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 Post subject: Check your sources
PostPosted: Sun May 02, 2010 5:12 am 
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some comments from some posters raise me to want to caution people about their source of information, more so those looking into Witchcraft etc, at least one of the most recognized sources of information on modern witchcraft is Alister Crowley, in my younger years I read one of his books, thinking that it was a source most desirable and accurate, since then I have learned that it is not, and that the man himself is the reason for this, I am not into that sort of research these days, for me it was just a phase of my youth, I urge those into the arts to cross reference everything that man had to say, question everything.
if you need a replacement author try Buckland.
I will not judge a person for what they beleive in and what their personal pursuit leads them to, I will however press that they take caution. the old arts (Druids, Pagans etc) have a saying that is summed up well in the Wiccan statement of "Do what you will, harm none"
this I beleive should apply to us all, Pagan, New Age, Wiccan, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Atheist, scientist whatever.

Peace All

 Post subject: Re: Check your sources
PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 11:08 am 
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Thanks for the heads up, and I agree with your sentiments.


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 Post subject: Re: Check your sources
PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 2:42 am 

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I saw a program on witches the other night and it was about how thw whole witch mania started back in the late 1400's. It seems there was this gut and I am not sure if he was a monk or not but he went to a town in england and accused some women of being witches and the church stepped in and let the women go.
He was very upset by this so he started writing a witch bible and it took him a long time and this time he included a codicile from the vatican pretty much sanctioning everything in this giant book he wrote. Well we all know the history after that, it led to the witch hunts and thousands of people were killed in the following century or so, now come to find out scholars are studying this book and realising that the codicile was written three years before his book was sarted so in fact the church never really sanctioned any of this so called witches bible.
I found it very interesting that its only now that scholars are finding this out and why didn't anyone question these witch hunts?. I guess the reason is that so many people were caught up in the mania of it all and it was convinient to accuse someone you did not like of being a witch because that put them in a bad position after being accused so I think scapegoats were killed by the thousands for reasons other than witchcraft.
Allister C was supposedly the head of all the devil worshippers and he was just another guy with an agenda, but a lot of people were influenced by him none the less. bloodbreed

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