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PostPosted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 8:25 pm 

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Timbit wrote:
I don't know if this is is necessarily a journey back to the beginning, or we are on a journey that is going to end, with a new beginning. I don't agree that our species is going to see its demise, and that is going to cause us to start over. We aren't going to be 'punished' for being human.

I just don't think that our natural abilities are used, because we've never had to use them. Those with finer tuned abilities, in a psychic realm, or metaphysical way, have had a very real experiences, that are a part of their lives every bit as much as having sight or hearing.

The rest of us have not caught up the same, or have developed the same. But maybe, we are seeing this emerge now because our natural evolution as a species, needs to, for our survival.

I think even back in the caveman days, there would have been those rare cavemen among cavemen, that was 'different'. It was perhaps another unqualifyable trait, 'instinct'. It was the instinct of that one caveman, that set the course, perhaps for the very survival of the species.

They needed to develop this trait, so nature allowed it. Without instinct, they would have not have survived. They had no need to develop other traits such as ESP, remote viewing, or the ability to theorise about time shifts, interdimentional travel, or alternate realities. So there was a need for the species to survive, and they developed only what they needed to do that.

On the other end, we know that ET had abilities at the extreme end of that evolution. Throughout recorded history they have been involved in the development, in some way, shape or form, and it is their abilities that have developed, naturally, in order for them to do so. Let's presume that they developed abilities to travel in time, communicate telepathically. But their evolutionary beginnings probably did not have those natural talents, they too had to be developed.

Could it be because of their evolution, or in addition to our own, that we are able to begin to understand why those abilities are being developed now.

If their development includes what we are only beginning to understand in our own, I think that is a sign that we are learning how to continue to survive, and we will have what we need in order to do so- just like they have, and probably thousands of other species throughout the universe have as well.

In that line of thinking, we are not special. We are one of many species, who follow natural evolution, and are quite probably ahead of some, and far behind others.

What motivates us to believe the 'end times' theories, is fear, and the need to understand our world only within the confines of our place in it. I think at one time, probably the first time cavemen had the physical and psychological natural reaction to a lightening storm, their reality at the time would also have had them thinking it was 'the end'.

Hi tim, the reason i am replying to your quote is more to do with the subject of time. I do not know if you have heard of the website or the actual existence of ; Universal White time Healing? I am now a qualified U.W.T.H healer and teacher. And what alot of the teachings are about is White time, which is all time together, past present and future, there is also tunnels of white time in wich can be travelled through physically and mentally , eg; meditating or dreaming . When a being from another galaxy or spiritual planes come here in visitation they use white time which is different from time that we know here, as by earth time we might have lost 4 too 6 hours , by white time it would be 42 seconds. this might help shed some light to people who have experienced loss of time. There is loads more on this topic that may help @ universal white time healing.co.uk. love & light. Mhairi.

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