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I was visited from the future
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Author:  Tweaked [ Thu Dec 07, 2006 6:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Guest] I was visited from the future

Don't you think well-trained remote viewers can accomplish this, if given the time and place coordinates? Joe McMoneagle believes [i]he[/i] already has, and there are others, as well.

I went [u]back[/u] in time once - quite by accident - but it was so extraordinary! I can recall every detail, and that happened almost 30 years ago. [u]THAT[/u] is what brought me to the awareness that our [u]minds[/u] have, in the past, done all the things we're attempting to re-create via electronics.

Now, something tangible is easier - it's something to which more people can relate... but I believe there is a small percentage who have the discipline to accomplish some of these feats now, without the electronics, and before the paradigm shift. Those who are psychic, for example, are already better focussed and tuned-in to the all encompassing world around us. Perhaps not every remote viewer or psychic can time-travel, but I believe a small percentage can, and do. I have had OBEs - not gone to the future, but other places and have seen things from a height that I couldn't have known otherwise, without traveling there physically.

When the paradigm shift occurs, what do you think will be the greatest change?

Author:  Nico [ Tue Feb 20, 2007 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Tweaked] I was visited from the future

I think that some people get confused between 2 things. one is called OBE or out of body experience.
I read about a few cases of people who actually could have seen the future by means of the so called OBE's. I ones knew a friend who's faher was driving home with the family in the car. He suddenly stiffened behind the steeringwheel, but was still driving. After a couple of seconds he "awake" and ask the family,
"How did the cat manage to get onto the roof of the house?"
10 mins later, ariving at home, they actully did find the cat on the roof.
He did explained that this happened many times before, but he can't axplain it. He even told us, sometimes "seeing the past" as if he was actually there.

Then there is the actual time travel, where the body actually move forward or backwards in time. In my point of view that would be impossible with the tech available.
A few notes from my side:

I once thought that if you can travel at the speed of light, then you playing around with time. For instance.
You're on a spacecraft and travel faster than the speed of light. Your co-pilot sitting next to you. We all know that all colours we see is the reflections of the colour prisma into the eye. Now if you travel faster than the speed of light and looking at your co-pilot, what will you see, cuz before the reflection of your co-pilot will reach your eye, you have moved forward. Will you only see darkness or what will you see?

But I came to another conclusion, Lets say you stand at point "A" somewhere on the earth. The monent the sun came up and you see the light, you start traveling around the earth faster than the speed of light. that means that you should be back at the same point "A" before you actually started.

But what happens now is, when arriving again at point "A" you're other you is actully still waiting there for the sun to rise, and you have to wait for yourself to departure, cuz matter cannot ocupy the space at the same time. That will cource a ripple effect with a lot of yourself waiting on your original departure.

I hope that you all understand what I was trying to say in my poor English.

Any other point of views welcome

Author:  elamoxon [ Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I was visited from the future

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