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 Post subject: Re: [mark/alby] ME
PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 7:12 am 
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I think lostinspace, that I can relate a little bit to that feeling that once the information is out of the bag, there is no going back. Taykn has the confidence to ask questions that I'm sure you are looking for answers to yourself. There will be people who can not only identify, but give you some 'confirmation' for lack of better word, that you are not alone, and you are not crazy.

I admit that there are very, very few people who I would trust to confide in. I know the reaction I would get, and it wouldn't be helpful in the least. If anything, it would further silence things that I've kept under my touque for years and years. So, it's nice to find a place where you can investigate things, test the waters, and try to find some understanding to the things that have happened to you. Really what else can you do. You have to live your life, and carry on business as usual, pay the bills, walk the dog, cook supper. All the mundane tasks are maybe a good thing to keep some balance?

Have you considered keeping a journal? I started one last year on the advice of Bergle, and when I remembered things, I started to write them down. Haven't put much in it lately, but every time I look it over, it gets me thinking, and I remember more. My problem is fear. I admit it. I am afraid of what I will find out. But, one step at a time, and eventually, I know I'll have some understanding. One post I made over a year ago was answered by a member who suggested that I investigate time slips. I did, and found out that there were many people who shared very similar experiences to mine, and I can't tell you what a relief that was. I really had NO idea there were others.

Anyway, I'm happy that you are here, and that you will find challenging and thoughtful posts back and forth.


I have absolutely nothing clever to say......but I'm workin' on it.

 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] ME
PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2007 8:36 pm 

I think that your posting is what I really needed in order to get started. I think that it will help me give a foundation for the ultimate question, "why am I lost?"

I cut and pasted your questions so that I could give answers to them and hope this may create more questions, ultimately allowing me to answer some questions that I have about myself.

Q: Have you seen, or are being treated by a psychiatrist?
A: Yes, I am seeing a psychiatrist semi-regularly. The reason for this is that I occasionally have panic attacks.

Q: Are you on medication for Schizophrenia, or Paranoid delusion?
A: No, I do not suffer from either.

Q: First contact, how old were you, and where were your parents?
A: The answer to this is somewhat where my story begins. When I was about 17, not on drugs and a completely average kid, I was in my bedroom. It was during the summer and I was going to take a nap in the middle of the day. Nobody else was home but my mom was across the street at the neighbors. My phone ran and it was a girl that I was kind of seeing. We were talking for about five or ten minutes when I just remember feeling like something was not right. Like I said it was the middle of the day during the summer, the sun was out and it was a nice clear day. I had my blinds pulled down and felt a sense of urgency to look out of my window, although in a strange way I really didn't want to. I told her to hold on for a second that I had to do something and set the phone down. I pulled up the blind and that's when everything changed. Right outside my window, about five feet up, probably 15-20 feet off the ground was a bright red light. Not just a light but more like a ball. It glowed more than shined and It was just slightly to big to get between our house and our neighbors, so it hovered between the two roofs. I stared at for what seemed like only a one minute or just slightly longer. At this point the light slowly rose about another 15-20 feet, sat for about three or four seconds and then in a fraction of a second just shot almost straight up and was gone. I just sat there for about five minutes and didn't do anything. I was just trying to figure everthing out. I wasn't scared, and ironically not even excited. I was specifically just stunned, not physically but just mentally trying to absorb. At that point I picked up the phone and it was dead. I called back the girl I had been talking to and she said that she waited for about five minutes and then hung up. I still remember her saying, "well it took you long enough." I apologized and then she said that she was just about to make other plans for the night and I said, "man you must really be in high demand." She then asked, "why?" I said, "I'm sorry that I left you waiting for a few minutes but I called you right back." She said, "five minutes and an hour and a half are two different things." I then realized after looking at the clock that it really was that much later.

I have to go right now but will be back later tonight to tell the rest.
Who was it?

Who did you think it was?

Was there a ship?

Were you probed? Scooped, or scraped

What did it/they look like.

Do you go willingly?

What did they tell you exactly.

Why do you feel afraid of them.

What does The End have to do with them?

If you were abducted, where were you taken
from, and where were you taken to?

Exactly what was done to you?

Are you implanted?

Do they still bother you?

I HATE prompting Lost, but it seems you are not going to give up your story without it!

 Post subject: Re: [lostinspace] ME
PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2007 11:20 am 

Dear Lost,
please excuse my get down to it attitude, but you took the ball and ran with it and have made EXCELLENT progress.

People have anxiety attacks without missing time, so in your case you have ample reason for reassurance.

So far so good.

I asked the medical questions just to be able to confirm your own questioning.

Apparently something went down that has been erased from your memory.

please continue with as much of your experience as you can recall, no tiny detail is too insignificant!

follow my prompt questions only if you wish to, but you now have supportive listeners who have some of your information to go by in trying to help you evaluate your experience.

again good for you!

 Post subject: Re: [Taykn] ME
PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 4:24 pm 
Sorry that it took so long for me to respond. I have been extremely busy at work.

Thank you Taykn for your support.
I guess that I will just continue where I left off.

To shorten the story some, I ultimately ended up letting her go and just sat there thinking for a while. I was thinking about all of the times that this crap happened before and what had been going on for so long. About 15 minutes later I my mom came home from the neighbors and walked into my room. She was in a good mood and just asked generally, "what's up". Her mind was not really into the question she was just picking up some stuff not actually looking for a response. I just sat there and didn't reply or know what to say. She looked up at me and I just started crying. Not the most common thing for me to do. She came over and asked what was wrong. I didn't say anything at first and really didn't want to answer. Then after a couple of minutes and her asking me several more times, I just looked right at her and said, "Mom, something just happened and I know things I shouldn't know." She asked what I meant and I told her something happened while she was gone. When she asked what, I told her. I she didn't say anything. Overall she was really nonresponsive. I then told her that this was not the first time. It was just the time I was apparently suppose to remember.

Overall, I spilled everything. That this had been going on since I was little. That I remember even being in my crib and being taken away. She then just asked me some questions. I was able to answer some.

I have no idea how many times that I have been taken, but know that at times it was not very often, other times it would be a few times a week. It always seemed like they were just around checking up on me.

That's it as far as the first time I was able to actually remember right after it happened....I continued to get "checked up on" and will answer more of the other questions a little later.

Who was it?

Who did you think it was?

Was there a ship?

Were you probed? Scooped, or scraped

What did it/they look like.

Do you go willingly?

What did they tell you exactly.

Why do you feel afraid of them.

What does The End have to do with them?

If you were abducted, where were you taken
from, and where were you taken to?

Exactly what was done to you?

Are you implanted?

Do they still bother you?

 Post subject: Re: [lostinspace] ME
PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 6:04 pm 
Q: Who was it?
A: To be honest, I really do not know who it was that time and do not remember anything other than what I just said.

Q: Who did you think it was?
A: I really don't know. I feel like it was just a check up on me.

Q: Was there a ship?
A: I don't know if I would call this one a ship like a saucer. It was more like a big ball.

Q: Were you probed? Scooped, or scraped
A: In this case no. I have been in the past.
Side note: just sitting here writing this stuff feels so crazy. Again, I am not crazy, it is all just here and the truth as far as I know. I know that most people would not even attempt to listen paste the first couple of words. The majority of the rest probably just stick around to see if it can get any crazier. In the end, I no longer care what other people think. I have come to the conclusion that this is a part of my life. I would like to thank this forum for at least accomodating a sounding board for me to share. Although I have still kept very quiet in real face-to-face situations, I ultimately hope that this will allow me the confidence to speak up and not be intimidated or scared of what others might say.

....Moving on....

Q: What did it/they look like.
A: In this case I don't recall any beings. I can tell you that in other cases I have seen a variety of them. The ones that come in while I'm sleeping, generally to pick me up are the stereotypical aliens "grays" I guess. Overall, it's interesting because I have heard other people on TV describe their situations but some of what I remember never comes up. I always remember a general process that takes place usually in sequence. I'll describe that later. I also have seen, and hate the one I have always called, "the evil one". He is usually taller and much more focused on the task of physically dealing with whatever it is they want from me. I also recall having usually one that I call, "the gentle one". This is usually a gray that stands by me and tries to keep me relaxed (it really doesn't help). Finally, there is the one that I call, "the watcher". It is usually up in a corner just overseeing everything. It's kind of weird, as if all of this isn't, but he seems to be less intelligent than the rest. He doesn't look anything like the others. He almost looks like a giant spider without the fangs. His body is about the size of a large beach ball, a little bigger, and he has more legs. Maybe they are just arms that are closer because of his shape, but it seems like there are more limbs overall than the others.

Q: Do you go willingly?
A: Never...I hate them. Although the gentle one tries to be nice I really don't want any of them around.

Q: What did they tell you exactly.
A: OK...Basically I've concluded that there are several different types of people taken. Some people are taken only once, maybe just to be checked or because they happened to be with someone else and where therefore there simply as a byproduct of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some people are taken randomly but are tracked over a longer period of time. Finally, some are taken from the craddle to the grave. I have always believed that I fell into the last category but now I'm not so sure. I have been taken for as long as I can remember, and some periods of time were a lot more often than others.

Once taken I would usually start of in a waiting room of some kind. There would often be other people in the room and everyone would be in a type of trance. Then when it was my time I would go and get examined. I remember when I was young. They put something up my nose and it hurt really bad. That is how I think they could always find me no matter where I go. From there they would either drop me back off, or I would have to do other things. I think that people that are taken regularly generally end up in one of a few categories. Most are just generally probed, pricked, and used for study. Others have to endure horrible amounts of pain. I recall several times feeling lucky that I was not part of that group. Lastly was the group that I would fall.

After the general exam if I was not sent back to where they got me, I would be taken to another room. In this room I was just pounded with knowledge. It was like they were just shoving information into my head. Sometimes there would be two of us and we would have to try to work together to do certain tasks.

Q: Why do you feel afraid of them.
A: Because I believe in God and I do not believe that if they were working for or with God he would let them do these awful things to people. I do have to admit that I often wonder if it is a test for God as to what I am able to endure as an individual.
I would not say that I am scared completely of them anymore because I know that at anytime they could just get rid of me, but I am not scared of dying (not that I want to) as much as when I was younger.

Q: What does The End have to do with them?
A: I had dreams that incorporated apocolyptic types of things with a choice. It would sometimes be the choice between going with them to help everyone, or in contrast telling everyone how evil they are and that the promises that they give are empty.

Q: If you were abducted, where were you taken
from, and where were you taken to?
A: It would depend. Most often I would be taken from my house. But I have been taken from my car and they seem to be able to take me from pretty much anywhere. I would usually just end up on the ship. Although I never really ended up anywhere that I can recall with certainty, I always seemed to have a sense of whether we were still close, far, or very far away from where I was taken.

Q: Exactly what was done to you?
A: I think I already answered this.

Q: Are you implanted?
A: I believe that is what they put in my nose when I was young.

Q: Do they still bother you?
A: I am glad that you asked this question. This is second of the two major areas that I do not completely understand. The first being the whole end of the world thing.

I do not believe that I have been taken for about seven years. I remember the last time that they took me. When everything was over I was given an opportunity to ask some questions. They showed me an enourmous room filled with the stereotypical alien in a bottle of liquid chamber. I remember that there were so many. They basically said that it was for our own good. They also told me that my training was done and that they would only stop by to get me occasionally to check up on me. This was true. I went from being picked up sometimes three times a week to once a month. Then once in about six months twice and now I do not believe I have been picked up at all. It's because of this that I wonder if I fall into that 2nd or 3rd category that I described earlier. Not that it really matters.

Thank you, everyone for listening. It feels good to get this off my chest after holding it in for the past 20 plus years. Please ask more questions and tell me what you think. I don't mind if you think I'm nuts or you really do believe me. I have belief in myself and my experiences now so all comments and questions are welcome and appreciated.

Lost In Space (but "Finding Hope")

 Post subject: Re: [lostinspace] ME
PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 9:32 pm 

Good Lord, Lost/Finding!

Firstly stop, wondering about what people's reactions will be to you. If you offer, 'think I'm crazy'? input, people will think it, just because you offer it.

For as much WIERD STUFF that I post, I have never gone the 'do you or I think I am crazy route'. My urgent task is merely get the story told.
Saying I don't feel comfortable about an experience is more approriate, then you can begin to relax into confidence here, instages.
Those who ARE listening to you will still listen, some guests will drop in and critique and belittle you, SO WHAT, your supportive audience who are contantly here ARE BIGGER!

I begin to notice in a lot of experiences there is a religious undertone happening in some.
I come from a religious family, L/F, and I can remember strange things and events from the crib as well, but I never associated it with UFO's to me it was either a good thing, or an evil thing.
I would say I have never been Taken...then again I look at the subconcious name I chose years ago for my online personality...Taykn.

I remember seeing a red devil floating in a seated position outside my crib window...I as only a year old or less.
I cried because I could not speak yet to tell my mother to shut the window.

My mother was very astute, she came and got me, and said aloud, "The baby doesn't like something outside the window".

She did what I wanted, she closed it and the blinds, and took me with her.
My dad grumbled "Ain't nothing outside that window, the baby is probably hungry". hmph!

I later had one of my first aware sightings in that very housing project, but none of my sightings are important to me, I just feel like I am the roving reporter that happens to be on the scene...I posted that sighting under 'unidentified flying objects'.

This is about you unloading baggage.
If we peep the contents of what you bring it's none of our business where you got it from or how long you have carried it, the MAIN point is that YOU CAN UNLOAD IT HERE.

You see L/F once you get your thread going the interaction is ongoing and sharing.
but back to the religious isssue...

I had what I thought was a battle with the devil one night in my bedroom.
a muscular lizard man wanted me to go with him, and I kept rebuking him, calling on God.
It seemed I had to go because he wanted me to, but my refusal was just as firm as his.
I was afraid, but my trust in God was stronger. The more I called on God the more I was getting righteous indignation at the nerve of this devil/Lizard? battling me.

He was well formed like a man who works out, but he had green scaley skin, and a yellow underbelly. He looked like an alligator who could stand up, but he was manshaped, longer arms and legs. He had claw and teeth, but he operated like any angry person, he had a tail, no visible sexual parts, and the only clothing I remember was a X of red cloth around his shoulders and chest.

 Post subject: Re: [lostinspace] ME
PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 10:16 pm 


I felt I was in a dreamstate, because I could hear his anger, that I wouldn't just go with him, and that I was calling on God.
He had the bed cover at the foot of the bed, I had the top part...he was strong physically but he could not come get me, I had to go on my own free, will.

Well that wasn't happening.
We wrestled like that for what seemed like hours.
Then he smiled a lizardy smile, and said you win this time, like he would be back.
I fell back in bed as he let go the cover, but I immediately sat up, WIDE AWAKE!
Looking at the doorway where he just stood, but there was nothing there.

I felt a cold sweat, wondering did I just see the devil or what? Did I see anything at all, was that a dream?
It was too real.
I thought oh well, He didn't like me calling on God, so it must have been the devil himself. I mostly remember I had to go of my own free will, He couldn't understand that I wouldn't just because he said so. It was like that was not supposed to happen.

He also never spoke using his mouth, but I could hear him.

I have never seen it again.
A friend ask me did I ever have an implant or a scoop, I said I never had any strange marks on me, then I flashed...

One night I awoke with two small meat holes in my arm...I said they were bug bites, but the holes were the size of silver stick pin heads, the sewing kind.
They were 1/2 an inch apart and perfect, no blood, no swelling, no scab.
It healed over white, and I forgot about it.

I just now looked and it is still there, but it happened when I was very young, and instead of on my upper arm, it is down to my wrist now.
I didn't associate it with a prick or a probe, but a bug would have to be a tarantula to make a bite that wide apart, but with no after swelling or itch?

still the God issue...

My faith in God stands firm, I feel HE has control of the unknown, but just like we have freedom of choice, maybe the unknown has that permissive factor as well...

Out of all my distinctive sightings I have never seen a 'gray', and if I did, I think I would be subject to acting like JOHN'S STORY that CF told....

I don't think I'd have 'em shuckin' corn but they could sure help with the laundry and carry my art supplies...

It also helps to have a sense of yourself and you humor L/F...

I also had a time when I awoke in my room, and I had the distinct impression I cause some kind of confusion for something or someone, as I was not supposed to be awake...I remember I was floating above my bed, but I thought my body was beneath me still asleep..My vision was overly sharp, but I am blind without my glasses normally.
Everything was in sharp vivid Black, White, and Gray, there was no color.

The moment I was aware I was floating I slammed back to the bed, but I was in the sleeping position on my belly, I said What the ???? I was awake, but I was looking around like, I knew the room was just in black and white a second ago....
I frowned since I had no answers and chalked it up to another 'Taykn roving reporter, you heard it here first thing'...
I sensed people in the room but never saw them...

So I don't feel I have been abducted or surveyed, but I don't know.
I just know a lot of strange stuff happens to me, I trust God and tell it.

I don't think I would crack a grey over the head unless, it came to medical issues...I don't like doctors or procedures anyway! LOL!
I probably wouldn't like pushy greys or people...

You're doing fine L/F....

When you went from ship to house, did you walk back home, did they drop you off inside outside, or back in bed?
How did they get you back in your car? was it moving? Did that involve missing time on your part?

You say your training was complete...
Do you remember any of it, Do you think it was pointless, or beneficial to you?
What did they train you to do, or teach you?

You're doing fine L/F...take your time....
remember no detail is to trivial, even if it seems silly to you, it may make sense to someone else here as our experiences are all different, yet seemingly connected.

 Post subject: Re: ME
PostPosted: Wed May 16, 2018 9:15 pm 

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 Post subject: Re: ME
PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2018 5:12 am 

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