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3-4's Synchronicity hints of MICHAELA GARECHT's abductor.
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Author:  ArsenicF [ Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:27 pm ]
Post subject:  3-4's Synchronicity hints of MICHAELA GARECHT's abductor.

This is about a second experience I had with numeric synchronicity for identifying the abductor of Michaela Joy Garecht, kidnapped in Hayward, CA, 19 Nov 1998. A previous and comparable experience was a “Paranormal Sketch of a Serial Killer.” A complete description of the latter is available at arsenicf.wordpress.com. Michaela was never heard from again.

While vacationing with my family in Mexico, I had a vision of a film badge showing the abductor's face. Compared to the police composite, he appeared to be younger, better looking and without pock marks in his face. No surprise, though, the police tend to alter sketches of suspects in order to screen bogus phone calls.

The letters given below appeared at the top right of the film badge in stenciled pattern. Stenciling is used in the military for painting names of enlisted personnel on bundled laundry. The stenciled letters could be pointing to the perpetrator as being an enlisted man in the military. Officers pay for their own laundry through a subsistence allowance.

--B E R G

The first three letters of CHAPP are foretelling of CHARles and are reminiscent of the first three letters of JOST for suggesting JOSeph, the Trailside Killer. Joseph was the middle name of David Joseph Carpenter. CHA, not unlike JOS, becomes a “known” and RLES an “unknown.” The rule is knowns to the left and unknowns to the right. This is true at all levels.

The 3-4 grouping of the seven letters comprising CHA RLES establishes a three-four’s synchronicity. This is no different than the 3-3 grouping for establishing three’s synchronicity concerning JOS EPH.

The two P’s are letters in the perpetrator’s last name, just as T was in CarpenTer. The difference is two P’s are initially unknowns versus a single unknown T in CarpenTer; that is until the letters find their rightful place in the last name. Then they become knowns. The same was true with Car pen Ter.

The problem now is locating the two P’s in the 3-4 format, and the hyphenated BERG reveals the answer. Hyphenation terminates the 3-4 sequence and at the same time points to BERG as the abductor's place of living. Normally, a three-four’s synchronicity would require three groups of knowns on the left, and four groups (or more) of unknowns on the right. A middle name is implied.

To reiterate for the sake of emphasis, each P must be to the left in each group to satisfy the synchronicity - but that only happens with knowns. This is as shown below. If the Ps were contiguous, only one of the two could be contained as a first letter in the placement process.

The task is now complete, as illustrated below. Each P is placed as the first letter of the two groups of the abductor's last name and the mystery is resolved - to a point. Logic is utilized to finalize the task of identity. No easy task when dealing with bureaucracy, the artifice of the times. Otherwise a phone call to Vandenberg Air Force Base, or a little police* cooperation at Hayward would prove this one way or the other. I had lots of cooperation with the Trailside Killer episode, but that is a thing of the past now. Anyway, to get on with it:

CHA RLES P_ _ P _ _ _. For example, Charles PeoPles

The –BERG is no doubt a place or living location. The military Vandenberg Air Force base is 300 miles to the south of Hayward and is a possibility.

* I wanted to handle the child's scooter after the case was closed but was denied by both police and parents. The abductor was the last to handle it - my cup of tea. As the saying goes, "Take the serious things lightly, and the light things seriously." How else are we to survive?

Author:  ArsenicF [ Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 3-4's Synchronicity hints of MICHAELA GARECHT's abductor

Another intriguing thing to consider of the three’s synchronicity (JOST) experience was when DAVID, his first name, was revealed. That was upon his arrest in San Francisco, CA in 1981. His name then became a known to occupy the left most position as DAVID JOS EPH for fulfilling the synchronicity in three groups. Could it also be true of Michaela’s abductor? Is CHARLES his middle name instead of his first name for fulfilling the three-four’s synchronicity. That would be at the next level? There are three letters within each group, and with his name revealed, three groups at the next or name level.

When “David” became known it is made to appear on the left to complete the first three groups of the 3-3’s format. Otherwise there are only two groups of JOS and EPH. It occurs to me the same must be true with CHAPP in 3-4’s synchronicity; that CHARLES is not his first name but instead is his middle name. The three groups become FIRSTNAME, CHA and RLES as knowns on the left; and on the right they are PXX PXXX with “–BERG” truncating the three-four’s sequence. Otherwise three more groups would be required at the last name level to complete the 3-4 format

Hypothetical names of the abductor are Raymond CHARLES PeoPles, and so forth.

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