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San Francisco. Not the Place to Leave One’s Heart

Author’s Post Note: The following was first distributed widely as an unpublished paper in June 1996, and then recorded at the University of West of England with Dr. Susan Blackmore, Psychologist, in March 1997. Since then two predictive signs have occurred as fulfilling and are described within. These are believed to be El Nino and the nation’s robust economy, the latter lulling Californians into a false sense of security. What unfolds afterward in the year 2002 promises to be most worrisome, dwarfing the significance of the most devastating earthquake to occur in San Francisco since 1906. That quake was predicted 20 years ago not to happen before 2005 – if then.
F Gurzi, May 2000.

Past: I recorded the last of two quake predictions to occur in San Francisco, and my paranormal experience of it was on 14 May 1996. When the quake occurred in seven days instead of nine days, or multiples thereof, I became concerned. Unless predictions give event, place, and date they are of little value. Although my record was correct on event and place, it missed on the exact number of days – perhaps for not thinking it out more clearly. The quake occurred on May 21st instead of May 23rd.

The quake predicted to happen in San Francisco before, occurred seven (7) years earlier on 17 October 1989 and is described in the second recording. Although I documented that it would happen in California, I was specific with others that it would hit San Francisco.

There were two predictive experiences of that particular quake. The first was 10 days before it occurred and the second was three days. I did not connect the two until afterward, and that was when certain details of the event coincided. This is as discussed in the paper. The quake when it occurred was described by the media as the worst in 86 years. Reference was to the major quake in 1906, where an eruption occurred along the San Andreas Fault. That fault separates two tectonic plates known as the Pacific and the North American plates. They grind away at one another in opposing directions with an expected movement of one to two inches per year. The two plates are believed to be locked now, and have been ever since the 1906 event.

By way of contrast, the later quake of 14 May 1996 was described by the media as the worst since 1989. Neither of these related directly to movement along the San Andreas Fault and each was described as being only stress related. There is little doubt of what to expect for the mounting pressure building up between the two plates.

Future: Sixteen years ago I had the experience that the next quake comparable to the 1906 event would not occur before 25 years (I avoid using I predicted). That would be no earlier than 2005, which is nine (9) years from now. The year 2005 will be 99 years after that devastating San Francisco quake of 1906; its magnitude on the Richter scale measured 8.1 (.9 x .9). In that regard it may be noteworthy to take stock of nines, and is especially true when considering their frequency in my other predictive experiences.

Nines or sevens are at a toss of the coin in weighing out probabilities? I hardly think so. Paranormal experience is likely to be meaningful in all respects. I cannot imagine randomness in any of this. Furthermore, I believe an event materializing nine days after prediction signifies a natural event. An act of nature, if you will. Seven days after prediction is judgmental and serves as a warning. Ten days is conjunctive and signifies the union of natural and the judgmental. I am seeing significance in this scenario of numbers, but admittedly the sample is small. Even so, this extraordinary and timeless unreality reference throughout my writings and Phenomena has its own rules, exercised through paranormal happenings. Just as soon as a pattern has been established, that pattern changes upon being recognized, notwithstanding the fact of nines. What can be more dynamic and challenging and, at the same time, more frustrating for being so elusive?

Read the last three paragraphs of the second attachment. I am wondering how that prediction relates to the drought, if at all. (See enclosure). The drought originated over three years ago and has hit hard in five states east of here. It gives cause to wonder if the drought could result in an unleashing of pestilence to coincide with the prediction.

Too much is happening at the close of the millennium not to be concerned about the future for the many signs. What’s more, I am concerned about the year 2002 and have difficulty getting closer to it. Something sobering will take away from the projected quake. I believe hints of the worst are yet to come, previewing in 1997 through 1999, but the last three months of 1997 should be revealing. Perhaps a telltale sign. The year 2000, however, should be quiet and carry over into 2001 as such. Californians will lull in their reverie. Something, then, will unfold in 2002 to take away from the predicted quake and it promises to be worrisome (See Note 2).

As a side note, I read recently where a noted geologist has predicted that the next major quake along the San Andreas Fault is likely to happen in the year 2005 or 2006. It is always exciting when science coincides with the paranormal, especially when the paranormal reveals so much more and long before. Foretelling was 16 years earlier, as already mentioned, messaging the year 2005, or later, to be the major quake year and not before.

Post Notes:
1. Published in the Journal of Religion and Psychical Research in April 1998
2. Environment News Service, “California Voters Alerted to Water Contamination.” San Francisco, California, November 1, 2002 (ENS) – Deteriorating water works, pollution, and outdated treatment technology are combining to deliver drinking water that might pose health problems to residents of four of California’s largest cities, a news report warns. (25 paragraphs in this report. See also NRDC Report)

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