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 Post subject: 2 SUNS
PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 4:25 am 
The strangest thing I have ever seen was 2 suns. Weird huh? OK it looked like this:

The sun was shining in between a crack in the clouds And to the left hand side quite a ways away there was another sun except that the light was behind a cloud. I noticed it and tried to show my mother but she ignored me. I was around the age of 20 at the time. I don't know why she ignored me... She did say that she saw it but conversation ended there. But it really really did look like another sun. It was a huge bright light in the sky during the day around noon. I will never understand that... You think it would have been in the news... something so big

 Post subject: Re: [kokoroneko] 2 SUNS
PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 7:07 am 
The denial barrier is worse than anything else ive encountered with people.
When the blind refuse to see it becomes crazy making,and it is akin to abuse in an inside out way when it involves children and parents....
The two suns sighting may be some kind of atmospheric phenominon, maybe not.
I seem to recall this from somewhere so will search my memory bank(dont hold yer breath)
Can you give more details??did you notice the air may have seemed different at all?
location location location!where did this happen?anyone else at all see this?
ETC ETC.yer sure it wasnt perhaps a reflection of the sun on the other side of the clouds somehow?did you miss any time?
say like you thought it was one pm and suddenly yer mum and you found it was three pm or something?
Do you think it was some other type phenom?UFO ?time field distortion etc?some field phenomina or other plasma or swamp gas perhaps??[cool]
where actually did it take place?
It occurs to me that the russians did have some similar things occur along with some launches of their rockets.....any help?

 Post subject: Re: [kokoroneko] 2 SUNS
PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 3:52 am 
That's very interesting. Of course there's peripheral blurring that occurs when looking at the sun, a scorching of the fragile retina and lens which can lead to double vision.

However, I think I may have experienced something similar when I was out walking one day. I looked and was surprised to see three suns.

The one that I thought was the most credible - as my mind instantly recognized that only one sun must be real, wound up somehow transforming into the one right beneath.

The third was off to the side, an inevitable triangular construct of three suns. It was really strange. Then it became one sun and it was as though the heavens had moved asunder without a moment's hesitation or sound.

The strange quality of the shocking or miraculous is banal and yet not banal.

That was more recent and not like the time as a teenager when all the stars swam in a light show....

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