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 Post subject: Why I am here
PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 7:53 pm 

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Hello, I am here because I have been researching Mkultra and have
had some odd experiences in my lifetime.

I wrote the lyrics to a very famous song when I was living and working at
the Banff Springs Hotel in 1986.

I wrote some very powerful lyrics and was so moved by the experience
that I decided not to further pursue my interest in songwriting any farther.

I had just turned 21.

I felt that I had finally mastered the task of lyric writing at that point and
realized then and there that I was not cut out to go into show business
and decided to walk away from my fantasy of becoming a professional singer.

I spotted some teenaged musicians staying with some of the hotel employees
in the staff annex of the Banff Springs Hotel, and shoved the lyrics under their
door and forgot about it.

A few odd things spring to mind when I recall my time working at the hotel.

Something about the whole Banff Springs Hotel struck me as odd while I
was staying there. The elitist atmosphere of the place was one of the most
striking aspects. Yet it was so odd. The hotel itself is set up like a castle for
the world's royalty, and I lived in essentially the slave's quarters, yet .....
none of it really made sense.
Sure there was nice food and skiing and all...but..........none of that explained
the very existence of the hotel itself. I had the sense that something more
was going on with it. Something far more important....

The staff annex was attached to the main building of the hotel via an underground
tunnel. There seemed to me something medievil about this. The way the employees
sort of sneeked to and from the building to secret staff rooms where we prepared for
our tasks and used special elevators etc. It all seemed pretty impressive.
The calibre of the guests and the ostentatious setting got to me after awhile.
During breaks I would murmer that I should try to unionize the staff for better
working conditions. I was half joking , but it was foolish to even entertain such
banter, because I soon found myself under the watchful eye of the hotel management.
Obviously they didn't like it when young guys like me got out of line and started making
noise like that. I had one old Scottish woman on the security staff of the hotel begin
eyeing me up at dinner time in the staff dining room. She would stop and stand and watch
me whenever I was anywhere near her, whether it was behind her in line for food or
behind her in walking down the staff tunnel. I had a little joke that I would play when I walked
down the staff tunnel. I would whistle the eerie 'Star Trek' theme as I walked , just because
the tunnel seemed so strange and the hotel itself mysterious. The acoustics of the tunnel
made it possible to whistle quietly and still have the sound fill the entire space, sort of
echoing eerily down the hall. The hotel security office was
located just off the staff tunnel , btw. Often the Scottish security matron would be near the door
or entering in and out.
One time I began whistling this STar Trek music as she stood at the end of the hall near
the security office. The next day she was there again, and as I passed I began whistling
again and she frowned at me and said "Enough of the whistling."
I saw her the next day as I was lined up for my meal at the staff dining room.
She seemed to be involved with the manager of the people who cooked the staff's
food in some capacity, talking with the kitchen manager, and one of her hotel security
associates was with her. They were both in their fifties or older.
When she spotted me in line
she again began loitering in the area and watching me.
She watched me as I selected my food.

(the dining room was always a buffet affair, where you could select
from quite a wide variety of food.
She seemed to take an interest in what I was eating,
as I was an exceptionally healthy and alert employee. I noticed that her countenance was sort
of stern as she watched me. She had the same expression on her face as she'd had
when scolding me about whistling in the tunnel.

I went as always straight to salad buffet. Today I thought I might try the pasta salad
(I usually always avoided it) and took a big spoon full of it.
Before placing it on my plate, I glanced at her and she seemed subtly smiling ,
hard to explain, I was keenly reading her face, and when I saw
her still watching me I put the spoonful of pasta salad back in the buffet tray ,
having changed my mind about eating it. Something subtle about her expression
had warned me off eating the pasta salad, she had a horrible malevolence about her
and when I saw her sort of gloat at me taking the pasta, I instinctively put it back.
This seemed to irritate her intensely. I shot her a glance of triumph, as though
I'd won our little battle , and to let her know I noticed her watching me again more
than anything else. I think it was the fact that I read her face
so well, it really pissed her off. As I passed her in line , next to her hotel security
associate , I heard her mutter to him, doubtless in reference to the back of my head ,
"He knows something."

I was in trouble with the management of the hotel from the moment I had said
anything about being dissatisfied and unions etc., that much was clear.
ONe evening I took the staff elevator to one of the staff supply rooms to retrieve
a fruit basket which had been left behind by one of the hotel guests. The hotel policy was
that the room cleaners were allowed to take any change left behind as a tip, and
allowed to keep any food which guests left behind after their stay at the hotel had
ended. Occasionally staff would find something prized like cans of beer or
a gift fruit basket from some function they had attended
or chocolate bars that the rich guests hadn't bothered with packing
home with them.
Anyway, I was sneaking back into the staff supply room with my staff key after hours
to try to get this gift basket which I had mistakenly forgotten to take with me after
finishing work that afternoon. I accidentally got off the elevator on the wrong floor,
and went to the wrong staff supply room. Returning onto the elevator to go to the
next floor I was intercepted on the elevator by the Scott woman's security associate.
He said 'come with me ' and pressed the elevator button to the basement , which was
where the staff tunnel and security office were located. He demanded to know who I was,
and what I was doing on the hotel floors after hours. I was irritated that he was going to
kick me out of the guest area without letting me even get my fruit basket, and tried to explain .
He tried to anger me by pretending not to here my explanation. He kept remaining
silent after I explained , and then just saying "Uh, I beg your pardon?"
It was supposed to be unnerving to me, but I just found him irritating and practically yelled
it in his ear as though he was deaf. His plan was to try to get me angry
so that he could take me to the security office, I guess under more adverse
terms , which he wanted. He wanted an excuse to get me into the security office,
which is why he was ignoring my explanation as to who I was and why I was
there the whole time we rode down in the elevator.
He went silent and made a show of intense breathing as though he were furious with
me. I saw through it as an act, so it did not stress me out in the least.
He looked very intelligent. When we got into the security office, he made me sit on a couch and sat on a couch
which faced me from my right side. He just had me sit there as he watched me.
At length. His obvious intention was to stress me out, and again I saw through it and
found the whole situation sort of amusing. I kept a very serious face, but remained
relaxed. He must have pressed a button to summon someone else, and a very
athletic looking angry young man about my own age arrived at the office. I wasn't
intimidated in the least by either of them. The young man paced the room as though
ready to explode in anger. (again I sensed some ruse to frighten me and thought it
amusing) The senior security staffer continued his seething and silent wringing of hands
as he watched me silently from the side. I baited him, pretending to be stressed out,
and then alternately relaxing, and returning to feigning stress again etc.
Finally when I sensed that he was growing impatient with the situation, how relaxed I was,
I was careful to avoid irritating him, but said politely and very quietly and calmly
"Okay, so what's going on...This is boring. It's not very pleasant for either of us."
I pretended to be stressed while saying it, to appease him more than anything else.
I sensed his interest heighten as he watched me closely from the side. He wanted me to start
fidgeting or get scared or start begging for some explanation. Yet he was the first to
fidget. He shifted in his seat, and I had won. So I relaxed again
and said with a sympathetic look "this can't be very pleasant for you"

This irritated him . His eyes went wide for a moment and he said "hey, don't worry about ME,
[i]you're[/i] not doing anything to ME".
I smiled as though relieved that he didn't see me as tormenting him in any way, and he finally realized
that I was not going to crack under the pressure and uncertainty of being kept in the security
office like that. I think he sort of liked me at that point too.
I tried to make some polite conversation, during which the younger man rudely interrupted me
and tried to intimidate me. I don't recall clearly what it was, but it was something to the effect
of 'what has that got to do with your being here in the security office?"
He was making such a ridiculous effort to intimidate me that
I almost laughed in his face and smiled at the older man.
The older man seemed to relax. He asked me a few questions. Where
did I work in the hotel. Why was I in the guest area off work hours?
Where was I from. He made a point of asking where my parents were.
When I told him that my mother lived in nearby Calgary, he asked me if I was in contact with her.
I found this line of questioning a bit worrisome under the circumstances,
and I intentionally told him that my mother knew that I worked at the hotel ,
that she had driven me there to apply for the job and that I was
in regular contact with her. All of which was true, thankfully.
The younger man kept interrupting the questioning with questions of his own.
Why was I in the hotel guest area after my shift? etc.

(I ignored him, as I had already explained all of that to his superior in the elevator,
and I knew that they knew who I was anyway)
Each time I ignored him, I caught him looking from the older man toward
a door with a stone staircase which led downward,
even further underground , as though he was eager that I be taken down there.
More silence, more waiting.

Finally the older man decided to let me leave, with the usual warning that I was not to enter the guest
area off-hours etc. Meanwhile, the younger man was puzzled if not furious
that I was being allowed to leave, and his supervisor shook his head at him,
almost in apology and muttered , smiling,
"He's strange" sort of chuckling as I left. I wonder if
he'd ever gone through with this routine with someone as cool and disarming as I had been.

As I look back on the whole thing, I am certain that I came within moments
of being led down those stairs and locked within some sort of room, and then
possibly abducted to some torture and programming facility.
The combination of things which saved me were that my mother knew that I was there, and more importantly,
that I "was strange". In other words he sensed that I wasn't going
to be broken easily, and he liked me. So I was allowed to go.

Also if it had been true that "I knew something",
as the old Scott woman had said, there is no way that I'd have been as lighthearted
and good-humored as I had been while under scrutiny in the security office.

I would have been shitting bricks (had I known what I know today). He knew that too.
So his technique was just to put people under stress, under observation, to see
just how much inner anxiety was going on. From that he could surmise whether or
not I had any idea what lay at the bottom of that staircase downward.

I left my job at the hotel a short while after that.
Two years later I was passing through Banff and stayed briefly at the travelers youth hostel there for a few days.
The same security staffer from the hotel was there, and was periodically delivering things like toothpaste to young people staying there.

I suspect that transient youths are being abducted in Banff for mk programming
from such places as the temp hotel jobs that they take or from the youth hostel.
People who are there completely anonymously with no relatives or
contact with family to protect them are vulnerable.

What I suspect is that there are gigantic naturally heated caves in the Banff
region. These warm caves have both naturally heated water
(from the famous 'Banff
Springs' geothermally heated underground water table) and naturally running
cold water streams. So basically the caves are heated, and come completely
equipped with pure hot and cold running
water. Ideal conditions for a secret underground base of some sort. Low cost,
comfortable, isolated, low maintenance etc.

At a guess there is now a fairly massive underground population
is such areas as Banff and Denver and other similar geothermal-advantaged
areas like them.

What is going on there , who knows. I whistled Star Trek and almost ended
up taken underground by force. That's about all I know.

Another odd thing is that I recall that my mother insisted on accompanying
me to apply for the job in Banff. I told her I was planning on going there
to find work, and she insisted on driving me up there and actually followed
me into the application office etc. I was never close to my mother.
I had not seen her in years and was in her city of Calgary only on my way
to get work in Banff. Its like she knew something about Banff. She knew
that I was in danger?

 Post subject: Re: Why I am here
PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:15 pm 

Joined: Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:09 pm
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Just a quick note to thank you all for the warm welcome to the forum.
I see that the people here are keenly interested in my insightful writings
and very interested in the subject of mkultra and brainwashing and its
possible connections to blackops.

 Post subject: Re: Why I am here
PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:15 am 

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Welcome Hunkathunka! Nicely written story, but it seems to present a number of guesses about your subjects?


 Post subject: Re: Why I am here
PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:02 pm 

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yes, it certainly asks more questions than it answers, I agree

All I know is there appears to be something majorly secret
connected to 'the underground' which I suspect is literally
'underground'. The masons have from the dawn of time
been connected to mining . The earliest origin of mining
that I can imagine would be the first time early man
picked up a rock to use as a weapon and from there
became adept at selecting perfectly sized and weighted
stones to use as weapons, and from there to selecting
sharp stones for cutting and weapons, constructing
stone arrow heads etc. Then of course the first tribe to
discover flint stones use in creating fire would have had
a massive advantage over the rest of early humans.

These tribes would have been more easily able to move farther north
into regions more uninhabitable by other early humans.
So the mining of flint stone and of salt must have been one
of earliest instances of mining.

From there I surmise that the oldest and richest and most powerful
families in the world have always had a hand in mining. Masonic
culture would have its origins in the mining and handling of stone.
For this reason I find the network of railway tunnels and railway
hotels which was constructed in the 19th century to be fascinating
in its connection the masonic underground. I suspect that European
masons have had secret underground bases in North America for
at least five hundred years. The Norse were in North America as early
as 1300 and already had the ability to mine metals and cut stones.
At a guess a place like Banff Springs Hotel is connected to something
quite significant, and the rail tunnels (and secret rail tunnels) play a
significant role in connection to it all.

I found this on Banff and the masons:

The Masons have been a significant fraternal organization in Banff since 1888. Many local men became involved in the early Masonic Order in Banff, including W. H. McCardle and Frank McCabe (the two men who discovered the lower "Cave and Basin" hot springs while exploring Sulphur Mountain in 1883), Dr. Robert Brett (town physician and later the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta), Tom Wilson (guide and outfitter), Dave White (prominent merchant), and Jim Brewster (owner of Brewster Transport). Before the local builder Arthur Unwin constructed the hall in 1924, meetings had been held in Anthracite (a local mining town) and in Banff at the Bretton and Brewster halls. In 1901, the Masons conducted their first open-air meeting on the summit of Tunnel Mountain. Inspired by the alpine challenge, subsequent meetings were held on Cascade Mountain, Mount Alymer, Hole-in-Wall Sawback, and Rundle Mountain. The members of the Cascade Lodge celebrated their centennial anniversary in 1988.

My guess is that there is an ancient underground society which predates all ancient
societies including Egypt and Sumeria and Babylon, and which has survived the several
catastrophic global events which destroyed the existing surface civilizations.

This could explain why biologists have noted that caucasians, and humans in general,
seem biologically ill-suited to life on earth's surface.

Skin not suited to sun exposure, eyes not adequate for night vision,
bodies not naturally adapted to cold, etc. Biologists say that it is furry animals
who are the more natural inhabitants of earth's surface. The theory is that these
are clues to the more mysterious true origin of humans.
White people are especially ill adapted to the surface of the earth.
The skin and eyes are less surface oriented than say orientals,
who have eyes and skin which function better in the sun.

The theory is that white people have a more mysterious origin.
It could be that white people have lived longer in more civilized
conditions and have physicallly adapted to indoor living, which
could point to civilization being far older.

 Post subject: Re: Why I am here
PostPosted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:24 pm 

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btw, who deleted the link to my account of writing
the lyrics to that famous song, and why?

 Post subject: Re: Why I am here
PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 10:33 pm 
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About 99% of all new users who post link in their first post are spammers, so you have been considered as spammer by mistake.

We cannot change our problems at the same level of thinking in which we created them - Albert Einstein.

 Post subject: Re: Why I am here
PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:59 pm 

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I wrote the lyrics to Smells Like Teen Spirit in 1986

http://www.topix.com/forum/who/nirvana/ ... 2#lastPost

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