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Minions in Disguise
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Author:  jeff [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Minions in Disguise

In my studies and research of spirits I have come across many minions who have deguised themselves as people who have walked the earth.

Minions are the lowest form of demonic you can be, then you go to evil, demonic, and satan himself.

Minions have attendency to travel along the trail of a loved one spirit ora, and once in a certain area, be it an old homestead, church, business, or what ever, they will pretend to be something they're not.

The biggest impersonation of the minion is that of a child.
People, us, have a great love in our hearts for children, be them alive, or on the other side.
When we come across a minion, and they impersonate a child, we don't really know at first that this is not a child, and we begin to communicate with them as though we were talking to a child.

This is when the minion will make it's move, once you've identified them as a child that once walked the earth in human form, and they begin their havoc.

Perhaps/most generally they will change their attitude from a frienly child spirit to a poltergeist, once reaching this point of their haunting, it becomes harder to get them out.

One thing also, a minion is really good on sitting up a family, then changing, and as they do so they will draw in the more powerful ones, the demonic.

Minions are great for opening doors for a higher more demonic being to enter, almost like a type of gateway/portal and the minion stands there and holds it open, like a gentleman would hold open a door for a lady.

I have come across different minions in my time, and once I walk into an area, where someone may say they have a spirit of a child, almost emediately I can feel the minion under the deguise of the child or loved one.

Sometime, people will be annoyed with the home they're in and try to move away from the minion, but many to most of the time, the minion isn't haunting the house or land, but the person themselves.

I don't really travel out of the state of Maine, so trying to help someone out beyond my boarders can only be done by what I write down for them. Psalms 29.

I believe, if someone has a haunting, they should not try to communicate with the spirit until they have someone who can feel the spirits and identify what they may or may not be.

This is only my opinion and you can take it like you wish, but I'm trying to show, that some spirits are not who they seem to be, so be careful if your trying to communicate, and always ask for help if you don't know what your doing.

Have a question, please feel free to ask me, I have thousands of ideas, thoughts, and theories.

Until then


Author:  Tweaked [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minions in Disguise

I'm not sure I share your belief in "minions" and demons, but I DO believe that some ghosts--especially ones who thrive on negativity and revenge--require us to always remain "Protected."

Author:  jeff [ Mon Mar 16, 2009 11:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minions in Disguise

YES we must always try our hardest to remain protected in our line of research and investigating, no matter what part your investigating.

Protection is the number one rule of the game here.

Minions, well that's only a theory and we all know that a theory is not a fact, if it was, then it would be fact.
I always welcome peoples advice on things like this, because it helps in determining the facts in the long run.

If I had a theory on minions, and you had a theory on demons, and someone else had a theory on the devil himself, so on and so on down the list, and if everyone kept them to themselves then nothing would be accomplished.

One theory doesn't go far, two a llittle further a thousand and we just may be on to something of great interest.

I would love to hear more theories, even if they seem like no one would ever believe your type of theories, I am always open to new ideas all the time.
Please Please tell me a story :D


Author:  forbidden_files [ Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minions in Disguise

A dark energy can enter through these ports, as with certain other spirits and energys, i dont know what gives the specific energy the 'power/permission' or how it enters from the port if u will...
but, as you say these dark energys are just an 'energy', not being a 'bad' or 'evil' person who has died and is coming back to haunt somone or a place... these energys, seem to just happen to slip though the ports or are pulled through by another force of somekind, leaving the not very nice energys stuck in our realm, and often the energys will not travel far from the port, and will visit back from time to time, other energys get stuck trying to get back into the port which builds a collection of energys close to the port/'s, which maybe part of the reason that bad / dark energys are attracted to a certain port where there is 'activity', im not sure... anyways...

dark energy again, is not a single ghost or past being but rather a collection / a family of particles that are all simmilar and grouped and maybe attracted with each other...

If a human feels dark energy around them it is apparently not wise to speak by your voice directly to the energy, if you do your making the energy aware that you are aware of it, because once you have done this you have reconised this bad energy, and then the energy kinda self confirms itself that it exists and has / can affect how you feel... from that moment the energy can learn from you, and thats when things can get paranormal!

the best form of defence / repelling, is to ignore dark energy / the feeling of, and tell it to go away in your head, that it is not wanted here... so people beleive...

what worries me is the fact that if these ports do exist, as well as the energys, some people could keep willingly accepting these energys and let them live around them, like the human being the main hub from the port, and keep building and accepting these energys... then eventually would that person become a port of some kind??? who knows?!

Author:  jeff [ Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Minions in Disguise

me jeff me write before me think sometimes aaoo aaoo.

The post should have mentioned (and it did not) that this was a theory note, and what I do is put out these theory notes all wrinkled and such.
When I get replies from people I take all the info given me, and throw them into a ironing basket then pull them out piece by piece and use the hot iron of knowledge to iron them out.
As the pieces start to flatten they become part of a greater puzzle and I start putting them together.
It was mentioned we should protect ourselves, I will iron out this suggestion, and do research on the many different ways we can protect ourselves. so on and so on.

A dark energy from another realm, where ever this may be, in my opinion has never walked the earth in human form, and they will attach themselves to what ever they can.

Some people who dwell in this area of energy, by many means, (witchcraft for instence) have made their bodies an open portal for these dark energies to attach themselves to.

I now have some new info here, and it will be thrown into the ironing basket for further study.

Please keep them coming, I enjoy them very much

Catch ya' lata'

Author:  Tweaked [ Wed Mar 18, 2009 12:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Minions in Disguise

Just remember, jeff... don't confuse Wiccan with the practice of Black Witchcraft. They are two entirely different belief systems.

Author:  david barclay [ Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Minions in Disguise

One interesting point I would like to make.....we generally, I think, view black ops as not having any spiritual inclination, but this is not the case.

They are very much into religeous practices, but in the opposite manner to most.

Commiting a crime in a Chrisitian church for example is big stuff, or leaving body parts in a church.

Another favorite is dog poop on the alter or rubbed into the floor of a church.

The really big excitement comes from stealing Jews from a cemetary and mixing the body parts up before putting them back.

So this idea a lot of people have about there being no evil in the world is not quite true, because that is the whole point of them doing these things.

Psychology cannot explain such people, because there is not a whole lot to explain. Of course you hear about how they must, just must, have had a bad childhood. No, they had a pretty good childhood, they are just not the same as the rest of us.

So they have to come from somewhere and I would suspect they come from the underworld of darkness.

Oh they are human alright, no question about that part. And they are not crazy by any clinical standard, but they do have a different view of life.

Author:  Tweaked [ Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Minions in Disguise

Their Souls are fractured.

And that can happen for many reasons... a womb in a woman who either doesn't want the baby or who is being abused, a lack of discipline when they're young, or something as simple as the way the DNA/genes shake out when the fetus is formed.

Many more reasons can exist--bad teachers, bad nannies, but it all comes back to the strength of the genes. Not all of us are born Equal, even though the Law of the Land says we are. Some of us are born defective--either physically, mentally, emotionally, or a combination of those attributes which morph into a Negative Soul experience.

This is why we need to be there to WATCH our children as they grow. A nanny (even the best of them) can only report what they SEE, and if a parent isn't there to witness these changes personally, they won't believe them. Sometimes parents who ARE there, just slough off the idiosyncrasies of their children, hoping they will out-grow whatever doesn't seem quite right. Sometimes the children DO outgrow them with lots of love, explanation, and good therapy; sometimes guidance and love and therapy are NOT enough to overcome the faulty gene pool.

Children are a crap shoot. That's why we NEED more DNA testing of the adults before they conceive, and of the ambiotic fluid AFTER the child becomes a fetus. Not to determine if the child is a boy or a girl... but to see if there are detectable gene flaws, so the fetus can be cured or terminated before he/she becomes a medical liability or a serial killer. This is not far-fetched, folks; it could save many fractured parents, and many fractured children who grow up to become monsters, or can't have a normal life.

Life doesn't begin because a god wills it; it begins because we have sex. I realize the Churches tell us that ALL children (even those conceived through rape!) are "meant" to be born, but we have to realize that the Churches prey upon our frailties, and make us feel that OUR instincts are inferior to what they tell us GOD want for us... We must learn to make the decisions we know are right for US ... not what some priest or pastor says God told him we should do. RELIGIOUS LEADERS DO NOT HAVE RED PHONES, CONNECTED TO HEAVEN!!!

I know this is hard to perceive, but we have to be realistic about our medical advances. I'm not looking to create an Aryan Race... far from it! But it seems cruel to bring defective children into an already tough world, where we have to have monetary help to support them for all of their lives, and watch them suffer, no matter how hard we try our very bests to do what's right for them, often at the unintentioned neglect of the other children in our families.

Author:  Timbit [ Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Minions in Disguise

I don't think that children are disguised as minions. I do not believe that there is a demonic (religious interpreted) association with a spirit, who inhabits the body of a child, to fool people and draw them into a false sense of security. And then, the real trouble begins, when it can get all the way to Satan himself. :o

This is fear based philosophy based on our need to interpret what we experience in the paranormal realm, by religious means, in order to think we have some control over 'evil'.

That bad things happen to good people is not an indicator that their soul has been influenced by the devil, and they have succumbed to some degree of possession. To put forth this type of theory is only to reinforce an interpretation of 'God' himself. Seek redemption!! Excorcism!! Evil spirits control this child!!


Ghosts, entities, and hauntings are energy. They are not specifically bad, or specifically good. They are simply energy in many forms. One theory of their presence based on religion is very narrow minded.

That they are here is not 'evil'. That people experience this energy in many ways, shapes, and forms, does not make them a vessle of 'evil'. They are not weak in spirit, body or mind. They are just sensitive to this energy.

I am more inclined to think that when this type of energy becomes apparent, there is a reason. They are in the company of a person who can tune into that energy, and the goal is to communicate. It is nothing to fear, it it everything to understand and help. I would think the frustration of a ghost watching a priest do an excorcism on an evil child minion, would be enough to see dishes flying off the shelves, for 'no apparent reason'.

We have to be realistic here, and realize that religion does not control this energy. This energy does not go looking for the weak and vunerable to do 'satan's' work. It goes looking for the energy that can communicate with it.


Author:  david barclay [ Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Minions in Disguise

Tim are you saying there is no evil and or evil forces?

It sounds like you are saying evil and the presumed existence of evil is a myth.

No good or bad spirits, just energy? And no God?

Do I have this right or did I screw it up?

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