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 Post subject: Anchoring Communion
PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2006 1:02 am 



One of many ascension tools –

We don’t just discover one, and stay there – we require them all.
Many Souls come and go – all fractured and requiring completeness/wholeness.
And the human is the instrument whereby Soul can heal.
In every karma cleared, we are re-uniting lost soul.
Over a period of clearing many karmas, the bandwidth has been raised exponentially to allow ones Source to anchor, Councils of souls, councils of Source – reuniting consciousness to consciousness to consciousness.
Source become our creative adventure – our creative expression.
Pure Source direction, opens the doors, orchestrates the events – all required by Source for Earth and Humanities ascension.
ETs play a part – they, too, have had incarnations on this planet – and so they too can have a hand in ones guidance – but NOT the whole hand.
Sometimes these are easier to hear and see – but it is Soul, Source and Earthmother that also must be an equasion.

The Nature Realms – we have one main one. Our Core Truth and being, will correlate to the Nature Spirit Consciousness, its Core Truth, that is guiding each and everyone of us.
A long time ago, when soul departed (we fell in consciousness, and vibration , our brains separated into two ego/spirit , we started to live and think from the ego – soul could no longer guide us).
The Nature Realms agreed to ensoul us – until the time came to reunite Soul.
The time is now.

They all play an integral role in our ascension.
They are already ascending – they hold no karmic debt.
The Plant Kingdoms, the Mineral Realms, Animal, Bird, Insect – all hold very specific core Truths – and all have very specific Purposes, within those truths.
They also play a big part in our dreamtime – directing and showing.

If you sort out your dreams each morning – one can even ask, where the direction came from .. sometimes it is Soul, Source, a Nature Realm or Earthmother – there is so much to do, in so little time. And they all must be heard (one way or another).

Earthmother – she knows everyone who has the blueprint for ascension.
In her Aurora/consciousness – there are councils and temples, all collecting and assimilating lineages, genetics – who and who cannot ascend. All is known.
If one has the blueprint – one will be constantly be shown now.
(especially now it is seen WHY one cannot wake up to ascension).
The dream, or through others - that will constantly ‘throw’ ascension into ones face 

The love and honour by Earth to all those ascending – is shown in her communion with us. When this is ongoing, and when we have raised our bandwidth, understand our ‘agreements’ and are firmly directed on our ascension path – one is directed to speak for her .. and at specific times, to channel her.
A great honour indeed.

So my loves – how to achieve all this communion.

We use bridges – tools – whatever it takes.
One of the tools, is INTENTION.
Another is SYMBOLOGY.

EVERYTHING is now being orchestrated and engineereed by the non-physical realms for ascension …everything.
Then one is included in the Ascension Consensus – becomes a part of the dynamic.
Nature also has agreements to help us.
ETs have agreements – but must not interfere per se. (so they must become VERY creative, in not overstepping their jurisdiction (and Spiritual Law).
Earth, Soul and Source – all help us. Until we hear, until they are ‘anchored’ .. we use symbology,
Supplied by Nature and its Core Truths – the Elements – Earth –and Body/Soul (kineseology).
We use kineseology, to heal the self – the body gives us the signs, the consciousness does the work. (I clarify all kinesthetic knowing, with the aid of a pendulum)

Symbology is the most used modality for us to be guided – and so we tune in, be onto everything we specifically ‘notice’.
Now many will think a bird doing something specific in ones awarenesss – or an insect, or animal – couldn’t possibly be a message JUST for them.
Think again.
We are singled out, directed and protected. Directed by Nature, and protected by Earth.
So we require other tools, to make us understand all this.
And the use of penduluming and muscle-testing can help us understand the symbology tool/direction/message.
And the use of these discernment tools, will also facillitate channelling from a Nature Kingdom – for the ascending initiate is not just given a two-word message (pertaining to the symbolic nature of what they are) .. they will impart personal directions and clarity, to whatever we are trying to understand. This maybe a short message, or a long message.

The ability to channel Nature, is very much a part of raising ones consciousmind/enlightenment.

Yeah yeah – ive heard every excuse – every reason on why “I don’t need a pendulum/external tool, at this time” Even though it is not an external tool – it is muscle-testing, a yes/no straight from our body truth, our soul selves.

I can hear all I need
I can see all I need

Beloveds, we NEVER know enough, see enough, hear enough.. never.

Yes the pendulum can be iffy – can give incorrect answers, or answers that we would rather not hear.
But intuition is not enough to ascend with.
Communion is too sporadic (at our lower bandwidths)… and please, if one has cleared no karmas, one WILL be at a lower bandwidth). And this is because one may have believed anothers truth, without checking, without authenticating.
“Is this my truth?’
“Can this truth ascend me?”

From my own experiences with an iffy pendulum.. I have discovered.
As we raise our own conscious understanding (of so much) ones pendulum seems to reveal more clarity than it did previously.
We even stop asking it certain questions, especially involving another – because we know there is more to the answer (and the question) than we can really know.
Unless one is doing a reading – whereby we anchor souls of the client and self, and Earthmother.. so what is to be revealed is all for learning and ascension.

Why does it give an answer, when it doesn’t know? Or an obviously incorrect answer.
I do not know.
But I DO know – there are no mistakes – there are no coincidences.
If everything is for ascension.. then even our blunders will reveal something significant.

I use my pendulum for revealing ascension truth.
For clarity in reading the works of another – if that is where I am guided to.
For all the inner work required – clearing of karmas, requires an immense amount of unknown truths to be revealed .. I cannot imagine achieving what I have achieved (in a relatively short time) without the use of a pendulum, and muscle-testing.
We require the answer immediately, not by some future symbolic gesture, nor wait for a dream to reveal what I must know. Not even by communion.
Whatever ones ascension journey revealed may be – one is constantly authenticating, clarifying, discerning – all by these two tools.

One can have great resistance to tarot – and what you now may read, maybe will answer your question (or why you have never had a question xx) as to why you have resistance.
It maybe your soul guiding you, to have this resistance.

Many decks are now old consensus – they do not hold enough ‘ascension programming’ to ascend the initiate, to guide the initiate to ascension.
Many of the old decks, can guide the ‘spiritual initiate’ to ones spiritual journey, and ones soul truth – but we are now talking ascension.
This is differnet.
Ascension is a whole new ball game – and new Truths.

One can re-programme to a certain degree – by marking that blank rune – that blank card with ‘KARMA’ – FORGIVENESS . As we all know, the cards that are revealed, are really just the jumping off point, for questions to be asked, and a channelled answer to be given.

But I would still pendulum
“can this deck help me ascend?’
“does this deck have ascension information/programming?’
And, of course, if one is giving a reading for another – a spiritual reading, is not an ascension reading.
So one must acquire a deck for ascension.. if one is intending to ascend.

My own journey was a deep desire to connect with Soul – many workshops, meditation techniques tm, buddhism, Vispassana. When really all I had to do was ground, and ask a question.
This grounding, ongoing and deeper much deeper , until I wanted to know chi.. what is this chi?? If it is indeed our life force, then I wanted to know EXACTLY WHAT IT IS !! – led me to the works of Spiritual School of Ascension. This site channelled Earth and mapped out her chi.. I finally knew.
This is Earths language – all segments and parts of a higher consciousness, that we must embody step by step.
And if we want to speak or hear any of the Nature Realms we must learn their ‘language’, and this language is by way of the higher consciousness, higher bandwidth.
And the map – the clues – are all in Earths chi-codes.
(www.ascendpress.org and Earthmother, call this her Language of Light).
They also have an ascension tarot deck, that one can download free of charge.

It is the constant use of this deck – that I communed with Earthmother.
Penduluming my way around each layout, with my constant questions.
Until a time comes when they advise you the layout they require, for a specific purpose – and who will speak through and direct, through each layout.
Because each card, has a specific direction that we must take for ascension.
A specific thoughtform and Being – that we must acquire.


It is Spiritual Law – that spirit and soul can only come in on a question.
Is very subtle – first we use our heart and intuition.. as these are tools straight from the Intuitive and Creative Subtle Body realms.
It is with perseverence, and muscle-testing that we do build up a communication.
At first sporadic, and short of duration.
This is not their choice, this is because our vibrational bandwidth is insufficient to hear.
So our telepathic channels are instigated, higher chakras – so that much can be channelled to us in dreamtime.. lucid dreaming/conscious dreaming. When spirit and soul use the telepathic channels, most often the mind will interprete as symbols.
* The ascending initiate moves from the 7 chakra system, to a 12 chakra system. The 5 new chakras, are chakras JUST for the Occipital, Pineal, Pituitary and 2 Telepathic channels.
As we ascend, we will be one large chakra.

To hear soul and then Source – and then Source emanating from the Great Central Sun - I use tarot, penduluming and muscle-testing and automatic writing. Dream interpretation, and conscious dreaming.
Mine have given me a name, many names – many people have said ‘this cannot be .. god and the source of god, does not have a name!!’
I cannot speak for others .
Mine give me a name, because we have many beings with us – and our communion becomes a very intimate friendship/collaboration.
Yes we kick, bite, swear and holler! - let me tell you, god/Source understands our frustration , they are NEVER offended .. to be 2 strands of DNA, means to be ignorant, unconscious – and to be something else, requires pushing, striving and, if necessary letting out our frustration. (of what we know we are not hearing, of what we are not understanding)
They are there to be the sounding board, the whipping boy - they, and we know - our profoundest love and honour, transcends our tantrums.
Those that sit there in sweet transcendental bliss – are not transcending one darn thing.
The bliss is a programmed illusion.

Earthmother and Soul say this…
Once past, it was thought to transcend the physical – the polarities, one had to embody aspects of Divine Love, Compassion, God/Goddess and many other ways of thinking and Being.
Whilst this is so – it is now seen HOW this must be done.
NOT by re- programming, constantly affirming all those higher/unity thoughtforms, pushing out/burying every dissonance.
Everytime a polarity is revealed, burying it - time and time again – until one can train oneself to be whatever one chooses.
One has not retreived any lost soul.
Nor has one healed any aspect of that self. (and none for the future generations)
And one totally ignores the mirror – even retreating to a monestary to ignore the mirror.
Be a recluse, to ignore the mirror.
Put on blinkers, anyway possible – so one can ignore the mirrors.

Yes life is brutal – life is cruel – but the cruel and brutal truth is, it is US, our pastselves, that have created this life. And now it is the future ancestors of those pastselves, US, THAT MUST HEAL, WHAT THEY CREATED.
And we must learn it all, through the mirrors that trigger us.
Whatever we have become – whatever dysfunctions that ail us, mental, physical, aging.
(As the records reveal our first origins we lived many hundreds of years.).
But there is no karmic law that says – it cannot be resolved – it cannot be dismantled.
And many know this as truth – because many now ARE dismantling all their karmas.

One must INSPECT AND INVESTIGATE every polarity, one thinks, one is triggered to think.. this is the ‘inner work’ required for ascension.
One cannot embody God/Goddess in full – cannot be a walking talking Love Divine. God/Goddess in all its beauty.
Until one has dismantled every unconscious thoughtform where NON love is residing.
What causes to be triggered by every non-love circumstance

When we address every NON-love in our unconscious – it is then, and only then we can embody DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in all its glory.
To love unconditionally, is to accept and allow All That Is – with not even a fleeting judgmental thought.
To know karma – that we are all bound by karmic law , perpetrayers were once victims, and victims were once perpetrayers.
To embody the necessary higher conscious thoughtforms of OMNIPRESCENT LOVE
And to ascend.
I hope this inspires one to instigate all communion necessary for ones ascension.

They are all waiting.


My truth and path is karma and Ascension.
My ability to see each Original Cause is my Service
Ascension is Unity and Collaboration
My email is intendtoascend@vtown.com.au

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, 2006 11:14 am 
[;)]and so to little me adds that (you0who so reads'becomes' aware of their inheritance and arise from their slumber,for the hour approaches when the Earth shall shake the sleepers from her back,and sha shall go out from her present port into a new berth as one made new.None shall follow her in her flight which shall take with them one iota of taint from the present place wherein she now has her being,SHE hast waited long for her release.She hast earned her rest and reward.

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