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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 4:23 pm 
Alright, look, i am taking this for granted from my own observation from a lifetime of open eyes and a curious nature....
All these fields all overlapping all interplaying some can mingle some cant some attract some repell..some we can see the results of like iron filings on paper with a magnet underneath, some we cant like micro waves broadcast directly to our brains ...
The point is this..In total these fields add up to the brain and thoughts of God or the multiverse which may be a form of saentience or it may just be doing what it does beacuse it does...the thing is it apears to be doing something vast and unimaginable...OK
The problem is either we dont know how to log or we do...which is it?
(and come right down to it i am just a heavy duty mechanic here...)
What will it take to create and collapse the field thats going to provide flight charactaristics to our bloody saucer?
What is the effect of creating this field inside something thats fastened down?can we draw power directly from it must we convert the energy?
I still dont understand what the hold up is here?????The machanism for such a device is simple...Comaparatively.....
Some magnets and modified Canadarms...
Why not build it without the ship around it and try to contain nuclear fusion with it?


PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 4:50 pm 
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Although it was onl two words, it was a big question, "why not?" Berg, I just don't know, why not.

I've got a story about this "Why not" thing. A friend I had when I lived in Miami several years back, was an airline pilot with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engeering. He had built a contraption that generated electricty 24/7 using what appeared on the outside to be a chrome dome about 30 inches in diameter.

Now mind you at the time I wasn't into these kind of thing like I am now, but in his small utility room along with the washing machine and dryer wer what looked like two hot water tanks and a glass tube rinning down from the dome on the roof. There were seveal prisums whch bounced light back and forth. This generated all the power he needed for his house including his wifes electric range and oven.

He had pulled the meter to his house and still had power. The Power company cut the wires leading to his house and threaten him for stealing power. They got a legal paper to gain access to his house . Well the short end of this story is that he ended up selling it to the power company for several million buck and I have never heard of the device since. So, why not???????

I know a fellow that made a product that was truly antigravity that would last for
ever if you were able to fly every place you wanted to go. The Gov. bought it and so far nothing has ever been heard about it and that was 25-30 years ago. So, Why not???? Or just shorten that question a little, "Why".

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 6:10 pm 
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That makes so much sense Bepop. I really feel that energy with anybody I meet, and I call that 'stamping' because it creates an impression that is almost always right. Even people I know, say who are in a bad mood, that energy comes through loud and clear without one spoken word. Anger is the one that nearly knocks me on my derrierre. May as well have steam coming out of their ears. Call it instinct or aura, but whatever it is, it is absolutely an energy that is very, very real.

I have absolutely nothing clever to say......but I'm workin' on it.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 9:42 pm 
Its all right for people who have already zipped around on their anti grav sled to sit back and rest i guess..But why does that mean its passe for any intertested party?
How many goofs have climbed Mt.Mceverest?
That doesnt nullify the experience of wrestling your own way up for a look see does it?Even if only (and in no way does that diminish trying....)in yer head...
What are we doing here just marking time ?(forgive the linear mode please david.....)
This underlying state of uniform field is not new stuff..Its been postulated in oither ways....
What i am is a guy that can take stuff and get another few miles or hours or whatever out of it....
No sciencetist thats for sure....
But i can understand to a point what is the product of the focus of the magnets when in operation.....What i cant do is predict what ways the field will act....Will it click on like a light bulb?Or will it build like with an inrush current in an electric motor bringing the shaft up to speed as the power requirement winds down....
Or the swelling and shrinking undulation of AC current induction fields...
Now, magnetism and electromagnetics are to my knowledge results of this field state...So what we are attempting to do is to transform the electromagnetics we have, back into the field force which it is a result of .............no?we create a bubble in the earths uniform field right?I am not joking.......put the genie back in the bottle....
then we float around in it even go to the stars...........................
What, in terms of the mechanical ,we are postulating ;is not beyond being produced in the John Deere factory at Moline Illinois!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:23 am 

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Bergle, you are right of course about the John Deere factory. A green saucer!

Look guys, government and industry are pulling strings and manipulating the picture to suit their own agenda, so we can't expect much from them.

They had the ability to get 300 miles per gallon in the 40s, in relation to a full sized family car, so in that respect there is no problem other than greed and corruption.

When we talk about the field and converting field energy to usable energy to do work we are talking about a whole new mind set, which goes way past energy and space travel. We are talking about admitting that the reality in which we exist is not what we have been led to believe it is, its much more than that.

The past does not fade to black, it remains in its entirety, in respect to a record of every action, every word, every thought etched upon the fabric of universe. How could anyone hope to hide the truth under such a circumstance, it can't be done.

You are talking about a revelation of such proportions that no one is left quite the same as they thought they were. Its show and tell on a universal level and there is no where to hide an indiscretion.

Everything we presently employ for the purpose of energy and work depends on an electromagnetic component, but the energy of field is not itself electromagnetic. The electromagnetic, the electric and magnetic, is a product of field energy.

In other words it is field energy which allows there to be an electromagnetic component, but an electromagnetic component is restricted to what we refer to as speed of light, whereas the field itself is not so restricted but is instantaneous.

Once we can wrap our minds around the concept of an instantaneous response and the concept of field frequency modulation not only can we access the far reaches of space in terms of celestial events such as super nova, but we can have both voice and picture communication without microphones or cameras or even telescopes with any and all civilizations existing beyond our solar system who possess similar science and technology.

The earth is a barbaric and brutal place, because we are chained to a type of feudal system, where we have lords and slaves. Where is the cooperative of all people working for mutual benefit and survival?

Think about it, homeless people set an example........this could happen to you if you do not tow the line. Dead people set an example....you could be next if you do not comply.

Its a level of corruption that is very difficult to comprehend, but those in charge see some benefit in their actions, which are not only destructive to the planet but destructive to themselves. This is so far beyond where most of us exist that we fail to comprehend the urgency of the situation. The bottom line is the destruction of our civilization, if that is what it takes. Scary people, if that is what they are.

So, what's the hold up? A bit of resistance I'm sorry to report.

It's not that we can't do it, its just that there is no cooperative effort being made to ensure that it does happen. An economy that allows a level playing field for all people, would be the final result, which involves equal access to all of the associated science and technology.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 7:00 pm 
So, after all is said and done David, more will be said than done....is that it?
Come on lets extrapolate a bit were not doing much else at this point...
Just suppose we could make the magnet array.....
(Now we know that Wilbur Smith did this effectively on a small scale and proved net energy was more out than was put in....)
The lab facilities he was allowed were quite modest.....
The DoT didnt give him much funding...just moral support more or less, and a building....
The chances of us producing such a machine on the scale of Smiths are actually better than 60%should we actually try.......
After all we have some very good advice to hand....
What kind of energy will be required to power the magnet array(assuming they are electro magnets....?)Can one build a miniature version?
Are we going to require some very high gauss fields?
Or superconductor technology?

How is energy, in the form of usable voltages and currents taken off the celestial motor?
At least thats what i like to call it...

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2007 7:35 am 

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The field frequency modulator is not like anything else, it does not require a power source as all its energy is drawn directly from the field, its own field. So there is no chance, absolutely none, that you are going to run out of fuel because the only fuel is the field frequency acceleration of the craft.

Yes, it is very much like a super conductor, similar idea in some respects.

Lets straighten out this uniform/no-uniform stuff.......the field of the earth is uniform in respect to the earth being our system of reference, but to every other system our earth's field is non-uniform. To those piloting the craft their field is uniform, whereas the field of the earth is not. It depends on which system you are referring.

From this you can see that the field of the earth can be both uniform and non-uniform depending on where you are standing or sitting, whichever the case.

How do you extract usable energy from the field, nothing proprietary about that now is there. If you have a field frequency differential all you need is a couple of copper wires to form a circuit. And using a generator you have an immediate source of electrical power, which is no different than a hydro electric project minus the turbines.

The greater the differential the greater the electric potential available, much like the sun and the earth where the differential is growing, which is the root cause of our global warming. The discharge from the sun is increasing, a portion of which is absorbed by the earth and our neighboring planets.

This is why you can draw electrical power from a tree, due to the differential between the internal dynamics and the external dynamics of the tree. A simple relationship between the inside and the outside in terms of a vertical differential existing within the tree relative to the field condition on the outside of the tree. In other words there is a differential at both the top and the bottom and the middle of the tree, from top to bottom.

An ET Saucer gives off an electrical discharge due to the differential in field frequency existing between the craft and the field of the earth.

The same with the great pyramid, it gives off an electrical discharge, so if you hold a bottle of wine wrapped in wet newspaper over your head while standing at the top of the pyramid you are going to get knocked on your ass. And if you fly your airplane over the pyramid your instruments are going to fail to function, which is why they have a rule about such things.

Just getting this far is an achievement, but yes it can be done, no question about that, but you do require some basic supplies and equipment and coffee of course.

I had an engineer suggest building a model out of fiber board, as the basic design should in his mind give off some measureable effects.

And keep in mind that there are experimenters in Russia who have proven the idea of field frequency differentials in terms of actual time differentials. So it is not just an idea, but a proven fact that time field differentials are real.

But, before we get all crazy about this, ask yourself why this is not already a done deal in terms of new science and new technology? Why all the resistance, why all the attacks, why so many dead people? Because it changes the landscape in a most profound manner, nothing remains the same including the power structure.

You are talking about a socialogical and technicological revolution.

Can you build a small one............yes, any size, including one small enough to run an atom.

A small version could be used for interstellar communications, allowing for the focus of field required for the function of an electrogravitic communications system. In this respect you can have both voice and picture, without microphones or cameras.

As an electrogravitic system already exists, which is picking up distortions within the field you only need to add a field frequency modulator to pick up intelligent communications from any point within the universe. With that set-up you have instantaneous communication. Hello, is anybody there........?

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2007 1:26 pm 
Ahh , How can you say this does not require a power source?
We are talking about focussing magnets on moveable arms to create a field that is non-uniform in relation to earths own field state.
Is this correct?
Then if it is, we are basically talking a force that is the product of the field.With this force,Magnetism....we are creating another field similar but (opposite?)non uniform, to earths field..
We are making an inside out field like a bubble ,are we not?
There are a few basic questions that come to mind....
Why does the smaller field not yield to the stronger earth field, and collapse?
When the nonuniform field is established, then will the "bubble"be ejected from within earths field like magnets repell when the norths are placed ajacent to each other?
Is this why theres a hole in the barn roof now?
perhaps i just dont have the brain cells left to concieve of the whole thing....
that misspent youth again!
Another question that comes to mind is what is the total universal field state?
It would seem that we have no perameters for our field state...just a concept but no bones...
Each astronomical body exists in earths field, and earth exists in every other field state of every astronomical body...yes?
So if its possible to match field states then you would appear at the location where that field state exists instantaneously?
Is there some way we can slip below the linear universal radar this way?
RV ing?Is it possible these are products of field state?Can we be in possession of a device which can control the field of a flying saucer,and which can remote view in time as well...our essential consciousness?
Is it possible that this consciousness is the key to all the multiverse directly?
That consciousness has the inherant ability to choose its own field parameters,so can travell in essence anywhere or when?
That the abductees dont see technology they can understand in the ships because much of it is mental and imaginary so to speak?
That thought can control or direct these field states?
The saucers may yield to a high degree of telepathic control?
And if that is the case then its possible to telepathically hijack a saucer?
I really must stop writing in the middle of the night i guess....But it seems to me that the communications device is feasable NOW....in your basement or mine?

PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2007 9:08 am 

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The energy you are seeking is the field itself........just consider the earth and ask yourself what keeps the earth in orbit around the sun, (and its not gravity). There is no extension cord, no propellers, no steering wheel and no fuel tank. The same with atoms. What sustains and perpetuates the existence of the earth? Nothing less than an underlying force of energy, which is the field itself, in the form of non-linear time field frequency.

The physical here and now reality we all share is only one small aspect of field, as the field is continuous in terms of past, present and future.

The energy driving UFO (saucers) is not ESP, as ESP is simply an aspect of field, its automatically linked to simultaneous nature of field dynamics.

The magnetic frame is not a power source, but simply a focus mechanism, as focus is the key to interplanetary, interstellar and inter universal travel.

Teleportation............Yes! It's non-linear, so you do slip below the linear radar.

The smaller field does not yield to the larger field because the smaller field has a higher ratio of energy per unit of mass, if this were not so there would be no saucers. In fact rockets wouldn't even work if this were not so.

It's an amazing situation and I do admit it is somewhat difficult to wrap ones mind around, but well worth the time it takes as once you've got it you will never view things the same way again.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 09, 2007 1:30 pm 
The concept is stigmatised with inadequate ly descriptive words
i would dearly love to have this conversation in real time some day.....
What DO the magnets actually do?
bleed off some of earths field energy?or create their own field?
by this i mean are we putting earths field energy in a cup of magnetic focus?
Or are we creating a non uniform to earths field?
Tiny in comparison but separate?
within the focus of the magnets?an opposite to eartrhs field?

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