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Spontaneous Past Life memories...
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Author:  La Vita Eterna [ Mon May 24, 2010 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Spontaneous Past Life memories...

I could not find a 'Reincarnation' section, so I hope it is alright to post this here... If it is not the correct place, I unreservedly apologize.

I have posted these memories on another site, but feel far more comfortable here in opening up about them. These and other memories were spontaneous memories, from around the age of two, and they have never faded. I told my astonished, but extremely sympathetic and patient parents.

I told my parents that I was sitting on a bed, that was, I thought, up on another bed, and that there were other beds just like this one in the room. I remember that I was accompanied on this bed by at least three other girls besides myself, and that we were all around the age of maybe 15 or so. We were just chatting and as girls do, and that one of them, who I now recognise as one of my cousins in this lifetime, was my best friend at that time, in that other lifetime. (by the way, the room appears to be fairly bright, although I don’t know if the brightness is from sunlight, or artificial lighting,)

When I look down at the bed, it appears to have a comfortable and cheery ‘quilt’ I am sitting at the head of the bed, pillow end, facing the end of it, where sits my best friend/Cousin. Beyond her there is a wall, with a door to the left, at the end of the facing wall; and to the right of the door is a long window pane, 6/7 foot long and 4/5 feet high, which looks onto a passageway/corridor. To the right of this window the wall extends, I don’t know how many feet in length, but it was a long room. There are wooden floors.

My Cousin looked the same then, as she does now; same eye’s, rather lighter hair then, but at that time it was curly and wavy. In this lifetime her hair, much to her regret, is ramrod straight. I can’t describe the other two girls who sat with us on the bed; I was looking at my Cousin, perhaps speaking to her, but glancing around, as one does....

Suddenly we heard the sound of ‘jackboots’ marching down the corridor, (and I used the word jackboots apparently, when telling my parents about the memory). The mood went sombre between us, and I looked at my Cousin. We looked straight into each other’s eyes. I will never forget that look between us, ever. It was an intimate moment that seemed to scan a myriad of unspoken knowledge of past experiences, despite our young ages.

Even now, I still have a profound impression of that look between us. It was so solemn, yet all knowing. None of us said a word. There did not seem to be any fear in us, I would rather say that the ambience of the moment was ‘sombre.’ I don’t know what the other girls expressions were, I was just looking at my best friend/cousin.

We were not frightened by what we heard, I don’t think, but we definitely knew that the jackboots meant something sinister. It was an ‘intellectual’ moment, a sharing of vast knowledge between us. I simply don’t know how else to describe it. I could not describe that look to my parents at such a young age, but, as I have grown up, and the memory has stayed with me, I have obviously understood far more about the memory than I did then.

That particular scrap of memory ends there, but, peculiarities that I believe are related to it have continued into this lifetime, with, and between, my Cousin and my self, very interesting in themselves.

Another memory I have seems to be from medieval times, I can’t date it, but it was very poignant and, I believe, damaging for a child of two to have to contend with, because of the extreme emotions of the memory.

Again, it was, and still is, just a scrap of a memory, and although I can’t always differentiate between the lifetimes, this was distinct by era.

I am, in this memory, a woman of around thirty. I am standing in the middle of a room. By the furnishings and fixture’s, and by the clothing that I'm wearing, and also that of the toddler’s clothing, who is clinging to my skirts, I would guess at several hundred years past…

In any event, I am extremely distracted and emotional in this memory, although I am trying not to frighten the little one by my concerns. The room appears to be quite threadbare, and rather dingy. I ‘feel’ that I am rather tall in this lifetime. I am wearing some kind of beige dress down to the floor, and it looks to be of a rather fine quality of material for someone in such unrefined surroundings. Perhaps it had seen better days, I don’t know. I know that I have, or had, a husband, and that he is either dead, or away at the front. I am alone anyway, and I am in dire straights. I am all too aware of this, and of my predicament.

I know that I am the mother to a baby upstairs in one of the bedrooms. She is not yet a month old, and she is dying, slowly each day, of hunger. I have known this for a good few days, and I feel the guilt and emotion, even now. The child at my skirts cries because he is hungry also. I do not have food, nor the wherewithal to supply these essentials to my children, and that is the cause of my extreme emotional state of mind.

I know that it is some hours since I looked in upon my daughter in the bedroom above, that I have stayed away, because selfishly, I cannot bear the pain of watching her die. I feel, in that memory a deep sense of guilt and failure. I still feel that sense of guilt and failure, today, in this lifetime. And even when I was two years old I was somehow able to understand that this guilt was with me. It anguished my Mother to know that at such a tender age, I was experiencing such grown up emotional trauma.

Once again, I know that that child upstairs, the baby girl, was the Cousin in this lifetime. During the jackboots memory, we had a very close and empathic relationship. We loved each other as close friends… not sexual in any way, just as very close friends. We still have that closeness in this lifetime, even closer perhaps, and we still have that ‘empathy’ that encompasses all understanding.

There were, and still are, several of these ‘past life’ memories that I have always had this time around. These are just two of them.

Author:  La Vita Eterna [ Mon May 24, 2010 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Spontaneous Past Life memories...

This is another, 'brief' memory I have of a past life. It's a rather serene and comforting life memory; at least, it makes me feel that there were no real 'issues' there; and which makes me also wonder why I remember it. It's not traumatic, unlike a lot of my past life memories...

In any event, here is the memory:

In the memory I am a little girl, of perhaps 5 or 6 years old. I have black hair. I know that because it hangs rather straggly down to my shoulders. I am standing by some tree's, lots of them The tree's are beside a beach. Actually I think they may be on the beach… there is sand at my feet, and in and around the bases of the tree's. I have my little finger and the two fingers next to it, of my right hand, in my mouth and I am sucking on them, and I’m grinning from ear to ear as I lean tummy forward against one of the tree’s. I am grinning widely because I am so shy that I am embarrassed, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I seem to be scantily clad. I twist my fingers in my mouth and dribble a little; my hand is now facing up as I twist my fingers even more, in my mouth and lower my head to grin 'inanely' at my bare feet. I casually wipe my chin with my other hand and bare my teeth in a wide grin once again, still keeping my fingers in my mouth.

I am agonisingly shy because of a group of people on the beach, who are smiling back at me and waving to me in sort of hand signals. I am not at all afraid. Their smiles seem genuine and their expressions seem kind and gentle. They gesture to me, and speak, but I do not understand their language. They are about, oh I don’t know, maybe 20 feet away from me, and they are taking my photograph. I think they want to show me the camera, but I am too shy to look. There are about 6 of them, all adults. I do not think that I am accompanied by anyone of my 'own kind.' I think I am alone, but I am totally unafraid, which makes the 'Me' of now believe that the child of then was quite accustomed to tourists taking pictures.

Unable to get me to venture forward with their gestures and verbal overtures, one of them tentatively steps forward. Immediately, I shin up the nearest tree, and she, the tourist, backs off with a 'knowing look of apology.' I know without a shadow of a doubt that I have leapt up the tree out of agonising shyness, and not from fear of them. I still feel that embarrassment, that moment of acute shyness now, today; the emotions, sounds and smells of that actual moment. The memory is that I was totally without fear. I don’t know what happened then because that's all I remember of that particular episode. I don’t think that I have any more memories of being her, that little girl…

But, in this lifetime, I have absolutely no hesitation in boasting of the fact that as a child, and a real tomboy in this lifetime, I could climb a tree faster and more agile than any boy I knew, and probably still can. lol. I feel that I gained that ability and agility from that lifetime...

Author:  miro [ Tue May 25, 2010 12:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Spontaneous Past Life memories...

Good point on the missing category 'Reincarnation' section. Perhaps it would be good idea to create this category.

Interesting memories you have. Who knows what the reason is that those memories are still stored in your deep mind. Perhaps there is some reason.

Author:  Timbit [ Tue May 25, 2010 9:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Spontaneous Past Life memories...

Perhaps its one of those genetic 'kinks' that allows for some to have that special ability for remarkable traits?


Author:  david barclay [ Tue May 25, 2010 10:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Spontaneous Past Life memories...

Have you considered children who are born dead and revived. Tesla was such a case.

My granddaughter is also one of these, she is now in grade 2 but her reading level is grade 6.

She instinctively knew how to operate a computer and would sit at it for hours without ever having any instruction, this is when she was preschool age.

Evidently there is a theory about this, as this is supposed to allow for a stand in to take over the newborn's body. I don't know about that but there is definitely something unusual at work.

Author:  La Vita Eterna [ Thu May 27, 2010 10:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Spontaneous Past Life memories...

miro wrote:
Good point on the missing category 'Reincarnation' section. Perhaps it would be good idea to create this category.

Interesting memories you have. Who knows what the reason is that those memories are still stored in your deep mind. Perhaps there is some reason.

Yes, I do believe miro, that there are definitely reasons for these memories; and I do believe that we all have spiritual 'insights,' but, perhaps it's just that everyone's are different... or, perhaps their 'karmic' needs and goals are specific to certain stimuli.

For example, I believe that my cousin and I have much karma to work thro, and that it has been difficult to achieve in this lifetime. I won't elaborate, because it is personal, but will just say that it has been much more difficult this time around. I don't think that we are going to achieve that harmony in this lifetime. And, maybe I rember the lifetimes we have shared together because it is conducive to our 'personal healing.'

Or, it could just be as simple as that some people are good at Art, or Math, athletics or science, and others, just like those who have past life memories, or experience other paranormal phenomenon are merely gifted in the latter. I'm an Artist, but Math always gave me a headache and nausea, and I can barely make sense of the subject. It's almost as if I am 'math dyslexic;' truly. :)

Timbit, I think 'genetic kink' is a superb description for some paranormal traits.

david... That's interesting, altho I know that I was born healthy and whole. I too could read before I went to school, very well, and I could draw and sketch also very well. Anything 'arty crafty' was easy for me, and I agree, 'instinct' is also a good description for the skills that people apparently have yet are 'unlearned.' I believe that we all have them to a greater or lesser degree...

A personal story... When I was around 4 or 5, my Mother, a sensible Physician, wouldn't let me have a pair of jelly flip flops, which I so yearned for; so I set to, myself, with some cardboard and material, and made a pair. They were good too, tho I say so myself, lol. Yet, as amazed and sympathetic as my Mother was, she still would not relent and let me have a pair of jelly flip flops. :( But, she dined out on the story for years, much to my later embarrassment.

Another thing that she was fond of telling people was that once, at the tea table, when someone spilt some tea onto the tablecloth, I, at 2/3 years old immediately got down from the table, went around to the other side, ask my Aunt politely if she needed her side plate, and then proceeded to push the side plate under the table cloth until it lifted the stain from the wood. Astonished at this rather precocious behaviour, my Mother asked me where I had learned such a thing, and I replied that that is what my 'other mummy' was want to do when someone spilled something.

Your Granddaughter sounds amazing and very talented. :)

Author:  bloodbreed [ Fri May 28, 2010 2:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Spontaneous Past Life memories...

I believe all of us have had these past memories that come to us in a moment of extreme clarity. Or that feeling of meeting someone for the first time and feeling like you have known them your whole life. I have had that feeling many times. So many things along those lines have happened to me, like being asleep and dreaming that someone was calling on the phone only to wake up and the phone rings. I also have learned to fall back into the same dream I was having and was woken for whatever reason. I taught myself through meditation to fall back into the same dream.
Dreams to me are like an extension of our lives on a different level. I am not sure we go anywhere physically but maybe we travel with our minds or inner self, to another place and time. they are finding out more and more that time can be manipulated, bent if you will or a hole breached in the very fabric of space time. It is quite an enormous ibea to wrap my mind around.
I have many more thoughts on this subject but I will write more later. Just wanted to chime in. blo
bloodbreed By the way, I believe in reincarnation 100%

Author:  La Vita Eterna [ Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Spontaneous Past Life memories...

It's a good while since I last visited the forum, and I never found the time to relate more of my 'Past Life Memories... I aim to rectify that ommission now, tho, so here goes. :)

Some More Memories from around the age of two:I have a memory of being about 9 years old; just guessing here, it’s how old I ‘feel’ in the memory, I don’t really know for sure. In any event, in the memory I am playing on a street, on the sidewalk, with I think, at least three other children of similar age. The clothing that we are wearing could be anywhere, I believe, from the 1900’s to the 1940’s.

I don’t know what I was wearing, I didn’t look down at myself as far as I recall, in the memory; but my friends were wearing knee length dresses, with ankle sox, and sandals, I believe. Actually I think that the dresses were very slightly above the knee, but I’m not sure now, the memory has faded somewhat since I was a child.

So, we’re playing on this street (I wish I knew where, or which country even; I’m hopeless, I know…), and suddenly it gets dark, very quickly. I don’t know now, if we were waiting for this to happen, or whether it came as a surprise. I know we were kind of awestruck, but I don’t remember now if we spoke, or even if we did, what language we would have used.

It stayed dark for what seemed to me quite a long time, I’m not talking a few minutes here; and then it got light again. We stayed around and waited during the event. I remember the feeling of awe and wonder. There was no fear, so perhaps we knew that it would happen. It does seem unlikely tho…

Of course, I know now that what we witnessed was a total eclipse. But I had no idea as a child, when I spoke of this to my Mother, what a total eclipse was. My Mother says that I was too young to understand the mechanics of any explanation that she could give me, when she recognized what it was that I was telling her of. In any event, that is the extent of that particular memory.

It’s possible that this memory is connected to the ‘jackboots’ memory…

Another memory that I have is of being a very small child, sitting on my Mother’s knee whilst she sang to me, in German. My own mother does not speak German. I’ve often wondered tho, if the teenager of the ‘jackboots’ memory might have been German also. Perhaps a German Jew… I’ve puzzled about these memories all of my life, and wondered which fit where, into what era, or country. There are so many ‘fractured’ memories… where do they all fit in?

I believe that this next memory is unrelated to the first one, the ‘jackboots’ one; only because of the ‘Go-Chair’ involved, and the type of clothing that I remember wearing. Of course, I actually have no real clue as to which memory relates to another...

Again, I was a very young child, still in a Go-Chair. I have quite a few memories of being a very young child, just a babe in arms, and some from this lifetime also. In any event, in this particular memory I am seated in this weird ‘Go-Chair. I think it only has three wheels. But I definitely know that the handle is a single round rod type thing, with a handle at the top almost exactly like a garden fork or spade.

I have searched for this type of chair online, and everywhere else that I can think of, but although I have found similar types, I haven’t found any with the same type of handle.

In the memory I am wearing a red suit. I don’t know if I am a boy or girl, but, I would suggest that I am a girl again, because the suit contains what I now know to be a poke bonnet. It is tied somehow under my chin. I can feel it. The material may be velvet, or pure wool, but in any event it is crimson red. But the very strange part about the suit, are the leggings. As I look down at them, I am fascinated, and totally focused on the buttons that run down the outside of each leg. There seem to be dozens. They are tiny, very tiny, but there are soooo many of them., and they run all the way down the outside of both legs, right down to, seemingly, under the foot?

The baby that I am at that time is almost completely engrossed in these buttons. I do not know who, if anyone at all, is around me. The leggings go all the way down the legs, and then they ‘go under’ the shoe somehow. I can’t find such a suit online anywhere either. I have searched for years… But, because of the clothing, and the Go-Chair, this surely cannot be from the jackboots’ memory, which I believe must be from the late thirties and up to the middle forties.

My research has shown up much clothing from the turn of the century, and earlier, with many buttons attached to a single garment, but I have not been able to find any attached to a baby’s leggings. Yet!

Author:  La Vita Eterna [ Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Spontaneous Past Life memories...

Another memory...

I don’t know why this next memory is difficult for me to relate. It’s not as if it is traumatic in any way, and it is quite clear in my memory. There is no earthly reason for me not to put pen to paper, so to speak, about it. But, although it appears by all accounts to be a very benign memory, it has always caused me to feel ‘uneasy.’ Go figure…

It starts with me riding in a coach of some sort. I can’t tell you what kind of coach it is because I am on the inside, looking out. As I look out of the coach window (don’t think there is any glass…), I am completely unmoved by the very pleasant vista of rolling hills and distant hamlets. It’s a rather long journey. I seem to be ‘empty-headed. Man, how ashamed that makes me feel now.

In that, I mean that I don’t seem to be really interested in anything other than my fine frock, which I absent-mindedly stroke away invisible creases that I perceive in it’s skirt; and some rather splendid Rubies at my throat. They hang down, and I am quite preoccupied with the clearness and ‘jello-like’ appearance of them. Their ‘beauty’ and color were, to me, quite fascinating at that time. I have no clue as to what the interior of the coach looks like. I only know what the vista outside is like, and the color of the Rubies. I think I felt incredibly bored and was avidly looking forward to the journey’s end.

I know that I am going to see my children. They don’t live with me. I don’t think anything of that in the memory; but the ‘me’ in this lifetime is appalled at my blasé attitude regarding such an odd state of affairs. I don’t ‘feel’ excited about seeing my children. I don’t feel that it is anything special. It is just ‘something I am doing today,’ it seems to me now. I’m finding the journey tedious, and am just watching the countryside, and the ever changing scenery.

I can’t see the coach driver, or the horse/s, and I never do, in the memory. I know he opens the door to the carriage, when we reach our destination, but I never actually look at him, in the memory. I’m appalled about this now…

We’ve stopped at a cottage in a clearing in some woods. A lady stands smiling at the door to the cottage. She is wearing a frock of some sort of grey material that kind of looks green, in certain lights. She walks toward me, and the dress sort of ‘shimmers’ between a grey/green. Rather weird.

She greets me, we greet each other really, but quite formally, and then I go into the house. She shows me to a certain room, where the doors are already open, and I see a lady standing by two small children, playing on the floor. There is a girl and a boy. The girl is slightly older than the boy, who is perhaps 4 or 5 years old, I think. I have no idea of the appearance of the woman stood beside them; absolutely none. I think I must have been a totally unfeeling robot, because I don’t have any memory of anything other than rigid formality, I am indifferent to the woman, actually.

The last thing of that memory is of watching the little boy (who I know is my child, yet I have made no move towards the children whatsoever), as he plays with a bright red, wooden toy train.

The memory has nothing about it that would cause me to feel extremely uneasy, but it has always made me feel so shallow…

Author:  FokkinAssole [ Sat Dec 03, 2011 7:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Spontaneous Past Life memories...

i was a tiger in my previous life

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