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A Grandmother's Love
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Author:  Novartis [ Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:18 pm ]
Post subject:  A Grandmother's Love

I've always been fascinated with paranormal activity but I was always convinced it would happen to other people, that I'd never be 'lucky' enough to experience it. It wasn't until I was talking with an investigator that I realized there was a good chance that I'd had an experience and simply hadn't recognized it at the time. I wanted to share it, and this is the best place to do just that. I know I won't get pointed at or snickered about here.

All of my life, in my grandmother's house, there was a small little Victrola music box that played Lara's Theme from Doctor Zhivago. I would spend hours winding it just to hear the quiet plinkplinking of that song. Over and over again until it drove my grandmother batty! When she passed away that was one of the things left to me. Though her death had been sudden and unexpected she'd apparently tucked a small note into it quite some time ago saying that this item was to go to me.

Fast forward a few years and I had recently moved away from my family to another state for love (trust me, something nobody in their right mind should ever do!) and I was having a difficult time finding a job. Things were looking fairly down. I'd had a fight with my sister who lived up in Ontario, my parents lived down in Houston but had driven up to visit my sister for a while and my aunt, also, had decided attend (coming from Nova Scotia)... and I was stuck in New Jersey, just having fought with my best friend / sister and had no family around. Needless to say I was incredibly bummed out.

My boyfriend at the time decided, to help break the gloom, he was going to take me out to the clubs. Told me to get dressed and he'd pick me up. I lived in my own apartment and the only other living creature in the place was my cat Fran, who was in the bedroom with me.

I was changing when I heard noise coming from my kitchen. This weirded me out something fierce because I lived on the outskirts of Camden NJ, which is.. a less than desirable place for a young woman on her own to live, but it's what I could afford at the time :) !

I went to explore and the noise turned out to be Lara's Theme, coming from the small Victrola music box in my cabinet. I picked it up and turned it over only to see the small metal winder not turning as it continued to play. I immediately got upset because obviously this meant my beloved music box was broken. Once it ran itself out I tested it again by winding it. This time, when it played, the winder turned! Satisfied that it wasn't broken I put it down and subsequently forgot about it. Feeling better because of the memories that simple song brought up I got dressed and carried on with the night.

It took a few months before I mentioned it, just offhand, to one of my friends (the investigator) when he came over and was looking at my bits and bobs. It all seemed to dawn on me at once. I really truly believe, now, that the music box my grandmother left me had never been broken. It was used, instead, as a way for her to let me know I wasn't alone at a time when I most felt it.

It still sits in a cabinet but has never once uttered a sound other than when wound physically by a person, a constant reminder (as sappy as this sounds) of my grandmother and love that stretched beyond the afterlife.

Author:  Timbit [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Grandmother's Love

First of all, Welcome!

That was a lovely and inspiring story. You are most likely right in my opinion, to accept it as a message from your Grandmother.

There are many stories in the paranormal topics here you might want to read about.

Curious that there has been only one 'incident'. Have you had other experiences in the paranormal?


Author:  Novartis [ Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Grandmother's Love

That have been as obvious (in hindsight) as the the music box? Unfortunately no. :( I do believe that my family does have a very tight, almost unnatural bond, though. Moment's that, while not paranormal most certainly supernatural.

For example, my grandmother (the one who gave me the musicbox) lived in Nova Scotia while my immediately family had moved across country to Alberta. One morning on a Saturday I can clearly remember my mom moving through the house searching from room to room. She'd sworn she heard our grandmother's voice calling her and was checking to make sure we kids hadn't been playing with any tape recorders or the TV. She immediately called Nova Scotia and when my aunt picked up became upset... but it turns out that they (aunt and grandmother) were talking about my mom at that exact moment, and how amusing it was she called JUST then.

My older sister and I have a very similar connection that we jokingly call the psychic-sister connection. She's living up in Northern Ontario while I live down in Houston Texas, yet we still call each other up only to find out that the other party had just picked up the phone to do the same.. we'll get on video chat to find we're wearing the same clothing.. we'll have stressful dreams involving each other and when we call up to make sure they're ok it will be revealed that it's not.

As an example... my boyfriend's father is a recovering drug user and alcoholic who also has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He ran into some health issues that could have been attributed to him falling off the wagon. I, of course, didn't say anything to my family because some things you just don't share. My sister ended up having a dream that Ryan's father had died. She called me up to make sure everything was ok and that was when I finally was able to tell someone what was going on. It was a huge relief to be able to talk about it, I hadn't realized how much of a strain it was putting on me.

There are the small little things that can be attributed to just being a close family, being able to finish each others sentences, instinctively knowing what someone is going to say before they say it. We did have an odd moment, though, my sister and I. Back when we were in college we worked together at a fast food joint. On the way home someone in a big van (which we fondly dubbed the Mystery Mobile) decided he was going to cut out in front of us to jet across the road. To avoid TBoning him my sister slammed on the breaks and both of us whipped our hand out and pretty much bellowed a big F-You at him in unison. Because we were stopped we had the time to watch as the van's back axle snapped, making him grind to a halt in the middle lane. It could have been all a huge coincidence, sure, but part of us didn't at the time.. and still don't .. believe that it was.

I'm quite eager to read through the other stories, paranormal, supernatural or unexplainable, looking quite forward to being a part of this community. :)

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