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PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 5:30 pm 

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“I am Lazarus, come back from the dead,
Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all.” T S Eliot.

Abstract: It was from another person’s experience that I pursued the question of death as final. A tragic happening in her life was communicated to me through her handwriting. It was not what was written, nor how it was written, but something that is best described as an encounter in psychometry. An image appeared on her handwriting, opening the door to something far reaching concerning post death.

A psychical experience I had in the late seventies continues to be the most baffling ever. It hinted that life and death are in a continuum, and there exists in the transition something I never imagined. Consider the possibility of another realm, or world, where after death we emerge elsewhere, but continue to age. When each of us dies, we materialize in a different place, but in the same form as we were before death occurred. This hints that our last moments are important enough to be cataloged elsewhere, conceivably for the purpose of retaining the final conditions under which we expire and possibly leading to resumption.

In a brief and sudden encounter, I got a glimpse of what is likely to be after we die, differing from what we generally accept on faith. I was handed a sample of handwriting from a woman to do an analysis. Before I could even study the sample, an image of a young boy appeared over the handwriting and then disappeared. In an instant the image was there and gone, but the imprint was vivid. The vision is still clear to me today, over 25 years later, except for one gray area to be discussed later.

I told her what I saw without even thinking about it. Quote: I see a boy eight or nine years old lying face down on the floor. He has blonde or sandy colored hair and is dressed in tans. She responded unemotionally with her tragic story. Seven years ago she walked into the living room of her home and found her 18 months old son dead on the floor. He had died of a brain tumor. She said his hair was blonde at birth and was turning sandy. Our stories coincided in every respect except for his age and a particular gray area. It concerned the appearance of his hands and arms that for some time afterward had confused me for their positioning. First, let us consider the difference in ages.

She had found her son dead on the floor seven years ago, and he was only 18 months old. I saw the exact image of him over her handwriting, but it was seven years later now, and he appeared to be eight to nine years old. Intrigued by the sum of numbers, I noted that seven years, when added to 18 months, coincides with eight to nine years. I had witnessed a remarkable age progression.

The next day I asked her if she was of Catholic faith and, if so, did she believe the child was in purgatory. She said she was not, and for that matter had been raised Methodist and had no religious convictions. She explained that her son’s death had been traumatic for her, a nightmare, in fact, but after undergoing extensive therapy she accepted his death.

Perplexing to me is that not only did I see the boy at an older age, but that the positioning of his hands and arms was not clear. The rest of his body was. That is the gray area mentioned earlier. What I saw were his hands in front of him, bent at the elbows and extended in some manner perpendicular to his body. I thought the scene of him was burned in my memory and there was no mistaking what I saw then and now. Yet in some strange and inscrutable way his arms were outstretched, as though he were trying to raise himself or prevent his collapse in a struggle. Another experience many years later gave me the idea of movement without motion concerning the enigma of the boy’s struggle. That experience was the prediction of a quake to occur in Los Angeles.

I was in the vision underground in the quake’s fault, viewing its irregularity in the darkness. There was faint light revealing a jutted out portion ahead on the right side. As usual, I felt no emotion as I observed in the dark chasm two walls that were coming together, and apart, in a manner too difficult to describe. Time was unreal for the movement without motion.

The same can be said for the boy’s hands and arms. That would explain the difficulty I had with them, the difficulty of seeing movement in a time void. If the boy’s death was not final, then he exists elsewhere, and in that regard Everett’s multiple realities {worlds} offers some explanation. Everett reportedly proved through impeccable equations that an infinite number of parallel worlds exist like ours. All are sideways across time, parallel to our own universe but forever cut off from it. Based on the Quantum, Everett’s interpretation barely made a ripple in the scientific world.

To what purpose, then, is the boy held in death’s struggle in another world? I can imagine only one answer to that question, and that is in a notion I term resumption, wherein nothing is left to chance in an exacting process of the continuum. Life perpetuating as a process makes sense, if in that process harmony lends a helping hand to building a better world. Parallel worlds operating under conditions of resumption are as interesting as the notion is speculative. Nothing is left to chance for involving those, who, if they had lived, could have brought about improvement. They would have made a difference. Exactly what that difference is, or how it is gauged, is certain to remain out of reach until we are mature enough to comprehend the axiomatic changes that lay ahead.

Everett’s multiple worlds’ transforms death into something positive with minor differences from those anticipated here. I choose to think of it as extending the concept of parallelism. With the passing of the boy in this world, the same of him originated in another world through a mysterious process. Death is no longer veiled in finality but, instead, is regarded as transitional awaiting resumption. A metamorphic shadow of the boy is left behind, whilst the original passes on elsewhere, held locked in that final struggle and presumably in an unconscious state or a state of sleep. The notion of resumption is not a far cry from resurrection in Christian theology.

It is with some fascination to project the concept of resumption further. If the boy is aging elsewhere in our standard of time, when does it all cease? It ceases upon his reaching normal maturity leading to a more normal, natural death. Speculating even more, his life resumes if in some moment of that span a better world originates because of him. His world resumes along with him. Nothing is left to chance in the wonder of creation.

NOTE: Although an earthquake did occur in Los Angeles 36 days after the prediction, the prediction was fulfilled not in one quake but, instead, in a series of three quakes. These were in an interesting numerical sequence of 36, 103 and 1036 days after date of psychical experience. The middle date of 103 days coincides with the abutment noted in the second quake and correlates with what was published in Earth Magazine a year later.

But why 36 days before the first quake occurs. As in so many of my experiences, nine is meaningful and as is any number divisible by nine, simply defined as nine’s synchronicity (numerical synch). That has been the case with other paranormal encounters. The Los Angeles quake series began in the fourth year following the biggest quake to occur in San Francisco since the major one in 1906. See “San Francisco, Not the Place to Leave One’s Heart,”

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