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PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 6:37 pm 


The information below originated from the cosmic consciousness that permeates our wonderfully mysterious universe which and was confirmed by the appearance of the Virgin Mary

On the morning of the 8th of March 2002, I have had the most important, incredulous, cataclysmic Remote Viewing Session (RMV) of my lifetime! Now this RMV, was different from most of my other RMV sessions, in that it occurred in the twilight of my sleep pattern. In other words it happened right before I fully woke up. Now you may say, aha, a dream, and I say nay! Due to the fact, that the content, the manner, and the means of communication that narrated this RMV, can only originate and be provided by the Creator of our Universe and was confirmed by the appearance of the Virgin Mary.from the collective cosmic consciousness:

1. Nibiru or Marduk, will be returning. The choice of this name relates to whichever school of thought you belong to. I do not wish to appear to be partial, so I am going to refer to this object as Dark Object On Return (DOOR).

2. DOOR will be initially observed within deep space to be returning by the HUBBLE telescope and this will occur in the Spring of 2009. NASA will keep this information under wraps because they will not be able to determine DOOR’s exact orbit and they do not want to excite the public without first determining DOOR’s exact orbit.

3. Then in February of 2010, DOOR will be observed and first reported publicly by the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii. Then hundreds of sightings and reports will come in from the rest of the worlds observatories and flood the public airways and all of the other various international media. Goddard of Greenbelt Md will be the first to calculate DOOR’s orbit. This information will sweep throughout the Internet; however, all of the worlds governments will have a major problem on their hands. Namely, how to quell the publics demand on what the world’s government’s plans are to solve the dilemma.

4. The solution to this dilemma is that DOOR’s orbit will be correctly plotted on it’s entry into the Solar System, but the public will not be told the truth on DOOR’s orbit of departure.

The following is a chronological listing of events that will occur as DOOR returns:

DOOR will enter the outer planets orbit area a full 22 months before it reaches the sun.

DOOR will enter the inner planets orbit area (Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury) in late fall of 2012. DOOR will approach the sun on the other side of the orbit that earth is in.

DOOR will reach perigee in DEC of 2012. This will cause the sun to decrease in brightness and will appear to be the color of BLOOD RED!! This will last for a three full days. (Fulfilling the prophecy of three days of darkness referred to in the Bible) The Moon will appear to be BLOOD RED. (This will fulfill the prophecy of BLOOD on the face of the Moon.)

After the three days of darkness, DOOR’s effect on the sun will be relinquished, and the sun will attempt to return to it’s normal state. Unfortunately, during this attempt to return to normal, the sun will burn furiously and this will last for ten hours. It was not given nor revealed to me which side will be facing the sun on that terrible day, but temperatures will be so hot the oceans facing the sun will virtually boil. Additionally, huge tracts of mountain and rain forests will burn. Two thirds of mankind will perish. This event will also be interpreted as the RAPTURE. This event again fulfills Biblical Prophecy!

(This also fulfills Ed Dames kill shot prediction; however, he was off by 13 years.)

Unfortunately, this is not ending with DOOR causing the ten hours of extreme solar temperatures on the earth. As DOOR passes near the earth on it’s departure orbit, DOOR will cause the earth’s axis to change. The axis that the earth currently is on will be reduced by almost one half. From the current axis angle of 23.45 degrees to an axis angle of 13.5 degrees, and the hours of the day will increase from 24 to 38 hours.

This will cause great havoc with our earth’s weather patterns. The tectonic plates will be affected by this immense reduction of the axis angle. The moving of the tectonic plates will result in huge earthquakes, the rising and sinking of land masses, immense tidal waves and events that are at this time unimaginable.

However, do not despair, if you heed these words and prepare your self a safe haven for your families, preferably underground, a substantial portion of the World’s population will survive.

A new civilization will emerge and establish a fresh cultural covenant with the Creator and will utilize that covenant to govern their infant civilization. War will never take place again. Crime will still haunt mankind, but will be culturally suppressed so much that crime will be very rare. When crime does occur, the perpetrators will be publicly tried and all children will witness the negative results of such criminal action. As a result of this newly instilled cultural education, these children will always strive for honesty, trust, peace, and most important of all LOVE!

The acronym of DOOR was not chosen by accident. This stellar event is a DOOR to a bright new future for mankind; however, the cost unfortunately is immense. Billions of people will perish, huge tracts of forests will burn, oceans will boil, earthquakes will occur, Islands and coastal areas will be submerged, and other land masses will arise either from the ocean or just become higher. I can only surmise the some mountainous areas will perhaps be the safest areas to ride out this cataclysmic event; however, this is only a hopeful, educated guess. I have no idea which parts of this Earth will be least affected by DOOR.

All of the preceding information was confirmed as being true and accurate by the appearance of the Virgin Mary.

My reasons for putting this information on the Internet is not to alarm the public. It is has been placed there for those whom are wise enough to take heed and take action.

I truly believe and expect that most everyone who reads this information will dismiss it as the musings of a madman.
Well, Noah was called mad by many of his contemporaries and they did not listen.

I am not inferring that I am anything close to Noah. However, I have been shown information which I believe to be accurate. If you do not take heed, so be it.

If you think that any of this information has any relevance of truth, please take measures to secure your families over the next ten years. Prepare yourselves for a catastrophe of such magnitude that your imaginations cannot comprehend the full extent of the devastation that will occur.

If you think that any of this information has any relevance of truth, please take measures to secure your families. Prepare yourselves for a catastrophe of such magnitude that your imaginations cannot comprehend the full extent of the devastation that will occur.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, 2005 12:30 am 
Thank You Anonymous.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 11:34 pm 

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2005 2:12 am 
OK !!!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 7:09 am 
well aint that a bitch. i find it strange though that in your dream u see the exact number of hours the sun will burn and the exact chronological time path that "DOOR" will follow, yet you dont know which half of the earth will be safe from the boiling oceans?? i have an acronym for you.

[u]p.s. the acronym means paranoid schizophrenia

PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2006 8:09 pm 
Your reference to a female canine has no relevance.

As far as your acronym that you have given to me, it was nowhere to be found in your e-mail.

In this reply to your comments, I just want remind you that in the many holy inspired books that exist within our current time period, none of them provide complete information, they all leave out desired information and that is where faith takes over.

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 12:12 am 
Thanks for posting that information, it's all very interesting.

PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2006 5:01 pm 
If you would like to compare this piece of prophecy with native indian prophecy please set your browser for (http://www.wavona.com)this ite contains some very interesting native end times prophecy that parrallels the bibles predictions in many uncanny ways.
It shows that God did not abandon the native people of north america, nor were they kept in ignorance of our Holy Fathers plans....God loves and cares for all His children and there will be no one left without a chance to make a choice to be part of His Kingdom if they are sincerely seeking God.......Our fathers love for His children is unfailing and eternal.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2006 7:25 pm 
hi, that site mentioned is (www. wavoca .com)the misspelling is just motor skills problems.............peace

PostPosted: Mon Jan 22, 2007 6:51 am 
I believe you tapped into very close truths. I would suspect though that you had an alien disaster vision though. That then they impressed a vision of what you felt was the "Queen of Heaven," to end it to place extra emphasis on you to report it. I've known about the extra planet from my Dad. He spoke about it coming from old stories in Sumeria? He said the gods in old days harvested the Earth energy from tall towers that extended even as high as space, and that is where the Tower of Babel comes from.

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