this will take place when he will die and go to the world of souls.
This incident confirms the [ul] [li]saying of God - be exalted – in the Quran, 39 42[/li][/ul] [center][b]اللهُ يَتَوَفّى الأنْفُسَ حِينَ مَوْتِها وَ الّتِي لَمْ تَمُتْ في مَنامِها فَيُمْسِكُ الّتِي قَضَى عَلَيْها المَوْتَ و يُرْسِلُ الأُخْرَى إلَى أجَلٍ مُسَمّىً ، إنَّ في ذلِكَ لآياتٍ لِقَوْمٍ يَتَفَكَّرُون [/b][/center]
The explanation ( It is God that takes back [to Him] the souls [of men] at the time of their death; and those [souls] that separate not [from their bodies] during their sleep Those [souls] for which He ordains death, He keeps back [from returning to the bodies], but the rest He sends [back to their bodies] till an appointed term. Surely, in this are signs for men who reflect.)

§ [b]Question[/b] When the soul of man gets out of his body, won't he die?
[u]Answer[/u] We said that there is in the body a [u]viable or vital material[/u] that preserves his life, and keeps up the continuous activities inside the body, like the functions of the respiratory system, the blood circulation, the alimentary system and other functions specific for the body. So that man doesn't die by the departure of the soul from the body; but [u]man dies by[/u]
[b]the oxidation of the viable fluid[/b] initially,
then by [b]the soul departure[/b] [from the body]."

[url "http//man-after-death.741.com/"]http//man-after-death.741.com[/url]

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An amazing story............thank you.

The oxidation is not just a story, this is the real deal. So consider the whole story as described to be something very unusual and very special.

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Dear David Barclay,
I personally knew the man to whom the incident happened; he died at 1991 in his elderly. He was a truthful man; that said his words frankly, even though some would not dislike it. I accompanied him for about 17 years until he died. The incident took place during his childhood at school age; but he did not go to school; he only could read and write Arabic; he spoke Persian also.
[url "http://man-after-death.741.com/"]http://man-after-death.741.com[/url]

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