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real or not
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Author:  joey978 [ Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:01 am ]
Post subject:  real or not

I read all these posts and replies and there are so many theorys and opinions and to me, its all great, to see topics with different spins on them and you kind of get a feel for what a person thinks on certain topics and I learn and take in so much and to me it gets me thinking on a different level. There are only a couple of things that kind of bother me and I know I should not let it but it does and thats when someone posts something and another person comes back with a really negative response and I can't see how someone can believe they are so right that they really get upset when someone disagrees with them, give everyone thier say and if you do not agree then say it with a positive spin, don't put them down or act like your smareter, we all are different and we all have our opinions but I try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. thats really all I want to say joey 978

Author:  Tweaked [ Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: real or not

I agree with you joey... I try very hard NOT to put a negative spin on my responses, but I'm human. Sometimes, when my patience gets fried, I fail. But YOU are right...

Author:  Timbit [ Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: real or not

We've had people as you've described Joey, from time to time. I look at it as the nature of the beast.

We have far more genuine, thoughtful and interesting people than most sites I'd say.

Tweaked, I can't remember you ever having an edge. You're too hard on yourself.


Author:  joey978 [ Tue Dec 30, 2008 11:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: real or not

You are so right, I have not met many people who were outright rude on this site and that in itself is unusual. I was in a bad space last night and I read something that rubbed me the wrong way and it just pushed me into a negative space. I have been on sites where everyone thought they were always right, had all the answers and always seemed to say something that made whatever you said seem trivial, very narsacictic people and I used to let it get to me, like even when it was high noon and the sun was high in the sky they would tell you that it was midnight and there was no sun. I think they lied so much they actually start to believe their own lies. But like you said, it is the nature of the beast and people will be people and there will always be the same cast of charactors, the beauty queen, th3e Mr. Mensa, the people pleaser etc. It's funny but the same cast seems to appear in every site, but you are right about this one, I have not found many on this site and thats so different. But I think I already gave it too much space and time in my head so its gone. So today has been trying, I have to move due to red tape and my other half is not so east to deal with all the time in fact she's that way most of the time but she is sick a lot and in pain so I have to put it down and not let myself get upset, I just deal and whatever happens happens.My freinds grandmother passed away last week and it was due to some traumatic stuff that she saw happen and its really bothering me I do not go to wakes or funerals and I think my friend really does not understand why I don't but its because I do not want my last memory to be of them in a coffin. I have enough ugy stuff in my head already I do not need anymore its bad enough I go looking for this stuff, its so weird but I don't get nightmares much these days. Dreaming has to be connected deeper thanjust in our heads, I think they play a m,uch bigger meaning than we think.I think we travel to different dimensions when we sleep, maybe even leads a life like we do when we are awake, what do you thionk. joey978

Author:  Timbit [ Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: real or not

Joey, I can so relate. My father died, a very good friend died on Christmas day, another friend's father died on the 26th, and I stood on a bridge with a few hundred others today saluting three fallen soldiers passing by in funeral cars on their way to Toronto.

The funeral today was very sad, but much of what was said was so true. This is only but part of a journey is how I think the (female) Priest said. So many people with good memories.

My friend on the other hand, died alone, in a run down motel, on Christmas Day. The police called me yesterday, and I contacted her brother. She had no ID, and only my name and phone number on a card. She was such an intelligent woman, taught school for years, but personal issues out of control.......

And we don't know what tomorrow will bring, but life goes on.

As to the arrogant sob's we see here from time to time, they'll argue an orange is an apple till the cows come home. Better the cows for an audience don't you think? ;)

We keep a very close eye on people like that.

You take care Joey, and keep your chin up. Tomorrow is another day.


Author:  joey978 [ Sun Jan 04, 2009 6:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: real or not

you are so right, I have used today to just purge my head out of all the negativity, people and I AM TALKING ONLY A FEW PEOPLE WHO i CAN count on think I am nuts anyway because one minute I will be ranting on and a few mins later I will be all laid back like I do not have a care in the world, yeah a little manic, do ya think? Hey I am at my most creative when I am manic thinking a 1000 things a minute and I can think o nothing negatve. O.K/, it is a new day, Sunday morning and I feel great, thanks for all your advice see I am low maintenance type of giy, very self sufficiant, very hard to read and get to know on a deeply personal basis and it is not due to me being a snob or anything like that, its because I am a very provate preson and I feel threatened when I let someone get tt close to me. I am also a very sensitive person and I tend to take things very seriously and it shows in my music and lyrics and stuff ening up poems. People are really surprised when they see me to think I am this sensetive guy. anyway I hope all of you , everyone on this site has a good day, a good coming yearrrrrrrrrrr. Everyone deserves to have an awsome new year and may all your hopes and dreams come true, love and peace on earth to all. ALUCARD, JOEY978 8-)

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