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Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?
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Author:  tjs [ Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:09 am ]
Post subject:  Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?

My interest in sleep paralysis is based on an experience I had in the summer of 1971 @ the age of 18. There are some things that differ from my experience than others would have. After graduating from high school I was working with the parks department that summer as I did the previous 2 years. This time I was assigned to South Mountain Park located in Bethlehem, Pa. Two employees would alternate shifts every other week. One would work 8:00am – 4:00pm and the other would work 12:00 noon – 8:00pm. In other words one would open the park and the other would close the park.

I need to share the history of this area before telling of my experience. The park is located on top of South Mountain in Bethlehem, Pa. and is mostly wooded with some fields of grass to play sports. It is across from PBS studio channel 39 and 1 mile away from Homer Research Labs of the now defunct Bethlehem Steel. These labs conducted testing of new metals and other high tech materials of that time. This was also a hot spot for sightings of unknown origin. Here is an excerpt from George D. Fawcett, Flying Saucers (Mysteries of the Space Age), August, 1967, Issue No. 53

“In many sections of the world many people gave up "overnight campouts" due to UFO encounters which badly frightened them. At the present time in many sections of the country (even at the Homer Research Lab in Bethlehem, Penn.) many persons are staying up late at night in hopes of seeing a UFO land before their very eyes. The same can be said for Wanaque and Warminister, also. Yet, in other parts of the world some people have left their homes and moved elsewhere due to frequent "saucer" sightings. Some people in other localities are afraid to drive their cars out after dark, because of strange objects in the skies that follow their cars and even sometimes land on or near various highways. The UFO problem is a complex one and a serious one”

It was a quiet August morning with patchy fog when I arrived for work approximately 7:30am. As I usually do when I start early I would open the garage door and have my coffee and roll while sitting in a sofa chair listening to the radio. I would close my eyes and just rest awhile before starting work. It was then when I opened my eyes and saw a black figure standing in the doorway. As I tried to get up I was paralyzed and couldn’t move. The more I tried the more resistance I met. What puzzled me, I had no fear of what was happening. I just knew it wasn’t there to hurt me. I was at ease and calm. It was as if it was assuring me not to worry. I said to myself on two occasions on the count of 3 I am going to jump up with all my might. Again I met more resistance. The figure was now standing right in front of me and leaning over as if doing something. Again no fear. Then all of a sudden it was gone and I was able to get up. This is the only time I felt apprehensive. It was more of being alone on top of this mountain and somewhat confused as to what happened. I walked around the building and parts of the trails that lead to other areas of the park. No one in sight anywhere. It was kind of spooky.

Unlike others who experienced sleep paralysis, I was sitting not lying when this happened. It was not horrific as others claim to have. It was the only time in my 55 years that I experienced this so-called sleep paralysis. Could this be an alien encounter or just sleep paralysis? Maybe it’s a government cover up not to cause mass hysteria. Who knows? It would make for a good movie. After 37 years I just thought its time to open and share this one time experience.

Author:  Timbit [ Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?

Seems the forum is missing some posts again. I had a lengthy reply to this, and Tweaked had a post too.

I was hoping that you might know if you lost time with your experience. Also, did any, or do any, of your immediate family members report similar experiences?

It was a very interesting experience, and that it has stayed with you all these years is significant in my opinion. I don't know of too many people who can remember a dream, or nightmare, they had 37 years ago!! (had to use my fingers there ;) )

I was curious too as to your conscious memory seeing the dark figure, if that could perhaps have been when you were returning. There are reports of abductees with no recall of being taken, but do have some awareness at the moment they are returned. Did you notice any physical symptoms afterwards?

Wherever your travels lead you I hope that you can make some sense of this. I know when I first posted about my missing time experiences, that was the first time I had ever openly talked about it, and it was a relief to get some feedback. I still dont' have any answers, but I felt a lot better knowing others had experienced the same thing.


Author:  joey48 [ Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?

I too was fascinated by the sleep paralisis. I have not really studied up much on abductions so I have not much experiance in that area, however I have had lots of personal dealings with dream sleep paralysis and a lot of really took off when I began to try remote viewing. All my life I have had dreams about places in which I know I have never been or with people I know I never had seen before and in almost all of these reoccuring dreams I have eventually iether found mtself at one of those locations of my dreams or met a person from my dreams. I was pretty nieve at the trime I thought that this happened to everyone. As I grew older I realised that this was far from normal and as long as I can remember I have pretty much always remembered my dreams. When I found out about remote viewing I began to experiment with it and I also have meditated for a long time now and I soon was able to drop my heartbeats at will, I found myself able to wake from a dream and go right back into the dream,but the whole point of this is I am able to do this only when I am in between sleep and awake and I find myself paralised, not able to say run if I was scared or move at all and what really used to bother me was at first I was not able to pull myself awake even though I was aware I was caught in this in between state. Paralysed and unable to do anything about it until the dream or whatever you want to call it plaayed out. I have since learned through a ot of meditation and self discipline how to wake up at will, however I get this feeling sometimes when I am in this state that I am vulnerable by leaving myself open to whatever may wish to visit and I am afraid that maybe one time something or some entity could take over when I am in this state because I do get this feeling that I am vulnerable when I am like this so I try not to mess with it but sometimes it just happens. By the way I will not touch a ouji board because I honestly believe we are only inviting troubl when we do because we are calling out to whatever and I do believe there are many entities out there waiting for a chance to get through. By the way the ouji board was invented and made in Salem mass at the original Hasbro plant.joey 48

Author:  Michelle [ Fri May 30, 2008 4:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?

Once when I was about 8 years old, I had a similar experience. I started researching my experience further on the internet, and I just recently came upon the subject of sleep paralysis. There are some similarities, but there are also some differences.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and I noticed my room was really, really bright. Bright enough that I could see the colors and details of objects in my room. My room is usually dark, almost pitch black. Even on a moonlit night, its never that bright. It was like the moon was ten times its size that night. I was lying on my stomach, and the doorway to my room was behind me. The light seemed to be coming from my parents bedroom across the hall from my bedroom.
I laid there for about ten minutes on my stomach, all the while wondering about the light. Finally, I decide to get up. I turned myself over, and sat up. And then I froze in fear, and I felt my heart pounding hard and fast in my chest. Standing in my doorway was a tall man all dressed in black. He was wearing a black cape, no hat or hood and black pants. He was standing there motionless, staring at me. I sat there for what seemed like a whole minute, and he stood there for what seemed like a whole minute. I started to doubt his existence. I really thought I must be dreaming him just because he wasn't moving. So I decided to rub my eyes thinking I could make him disappear. Well, that didn't work. So I tried closing my eyes a few times, but every time I opened them he was still there. Then I pulled the covers on and off my head real quick, but that didn't work either. I was starting to feel rather frightened, and I wanted to hide. But I really wanted this to be a bad dream, and I thought I could lay back down and hide under the covers. Maybe I would then fall back asleep, and the sun would come up. Maybe he isn't real, and maybe this is just a bad dream after all. So I lay back down, put the covers completely over my head, close my eyes in anticipation of waking up in the morning safe and well. Suddenly, I feel the covers being stripped off of me. I open my eyes only to be met with the eyes of this same strange man in black. He suddenly grabs my shoulders and starts shaking me. I scream, and he immediately lets go. I sit up terrified in my bed, and I watch him walk out of my room. He walks into my parents room across the hall, and I am scared wondering what he is doing in my parents room. I am too scared to move though, too afraid to see what he is doing. So I sit there silent, waiting and listening. Finally, I get the nerve to go to my parents room. They are sound asleep, and there is no sign of the strange man. I had to go to the bathroom, which is off my parents bedroom. I was so frightened that I had to check the bathroom closet and the shower before relieving myself. I felt afraid walking back to my room because I thought he was hiding somewhere. I checked the hallway and my room before going back to bed. It was still bright in my room when I went back to bed. I never found out where the light was coming from, but it appeared to be coming from outside. I took a quarter off my dresser and hid it under my pillow before going back to bed. I wanted to prove to myself I was actually awake. The quarter was under my pillow when I awoke, so I was obviously awake when I experienced this. I told my family, but no one believed me. They said I must have had a bad dream. Well, that bad dream haunted me for many years. I had to sleep with my door closed every night.

From what I have recently read about sleep paralysis is that you feel physically paralyzed upon falling asleep or waking up. I never felt paralyzed at any point. I may have felt emotionally paralyzed by fear, but I was never at one point unable to move any part of my body. I was able to sit up, sit down, rub my eyes, open/close my eyes, and pull covers on/off my head without any hesitation whatsoever. This is where the difference lies, and its a big one.

I also read you may see lights. Well, I saw light, but not orbs of light. It was an emanating glow that completely filled both my bedroom and parents bedroom, and it was coming from outside, not from within the room. I don't know if anyone who experiences sleep paralysis has experienced that kind of light.

I also read that you either sense an evil presence, or you can actually see an evil presence and that sometimes that presence can attack you by making you feel as if you were being strangled or choked. Well, I saw an evil presence, and it did attack me. It grabbed me and shook me. That was one similarity.

I have just been trying to figure out what I experienced so many years ago. I am 34 now. I was 8 then. It's been 26 years of wondering what happened that one time that one night. I never had another experience like this since then.

Author:  Ann from Australia [ Sat May 31, 2008 6:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?

Hi Michelle, You told this so well I could see it all happening. You said that you've never had another experience like this but have you had any unlike this, perhaps something that seems more like a memory than a dream or even a dream that repeats itself. I have had my room illuminated in this same way and I have often seen them in the doorways and by my bed and other areas in the house and I've heard "Aliens" talking to each other and to me but luckily I haven't been shook that way and they haven't tried to strangle me although others have been attacked as such so you're not alone with this. Ann :P

Author:  Michelle [ Sat May 31, 2008 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?

Hi Ann,

I have never had any recurring dreams. I can always tell when I dreamt something because my dreams are like a bunch of pictures, visions and thoughts jumbled together. I have never dreamt anything that seemed so real or was even realistic. My dreams never feel like memories because they are so unrealistic. For instance, I can dream I am in my kitchen and then turn left and suddenly I am at an amusement park on the ferris wheel sitting next to my cat. You see what I mean. There is usually no logic to them whatsoever. The plots, times, places and faces are always changing. There is no rhyme and no reason. It is hard for me to even remember them half the time, and when I do, they are usually the really goofy ones. I have never had a dream where I felt like it wasn't a dream.

I keep wondering if it was not a dream, then maybe I hallucinated it. I don't know. I am not a sleep scientist or sleep researcher. Maybe I was stuck in some dream state, somewhere between complete wakefullness and sleep. Maybe I was awake enough to be aware of my surroundings, but was not paralyzed, but was sleepy enough to see something that wasn't there for an extended period of time.

I just can't see hallucinating that light though. How does one hallucinate that? I did not see a beam of light within my room. I saw an illuminating glow in the room that was coming somewhere from outside the window of my parents bedroom. I have never seen it that bright in my room, even on a night with a full moon.

I also think that the moment I rubbed my eyes or closed them, then opened them that man should have disappeared. How long can an apparition last? Has anyone on this site had an apparition that lasted more than a few minutes?

This was such a strange and terrifying experience for me. It took me many years to overcome the fear. I was so young, but then again I think this type of experience would even leave an adult feeling terrified. I have been trying to rationalize what happened, which was why I was looking into the sleep paralysis theory.

Author:  joey48 [ Sat May 31, 2008 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?

I see a lot of replys where people see images ghosts,people, are you half awke and half sleeping?I seem to be in a definate place a place where I am asleep and awake but also paralised but I realise all this. I do not think I have seen a ghost but maybe I have and just do not realise it. It is the strangest feeling isn't it?. Please write more I am fascinated by this joey48

Author:  joey48 [ Mon Jun 02, 2008 5:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?

Michelle, joey48 here, and others also, Timbit is very up on abductions and if you think this could be what happened ask her and tweaked also.I myself am more of a sleep paralysis person, this is what i have really gotten into deeply and sometimes taking chances I should not have. But thats on me. Firest of all to everyone who saw a figure and was attcked by a figure, the getting attacked really makes warning bells go off in my head because iether it was an alien or it was an evil demon not a spirit. I say demon because a spirit is usually someone who for whatever reason either thinks they still are alive or does not know how to get to the light to move on or is scared and what a true seer or medium does is assure the spirit that it is ok to move on and kind of coaxes the spirit to move on to the light. a spirit will mess with the living but will seldom harm them ,for instance, a man dies and won't move on because he thinks he is still alive and you are in HIS HOUSE, so he will try and scare you into leaving. But a demon was sent by someone very evil to do his bidding whatever that may be and they will try and possess the weakest person in the family. I believe in at least one case, mchelle the man you saw gave you a feeling of do not be afraid of me and you weren't this tells me that he was just a lost soul but it also poses more questions than answers such as why did you not see him again? Which in turn leads me to believe that you were definitely in a state of sleep paralysis and this figure manifested itself from either you subconcious or was a spirit passing through our realm and tou were able to see him. I believe when we are in that state we can see into other realms, our minds are so powerful and we know so little about the mind and we only use approx 1 sisth of our minds so if we can tap into the rest of our mind it boggles the imagination as to how powerful our minds really are and what we could do. so i say to you i believe you really saw a spirit passing through our realm bcause remember what I said about how when we are in that state we are vulnerable to leaving ourselves open to whatever is trying to find a crack to get into our world and this spirit happen to stumble apon it and you were lucky it wasn't a demon looking to do evil. I believe what you saw was real. Some of us are naturally open to being that sensitive and we see and feel things most don't. Sleep paralysis is a very real thing and it has led our government to call it remote viewing and the gov. has spent billions trainig people to see into the past and future by this mode. There is a man called major ED Dames who teaches remote viewing and I believe it is just taking sleep paralysis a step further, anyway I hope I gave you a little insight as to what and why this happened I could be dead wrong but I think I am right. please write back and let me know what you think or if anyone else has a similar happening and one more thing, do you dream in color and are you right or left handed? I ask this because if tyou are left handed it seems that sleep para. happens to people who are lefthanded more than right and the same with dreaming in color left handed people win again ans I think its becaus being left handed means you use the right side of your brain which is the part of your brain that is more ceative thus more prone to seeing and sensitivity. I will write more i am starting to forget what i want to say and I had a bad experiance with someone at my clinic this morning tim and tweaked know what I am talking about and I will talk about it again but lets just say it left me feeling very unpeasant and NEGATIVEjoey48

Author:  Timbit [ Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?

It is interesting too that when something happens that doesn't make sense with either a sleep state, or paralysis, living dreams, etc., that we look for answers to calm the fear those events have produced. When there is a crossing over, or going back and forth between 'real' and 'not real', I think it is quite natural to want to figure out what elements are explainable. But what are we left with.

We tell a child that it was just a bad dream, and that there was no other purpose to the experience other than the mashed turnips caused a tummy ache, and that produced the dream.

Can you imagine if these experiences were viewed as more than just a fleeting series of images and impressions, and rather examined more closely to see if an actual story unfolds, or becomes connected to behaviour in everyday waking life. I don't mean a psychiatrist listening to it all and determining that your wife/husband's affair is the root cause of these nasty dreams, but the dreams for their own sake, within just the context of the dream itself.

What if the dream is, in fact, real. I have had experiences where time has overlapped itself, while I was fully awake. There were scenes unfolding, backwards in time, one over the other. The basic outline, if I looked at it afterward as a sketch of a picture of the town square where I was, was as it was- now. But overlapping that were other scenes being superimposed one on top of the other. Different times, different people, clothing, store fronts, scenery, but in the same place. I know I was not directing this, but it was like a living story of time-from the past. I could see history.

I think that it might have something to do with the time slips I have had, but there is a much bigger connectivity to all of these different parts as we've all described, as part of a bigger collective experience. Could it all be very real, and it is only our collective conscience that has to put it into the category that is more acceptable, and easier to understand?

And if we are able to tap into memory, which is really what we are left with to analyse after the event, what is to say that it was not real, or at least as real as the state we are in when we try to figure out what has happened when it is over, and we are trying to make sense of it.

I think too that a lot is lost in the translation. The more we naturally try to make sense of things, the further away we are going from the possible truth of it. I know with some of my experiences, a reassuring voice telling me it was just the mashed turnip that caused it, would make me feel better, and less frightened. I would accept that, and by belief that turnips caused bad dream experiences would pair with not ever eating turnip again, and thus direct myself away from possibly never having the dream return.

And then, our precious abductees, who's memories are made to be fleeting bits and snippets of many events with a similar theme, that even when all put together, still make no sense. Not even enough to say for most, that they were, in fact, abduction encounters.

It is almost like a shield stopping us from going from the experiences we know we have had, to just on the other side, where confirmation and validation of those events can be proven as real.

Maybe these answers are for generations to look back on and say, "Imagine that- they thought abductions were just a dream state".


Author:  joey48 [ Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Encounter or Sleep Paralysis ?

Tim, I was really fascinated by your post. The whole idea of time overlapping itself makes sense as well as putting all of our theories in connection with each other to form a whole. It makes as much sense as anything else i have read or thought about, as a mater of fact it makes good sense. You have this inate ability to come up with these hypotheses that really ring true, a lot of [eople on this site are very smart and I do not mean book smart only, I mean it seems like a lot of us have had these experiences and or we are more receptive to being sensitive to the paranormal but what makes it good is we all seem to have a different ability or different levels of sensitivities.Taken seperately it doesn't seem like a big deal but collectively it ties up a lot of unanswered questions,maybe not a lot of answers but you get my drift. The missing time periods in your life, does it scare you to realise you cannot account for this time? Do you relly think you could have been abducted and then had your memory erased? I think if I lost time like that I would be flipping out trying to find out why. If you really were taken can you even imagine the ramifacations of it all? I mean for all we know an alien could be siiting on the subway next to me and how would I know? Maybe I would know from the energy level they gave off I could definitely sense something like that just like an animal gives off a lot more energy than a human people reading this are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about with the energy not everyone knows me all that well to know why i can read energy levels, but thats another story for another time. I was reading a book by this jesuit priest and he was talking about how every time we speak to a person it has a collective effect on every single person on the planet. For instance, if I saw you in a stoe and spoke to you for 30 seconds and then you left and didn't see a car coming at yuou out of control and you got hit, a whole series of events would follow ambulance drivers woulsd be made to roll police would have to come and as he was coming to the accident he missed seeing a store being robbed by 30 seconds and the people who robbed the store shot the owner, now none of these events would have happened if I had not talked to you in the store for thirty seconds, do you know what I mean? so this makes such perfect sense to me every action we do has a collective effect on the whole world. Now the question I have is this is it fate or is our whole lives predestined by some higher life force. It seems like the more answers i find 100 more questions pop up. Something to think about. joey48

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