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PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 10:55 pm 

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The list could go on for weeks but i dont want to ramble. Some time in the next ten or twenty years they appear to be planning a staged alien invasion or world war 3. This will wipe out everyone other than the elite and scientists e.t.c they will retreat to vast fully pre prepared underground bunkers while simultaniously laughing at all the sheep that didnt know what hit them! there laughing at us right now. you know that smug self satisfied nonchalent couldnt give a shit attitude that Bush displays? thats not inbreeding its certainty. Now i cant even entertain the idea of aliens to people i know because it will end in ridicule ! and inspite being intelligent people when i mentioned depopulation which with sars, aids, and bird flu is happening as we speak.....you know what they said? " oh yeah like all the computers failing in 2000 yeah were still here!" obviously the term "putting people of the scent" never occured to them? Invent other conspiracys to distract people from the real plans preposterous!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 3:21 pm 

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Hi Justin, I know it's hard to talk about this kind of stuff with family and friends. I used to have problems and certainly didn't want my children to know I had been abducted and what on earth would friends think of me so I'd just non chalontly throw something I'd hear into a conversation and test the waters a bit and sometimes it would spark off realy good conversations and you'd realize that a lot of people believed the same way you did and sometimes people would look at me and say you dont seriously believe in all that crap do you. I'd admit to it like I knew It was dumb and change the subject.

Now with age and having been on the brink of life I've learned to stand my ground and stand behind what I believe. If someone now asked me if I seriously believed in this crap I would ask yes why what is wrong with you that you don't. Aren't you aware of what's happening, have you not kept up to date with things, surely you're not that behind the times are you...Turn things around on them.

It's time we came out of the woodwork and stood strong together and had our voices heard. All those who don't believe or don't know have had their heads burried in the sand or up their proverbials for too long and it's time they knew the truth. We've had our voices muted long enough and believing in UFOs and aliens is no longer something to hide or be embarrassed about. For once we're the ones who know what's going on in this world and not them.

A lot of people dont want to believe there are conspiracies by our governments because it would mean that they had been had and they might have to actually face things and help do something about it and they don't want to deal with the responsibility of that. Well we need there help so it's time to wake them up and make them listen. The more people who wake up and see things as they really are the stronger we will get and then we can't be ignored.

By the way Justin, Hello, welcome to our forum, I'm glad you could join us. Ann :P

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