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 Post subject: Magicks of men
PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:40 am 
Is there a real and vibrant talent with men which can call forth rains to slake the thirst of parched earths?
Do we possess a birthright far higher than we now know?
Is the sium total of our psyches a growing and expanding organism?Or does it wither even now from past greatnesses and triumphs?
An ancient globe spins in space for billions on billions of years...Races rise and fall across its surface...the very topography is a moving fudge over such long periods...casting up volcanic mountains and drying up virtually ocean sized pieces of ground as the surface rises and falls over the aeons...
The Himalayas being our tallest, but youngest mountains...the Canadian shield worn down to within a few hundred meters of sea level but rock solid granite now immovable
bones of mother earth.
The ages have come and gone but strangely in every epoch there is eveidence of the presence of hominids....men.
From the footprints of men and dinosaurs cast in the pleosinic mud...to the dolmens and mehirs thrust towards the sky that circle the globe and appear in virtually every continent.
Human replicas cast in stone, painted on caves and evident in many forms have appeared to confound the antiquarians and archaeologists....
Statues dug from many hundreds of feet down in coal beds...even miles beneath the earth!
Tales of ancient kingdoms abound to our student of history..Hyperborea,Summeria,Atlantis!
Evidence of highly technical knowledge of medicine and science has been unearthed over the past hundred or two years, but in many cases the uses of the artifacts were beyoind the discoverers ken!Electric lights were aparently very common back say five to ten thousand years ago!In one civilisation the lights were still burniong when the explorers arrived!Though the secret of its brightness was lost to the indigenous natives!
Which sets the scene for my question....
Is the supernatural power of mens minds a thing of the past or the future?
The so called magicks of men from horse whispering to sorcery,remote viewing to telekenesis.....
Are we the inheritors of some long forgotten and forever vestigal remnant of the power our old fathers once wielded?
The words with which to command the clouds?As inthe ancient druid tradition?Can any man pour the water on the stones stair to bring forth the cloudburst?
Is it in us all?To some degree?at least?
The vague forboedings of the about to be newly deceased?
The uneasy feelings of the wife of a man lost a sea that she will not kknow is dead for over a fortnight hence?
To what extent to we feel that we have retained our old magicks?or gotten new ones which grow ever stronger with the generations passing?
What is the concensus?
Are men gaining hteir spiritual and magical prowess or merely enjoying brief flashes of an older man from an other time?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 3:32 am 
Oh, bergle, that's beautiful and oh, yes.

Yes, yes, yes, we are the magick men who call forth the Ages and the stones tremble at our evils and rejoice when we please the angels.

Here in Canada we also have the tip of the African continent where the story of the Atlantean weapon that caused the Fall is carved into the rock of the Eastern Islands.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 8:13 am 
In Canada you say?
Sounds very interesting....
Atlantis was duly discovered,as edgar cayce predicted it would be, off Bimmini
in the Bahammas...1969......photgraphed from an aircraft through shallow waters....
There is an ancient city five thousand feet inder the atlantic southwest of Cuba,
A canadian group are investigating with remote subs....Pictures have been taken but ive seen nothing yet....
Nor have i heard any more about the newly discovered pyramid in chzechoslovakia..
(Apparently everyone just thought is was a mountian till some bone headed amature unearthed it.)

PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:13 pm 
Yeah, Bimini is fascinating. Edgar sure knew alot about Atlantis, as do the stone people.
Have a friend who was top secret in the military, tracking subs off the Eastern coast, who told me the military was interested in that site, years ago...


If I could talk to the stone people, what a lovely world it would be...

The Sahara is like a giant melted down stone person...

PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:17 am 
Now blossom, you really must introduce us to these stone people,as i dont think you exactly mean the guys that keep trying to sell me some kind of rocks every time i go downtown...they hang out on the street corners and loiter in the doorways and keep saying rock? rock? over and over...i found out if you look straight at them and say something like "Day Nada"they dont bother you much....
Meantime, the term stone people brings to mind aeons old silent sentinels which guard the sacred places of the cosmos......
The Biminni thing will mature according to Edgar whos 1969 date for the discovery of atlantis there was met to a Tee.....
I even think his prediction is for land rise in that area and traces of atlantis appearing above sea level.
I sometimes wonder if he and old don Juan are hangin out somewhere on some level,swapping stories and chillin out....
So many ancient mysteries have been destroyed and misinterpreted by archaeologists in order to bolster their own theories etc.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 10:06 am 

Joined: Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:59 am
Posts: 1853
Location: Canada

Last year I heard that there is a pyramid off the coast of Florida, but it is being kept top secret. Almost identical to the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

And then there are the pyramids in China, which are totally amazing.

Obviously we know little of the past, as this pyramid business must have been an industry all on its own.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 12:56 pm 
Yeah my vote is for a whole different slant on prehistory....and history too for that matter!
The internet is just not filling the bill fast enough to get the word out...(word about anything)the Gov Boys seem to be able to produce so much crap that any nuggets must be painfully searched for and winnoed carefully for disinfo.
Even then its hard to get the skinny.....theres so many updaters i seem to miss,or they just dont happen....
Theres a whole city 6000feet down off cuba, theres miles of biminni sea wall and tile floors underwater...all kinds of stuff that indicates a sunken civilization....thats not too deep for scuba gear...
Theres a whole [passle of stuff we hear about and its just gone....where i dont know...but its only a story for a moment....
Its funny because the stuff they have the one minute epscial on has been waiting aeons for its debut and has so much more to reveal....
They never seem to go back and check it out three or six or a year later...or even keep up a running comment on...
Instead we get sanitised iraq war footage and every other kind of crap....
between the now legal subliminals that is....
When they make the news interactive, im gonna throw tomatoes...

PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:22 pm 

lol, I love Edgar, he knows the stone people. One time, I was feeling relatively alienated from society and isolated by circumstances. During meditation one day, my root chakra suddenly turned into a stone I'm aware of on the side of a cliff.

It was like suddenly belonging absolutely to the earth, that I was intended to be here, with absolute inalienable right and that the stone people recognized this and held me close to their hearts, even if society didn't.

Later I would read Black Elk's vision of the stone people, when they grumble, and roil, angry that with all the wealth, the children and the elderly, the dependent mothers are hungry. They were especially angry about the children.

Coincidentally, when I had the bad experience, three years ago, when that self professed 'child soldier' from Africa showed up wanting the children...they aren't children anymore, it was when the tsunami knocked the world off its axis and the sea claimed the capital of the world's sex trade. They're children will be children and Whitlery seems to feel the "Finders" keepers thing is inter generational. His visit coincided with the introduction to Whitlery's board, and it seemed odd, considering the children were both more or less, grown.

Monitor Patsy Lizards, is the prevailing theory.

Thailand recently had a military coup - I believe the army is intent on cleaning up, or at least dominating the graft on prostitution, that constituted a large portion of their GNP. Mostly Western customers, for their child sex trade.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 12:59 am 
Sorry, lady but the heroin trade is king in the golden triangle....The wealth of the three countries is produced there from......blossoms.....
The sex trade is very poor second to that.......though no less widespread,and with even more disgusting customers....i must agree......
Pity its the junkies they shoot there......

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 5:54 am 
Makes sense Bergle, everyone knows that's where prostitution money often goes. Sad isn't it, and with war - the problem is compounded. War and addiction...the scourges, Buddhists might classify it darkness, and not ignorance...in some cases. Darkness where they profit and isn't that the bottom line now? Natural disaster, of which I hope I didn't sound flip. I thought it was ghoulish how the Westerners moved in immediately with offers of adoption, when they're presence there is primarily as pederasts and sex tourists.

For some reason, St Paul is is tugging on my shirt tail, saying - Something about iniquity.

Crime fighters are gaining new legislative weapons with which to prosecute at home sex crimes committed abroad.

With any luck, they will be enforced. Unfortunately I saw a story recently, wherein the police out West kept an underage brothel under surveillance for several days before raiding it, and didn't arrest any customers.

They must have been powerful community members, and there's no further inquiry.

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