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A Woman about to die.
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Author:  eanassir [ Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  A Woman about to die.

[center][b]A Woman about to die[/b][/center]
This is one of the true stories written in the book that I have translated from Arabic to English and put at the free website [url "http//man-after-death.741.com/"]http//man-after-death.741.com[/url]
The book "Man after Death" was written by Mohammed Ali Hassan Al-Hilly, the late interpreter of the Quran and the Bible; it includes very important subjects related to the world of souls, the Hereafter, death, sleep, dreams, fainting, angels, demons or genies, souls, spirits, etc.
[center][b]The Death Appointment[/b][/url][/center]
When the time of dying or the appointment of death of any man approaches, his dead relatives come to him, i.e. their souls, and sit down near him, talking with him; he sees them, speaks to them and they speak with him.
When he dies, and his ethereal soul separates from his body, they come to him escorting, until he is put down in his grave.
There, in the world of souls the Barzakh world, they visit each other, talk [to each other], coming in and getting out, standing and sitting till the Day of Judgment.
To confirm this, I mention, here, this nice tale

"A woman from Hilla in Iraq, once, became ill, and her illness increased in severity day by day, until her death hour approached.
Her mother in law was with her in the house, and she heard the dying woman speak as if she was greeting and respecting someone; so that her mother in law asked her 'With whom do you speak?'
The dying woman [ that was about to die] answered her 'My father and mother have come to see me, and they are [now] sitting near to me, so cover yourself with your wrap[url "http//file///F/Documents%20and%20Settings/emad'/Desktop/The%20First%20Computer/Quran-related%20books/الإنسان%20بعد%20الموت/site%20Man%20after%20Death/index.htm#_ftn19"][19][/url]; so that my father won't see you!'
But her mother in law did not take her words seriously, and did not wear her wrap, but in stead she said to herself that her father and mother were dead, then how would they come to her!?
The dying woman went on talking as if she spoke to her father and mother, then turn to her mother in law and say to her 'Wear your wrap; for my father is sitting beside me!'
But her mother in law did not consider her words, then she said to her mother in law 'Wear your wrap, and go to open the door; for my brother Hussein has arrived!'
But her mother in law did not pay attention to her words; in stead she said to herself this patient is delirious due to the severity of her illness.
No more than one minute later, the door was knocked; her mother in law went to the door and called 'Who is there behind the door? Is it you Hussein?'
He answered 'Yes, it is me Hussein!'
So she opened the door for him, and he went in. He asked her 'Who told you that I am behind the door?'
She said 'Your sister told me that!'
When his sister saw him, she welcomed him and said 'My father and mother have just been here with me. They talked with me, then my father said to me Your brother is coming and we shall go.'
She talked with him few other words, then she became silent. Her brother shook her, but she was dead."
We may hear many of those about to die, speak mentioning the names of their dead relatives and members of their families, as if they speak to them, and tell us about them, saying This is John, and this is my father, and that is my brother, or that is my mother, …etc.
In addition, we may hear many, of those who are about to die, say unsuitable or unreasonable words, e.g. they may reply an answer without being asked by anyone of us or they mention the name of a dead person and speak to him as if he is present with them. So when we hear that from one of them, we say he is delirious; but, in fact, he sees the souls of some of his dead relatives and they talk to each other, and because we do not hear the question of the souls, but only we hear, from the dying, the answer to the question; for this reason, we think him delirious.
[The following questions were answered by the Mohammed Ali Hassan Al-Hilly, the late interpreter of the Quran and the Bible]
§ [b][u]Question[/u][/b][u][/u] How did that soul [of her father] know that his son Hussein came to visit his dying sister? Do souls know the fore-future ?
[u]Answer[/u] We said that souls have sharp sight, and that their sight goes through the material bodies, and you have just read the details of the conversation. Therefore, this soul had seen his son from behind the wall, and told his daughter, the dying woman, about that; because the wall does not impair the sight of the soul.

§ [b][u]Question[/u][/b][u][/u] You say that we do not see souls unless during our sleep, or unless we die and become souls like them, then how did this dying woman see her mother and father?
[u]Answer[/u] The dying person can see the souls and speak to them; because the viable fluid in his body is going on oxidation, and the soul, at that time, is about to get out [of the body.]

Author:  bebop [ Sat Aug 25, 2007 3:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [eanassir] A Woman about to die.

Thank you for that translation. I do agree with the experience. I have had releatives share the very same experience.


Author:  alucard [ Mon Mar 24, 2008 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

I would like to share my experiance with nde. I used to be an addict I still am and always will be but have been clean for over ten yaers. So one day after I had gotten clean and was on a methadone clinic I walked into a resteraunt on sunday morning and looked around me and saw so many smiling happy faces and famalys. At the time I was seriously deppressed and had never felt so alone in all my life. I told myself I could'nt go on and wanted to just end it all right now, so I got a bunch of xanax and heroin and went to a place in the woods and thought no one will find me here so I ate the pills and snorted the heroin and went completely out. When I came to I was layng in a hospital bed but I could not speak or see and I heard the doctor say thats it he's gone thwen I heard a nurse say "doctor please try the paddles and shock him one more time and I remembeer him saying that he was writing my death certificate but would do itr for her. The next thing I remember is sitting up in bed alive and my chest felt crushed but I was breathing on my own.The point is, I never came out of my body and was looking sdown on myself as some report. I only heard things going on around me but I never saw any white lights and never saw dead relatives. All mI remember is what I heard and the next thing was waking up in a sitting position and thankful I was alive. I now am a methadone advocate hiv counselor and I do it all to help people so maybe they will not have to go through what I went through. My life is boring at times but I believe my near death exp. led me upon the path I walk today. You can judge me for my past but I hope that people judge me for who I am now and what I do. I do not do these things to feed my ego, I do them to really try and help. That is my N.D.E. alucard

Author:  Timbit [ Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

You have to wonder if it wasn't some 'hand' that rescued you that night in the woods. It is very strange that even with a declaration of death, you were not dead, amazing considering all the technology and expertise we have in medicine.

I think it was a transformation for you perhaps more than an NDE, and you have turned your life around to help others. Had you not had the experience, would you be as passionate about how you live your life now? You could easily have been rescued, and woke up even more depressed than you were, realizing that you were still alive.

But something changed you, and this new path will likely save others.


Author:  Tweaked [ Mon Mar 31, 2008 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

As long as you remain grateful and strive to be a Light to others who have wandered off the path, you will be an asset to Society. I commend you for your ten years of sobriety, and wish you 25+ more.

Author:  nathan1974au [ Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  my near death experience

i was aged 21 decided to Binge drink. i drunk a full bottle of jim beam and a half of Donald Dugless scotch in 2 hours for fun to show off to my friends.
not a wise thing to do!!!! :o you die :o

all i can remember is going to bed and waking up in a round cylindric sparky granate with indigo colored carvings that glow. i can remember looking at that and wow!!!
rock that glows without power!!. up above a balcony there were 3 people 2 men one woman i heard a voice saying "please open your eyes so you may see us, don't be afraid." come with us. i replyed " i dont wish to open my eyes to see this... is not my time..
they laugh as i had made a mistake and headed in the direction they wanted me to go.

all i remember waking up with a full body pins a needles and heart racing.
never did that ever again!!

Author:  Tweaked [ Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

Yeah... binge drinking is a BAD, BAD thing to do. Lots of us did it a time or two when we were young. Several of us NEVER did it again. The ones who did ... well, some of them aren't with us anymore, and some never could ever stop drinking, and got into other things, as well.

Author:  Timbit [ Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

Interesting about binge drinking. Most binge drinkers are between the ages of 18-24, and it is not necessarily a precursor to alcoholism later on in life. In addiction counselling, that particular age group is considered 'special' due to the age and lifestyle, and doesn't necessarily indicate the beginning of a pattern of drinking behaviour.

That's one of the things that parents are afraid of the most- the sheer amount of alcohol that kids can drink. Most will get sick enough, often enough, in a short period of time to be unable to continue the pattern for long.


Author:  Tweaked [ Wed Jun 04, 2008 10:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

There are SOME, though, who are alcoholics from the time they are conceived. And I don't think there's been an in vitro DNA test yet to determine it prior to birth. (Let's hope that comes, SOON!)

Those genes run in my family. Half of my relatives on BOTH sides of the tree were predisposed to alcoholism; the others (mostly us girls) weren't nearly as permanently affected. My Aunt Helen and her granddaughter were the two BIG exceptions. My brother saw so much alcoholism all around him when he was growing up (step-relatives), that (knowing how the bloodlines infected the men primarily) he rarely ever touches it. The two exceptions he makes are a glass of champagne or one beer on his birthday and New Years Eve. But only ONE each time.

Author:  Timbit [ Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Woman about to die.

I have always wondered why there isn't more emphasis on predisposition and addiction as far as genetic traits are concerned. I think it is pretty obvious that if there are direct family members who have had lifetimes of alcoholism, chances are greater their offspring will as well.

Where those without those traits during a young age binge drink, and eventually turn to safer limits in social drinking habits, those that start off with a predisposition have a double-whammy.

Why do we deny this connection in the first place. Could it have something to do with research money and funding coming from the businesses that supply the market in the first place? It is much like big business and gambling, who fund research into gambling addiction. I personally think that those that benefit from the business of alcohol, (and gambling) should be at arms length from study into its effects.

People tend to not bite the hand that feeds them.


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