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 Post subject: Matter/Antimatter drive
PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 10:26 pm 
[size 4][b][size 4]Matter-Antimatter Annihilation propulsion can generate fantastic thrust to weight ratio – a reverse engineered extraterrestrial UFO technology for ultimate space travel[/b] [/b][#ff0000]
India Daily Technology Team
[/#ff0000]Jun. 11, 2007 [center][img]http//www.indiadaily.com/images/editorial/image_320.gif[/img]
Scientists are eager to find the ultimate propulsion systems that can allow journey to the outer edge of the universe.
Rocket propulsion, which relies on Newton's law of action and reaction, is the fastest means of interplanetary travel today. Generally, a rocket propels itself by expelling material (exhaust) in the direction opposite to its desired motion. In today's chemical rockets, the exhaust is often a gas heated (and perhaps created) by a reaction between a fuel and an oxidizer. In other rocket-type propulsion systems, propulsive thrust is imparted to exhaust by a propellant heater or accelerator using a power source located elsewhere on the space vehicle (or "ship"). Non-chemical power sources in an advanced stage of development today, or in recent decades, range from solar power collectors for small probes to nuclear reactors for fast but massive manned vehicles to Mars and beyond, where sunlight becomes inefficiently feeble for quick acceleration.
Scientists observed the extraterrestrial UFOs are found the Matter-Antimatter Annihilation propulsion that can generate unbelievable amount of propulsion and thrust.
Small amounts of antimatter would be useful for initiating and maintaining fission or fusion reactions in hybrid rockets, where matter-antimatter annihilation would be used to cause atomic nuclei to undergo nuclear fission or to form heavier nuclei through nuclear fusion and release tremendous amounts of energy. Although current nuclear fission can only transfer heat energy from a uranium core to surrounding chemical propellant, antiproton catalyzed microfission (ACMF) permits all energy from fission reactions to be used for propulsive purposes that creates a more efficient engine (Isp = 13,500 sec) that can be used for interplanetary manned missions. Antiproton Initiated Microfusion/fusion (AIM) uses smaller amounts of antimatter and fissionable material to spark a microfusion reaction with lightweight atomic nuclei for a much higher specific impulse (61,000 sec).

[hr] hard to say, but somebody is theorizing away at it...

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 8:29 pm 
Matter , Antimatter drives, even ion drives!!. We will travel for years to reach the front door. Need to think outside the box here.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2007 12:34 pm 
We also need to know what the sides of the box are before leaping out...[laugh]
I think its important to include every possible answer if it is reasonable enough....(and some that are wierd too[crazy])

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