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A day of March 2001, when I am dispersed on school sports ground. Always be feeling pleased in the heart, do not know what to happy event wants to become of on my body. Just when I am in glad, I seemed to bump with respect to the feeling oh like the individual, I hear ouch ability has answered a god to come. Say at once: “ Is am sorry ” looks up when me when, appeared at the moment in me the girl of a Qing Chunke, he also answered “ irrespective ” to leave, after leaving when her, her smile, form lets cannot forget continuously one by one, in the period of time later, she always cannot forget in my heart, so I begin to ask about the circumstance of this girl everywhere. After asking in me, I just know she calls ” of “ Zhang Min her still doing thing of be apt to all the time. After knowing her condition, I also want to do thing of be apt to together with her. So I think method found her after I said my one's purpose in coming to her, after the one's purpose in coming that knows me when her, she is smiling to say to me: Welcome your affiliation. �� interacts in I and her in that paragraph of time, slowly I discover I had liked to go up she. I want to allow the thing that she knows to I like, I sought the career an opportunity says to her; ” of “ Zhang Min I. . . . . . I. . . . . . Like to go up you, after speaking this word when me, she is done not have very much had answered a god, after answering a god when her, she did not do any answers to smiling to leave, . Is knowing why? Later she is hiding not to see me all the time in period of time, in those days that I did not see her, no matter what I do brokenhearted, even meal of not feel like eating, sleep to be not worn become aware. After passing a few days so, she thinks in me I appear in me when also seeing her however at the moment, after finding me when her, she asks me, be if you said that day, true? Be to like me really? I am loud at that time tell her, I am to like you really, I should be together with you, I want one's whole life be together with you, forever protection you. such we went one case, doing thing of our be apt to together. Be in a day of a Valentine's Day, I am carrying her on the back designedly to bought a bundle of rose and a ring. Holding in both hands when me when rose and ring appear before her, she does not know a fault to rise however, do not know a fault in her when. I say to her: “ quick ” asks you to marry me, do my wife. ? Nod like her bashfully at this moment. We live so one, go the following one day when us, I say to her; “ quick ”“ for the life, won't have a rough time to I follow after you, let the life that happy joy gets on too after you, ” I should go out do a part-time job. At this moment she asks me, you go out to do a part-time job the meeting is very tired, I say: Outside “ our in the future, I suffer again again much suffering, tired, I also am willing. ”�� I am so busy at applying for a job, searched very long did not find, I have mug-up ash meaning became cold, but for “ quick I return ” hold to, I search at the same time so, wait at the same time. Waiting for a better chance it seems that, waiting to have the job that expands a future more it seems that, also want to face all difficulty in the job in the ready-made with real heart it seems that. I am thinking so, waiting. . . . . . �� �� a day of 2002 midday, I eventually the admission notice that the hand reached industry of a state-operated, arrive in that of admission notice the following day, I signed up for to this company to. But this company is very far from the school, should sit in the morning everyday long bus, midway turns even car ability goes to a company. After waiting for me to reach the office, I do an individual already very tired. What plus me multitask makes content is not familiar, in the heart very nervous also, get cautious job everyday, the heart is afraid of to in working, make mistake. Completed work of a day below so tight situation. Come off work the following I had been muscle skin force is used up. Return so that take a car to answer the school, on the vehicle that returns the school in me, I saw the Neon in the city red ablaze, when waiting for me to return school dormitory, basically be in the evening is much at 8 o'clock. The body that I am dragging exhaustion has a meal, read a book, next ability light-off sleeps. Day with respect to such day after day live simply, I arrive to can be taken care of later quick. I traded an another companies, “ quick ” also is moved to li of the company's very close place to live together with me, I right now had worked more content is a lot of more familiar also. But in the working status that I am in business from beginning to end. It is to go to work everyday next, come home have a meal, accompany quick. Also chat a little with the neighbour all round sometimes, till midnight very just faint to fall asleep. On the weekend for company quick goes out to play, play tired come home get online talk about QQ. A day of 3 eat, the friend meets I always am met in order to work busy will plead, the day on the weekend I am to be in the home to accompany commonly quick, arrived I begin Zhou Yi again at the job. �� time is long, I always feel to appear where to have incorrect, the whole life that is like me is thrown in the job. Besides I do not have other life, also do not have too much hobby. Besides “ quick it is too much and worth while that I am done not have beyond ” reliant friend, my experience world is not dark, still do not know this this mortal world. Because I still am a job before long student, at the moment the problem place that I began to discover me, it is the job that I did not balance myself good and life. I let balance put the work at the same time, and of the life at the same time high however cock. Too high to reach, be without content. �� is in accidental opportunity, my mobile phone rang. I take a mobile phone to open look, it is a new telephone. I still pressed communicate key. The phone puts through, hear a telephone call only then the head is saying: “ old schoolmate, disappeared for ages, you but good? I listen to ” is classmate “ brightness the sound of ” . This made me glad to skip quickly rise, because of “ brightness ” is my friend in a keep no secrets from each other with unique school. We talked about long phone so, in the phone we are sent our respects to each other, I just get the telephone call that we talked about for some time, he now have been the manager of a company, he is informed to should have gone up in me after the manager, I am really too envy him, because of him now have been a manager, and I am returned now is a young staff member. He says to me in the phone, he considers development going abroad, he should have done a passport now, he says to want to allow I and his development going abroad. I say to him, I cannot go together with you, I had wife now. If I and you went abroad together, my wife was taken care of without the person. But I or the care that should thank you first, I wish you are successful here, he says: If you do not go if I am not loath also you, he says finally: I wish you happiness is happy. After dropping a telephone call, I lie on the bed to staring at the ceiling thinking. . . . . . , silent in the heart also ask oneself, why am I done not have brightness how lucky? �� time passed one year again so, I resigned again the job of that company. I what did not work stay in beautiful all the day only beautiful, look at, look at this home. At this moment I feel this home and me such unfamiliar, look at bear hardships together with me of be put into trouble quick, and she is not had again complain those who do not have regret to follow me. I think all the time so, wait all the time. . . . . . Waiting for a job that has development outlook more it seems that, waiting for the job that can make money it seems that, also had done again on the heart it seems that should act, want to work. I again thinking so, waiting. . . . . . , 2 over- month, 3 spend a month, I think I cannot wait so, I should go out to apply for a job, the think of a way that so I think me to apply for a job told quick, she says: Want you only good to you, advantageous to you, as long as not oneself tired. My meeting supports you with all one's strength, you go out to work with respect to what be at ease! I will be good the arrange in the home. �� is in a day of 2003, I begin all preparation that begin to go out to apply for a job, after preparing everything, I went shopping, just when I take entrance of a bazaar when, I saw a company is in invite applications for a job a vise general manager. I was holding tried state of mind in the arms to make a telephone call to this company. Said my condition probably in the phone, they call me to go to a company on Monday interview. After dropping a telephone call, it is good that I come home go all preparation of interview. I go to a company interview is glad thing of course. But let me all one's life feel compunctious thing is coming over to me. This kind of thing happens �� on my body, resembled making a dream like. But it is not a dream, it is oh so clear, clarity can see its existence to everybody. �� first time sees “ humble ” is invite applications for a job attends a meeting to go up in the company, invite applications for a job a vise general manager. My belt does the courage that calf gives birth to to not be afraid of a tiger at the beginning of the portion then to was applied for, he goes up in commissioner banquet in those days, interview time of half hours, like letting my feeling had resembled half world. Think oneself won't be nervous originally, but the query that to now I still forgot them, also forgot at that time oneself answer, remember the appearance that every leader on commissioner banquet is expressional gravity only, she is only crooked from beginning to end head is smiling. After �� goes a few days, my mobile phone rang suddenly, I picked up the telephone to hear to be like Ceng Er's ripe sound. “ firm ” congratulations the vise general manager that you become a company, next Monday can come to a company report for duty. Taking a telephone call, I am very long ability report comes over, asked excitedly: Is this true? It is you, “ Zhang Gang! ” believes our meeting cooperation is cheerful! I put down �� the phone gives my girlfriend “ immediately quick ” made a telephone call, think good this news tells her, so I also raised voice a lot of. I apply for “ went up, they telephoned to me! Is ”“ ? I know my my husband is the most marvellous, I ask ” today you go out to had eaten. “ quick ” is my girlfriend, also can weigh to going up is virtuous wife fine mother. College graduate is in love I and her that year, to now, we had been familiar with every movement of the other side and every eyes. During school, we are accepted “ inherent a pair of ” , still keep having male fellow student beside her around, receive male fellow student ceaselessly to invite her to play the requirement of ball, I also from at the beginning small noisy small be troubled by later suit slowly, change in what follow her from beginning to end and change, but I maintain a distance with the female classmate of other from beginning to end however. I once thought to be able to replace her without any person the position in my heart. Rain of �� wind storm, joys and sorrows of life, originally my He Min marries is the thing of success will come when conditions are ripe, but my absolutely did not think of, my life began of the company to produce change that day in me. I went to �� the first day of the company coming up against “ humble ” in elevator I said “ actively with her hello! ” . She or the face that holding that piece of smile look at me to say: “ hello! Congratulation you! I am the Wang Fei ” of manpower resource ministry, she says: I know “ ! The youngest leader in the company is you! ” , I tell her: “ not, the first, I am not a leader. I also am one works; The 2nd, it is a leader, henceforth I am not the most youthful, however you! Wang Fei! ” , I am smiling, feel happy secretly in the heart, right! Begin from today, a I also am a company. Leave “ quick after the graveyard of ” , everything what we marry with respect to preparation coming home. The harm that makes me all one's life unforgettable is being approached to me. �� wants the young group of two only in this average age in, everybody is so energetic, I what just began the work, unavoidable the pressure in some hearts, no matter I come off work,have much evening, should see only quick in my company entrance when, I can become a lot of more relaxed. In our chat when, when does total talk marry to us, when to answer native place to visit respective father and mother, in that paragraph of time, I always think all these can continue so all the time. �� a day after 3 months in the morning, I just reached the office, a beautiful formal young lady is holding a bundle of flower in both hands, knock and enter: “ hello! Teacher, your king young lady gives you the flower that order! Wish you birthday is happy! ” , birthday? Oh, right, today is year old of my birthday, this paragraph of time is the job of effort only, also forgot oneself birthday unexpectedly. “ thanks ” , but? Can you be Miss Wang? After formal young lady goes out, how is I forgot to ask unexpectedly Miss Wang, I consider as my girlfriend to send, the heart thinks is they made a mistake certainly! �� is in at this moment the phone of the office rang, “ firm ” , can you like the flower? ”“ Wang Fei? ”“ is! Can you admire a face to eat a meal together tonight? ”“ , feel embarrassed, I still have other issue to do tonight! ”“ is irrespective, sometime is good, as long as you are happy good! ” , after I drop a telephone call, long however hiss at a heat, faint feeling has what thing to want to happen, but I cannot be considered so much, perhaps be to imagine attraction from opposite sex, but myself forgot, “ quick did ” also forget? How previous had not she mentioned all the time? I think, if I go back in the evening later, she forgot really, the appearance that I can pretend to get angry, actually, resemble this kind of thing I am won't very care about, after all the job that everybody has him is in busy. �� goes midday when dining-room has a meal, there are a few colleagues to always see me with peculiar eye in the company, seem to still be in secretly what saying. Casual I heard someone saying: Wang Fei sent a bundle of flowers to Zhang Gang this morning, most probably they are good went up! ”“ won't, I hear of Zhang Gang he himself has a girlfriend! ” , does “ have a girlfriend how? ” , the colleague on the side of me asks me, if she goes after Wang Fei really you, can you refuse? I promised with respect to blurt out, won't have this kind of thing, still say to be no problem on the mouth when the talk, came off work at 11 o'clock to in the evening all the time “ quick ” has not telephoned to me, my intuition let me return the home, I open a door that momently, my cerebrum “ buzzs ” ground, cerebrum at that time is a blank only, I saw that one act that performs in TV, the door of the bedroom returns with the door left unlocked to wear unexpectedly, dim lamp illumination went out to lie on the bed one male one female, that male, that male still wearing my night clothes unexpectedly ……“ crash ” , that male resemble fleeing for one's life like ran Na Donglou. My tear is flowing sneakingly, “ quick! How can you are opposite so I? I ask move quick ceaselessly, that momently I hope she can give me an explanation, the vituperation in my heart she is ingrate negative meaning, say I am met forever hate you, also won't excuse your ” all one's life, the word was swallowed by me however to the side of the mouth, love her too because of me, perhaps be me too flimsy! Just did not speak out those words. �� I bend over to go up in the bed, look at the head of a bed that piece we are in maritime the picture that take, I feel I am so happy however in those days. My eye is staring at a doorway however, hope she comes in say, husband Is am sorry, I am wrong, ask you to excuse, the vituperation that allows my firm firm again next she is one. Can allow the thing that I did not think of, she did not come in all night however. This lets me feel resembling is the nightmare that became a dreariness overnight, how do I want to also want to be illogical. How can this kind of thing happen on my body. �� the following day early in the morning, my swipe spirit goes going to work, before going to work, I still practiced smiling before the mirror, but, that Zhang Que in the mirror is so gaunt eye still takes a place swollen, that laughs also is a simperingly, before electrify ladder, I want to use the rapiddest rate to run into the office. But, if the person is in when having bad luck, drink cold water to also get tooth of a place of strategic importance repeatedly, in elevator I came up against phenanthrene again, she looks at my face, there is on the face greatly interrogation, change her the expression of the smile that former days, ask me: “ you this is how, how is the eye also swollen? ”“ it doesn't matter, the doggie that I raised last night died! ”“ Oh! Day! What dog is what you raise? Be inferior to tomorrow ……” . Elevator door opened, I accelerated a footstep to go, did not wait for her to speak out the word from the back, I walked into the office. That day, I do not know how I pass, I also do not know my job to had worked. After �� comes off work, I did not come home directly, it is to come in a bar however, common saying says: “ drink down, anxious more anxious ” . I still called a few bottles of wine to drink, it is when I am malty, my phone rang, the tone that taking signs or feeling of getting drunk received a telephone call, this ability knows is a female voice: “ you are that, do not disturb my ” . Hear to say inside the phone only: “ I am phenanthrene, are you over there? ” . The kind that I see your mood is bad today. I receive you now, “ need not you will be in charge of me, I died unpitied also, phenanthrene says we are friends however, the colleague is in the company. Is the friend occupied I how can without giving thought to? You say ”“ quickly you are over there, I say: Jing Hui of �� of wooden tablets or slips for writing of art �� hey wraps up bursa to suffer from?rdquo; of the umbrella that bow with hands clasped to gourd ladle differ meeting she arrived, she arrives bar, look at me malty, ask I am how, your old man still drinks an appearance, be still a man? You cheer up with respect to this as a man, achievement is made look to her on the job, how are you still inferior to my woman. After I hear these her words, left public house with her, after leaving public house, she remanded me, she left. I lie in the after-thought on the bed to rise just if she says, slowly was asleep. �� is in the time that mixes 3 days the following day, I take out a telephone call countless times by rose quick telephone number, but did not press once on that OK key, the 3rd day also went, I still am done not have when quick if looking for me to say sound lets me excuse her, my hypothesis a lot of kinds of circumstances, does her friend lie on the bed that evening? Did her friend fall ill? I put down so called face, also cannot think again so much. Calculate you not to love me, also should give me a reason. �� awaits quick the time that pick up the telephone is endless, even the heartbeat of myself also can be heard, the phone rang very long, she still received a telephone call, hear her to talk that momently, the word of my that skinful however a word also says not to come out. “ is firm, on this world, can a woman replaces me to love you, want you only live well goes in the future. The sound of the line is transmitted in ” phone, after I hit the past again, be informed however the user that you dial already closed machine. Passed a little while, the doorbell rang suddenly, I still find a surprise at that time, thinking is quick came, she is for certain joking with me, the heartbeat is being accelerated again, I forgot completely in those days quick betray, what can make me disappointed is, when I open the door, appear in me the person before is not quick, poor however. �� �� “ how? Do you seem not to welcome me like? ”“ Oh! Without, will you look for me occupied? If ”“ does not have the word of what inconvenience, can I go in sit? . Although I think Feilaide is not moment very at that time, but stem from courtesy I still came in her please, dog of a pet also came in please in the meantime. How did you come to “ ? I ask ” absent-mindedly. “ that day, you say your doggie died, I see you very sad, so I want to send you, but do not know you like not, I raised this auspicious child it is fast a year, I send you it now! ”“ this, this how Where is have the nerve? I just said casually that day just! ”“ you clear away the home so neatly, so, after I decide, my home also gives you are cleared away! What does ”“ say? ” . I use angry tone and her to talk, at this moment she says: I think “ the husband that lets you do me! ” this word speaks out from inside the mouth of phenanthrene, resembling is resembling again really is joking. You fasten “ to open this kind of fun with me, I have a girlfriend oh! ” although quick betrayed me, after all we lived 7 years together. I know “ you have a girlfriend! ”“ how do you know? ”“ ah …… , resemble you, so handsome like you if able man says to do not have a girlfriend, unless the woman of the world death ray, perhaps say all blind eye! ” , when phenanthrene is saying this word, hesitate in speech a bit, a little factitious even, “ I am serious! Zhang Gang! You believe me, I can consider to your time, time is not early, I went back first, you also rest earlier! Oh! Was opposite, do not consider too much issue, some things still arrange his natural and better. ” poors, my cerebra a disorder, but the responsibility should be returned if I did not say her, I still am hope quick a phone can be hit to give me in this moment, I am good tell her, if if she is again right I am bad, I can consider others really, but the house is hush, without a bit noise, only that doggie is leaning close in my foot edge. �� since then I, the class meets my every sky to see a breakfast on desk, to these I always am absent-minded taste, phenanthrene also won't pass what to ask more, time going to work meets, she also is met very polite greet sb with me, when only at noon comes off work or commuting late, she just can call to me, say the word of a few cares, the person that what word says in the company has, have say my not know what's good for one, have those who say my holiday is great-hearted. To these words I am OK ignore, phenanthrene is opposite so the more I, I want to see the more however quick. I begin �� the telephone call that makes her, it is to call first close machine, next I go to her company searching, the person of the company says quick she did not work with respect to abdication before a month. It is what reason knows without the person after all, I go search in her home, the house changed host already however, they say quick took away before a month, in the time of a month, she resembled air evaporating on this world euqally however, I make the telephone call of the person that all likelihoods know to she falls, also neither one person knows where she goes to. Accordingly, I asked for leave to the company, returned her old home, her parents says, she had not come back for a long time. I am pulling tired out body to return a company that day in the morning, “ humble ” was taking a breakfast to come in again, she says: “ piece manager, the breakfast disagreement that prepares before me your appetite? My ……”“ goes out today! I do not know ” I at that time is how, send so big fire actually. Phenanthrene, I tell you, you do not waste idea on my body again, your sincerity it may not be a bad idea, hypocrisy, I do not need! I of this already enough chaos, request you, make me kosher is period of time good? On the expression of ” Cong Fei, what I saw her is helpless, but what did she say, the breakfast in dropping a hand went out. After coming off work in the evening become very noiseless in the company, I think a few colleagues that perhaps are a company came home, my person sits before desk, I do not want to come home, wanting to return is in that houseful quick the home of shadow. In the office inky, at this moment the door that abrupt somebody is beating me, my old man is in also feel at this moment fear to rise, a kind unspecified, “ who? ”“ I MBT shoes, wang Fei! I listen to ” the sound that coming out is phenanthrene. “ had come off work, what thing will say again tomorrow! I think ”“ and you talk about bit of private affairs, about you, still have you once girlfriend! Sit on the chair on ” my horse straight. “ you come in, the door does not have a lock! How don't you open ”“ the lamp ah? ” humble was saying to come in, the light that lets handgrip office also was opened. Did you a moment ago say “ what? What private affairs? What about me once girlfriend! How do I mix ”“ do you say? Your, you once she comes to the girlfriend had looked for me! Does she look for ”“ you? What does she look for you to do? You are known! ? ”“ not, do not know, I listen to a paragraph of recording to you! ” humble takes out a recorder from the bosom at this moment, I begin insecurity to rise, my intuition tells me is certainly quick have what news. “ is firm! After I know I go, you can look for me certainly, actually you were not necessary so do! I am undeserved you continue to look for me again, you still forgot me! I am more beautiful heart all along, this you also know! You are pretty good also nevertheless, I love you no longer, phenanthrene appeared again beside your, let her continue to love you! You and she marries! I also go and another person married ……”“ became enough! Put out, I do not think rehear! I patted ” huffishly table, stood, I go to poor before, crying aloud: “ is false, it is false entirely, she won't say these words, won't, do you tell me? After ” humble closed the recorder, comforting me, in phenanthrene comfort under, I also resembled home of a woman weeping euqally unexpectedly. I cannot be accepted quick the fact that betrays me so. “ Wang Fei, you tell me, quick she is not in that way person, she is so love I! ”“ not, she is undeserved you love her again, undeserved also you think her again, you forgot her! She has given you sold, sold me! Did you a moment ago say ”“ what? Say again! She says ”“ she needs money, she hears I like you very much, found me, she says I should give her 50 thousand money only, she sees you no longer from now on! ”“ your bullshit! Day! Wang Fei! You are a what kind of person after all! Don't you feel you get with such means I am not too mean? ”“ Zhang Gang, it is good that you regain consciousness? How to still resemble a female other people so not sensible, no matter this reason closes improper, what I want to make you clear is, you must forget her, such your ability free oneself from inside anguish. ”“ I love you sincerely! ”“ goes out! Go out, I do not think rehear, you can go! ” my sad became rage immediately, “ Zhang Gang, do you think I am to cheating you? Good, a moment ago you had listened to recording, I this has a piece of receipt, you also look, I want to prove to you, you must forget her. ” (receipt receives cash to be rectified 50 thousand yuan today, the day that gets ready money from oneself rises, I assure to have any connection with Zhang Gang no longer. Chamberlain: Quick) . �� with a ha is breathed out, I begin a yock, this is her handwriting really unexpectedly, I and her classmate 7 years, I also can identify a punctuation mark is her word, “ 50 thousand! 50 thousand? ” do I sneer is “ in her heart am I worth 50 thousand money? Phenanthrene, were you spent 50 thousand bought me? Don't you feel to be spent too much? You should say a condition with her retell! ” king poors hold me in arms, “ is firm MBT shoes sale, you do not want such, not such, we are wrong perhaps, perhaps we ought not to such, perhaps such meetings give you greater harm, I am wrong, ought not to listen to her, you cry! Cry out will meet feel well a few, I begin to cry greatly, cried a little while to begin to cry, really absurd! I once fell in love with a such people actually, 7 years, don't I understand her unexpectedly? ”�� humble accompanies me to return the home that makes me sad then again together, I lie on that piece of my bed that evening, cry ceaselessly, ceaseless laugh! Phenanthrene says: I am in the sitting room, call me not to think so much again, breakfast rests, befuddled, I do not know is what is daydreaming still, I seem to hear the cry that transmits phenanthrene in very close place. �� the following day in the morning, when I awake discount MBT shoes, I smell a rice is aromatic, when walking out of a bedroom, see there is apron on the waist of phenanthrene, yesterday evening also did not happen like what thing same, she still says smilingly in that way: “ woke! We have a meal immediately! ” sits before dining table, I ask her: Are you afraid of “ you were those 50 thousand Qian Bai spent? How do you know I can marry you certainly! ”“ marries the freedom that marrying that is you, just quick say you can marry me certainly. ” I sneer again! Be, quick it is to understand me so, I also once thought I am to understand her so. �� �� “ such, firm, I am acting you ask 3 days of sick leave to the company, you must get up steam after 3 days, come to a company go to work, is there still one pile thing to waiting for a your department to manage in the company? I believe you are firm, you are sensible, right? Do not consider those unpleasant issues again, let those things go! ” sees this goodness before have sth in mind, beautiful woman, I have smile of corners of the mouth only, she always can give a person with self-confidence, see from me she begins for the first time. I can feel �� phenanthrene uses a heart to mine, she is so attentive care I, but how do I also want not to understand, when quick when putting forward to want 50 thousand money to her, why can she agree? But resemble quick say to phenanthrene in that way, I can marry her, perhaps be dicey! Perhaps be abandon! Perhaps be to hold in the arms answer! A day of a month, agree to buy ring together originally, ke Fei calls suddenly to me say, leave a few days her friend is occupied, wait for her to come back to be bought again, I ask she goes then she also does not say. �� I fear even at that time she this comes back no longer, can poor after 3 days I am flashy when appearing before me glad to became question, “ your complexion how such malformation? Your eye how this appearance? ”“ it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, go buying ring! ” humble does not say intentionally, I also did not ask more again, perhaps I see her behavior is returned to me at that time is not so important! �� after a year, in me age of a week of He Fei marriage reads aloud one day, I ask her: “ wife, do you think what gift I send you today? ”“ hum! Need not, wife tells a story to you today! ”“ ? Is this the gift that you want? ”“ is! Sit! ” wife leaned close in my bosom to tell rise, “ had a girl and a boy to love each other particularly once upon a time, they can say is a perfect match between a man and a girl, green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, but be in the boy and girl university to graduate that year, namely they plan to marry one year that, the girl actually fish oneself got cancer. I take ” suddenly straight body, I look at wife continuously continuously, she is enmeshed completely in memory, continue to telling her story: “ later, the girl wants to tell her anguish to the boy to listen, but it is painful that she is afraid that the boy follows her one case, what is more,the rather that she knows she cannot live too long, after thinking of she leaves the boy, the boy may very long cannot display vigour, she decides to hide this fact to the boy, the girl is not afraid of death, what she fears is the boy after she is dead the meeting is alone, can take care of him without the person, the girl is very contradictory, she considers a lot of issues everyday, but each thing matters with the boy. Accidental opportunity, the girl goes receiving the boy to come off work, came up against the playmate that is brought up together as a child in the boy's company actually, they go up to graduate to junior high school all the time, this playmate that is brought up together as a child went with respect to transfer another city, the girl is mad with joy, did not think of to be able to come up against her in this in one's childhood best friend, and this friend works in the same place namely with the boy unexpectedly, the work that the girl begins to ask the good friend does not know them lets the boy know, the good friend begins not to know how to return a responsibility, the girl told a good friend the thing that she got cancer later, want her to keep secret for her certainly, request her to must have taken care of her boy friend in the future, although the good friend is again good, also do not think the marriage that takes oneself is joking, she begins to contact this boy, gradually, she discovers, the boy is a so handsome manager unexpectedly. When ” wife tells this, I ask suddenly: “ why does the girl insist not to agree to tell the boy? ” because once when once the girl and boy cross a street together, the boy did not see gallop the car that come over cheap MBT shoes, girl express is blocked was in before the boy, fortunately the car dodges seasonable, the boy and girl did not get hurt, but the boy is determined however say: “ if you are dead, how do I do! ” girl says: How is “ met? Fasten talk rubbish. ” boy says again, be no good, you pledge, do not let me see you are dead forever, if have where day really,we have a person to get *** , that one person is me certainly! ” girl got angry, so a bit bagatelle always dies unexpectedly ah dead, but the boy is extortionary the girl pledges, the girl takes him to do not have method, say what also do not let the boy see her forever to leave, for this oath, she is concealed all the time, if the boy saw girl die in one's bed is before oneself, he is met forever won't display vigour. ”�� wife is being told, begin to shedding tear in my eye, I understood everything it seems that, “ next, the girl directed that one act that allowed him to see she is betrayed that day in boy birthday, actually the girl did not betray him, she knows the boy too, she knows the boy won't excuse her, the heart below her firm wants to let the boy leave her, she did not recall the boy that evening, but she herself cried full one in the evening. The good friend does not want to give her this help again. Do not want to help her conceal again, because she kisses the one's mind is somewhat unhinged that the eye sees boy time going to work, the girl wants to fall on one's knees beg a good friend, help her last times this, for the happiness that the boy will come. Did not think of the boy and did not decide to abandon because of that thing, again later, she begins recording to give the boy, she cannot appear before the boy, because at that time the torment as a result of serious illness, the girl's leg had stood not to rise, she tells a good friend, if listened to recording,he still does not believe, take this piece of brief note, let him cheer up with the fastest time next. ”The design before boy of �� �� “ sees the girl is carried eventually believed after nice brief note, but he is very painful, he thinks he once loved a fault person, be in that one evening, the boy's colleague feels very regret, regret to ought not to promise a good friend to arrange this fraud below meticulously, she worries about him from now on depression goes down, but the girl is understanding boy, the girl once said to the good friend, he is a surface looks firm, a boy with very effeminate heart, but he decides won't because of the girl's treason Ko oneself, the boy is very strong, when the smile that the boy becomes after 3 days is shown before work in the same placing, have the backside that the girl's good friend can see smile then only, once had a heart that is hurt to appear by them. ”The past indelicacy that �� tear also does not stop again, wife begins me closely hold in arms. I do not want to let sound of him cry out come, come one many year, I am in hard all the time forget quick, because phenanthrene is right I am too good, I am crying to ask phenanthrene: “ boy now how? ”�� �� “ promises to work in the same place in this good friend when proposing, originally their come to an agreement or understanding buys wedding ring, but the girl's good friend receives the girl's sick into death information suddenly. Her good friend asks the girl in the aloud in the phone, boy of otherwise inquire for is final at the same time, if she is willing, she can take the boy to see her, the girl tells a good friend with very frail sound: “ does not want! Otherwise all my effort wasted, beg you! Do not tell him the fact again forever, do not call him again forever sad, be opposite for me well him! ”When �� wife tells here MBT shoes clearance Even if be the love that dies namely for an instant, there is tear in the eye, also do not control oneself again, I am loud like the woman however cry! “ arrives when the good friend when, this girl already forever closed an eye. ”The consciousness of �� my bottom of the heart tells me to did not think, did not cry again, but no matter how I am brushed,shed the tear below, how can also brush, at this moment myself says to oneself, I cannot cry like the woman again. I want adamancy, I am a man! One said after I sit up, “ wife, I am sorry! ” wife is touching my head, it is like a mother like the child that fools oneself, “ husband, why should say to I am sorry? Want you not to blame me only He Min cheats you together at that time, I with respect to content with one's lot, if some day, my foregone was in before your, I can hope to be able to have another …… likewise. ”“ did not say again. ” I covered the mouth of wife, we also do not want “ forever apart. ” wife looks at me to nod to laugh at the same time, “ is good! Go washing a face, your wife prepares food to you personally today, do delicious! ”�� after 3 days, I and humble arrive together quick before the grave, phenanthrene is in all the time look at silently quick, I stand before gravestone, right in the bottom of the heart quick say: “ quick, hello sleep well! I misunderstand you no longer, phenanthrene told me everything, I live with phenanthrene now very happy! I also can think you MBT anti-shoe sale, wish you are in heaven everything is good! ”�� common saying says: Did not close in love improper, see two people cherish that love of this hard-earned together only. When �� will marry namely with wife in me, he took out a notebook and vitreous bottle, she says to me: If you are in,be opposite I am bad, I am written down on this notebook. You let me weep, I am gone to a water is added in this bottle, this water represents my tear, if it became full, it is us when divorcing. I say to her: Is “ your woman too jumpy? Is ” your woman to say “ is a good man to won't make beloved woman sad weep? Because I like you,I and you marry is, love you, not be to bully you to just marry with you ” . You marry �� me, do my wife, although you are pie-eyed, but in my heart you also are the prettiest woman on the world. Because you gave me the love that others cannot replace, and be in after marrying, you still are the prettiest woman on this world. Only you are in, “ even if is we have one room only the little room of one hall, outer perhaps lease a building, where be a problem. Want to be able to say a private words together with you only, what can take life with your hand-in-hand is final as a result of itinerary, I feel enough! ”�� after two months, we walked into marital hall, the company gives us the holiday of half month designedly. After marrying, we have honeymoon, we returned working station severally after half month, respective busy respective job, after next coming home, she does chore with respect to busy move. Because of working reason we often are to get together to leave less much. We just can go out play together on the weekend only, she also asks on the job this asks that, support my work very much. In friend · · of colleague · family is waited a moment. . . . . . , looking is inherent a pair! It is admiring person very. When only I and she is together, ability is intoxicated in each other show consideration for in a subtle way and be in love with romantically. I feel I can marry her is the happiness with my this the biggest lifetime! . �� the 2nd year the marriage that March 12 is us is written down one year miss day, we early come off work returned the home, wife bought dish and red wine. After coming back, she prepares to make a meal to the kitchen, I see wife is busy in busy the appearance outside, I pull an arm to want to help: “ wife, I also help you. ”“ need not, my person is OK, you go out to watch TV. ” wife says, laugh to me. I return a bedroom to took out TV remote controller to open TV, I see TV look at album at the same time at the same time, the marriage gauze that album is us is illuminated. I slowly translating a photograph, memory has our happy time, can'ted help showing smile. . . . . . Still get drunk in me when the memory in happiness is medium, hear wife cries outside: “ husband, had a meal! ”“ comes! ” after I closed TV, when putting down album to go hurriedly, wife had prepared the food of one big desk, I like to eat every food most. I sat before table. At that time wife carries two cups of red wine, she hands me a cup among them, say: “ husband, today is my wedding anniversary, let us do this cup of wine first, cut cake again next. ”“ wait first, before drinking this cup of wine I have a word to want to say. I put down ” this cup of wine catchs say, “ wife, we should resemble giving birth to subsist so forever later, forever hand-in-hand steps down. ” wife catchs say: “ husband, we are met forever go, won't apart, can apart without the person we. You are at ease! ” next we ended a wedding anniversary in this big dinner. �� in an instant we married to pass two years again, she is appointed humanness thing ministry to be in charge of by the company, people says: The person with nice not very of a job can become elite, with her working experience of these a few years, more the moral character with her extraordinary, ministry of this human affairs is in charge of the position to be promoted to be manager assistant by company leader, I still am a young assistant manager at that time, I am very glad still in that paragraph of time that rises job in wife. Glad is wife also so can fast rise job, this glad to do not have how long, say to me with respect to somebody: You do not want too glad, not too honest, always want to take a heart more, your wife rises in so short time for manager assistant, is there so good thing? They tell to say later if I listened to them: You think too much, my wife is so able, duty be risinged is should. She won't be done I am sorry my thing. They say to me: You do not want too innocent, was cheated carefully by the crammer place of your wife, regret to moment late, I did not put the word of others in the heart at that time. In a paragraph of day after �� , she often has a meal outside, also be without how many time in the home, often give evening early still to return, I just feel this is her working need at that time, this concerns without what, after one day wife comes home in the evening, she says to me: I should be away on official business a few days, will go tomorrow. I know her job is busy, now she a month also cannot stay a few days in the home. I also slowly habit. Then I still am the job of effort, next coming home that clear away housework later. The 3rd day when �� is away on official business in wife midday, a friend calls to me say: Is your wife going to work? I say to him: She is in wife now the other place is away on official business! How? My friend says: This dining-room that I go to work in me saw your wife, return and a man's very intimate look, I say to him: Are you to misread certainly? My wife is away on official business outerly! That person scarcely that you see is her, she won't be opposite my wife in that way my. My friend says: Perhaps be I was misreaded! The friend's word did not let me feel what is incorrect, had done not have a few days of wife to come back, she comes back to often run outside later, often still say she is tired. I think this is the reason that she works certainly! Did not ask she is what reason so, slowly she initiated disposition to me, I should not answer these thing. �� that paragraph of time what I feel special is strange, there is a kind of weird atmosphere in whole office. I feel with the man's intuition certain conceal is worn all round this a certain secret, but I did not realize this private meeting and I have any relation. �� until one day, I receive a strange telephone call suddenly. Broke, I do not have justifiable meeting, passed a little while to ring again, again hang up. Differ meeting my mobile phone receives an information. Are you the husband of ” of “ Wang Fei? She betrayed you, do you still love her? This information let me eat one Jing, the first reaction does not believe namely. I do not believe a dull ado of course, this is she offended what person outside certainly, others is so intended embarrass she. I or go rebound of this telephone number, after the phone rang twice to pass, that person hanged the phone. I call to wife. After she heard the word that I say, what her answer and I think also is same, “ leaves it alone, very dull ” . After �� gets up in the morning the following day, she is about to go out. I am taking suspicion to follow at the back of her to see her after all is to resembled that betraying me what say on information euqally. Differ meeting she came to a park, the man that passed a little while to driving a car comes to the side of her. He got on the car of this man, they drove the car to a guesthouse to stop, next they are affectionate walk into a room, I see this one act at that time, of head old man, next a blank. With respect to the feeling that in this moment I have a kind to want to rush to lay a person really, this kind feels I want to want only is a man with respect to meeting some. But I still was borne go down, after returning the home, thought a lot of. Think the love of this she and my hard-earned. I did not happen when this thing same, I say to myself: I should let herself change one's views. Here, I gently shake one's head, my shedding let distressedly issue tear with respect to the feeling in the heart, “ thinks now, feel the feeling between us and accredit were profaned by her really. ”After she comes back in the evening, �� sees my person's downhearted look, ask how I am grouchy. I did not manage she. Crossed me a little while to remember that her notebook and vitreous bottle. Did I ask about her? “ wife, where is your notebook and bottle? How many issue to mark in the notebook? In bottle replete not? ” she says to me: Husband is so good to me, I was not written down also did not install. I sneer like asked, am I right how do you do? That you. . . . . . I think everything what what see me speaks out really at that time, do not know how, the word arrived by the side of the mouth however a word also says not to come out. The likelihood is me still loving her, there still is the love to him in my heart. I do not want to lose her, also do not want to lose this home. Just did not speak out those words! “ I think she has listened to the meaning in giving my word! Result. . . . . . As a result she still is mixed that man continual comes and go. Those �� phones did not stop accordingly however, the other side is not willing to receive hear my telephone call, it is a hair comes only short message; She is worn you are done in disorder, don't you still divorce with her? . . . . . . He still told me, be together with Wang Fei the phone of this man, this phone lets me one is plant must fish the mood of this man ins and outs cannot. Then I write down that telephone number. Found the friend that I work in telegraphic bureau, call her to come to this number fish to me, differ meeting came out as a result, that man is Guangzhou person, it is Liu Jiang, now is the manager of domestic state-operated enterprise. The name of this man enters my ear, my psychology trembled, in memory, this name is so familiar, right, he is first love male friend of Wang Fei. She once had mentioned with me this individual. They love each other since high school, because of the difference of family circumstances and record of formal schooling, object strongly in Jiashangjiaren, final ability did not go together. . . . . . Of my too impatient to wait hit the past according to that number. The man that there has been profundity to be in love with with Wang Fei before wanting to know this 4 years is a what kind of man after all. So I went to that person that tells me the telephone call a phone, want from a few informations get over there him, when he receives my telephone call, sound appears quiet in that way. Are you still in “ to be together with Wang Fei? He asks ” me first unexpectedly. Had not waited for me to reply, he continues to say again: Are you afraid of “ does her husband know? I understood ” suddenly, this man made a mistake, she does not know I am Wang Fei's husband, he regarded me as his another rival in love, this that is to say, send him what ” of “ short message brings a lawsuit against to me so, it is the existence that wants to tell me another man. �� blood developed my cerebral door at a draught, this following one by one ineffable man at a draught my nobbler. I am gotten as far as possible calm, I begin to ask him: “ that you? What impact does you and she calculate? ” hum, his Qing Dynasty laughs slightingly, wang Fei and I often also am together, although she marries 3 years, he is not your person from beginning to end, ” my heart at a draught cool half, sound is myself no longer, the thought also is me no longer, it is clear that I listen as far as possible, he says again: “ you think you and she is in an unit, can you get her first? You also do not see your appearance and age. . . . . . ”Ground of my dodder along returned �� , my mom is pulling me, “ son, how did you cry? I did not answer ” mom, computer came after entering a room by, begin Cha Wangfei's computer. I am so accredit previously she, never lay a finger on her privacy, it is she betrays me prevenient, forcing I must so do. In her folder I saw 3 pieces of pictures, when she is away on official business, illuminate with that man. Close cuddle is worn that her man is that Liu Jiang. I sense the mood of different of the there is sth fishy in the room suddenly, I live together with Wang Fei unexpectedly · works together, I still do not understand her all the time, see door leaf of heart of my Leng Che wants simply after these things. �� Wang Fei is the general manager secretary of the company, the branch of our company is outer at that time the ground, a month should go branch a few. And Liu Jiang he is very busy also, how can they go together? I think broken head also wants to be illogical. Can that man want big she 10 years old ah? And be still have the man of the wife? I wait for Wang Fei to come back, use a heart of a blood waiting for her to come back, every pass one day, the heart that I love her is a bit more atrophic. How can I accept a such women? The woman that I love so, how can you pester with many men? Such how she is OK is opposite I? In if because he is in,not be,living at the outset, �� is taken care of attentively, I am won't iron the heart should marry her. That is before me cummer got the disease that does not treat, “ of the cummer before me quick I am taken care of after ” asks Wang Fei leaves in her, the meticulously that Wang Fei takes care of me really at that time, I slowly accepted her, I remember and she realises these conjugal days, feel very pleased with oneself, and the woman that I discover to I love greatly now was carrying me on the back to do such thing, want to jump over be bitterly disappointed more. �� I and Wang Fei are married 2004, the condition in my home should compare her at that time in the home good much, I am the assistant manager of the company at that time, and the director of human affairs department that she is a company, hungry also not dead. I buy the house, also be my what write name. Slowly I discover he is in the life monetary eye is particularly heavy. Await in those days, double my salary is her. She does not like her invariable work station, she says you give me 5000 yuan of money I take a concern, may transfer working station. But went one year, she works bring into play also do not have activity. �� arrives I just say later: Flat you go becoming secretary of company general manager, want me to be in a company one day to have your place for certain only. With respect to such general manager secretaries that he became a company, although this job is painstaking, but income should compare her considerable before much. Arrived new working post, she still is remembering with concern those her friends, who should look for her to lend money, she turns to me, you lend a feature! She is shabby-genteel, always like a slap one's face until it's swollen in an effort to look imposing. I lose her with respect to a such thousands of money of thousands of. But also did not see others has been returned again, I am urging her to look for a family to want later, eye of her goggle at, is “ ugly? Be old friend still urge fund? Do not disrelish lose face? ! ”�� wherefrom rises momently, my look down upon she. Have ability you make money with respect to oneself, oneself go prodigal. Him assemble does not leave money, should take a taxi to be bought even masked article, crucial moment looks for husband to want money, wanted to be not returned again, be still a person? Our brawl begins from money, this is how sad thing. She scolds me angrily: Your this all one's life should die on money! When Wang Fei is saying this word, I want to ask her really, don't you feel you are hypocritical? Who does not love fund in this actual society? How to live without money? �� of course, he also need not consider so much. Since she became general manager secretary, our money slowly used apart. Her salary is insufficient she one the individual's expense, and my money is in charge of raising the home, what be in charge of her even is prodigal, this also is a not little pressure to me. She ases if still is a lone woman, besides be away on official business every time come back, with us the family goes out outside play, let my parents feel she is a heroine that return in triumph, can bring everybody the surprise every time. Come back this, my iron is worn the face asks her, is this how to return a responsibility? She dies one pair the model that the pig is not afraid of boiled water is hot says: “ I can say without what, your original story is big, you look for them to ask! She does not say ” , I told farther-in-law wife's mother all these. Two old people will arrive home in later, mother-in-law genuflect is in her before, old tear freely says to him: “ you are to lose face really! Do you say this is true? ” this setting lets my heartbreak. However Wang Fei did not answer mother-in-law, turn however instead ground of head firm firm is staring at me: “ is good, you are troubled by! You are troubled by me to be able to let the ” that you regret so. �� family conference does not have ending, what her only agrees to say is to criticise I am too strong, the pressure that gives him is great. Really comical, I am busy in busy the busy job outside, if I not “ strong ” , can this home have so feel well? Wang Fei should divorce formally with me. Our home, be in the condition of the war that face battle now, in the air of each square, bomb is in ready to do sth. We cannot start to talk, one mouth speech strikes the heart of the other side well and truly. I say: You look for “ he does Liu Jiang lover, why to look for to mix your father's euqally old man? She answers ” I say: I look for “ what kind of won't look for your ” . Divorce! From leave. After preparing all formalities when us, should go civil administration bureau when, she faltering move says: Is “ confused what? I look at ” this is blackguardly, this nods sense of responsibility without man, between the man the woman of game, love little of psychology ground retire, subsequently and those who come is intense rancor. I hate her, I hate her disappoint our family expects to hers, hate her to let me marry a fault person, hate her finish we this home. The confused ” of confused what of a “ of �� Wang Fei reminded me---Yes, not confused. I still have a thing to was not done, I should let her lose everything! So I begin to transfer property stealthily, sell the house stealthily. I should prepare everything, want to make her empty-handed on the court! When doing all these, the pain with my intense however heart is worn, it is what makes me right the accredit of a woman and love, transform gradually the hate that remember to the end of one's life? I am being experienced, heart little cools and freeze however, there is the taste that says not to come out however in the heart. Meet to final Wang Fei obviously penniless, but why I am owning house · belongings and this home, so painful however that every night drops tear. �� why should Wang Fei leave a paragraph of such feeling to be in my life? And this paragraph of feeling is my lifetime however is painful, once I think love is the purest, it is the cruelest so. Once I think love is to deserve credit most, it is the falsest so. Him name is written down on divorce book when Wang Fei and me when, she just understood an issue, that is: Everything what “ gets when her she wants, namely the love that she ought not to lose more originally. ” arrives she just is known finally cherish, but all these is too late, what she won't understand forever is: “ loves one but was lost, forever won't reappear, ” so every time when we are had, scarcely should harm him " she " , you one but hurt opposite party, so you will of painful lifetime. . . . . . . If �� has duplicate, pure belong to �� of coincidence �� �� to decline borrowed 2 O of �� �� �� one O year October 23 (responsibility edits: Wandering sabre)

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Thank you for your long, labored post. One important comment/question: Next time, PLEASE, PLEASE break your post into paragraphs?! Without paragraphs, many people will find their minds so overwhelmed, they won't finish reading what you write. I had a very hard time keeping my place. Thanks in advance for your better clarity.

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