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Psyanalysis Can Prove Reincarnation but not Disprove It
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Author:  ArsenicF [ Sun Aug 14, 2016 7:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Psyanalysis Can Prove Reincarnation but not Disprove It

Psyanalysis (PA) originated as psychical handwriting (HW) analysis using signatures as the more catalytic avenue for probing the collective unconscious. To date, there have been several samples leading to prenatal awareness, but none earlier. The hope, of course, is to have subjects regress to rebirths, providing that such is possible, commonly referred to as "reincarnation." I will outline some cases to show the effectiveness of PA. Further, in repeated attempts to make Ian Stevenson aware of the undertakings, I have had no luck gaining his cooperation. It is not too unusual for those to lose themselves in zealous pursuit of life goals. Perhaps as founder of PA I wear the same hat. I hope not. What follows in the next posts is testimonial of PA success. The success is considered minor at this juncture, because characteristically success is measured in numbers.

Side issues are also given, one of which has already been posted in the publication, "Ageing in a Parallel Universe." That was in EXPERIENCES of the Paranormal Review, affiliated with the Journal for Psychical Research in London. That is why you see the "e" in Ageing.

However, it must be said that one such PA was presumed to have caused the subject to commit suicide. That, too, will be posted but as a later issue.

Author:  ArsenicF [ Sun Aug 14, 2016 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Psyanalysis Can Prove Reincarnation but not Disprove It

My interest in psyanalysis has proved intriguing and even excessive over the many years, but most important is where it has led me. It was where I least expected. I found myself challenging reincarnation, and I haven’t the foggiest notion why. Psyanalysis is psychical handwriting (HW) analysis, utilizing HW as catalyst and offers considerably more insight about recipients than the conventional textbook methods

The story of Karen H. follows now for her prenatal past and for having no inkling beforehand. She regressed to prenatal through psyanalysis. There were others, but hers is the most remembered, largely because she was an extraordinary woman, beautiful and mysterious. I am guilty of the same fascination.

K A R E N H .
She was standing at the doorway to my office asking if I could spare her a moment; that is, if I was not too busy. She was 30 years old and an impeccable dresser with her hair always neatly groomed. She had made it clear to other employees that she dressed well because it made her feel good, and there was no doubt in most of our minds. Although she stayed much to herself, she never failed to give a smile to those around her. Obviously she was from another planet.

Now she was standing at my doorway asking for a moment of my time and having no idea I would give her the whole day if she asked. I waved Karen H. in while straightening my tie and reaching for my coat. I was not altogether gracious in my fumbling, maybe even trembling, but she never betrayed any hint of seeing it, nor gave any hint of amusement.

I was engineering manager and had gained a favorable reputation in the workplace for doing handwriting (HW) analysis on the side. Maybe, because, I never charged a fee nor let it get out of hand. Nor did I let it interfere with what was expected of me company wide, mainly blood, but it was worth it <smiles>. Psyanalysis had become more than just a passing interest with me, and as explained above, psyanalysis is the gaining of in depth psychical awareness using HW as a catalyst. It seemed the more I practiced, the better the results.

She said she was leaving the company tomorrow and wondered if I would analyze her HW. I indulged, of course, closing the office door after asking her to be seated. This was to be the exception to the rule; I was going to do the analysis on the spot, instead of many days, as before. I gave her paper and pencil and brief instructions. She wrote a few sentences, as I had requested, signing twice with both her married name and her maiden name.

After giving Karen H. ‘cookbook’ insights, I asked if her mother tried to abort her during pregnancy. She was a little startled by the question and said, no. She had a close relationship with her mother, and believed her mother would have said so over the years. They discussed nearly everything, including sex, and had no qualms about it. I was willing to accept that. Obviously I was wrong in the psyanalysis.

The next day she came to my office for the last time and told me that her mother, when asked, had twice attempted to abort her during pregnancy. It was upon learning her husband, Karen’s father, was having an affair. She never wanted to tell Karen, because it would threaten the closeness she had developed with her father over the years. Mother suffered in silence. Alas! Men are such beasts.

Of course, when I got home I mentioned Karen to my spouse, mainly because of her interest in my HW exploits, or maybe there was an ounce or two of guilt lingering. Perhaps I said more than intended, but it all came gushing out. I can still see that amused look of hers while hiding behind her apron and trying hard not to laugh. Women are such beasts.

Author:  ArsenicF [ Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Psyanalysis Can Prove Reincarnation but not Disprove It

“I am come hither to accuse no man, nor to speak anything of that, whereof I am accused and condemned to die, but I pray God save the king and send him long to reign over you, for a gentler nor a more merciful prince was there never: and to me he was ever a good, a gentle and sovereign lord.”
—Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was born circa 1501, likely in Bickling (Norfolk), England. She was the second wife of King Henry VIII—a scandalous marriage, given that he had been denied an annulment from his first wife by the Roman Church, and that his mistress was Anne's sister, Mary. Thusly, King Henry VIII broke from the Church to marry Anne. She gave birth to a daughter, but could not conceive a son. On May 19, 1536, Anne Boleyn was executed on false charges of incest, witchcraft, adultery and conspiracy against the king. Her daughter, Elizabeth, emerged as one of England's greatest queens. Anne Boleyn died on May 19, 1536, in London, England.

Prelude to psyanalysis. . . . .

There is little doubt that the title line and the signature line discovered by Sakeringo were by the same person. I had thought otherwise and finally gave in and researched further. Ironically, the answer was in the link given by Sakeringo and is copied below. Now I can summarize my findings.

Anne Boleyn has been described as an idealist, but she was more than that. She had strong mystical leanings and viewed herself as protectorate of England. Even “mystical leanings” falls short for giving insight to this great lady. She appears to have had, or actually believed she had, spiritual connections and achieved the impossible at the ultimate sacrifice of giving herself. She made the difference for becoming the sacrificial lamb to an odious King Henry VIII, but what that difference is/was, we can only hope to learn with time. The turning point in her tragic life occurred at age 11 years.

Phrased simply and to the point, irrespective of what I may think, or believe, Anne Boleyn at great cost to herself gave England the balance needed to face an uncertain future. She was in a sense England’s savior. Power had corrupted King Henry beyond human hope, and the remarkable Anne Boleyn put herself in harms way to accomplish what she believed was her mission. She was the Biblical Ruth and maybe even more. Click on King Henry’s picture below to see his signature, also. It is satanic.


Anne Boleyn in her early years harbored considerable resentment that were strongly levied against her mother for leading to aggression and attempted to keep her feelings contained by compensating. Extremely perceptive and equally intelligent, she used these as skills to her advantage. She was very emotional and gave vent to bursts of anger, if not outrage, that were self-defeating. It is nearly impossible to understand how she could get into bed with this man turned beast and allow him to possess her. It was only a question of time before he perceived she was using him

Psyanalysis reveals she was not ambitious for her daughter, or herself, she was committed to follow through on her convictions. Her ambition was England and not her daughter.

I mentioned in earlier postings that an object was placed inside her torn torso by King Henry to personify the curse. I no longer believe it was inserted into her torso, but instead placed between her fingers for entwining eight to ten inches of a cross. Large glass stones are contained in settings and affixed to the perpendicular surfaces that are painted black in a 3 to 5 ratio, conceivably, inverted in her hands for the stark symbolism. My understanding is the cross must be removed and destroyed. The ghost of Anne Boleyn in the Tower of London might vanish for the restless episodes, together with the ghost of Peter, a k a Henry VIII..

Author:  ArsenicF [ Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Psyanalysis Triggers Suicide

Samples of handwriting (HW) were sent to me for psyanalyisis worldwide, but there has not been the same interest over the years because of other paranormal activities and an inability to stimulate a continuing interest.

However, some years ago an acquaintance connected with a rock group in Belgium emailed me a scanned HW sample of one of the musician’s in the group and is worth noting. His name was S__. I did not feel comfortable giving his name fully, so throughout this writing I have taken the liberty of truncation. Psyanalysis probes the unconscious for in depth awareness by using handwriting as catalyst.

I was told S__ was thrilled with the analysis I gave, claiming it was accurate and helpful to him. Interestingly, it was the first time I ever looked at HW without having to study it closely for establishing a psychical connection. It was like I knew S__ as another part of my being. There was no clear-cut separation as is characteristic most of the time

However, in the psyanalysis I had written that his sister was “the bright spot” in his life, never imagining his perceiving that I knew they had sex together. I should have known better, but there was no easy way of phrasing what I had vowed from the very beginning in this undertaking, and that was not too hold back on anything regardless of how sensitive.

Approximately three to four weeks later I received an email that S__ had disappeared. His group feared he might have taken his life. I wrote back “Look to an area by the river where he liked to go and meditate.” A few days later I learned that the authorities there dredged the river and found his body. He had tied himself to his bicycle before throwing himself in the river. Later I was told he had talked about suicide on many occasions. The individual I had been in contact with was concerned about the effect on me. However, it did and I still feel it

I have included below the psyanalysis in three emails. It will give you some idea of how detailed psyanalysis can be. Nothing has been changed except I deleted what did not pertain, together with personal items such as names and email addresses. In passing, I have not been able to do as well with this endeavor and attribute some of it to fewer samples over time. Alternatively, there could be over-riding guilt. I am guessing. Ironically, I performed recently and was way off in the psyanalysis. I discovered some hint of reincarnation because of a subtlety.

"Fred G." writes
Very interesting guy.
An inconsistent nature not liking to pay attention to details, except where it concerns him deeply for the strong motivational interest. Most likely music.
Can be very talkative at times and then clams up and becomes quiet, pensive and a thoughtful listener.

He is not what he appears to many persons and should not be taken lightly. He has the ability to make startling assessments of others. Those who would enjoy his company might find themselves simply being patronized for making quick judgments. This is not to say he would go out of his way to be rude, quite the contrary, he is guided by some spiritual leanings that he underplays.

Parents were probably religious, but I believe he has a sister that comes across enigmatically. She is a mystery, conceivably a bright spot (??) in his life, or maybe was. Is she gone? S__ check this out, take nothing for granted.

He has cultural interests but doesn't dwell on them, giving the appearance that he does not dwell on anything too long, possibly because of his quick grasp of things. The excitement most likely passes quickly.

Good balance between superego and libido with more than moderate sociability.
Innovative, probably leads in a group for reaching out and exploring new things but is not one to take bows. He is caught up in his own world in what he thinks is important, probably the thing that drives him. Stringed instruments?

Fred G. writes:
Hi Katie
From my perspective, the most interesting thing about S__ psyanalysis is his sister of which he may have no inkling of but something is going on his psyche that points out she is real and very much a part of him.

It is always these mysteries that interest me for illustrating the complexities of life. There are any number of possibilities about a sister, but the fact is she is real, existing or not, the paradox, but where?

Has S__ said anything to you about a sister?

"Fred G." writes
Hi Katie
Thanks for sending the picture. I truly appreciated seeing the two of them together. I think it clears up my confusion. 'Sister' came through with unusual intensity in his HW, and I believe the answer is probably a strong bond between them. BTW, if S__ has any questions, don't hesitate to give him my email address. I am sure some parts were confusing, such as superego and libido in how the two relate. Superego and libido are like spirit and flesh.

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