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A Woman about to die.
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Author:  Tweaked [ Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

Oh, you're SO VERY RIGHT!

Now, I can understand a conscientious purveyor of alcoholic spirits being interested in knowing which group negatively and positively reacts ... but the MARKETING AGENTS are not going to give a damn if there's a negative or positive impact ... it's strictly their jobs to sell it to the group of individuals who will drink the most!! And it's the Marketing Agents who authorize the funding for the research. And THEY are going to skew the results to make it look as though there's no way to know for sure that there's a DNA culpability.

It's just like the tobacco groups' agendas. The big tobacco companies kept making the nicotine content stronger, even after they knew it was addictive.

And then along came the SMOKE-FREE lobbyists who skew the real facts in their favor to make 2nd hand smoke appear to be life-threatening to a much greater segment of the population than is true...

You're right ... the research must be funded for the correct reasons by a non-biased group of scientific researchers who cannot be influenced to skew ANY results.

Author:  nathan1974au [ Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

iv'e learn in life that we all know what is right from wrong . their will allways be influences
in everybody's lives you must choose with path you will take good or bad. :D :twisted:

in todays life parents have noddy coddled their children. they are now old they have no right from wrong skills. influences greater than ever before. vigilance, drug addiction? well in my books it's always been the same...

drinking is only the easy part of the prosess.
there was much more that happen with my emotions as talking was a small part of passing but it's personal and i don't think people are ready to know!!

one point to say to all that had a near death experiences, did you come back with a gift.. a psychic one?..
empathic perhaps. interesting to know!!

Author:  Timbit [ Thu Jun 05, 2008 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

As you say, drinking was the easy part of the process, and it is also that fact that is known by those to manipulate choice, decision making, and lifestyle into buying it in the first place.

I understand what you are saying about making decisions and being held responsible for them, the good with the bad. But, those who have the most to lose with any addiction, are also those who provide the most to gain to those who sell you the products.

To be influenced and exploited is one of the biggest parts of the business of addiction in the first place. They will sell you far more than substance or dice and dreams.


Author:  nathan1974au [ Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.


Author:  nathan1974au [ Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

timbit you are right about what you say wise as you i and all who post here.
remember you can do anything under the sun but when it comes to telling the young that what your doing to your self may or will kill you its a different story.
i learn't the hard way.

alcohol really should be sold to persons over 25
teenagers are truly messed up creatures hormones spinning out of control
as you have said marketers should be shot!!! lol
here in Australia our government has placed a law to remove all fancy drinks off the shelf
no more happy hours BUGGA!!!! :lol: :D pokies seem to be the biggest problem going at this stage.

Author:  Tweaked [ Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

Nathan, if we raised the drinking age to 25, I doubt that it would make much of a difference. The ones who would respect the Law and NOT drink earlier would still have growing pains as soon as they celebrated their 25th birthdays. And there would be FAR MORE underaged drinking.

It makes no sense to ask military people to be willing to die for their country at 18, if they can't drink legally, first. We used to allow military people to drink on Bases when they were 18, but M.A.D. has made everyone so uncomfortable with drinking at all, that it's no longer true, unless it's in a foreign country. Same will go the way with cigarettes, very soon. Neither is ILLEGAL, but the ramifications of using either one is getting testy.

There are some people who can drive, drink, get married, raise children, and do lots of other things at very young ages, and do them well; there are SOME, however, who shouldn't do any of those things, no matter how old they become!!

AGE is just a guideline... Just like being emancipated prior to 18. Some people can learn to be responsible; some NEVER do.

Author:  Ann from Australia [ Fri Jun 06, 2008 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

I don't think that we have a gene that predisposes us to drink, I think it is more a gene that predisposes us to addiction. A lot of people have addictions whether it be to alcohol or to drugs or to pokies or to shopping or to cleaning. We can all become passionate about something but when it starts to be your main focuss and starts to take over your life then it's an addiction. I think a sliding scale that had disspassionate at one end, passionate in the midle and addicted at the other end would probably best describe it and we each can find ourselves somewhere on that scale with everything we do,everything we say, everything we have, everything we consume. I think when kids are growing up til about 25 they can be anywhere sliding daily on that scale but when they first start out in puberty with hormones running wild they can be anywhere on that scale every minute. My grandchildren are teenagers and I can remember vividly when their parents were teenagers as well as when I was one.(Very frightening) I think young people (adolecents) can't control what they do and as they become a little older they learn to control what they do and a little older and they control who they are and a little older they think they can contol everything and everyone and then a little older and you realize you can't control a damn thing and never could. It was all an illusion and nothing you did or didn't do mattered.
On the subject of life after death; Even after having a heart Bypass where my heart was stopped I didn't get to experience anything but when I was nursing in one of jobs I worked in a Nursing Home and on many occassions I would be with someone as they died and I have seen people come for them and they sit and patiently wait too like us and they talk to each other. Apart from seeing what looks like a mist that moves you can feel theur presence and it's not scary it's comforting. Ann :P :shock: :mrgreen: :P

Author:  Tweaked [ Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

When I was a teenager (Lordy! LORDY!) I was something to contend with. I had NO FEAR of anything. And it's a good thing... if I'd known then what I know NOW... I'd have never left the rural farmlands of Northern Indiana, climbed on an airplane in Chicago for the first time, and come to Los Angeles!

True, life was somewhat different then; not so many gangs and not so many people doing so many ugly things, but nevertheless... I'd have been too scared to leave the barn yard.

You may be on to something with the ADDICTION (in general) gene, Ann. I used to be a licensed Numerologist, and I could tell from looking at a simple chart wherein I'd listed the numbers of a person's birthday (EXAMPLE: 01-03-1946) added together and reduced to a single digit, and then the value of each of the birth names, added up the same way and added to the chart, IF someone was likely to have a problem with alcohol or drugs. Whenever someone's little chart showed three 7s and at least two 2s, it was a warning that they could be overcome by something repetitive. In those days it was usually alcohol and/or drugs, and I always warned those individuals that they had a tendency to become addicted to a pattern of something negative.

The chart could also show who would be receptive to spiritual aspects of life, as well. And usually those with the spiritual numbers were extremely sensitive--believed in ghosts, had strong intuitiveness, and believed in life-after-death.

Author:  hyundisonata [ Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

Hi people, I am new here I found this site via ufocasebook.
Most of what was said about your relatives meeting you on death is true, the last time with me it was my mother. You hear all the tales from skeptics such as chemicals in the brain ect believe me it is not and it is real, I have had this bad habit of kicking the bucket since childhood that I knew nothing about until recently, in the last twelve years I have survived five strokes and four hear attacks, I now have parkinsonism and a few other complaints brought about by the strokes,
Such as something the doc calls mini strokes and yes I have been dead on a few occasions because of all this and I have crossed over fully. There are no words that could ever explain what it is like and the emotions that flood over you so I will just say it is the ultimate love. And yes you take your memories with you the bad as well as the good but the bad ones have no impact or meaning; they are nothing but a thought. Also it is true that your whole life floods past you and you see parts of your life that has been long forgotten, this is how I found out that I had popped my clogs as a child, when I asked my father and relatives about this death as a child I was told I had TB and double pneumonia and had died in theater twice and spent over a year in hospital and that for some reason I had no memory about this incident. This is one of the many deaths I have had in my life on this planet, been there bought the T shirt and loved it lol.
No doubt most reading this will be rolling around in laughter screaming nutters lol and my answer to them is believe what you want as you will know the truth soon enough but one person you wont meet there is me as I will be stuck here suffering as usual as I am not allowed to go back and yes I hate the thought and am jealous of you all, just now I have cancer lol and I just do not care, yes it will hurt me and no doubt I will suffer but one thing I know is that it will not get rid of me, and the biggest joke is that if you met me in the street you wouldn’t even know I was ill, in fact I am probably healthier than most reading this.
So people if someone around you has died or at deaths door then do not worry about them as they will be having the time of their lives and you will meet them again and another thing don’t believe in reincarnation as it is total rubbish, you move onwards not back ,you become part of an energy that is indescribable not the child in Africa or the dog in the pet shop so those looking forward to coming back again forget it as it will not happen .I could tell you lots more but I am not going to , just enjoy what time you have and accept death as a new beginning not an end and that goes for all good or bad .

Author:  Timbit [ Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

There wont' be anybody here in this forum that will laugh about your experiences, this is a very safe place to talk about such things. Many of us have shared experiences that even our husbands/wives/friends know nothing about. Often life-long experiences, such as what you have experienced, are told here for the first time, and its good to talk about it, and it is a benefit to those that want to learn from experiences such as yours.

I had read once long ago, of a doctor who said that all such death experiences can only be described because of a connection to the physical world. When people 'come back' they relay common characteristics of the death experience, but only from this physical world. A death typically would include what has been reported by so many, but that it is part of the dying process, and when the body is truly 'dead', so too are the visions experienced. The tether has been severerd, and nothing exists once that happens.

I found his attitude to be typical of doctors and scientists who are very causal in their thinking. It is inconceivable that there is more beyond what they can quantify on their charts and graphs. There isn't a formula for it, so it doesn't exist.

I share your belief in life after death, there is no question that some have passed over, and returned as you have. Doctors would call this a miracle to see someone declared dead, and then come back. I would call it as having experienced another level of reality.

I am curious though, that when you are there, on the other side so to speak, are you aware of a conscious choice to be made whether to come back or not? How do you know that 'this' time is the one that you will decide not to return.


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