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DIY Human Rotary Experiment
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Author:  inertiaexp [ Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:12 am ]
Post subject:  DIY Human Rotary Experiment

Been posting around and getting the occasional snide remark but relativity little interest. it's hard to believe this has been missed by us human beings. Too bad this isn't more sophisticated or scientific sounding - but that's my problem - it's too damn simple. What can possibly happen when you rotate yourself around? Nothing of course - perhaps some dizziness and loose your lunch. But it's when you reverse the direction of rotation of a second mass that makes the all difference.

It's the sequence of events that must exist - you FIRST rotate yourself and the ball as a single object of mass generating centrifugal force, and THEN reverse the direction of rotation of the ball WRT (with respect to) yourself that invokes a process built-in to the vacuum of space. The ball then exhibits centripetal force. The idea here is to discover a phenomena of self-organization that literally attaches the mass of the two part rotary system to an invisible spindle in the midst of space. All matter is connected to a mechanism of support that exists throughout the universe that gives rise to inertia (or mass). Although simple, this is a very specific configuration and sequence that activates the self-organization of the mechanism. With further investigation, a few more elements added to the system will allow control over its location.

For a mass, I used a 6" (150mm) diameter ~ 9 lb (4Kg) glass ball ("crystal ball"). It also needs to be performed on solid ground - no basements or crawlspaces below.

The two step sequence: Step 1: Rotate yourself and the ball held in your right hand somewhat away from your waist, in the CCW direction (as viewed from above) for several revolutions. Step 2: While maintaining rotation of yourself, reverse the ball's rotation by passing it hand to hand around your waist in the opposite direction of your own rotation, forming an orbit close to your waist. But do not bring the ball to zero velocity WRT earth. Allow slow CCW orbit of ball WRT earth. If successful, you will feel the ball tug at your waist, and at that instant you will no longer need to balance yourself.

For example: Let's say you and the ball start rotating 45 rpm CCW WRT earth. Then you reverse the ball WRT yourself 40rpm. The ball is 5 rpm WRT earth. These velocities are just to illustrate the idea.

The world of physics knows nothing about this phenomena, therefore it's easy to dismiss from the armchair. There isn't much I can do beyond this article except hope others discovers it, and confirm its existence. But I have to include the description of the phenomena should it be verified in the future.

More detailed info at link below.




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