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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 3:29 am 
[center]The truth eludes us simply by our own stupidity.[/center] [center]Roswell ,New Mexico 1947 is said to be the spring board of the ufo phenomenon.[/center] [center]This is also the start of the biggest disinformation campaign ever launched against the public. One might ask, how can this be possible in this age of electronic information?[/center] [center]I believe NY Mayor John Hylan explains this rather well.[/center] [center] [/center]
Of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses... This little coterie...run our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen...seizes...our executive officers...legislative bodies...schools... courts... newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.

We are so wrapped up in our own pathetic lives that we have lost our values and respect for each other as well as the earth itself. The average American ignores these things because it does not affect them directly. They shrug it off like no big deal. But it is a big deal.
We are loosing our sense of values and morals. The prime agenda of the powers that be are being carried out right in front of our faces and we are too stupid to see what is going on. Our planet is being stripped to the core. The visits and enhancements to the space station are being done at a record clip. All the major countries are hurrying into space. No one is asking why.
What the hell is wrong with this picture? The governments of this world know something huge is up and they want out of here? I think so. Americans just sit back and do not even see what is going on.
We are sheep being led to the slaughter. The corruption is rampant in the Government and I will give you several examples here.

[b]Exclusive Video Hillary thanks Peter Paul for the Gala she denies knowing he paid for. [url "http//www.hillcap.org/overflow.html"]http//www.hillcap.org/overflow.html[/url][/b]
As [url "http//www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=57187"]WND reported[/url], Nesfield’s newly formed Equal Justice Foundation of America launched a campaign in August to “Truth Boat” Hillary Clinton, claiming the mainstream media have protected her from incontrovertible evidence of illegal conduct.
Nesfield, a Wall Street whistleblower, called Paul’s fraud suit against the Clintons “[u]the No. 1 civil case in the country exposing an unprecedented array of frauds and obstruction of justice by the Clintons [/u][u]that the media refuses to report[/u][u].[/u] [center]http//www.disclosureproject.org/[/center]
[b]By Steven M. Greer, M.D - most notably on page 6, which says [u]"PAO [Public Affairs Office] now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation. [/u][url "http//www.disclosureproject.org/writings.htm"]http//www.disclosureproject.org/writings.htm[/url][/b]
[b]People this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are fed lies and disinformation on a daily basis. What and how can we stop this from happening? Let’s look at something else that strikes me. The freedom of information act. We have obtained many forms thru this law. However even this is being jaded. Let me share with you this; [/b]

This is a released document from the Black Vault on ufo's I did not know how to put it in here.
However the document that is readable is blacked out by over half. In other words the jist of the story is left to your imagination. Is this freedom of information?

[b]This is a document from the Back Vault. Released from the Government on the ufo phenomenon. Does this look like freedom of information? Many of these documents remain blacked out. Leaving vital portions and information out. This is simply put BS. [/b]
[b] [/b]
[b]"The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer."

Henry Kissinger, New York Times, Oct. 28, 1973[/b]
[b] [/b]
[b]How about 45 billion to the war effort? All this cash into the new space race, Weapons in space. Are we out of our minds? We have homeless people on this planet. We have starving people on this planet. But we pour trillions of dollars into these ventures like it is nothing. Ignoring the fact people are dyeing all around the world of starvation. We have lost our minds. Literally we all should be executed for letting these people die. We let and support the government in this war effort, in the space race. Knowing all along, we are ignoring the real issues. Are we not human beings? NO! we have transformed into monsters thru disinformation and mind control. [/b]
[b] [/b]
[b]I see no form of leadership dare oppose this method of thinking. The Catholic Church? Ha! are you kidding me? They should be all over this. Unless of course the are up to it into there eyeballs. [/b]
[b] [/b]
[b]In the US alone we have our taxes going up to pay for a 45 billion dollar war effort. How many homeless and starving human beings would this help? Where is our sense of duty towards our fellow human beings? Would this be what humanity is all about? I say yes. But we have been poisoned by all the corruption and lost our true meaning for being here on this planet.[/b]
[b]We should be ashamed as well as disgusted with ourselves. [/b]
[b] [/b]
[b]I think we have one chance and one chance only. The disclosure project led by Dr. Steven Greer. We must all jump on there band wagon and help them get there agenda filled. That being, Congressional hearings on[/b]
[b] [/b]
[b]To hold open, secrecy-free hearings on the UFO/Extraterrestrial presence on and around Earth.

To hold open hearings on advanced energy and propulsion systems that, when publicly released, will provide solutions to global environmental challenges.[/b]
[b]Implications for the Environment[/b][/url]
We have identified insiders and scientists who can prove, in open Congressional hearings, that we do in fact possess classified energy generation and anti-gravity propulsion systems capable of completely and permanently replacing all forms of currently used energy generation and transportation systems. These devices access the ambient electromagnetic and so-called zero point energy state to produce vast amounts of energy without any pollution.

To enact legislation which will ban all space-based weapons.

To enact comprehensive legislation to research, develop and explore space peacefully and cooperatively with all cultures on Earth and in space.[/b] [center] [/center]
[b]People we need to re-adjust our thinking.[/b] We need to get focused on what is really important here. We are fighting for oil. STOP NOW! We do not need it.
Let’s focus on getting the truth out and putting the people behind this disinformation campaign where they belong. PRISON. We can straighten out there huge mess. But it is going to take all of us to do this. The corruption is rooted in so deeply into our governmental subsystem it will not be easy. Remember, nothing good is ever easy.
This may not be the best story ever written. But it comes from the heart. It comes from a typical American who is sitting back watching the whole world self destruct. Our children and grand children’s futures are being destroyed right in front of our faces. Open your eyes and hearts people. You will see it. Are we going to continue to pretend this is not happening? Are we going to continue to go thru our lives wearing blinders and not realizing what is being done in full view of the whole world?
Be it God for some of us, or perhaps an advanced form of life in the cosmos, we need help. I have little faith in the human race. Prove me wrong. Let’s come together and make disclosure a reality. Let us be the generation to change the face of this world and bring peace and love back into the world.

Written by;
M. Daury
Mufon member Wisconsin

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If you like talking about Paranormal ufo's or just need to vent. Please join My forum;
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I am doing everything in my power to make a difference. Are you?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 6:27 am 
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Wow!! That was some intro! Excellent post, worth reading over, which I will. You have a lot of passion in your words, and I admire you for being so bold and forthright with your post and the research and statements in it.

I think you will find more than a few of your fellow members here in agreement with much of what you have to say, and I hope that you will continue to come in and post. The fuel thing is very interesting. That we have this knowledge like you said, and continue to ignore alternatives that would in turn, benefit all of mankind, is really criminal.

Thank you for your post, and hope to hear more of your opinions.

p.s. Welcome to the forum.

I have absolutely nothing clever to say......but I'm workin' on it.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:51 pm 
Thought provoking post, Drkdrgn.

History shows us how it goes. After Hitler, who would have thought that a whole load of people were waiting in line to fill his jackboots all over the world. And they have followed faithfully ever since, pursuing their own particular brand of 'leadership' .

Everyone knows it and everyone accepts each new despot and dictator as though we didn't know what was coming next. In fact we seem to love 'em. We vote 'em in then spend the next four years complaining about them, then we vote them in again for another term of pain and war.

Why is that? Is it their fault we do nothing? Or our fault?
Well it must be our fault. We have the vote, the say. Don't we?

What about the politicians? Strange people indeed. Truth is that something happens when a human gets power. And as for 'ultimate power'. Well, use your imagination. Something actually changes in him / her. The noble and good - if it ever existed- is consumed by other forces.
And no ONE person ever achieves the top position without 'owing' shadowy people along the way. Then when these shadowy people start cashing in their chips, they then call the shots and the 'leader' becomes a mere puppet.

That is why someone invented Superman, and Batman, and all the other Superheroes. Because only in comic books is anyone truly incorruptible. We cry out for someone who is strong enough not to crumble beneath human failings. As we know no human is that strong so we turn to comic heroes for the role models that do not exist in actuality.

Reality is that the bad guys have the advantage by knowing how human nature works and manipulating it to the max.
If there was a revolution and the meek rose up against the mighty, and if the meek happened to win by sheer numbers, who would they place as President?

Or maybe it would be decided that a president would not be required? Who would be 'The Leader'? Who would lead the meek? Could they exist without a leader of some kind?
Gradually it would all begin again. Someone would see a way to get a bit more than someone else, or a way to exploit them. Soon, the rotten apples would begin to spread their corruption.

Human nature is deeply programmed in. Why? Look to the 'programmer' for an answer as to why humans always **** up. The great designer of the human model alone knows the answer..

Bible says we are made that way so that we can choose good or evil. Trouble is, evil is winning so we must conclude that is the dominant force. Or is it? Do we truly choose how we act, having only been given two choices?

Why were we given a choice? A lion can only be a lion - he can hunt or starve, He has no choice.
A bird can fly or not. But if not he dies. So he has no choice.

If God wanted us to live in peace, love and harmony, then why torture us with the 'evil' bug. Why give us the knowledge to invent guns, money, drugs, alcohol, bombs, jets, helicoptors, greed, etc? Why give us the two choices to begin with?
So that we can 'choose' the good way? How can we choose the good way when all the power lies in the hands of those who create the laws to prevent us doing anything about it?

Human nature needs to change first. The human mindset needs adjusting, fine tuning, refining.. The 'nature' of the beast that is mankind, so drugged on his own greed and lust for useless 'things'.

Will the change come from us? Or from outside our planet?
Hell I don't know. I'm just one of the aforementioned humans caught up in the bizzarre movie that no Hollywood scriptwriter could ever come up with. Reality!

Welcome Drkdrgn

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 5:47 am 
Our votes mean NOTHING. The electorial college makes the decissions and they are directed by hmmmm. let me see here.

No! people are good. I think deep down they want to be good. However as long as money is in the equation it is impossible. People need to be on a leval playing field. No poor no hungry no one left out. This is the only way to peace. We have technologies right now being withheld from us that can help get us to this stage of humanity.
Satin was here first. We were put into a no win situation, where we not?

I say no. We have to evolve. But we have to do this spititualy. We have to see the wrongs and make them right. In order to do this we need to come together and DEMAND DISCLOSURE.

A march from people all around the world into DC will get these hearings held. Once these hearings are granted there will be over 400 Government employees and ex-employees that will testify they have worked or been associated with these programs.

We will submit Physical evidence, eye witness testomony military documents, all to prove beyond a shaddow of any doubt, These technologies do indeed exsist. We as human beings. Deserve this information, and facts to be fully exposed, and those with-holding this information from us and or our congress made accountable.

I think the outcome of a march on DC by all people, all around the world would turn out with huge numbers and even bigger resaults. I do not know about the people on this forum. But myself and 90% of the people I talk to about this are sick and tired of the lies and dis-information we are being given on a daily basis.

The media makes me sick to my stomach. Money whores like no others. The garbage they report makes me sick. Help me people spread the word of a march. Get people motivated and when we have enough people together, we can coordinate rides, busses,train and air tickets for people who need help getting there. We can also impliment food ideas for the great number of people. It can be done. Sure it will take effort.
But think of the rewards for all of mankind. Earth changing to say the very least.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 2:50 pm 
Excellent sentiments Drkdrgn.

I think any right minded person would agree with the argument you put about money, etc. And as for the media, nuff said!

If you are hoping to persuade the powers that be that they should repent and roll over, well if only it were so easy.
National Guard will take care of that. I beleive that the Government will have been anticipating a 'backlash' sooner or later. What they'll do is wield some ready prepared law at protestors saying that 'in this time of war against terrorism, it would be unsafe to allow a mass protest into the capitol', or somesuch injunction, call out the guard and have all 'traitors' dispersed.
A 'riot' will be cleverly instigated proving how dangerous the protestors are and arrests will follow.

I'm not raining on your parade Drkdrgn, just putting a jaded view forward. Sure - People should be allowed to protest and say whatever they feel, surely that's right and 'constitutional'. But the constitution as it stands can mean many things, usually means more to one with the best paid lawyers at their disposal.

In times of 'crisis', normal rules are suspended and out comes plan B. Thing is, you and me ain't privy to 'Plan B'.

A big protest putting pressure on the Gov may well hasten martial law. Current destabilisation in Pakistan would give some countries the jitters and give them a reason to introduce draconian measures to 'ensure stability' at home. (Don't worry about the 'detail' of all this - they'll think of all that.)

You mention vote rigging and say 'votes mean nothing'.
That quote could have two meanings!
You can only rig a result if people actually put their votes in. That provides the raw material for any post election scam. The votes are open to manipulation, duplication etc.

But if people stayed home, did not poll, if they withheld their vote in protest, it would mean that nobody could claim a victory. This would mean the whole democratic notion of voting for an individual would be held up for lack of participation. No need to send out the guard and use the media against pesky anarchists because the protest would be spread across the whole vast country.

But who knows just how effective any protest would be?

It's never been done to any real effect. You'd never persuade EVERYONE to hold back their vote in protest. Even if you persuaded tens of millions not to vote, there would be tens of millions who would cast their votes because it is their 'right'.

As for persuasion, You would have thought Dr Greer's incredible array of testifyers on UFO disclosure would have startled the world!! It was a brilliantly conceived press conference. And the speakers were sincere, well presented and believable. But it did not even make news outside the States.

You are talking about trying to pick barnacles off of rocks using marshmallows as levers. The system is so firmly entrenched, so dug in and established, that only something as devious and as powerful as it is itself could ever dislodge it.

Just thoughts Drkdrgn (my own, don't blame this forum!!)

Dagnab it, someone should do sumthin!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:38 pm 
First of all. I am not saying do not vote. I am saying the winner is chosen before you do....lol

2nd This is not a protest march. This is bringing people together to get open hearings in congress. As I stated before, there are a good number of congressmen who know what is going on. They would love to stop it. But are scared. They feel powerless. If they were to see they have the people behind them. Perhaps just one person with balls will help us in our quest for the truth. Calling out the military. NO WAY. They wouldnt dare. Not without some insanity taking place. They may try and start something but, We should be prepared for this type of diversion. This is done in a peaceful way with all of us comming together representing mankind. Red,Yellow,Brown,Whites all as humans.
Brothers and sisters of all races.

I know it sounds to good to be true. My motto I live by.

Let's think of a few reasons why it can be done.

It is easy to find excuses. That is why we are where we are at now. Negitive BS.
It is time someone do something. The longer we wait. The faster we are self destructing.

As for Dr. Greers press conferance. It made to my knowledge very few headlines. I know that the NSA pulled the plug on the internet airing of it for the first hour it was on.The majority of people have NO CLUE it was even held. The have no clue of the overwhelming proof that we are being decieved.

Do you ever feel like you have been tied and bound? I do all the time. I am sick of it and say it is time to escape. No matter what the cost is. I feel as my plea's are falling on deaf ears. It is so easy to make excuses why things cannot be done. Like I said. I was born in the wrong time in history.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 7:08 pm 
I wouldn't be at all surprised if the 'winner' is already decided, as you say. After all, why should voters have anything to do with the outcome of an election? lol

But if it is ever proved that someone tampered with the system then there should be absolute OUTRAGE. That is, there SHOULD be. People should go to jail for undermining the basic principles of democracy.

But instead nothing happens. That's democracy, folks!

But the human race has grown apathetic and weary and sadly accustomed to the corruption around it. Afraid too.

Easier to let the bad guys play their games. We don't know their rules, we ain't in their gang, the odds are stacked agin us.

You were 'born in the wrong time in history', huh ?

Maybe not. Maybe not. You sound determined.

After all, Either people eventually say 'enough is enough', or the world powers will think we are now adequately surpressed.... and then who knows where they'll take us then or what they'll do?

Every journey starts with one step.

I guess the guy who kicked off the French Revolution wondered if maybe he'd be better off in a more tranquil past.

Except there never has been a 'tranquil' past for man. Never were any 'good old days', just 'good old, bad old days'.

Everyone really knows who is responsible for all the misery and wars in the world. The mystery is that they know it but probably feel that a 'better the devil you know' attitude is the best way of avoidin the facts and dealing with them.

Refreshing words from you Drkdrgn.

Those congressmen you talk of. You say they'd speak out if they had mass support from the people. How do we know? What if the people rallied, but the congressmen backed down?

Maybe it'd have to work the other way. If these congressmen show their courage and intentions by speaking out first and telling what they know and then asking the masses for support, maybe they'd be rewarded by mass support. Who really knows?

Like you say, it's easy to find excuses.

The Dr Greer's scenario is unbelievable! I saw the whole of that conference on the internet and it was staggering! I thought 'This is it'. Then................nada.
The human race is sleepwalking.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 8:48 am 
Yes, you should have seen the one in Canada. It turned the ex defence minister of Canade into a believer. People in congress have spoken out and tried to get things done. However there efforts are twarted quickly. It is also something the headline news will never tell or share with us.

If you doubt elections they let the cat out of the bag in the Bush election. Did you forget the ranting how the votes in Florida where not only corrupted but not even finished being counted? Did not stop a thing. Did it?

Did you know Bush is now a Builderberg? You bet he is. Hmmmm. Is'nt that the cats pajamas?

The stuff you saw on Greers video is only the tip of the ice berg. There is so much more. It will boggle your mind. I have maps of all the underground cities in the united states. There entry points, there security details. As well as video from inside one of these unknown untalked about cities. These are in a safe place, but in 24 hours I can gain access to them. Elevators that have NO cables. They operate magneticly. A rail system that is faster than the speed of sound. Picturs of the machines that dill these cities out of rock. The list goes on. I could fill a note book 10X over with this type of stuff.

I have a friend who is a General. He informed me. If I can think it or even imagine it. They have done it or are working on it.

Everything from time travel to geneticly engineering the human knome. Scary stuff.
[url "http://melchizadek.conforums.com/index.cgi"]http://melchizadek.conforums.com/index.cgi[/url] This is my forum. As I get more people there will be tons more added. There are well over 100 great pieces to read on there now. Go sign up. Tell me what you want to know about and I will dig it out of our archives. Our's means the 4Real Group. I will not post what the group deams priority on any other site.

Did you see this yet?

Of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses... This little coterie...run our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen...seizes...our executive officers...legislative bodies...schools... courts... newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.” N.Y. Mayor, John Hylan

See? There are people in the know who are sickened by this garbage. Until they know they have proper support. There at a dead end.[/url]

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 1:18 pm 
You said it, good buddy.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2007 6:05 am 

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[crazy] I saw no notice of the Greer press conference and only learned of it of late. Is this the same press conference of the former NASA official that was the author of the book Dark Mission?

Stop and smell the roses

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