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Dan Burisch Stargate
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Author:  Guest [ Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dan Burisch Stargate

[quote="Tweaked"]You're ASSUMING what we refer to as GOD is a separate Entity; I propose that God [u]isn't separate.[/u][/quote]

After thinking about this statement for a while wonder if you mean that there was no beginning for life in the universe. If so, then I guess you are right I am assuming that there was a beginning and something or some form of energy had something to do with it.

Author:  m3_shall [ Tue Oct 07, 2008 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dan Burisch Stargate

wonder if you mean that there was no beginning for life in the universe

That is a good thought you had. :)

What I personally think is that us Humans think too much about explanations concerning the past than we do at times with the future.

Isn't it more important to try and re-esatblish our way of life to protect this world we have to live in for future human generations of life?

Author:  Tweaked [ Tue Oct 07, 2008 11:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dan Burisch Stargate

It's okay to have a healthy curiosity about the Past, but when it consumes/trumps looking at the Present and the Future, it's an obsession. Some people know only how to look backwards, and that's all that holds their interests ... explaining things that they hope may shed some light on future occurrences.

Author:  m3_shall [ Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dan Burisch Stargate

That's a good point. :)

Author:  Guest [ Mon Dec 15, 2008 5:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dan Burisch Stargate

There are several interesting things about Burisch and his story that lead me to believe he is a fraud.

I always wondered what a microbiologist would be doing talking about gates and windows. considering how compartmentalized the government is, according to Burisch's account, how is it that he comes into contact with such technology? And how is it that his knowledge of it is so vast?

I haven't heard any explaination as to what a microbiologist has to do with a living alien. He never mentions what he supposedly did with Jrod, never mentions disecting or studying other alien bodies or microorganisms and never gives any indication that he knows anything about biology let alone microbiology.

In the Project Camelot interview I have the distinct impression I'm watching a bad actor. Througout the interview there are moments that seem so fake it causes me to laugh.

He seems comfortable talking about technologies in detail except for minor points which he won't disclose. In the scope of things these details mean nothing, except if he's lying. If he made the whole story up he might want a few minor details he can claim its too dangerous to disclose. That builds up his claim that they might kill him if he says too much. It adds drama. But look at what he witholds. Numbers mostly. If you were going to lie wouldn't it be easier to get tangled in your lie if you had to remember how many gates there were, how many in each country, how many MIBs were there etc? So it benefits a liar to give general details "I can tell you there were more than 50" and avoid specifics like the plague.

The fact that his name is not Dan Burisch is interesting. Changing his name could not hide him from the shadow government he talks about, especially since he's being very loud with their "secrets". So why did he change his name twice?

He married a charge as a parole officer. The government would probably consider a person who does that to be a risk, the kind of person that might blab all of their secrets all over the internet. It doesn't seem consistent with military intelligence to hire a person with Dan's past.

The stuff Dan talks about is much worse than alien presence, its something you'd expect the government would kill over. Why is he alive and allowed to run 2 websites, conduct several hours worth of interviews and post these secrets on forums everywhere?

Why does he flip flop his degree? Sometimes its a Phd sometimes its a Doctors of Science. True, these things are equivelant but they are not the same. Most people that earn degrees are pretty proud of them and aren't going to forget which one they got.

After he "got out" he kept a military base clearance sticker on his car. Its the lowest level clearance available and available to civilian family members of vetrans. Why would he keep this on his car? Given the fact that he is telling all their secrets wouldn't you think he would never return to a military installation let alone the lowest of the lowest places accessible on a base? If he left it up because he was lazy then why wouldnt the expired higher clearance stickers also be on the car? Why just that one?

About the supposed document he signed, it seems odd to me that he would mispell his own name. Look at the spelling: Burrasch. If he did indeed sign this I would guess the man is emotionally unstable, craves attention, lives somewhere between fantasy and reality and is a terrible poker player.

Author:  curraghtemple [ Wed Jul 08, 2009 6:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Dan Burisch Stargate

Get Real Guys, I think you all have been watching too much TV. Does anyone ever ask the question why project camelot interviews so many scammers. And does talking about this "stargate" crap divert any you from the weirdness thats really going on in the world. "Project Looking Glass"? Yeah give me a break. Some asshole in government is having a huge laugh on you guys.

Author:  david barclay [ Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dan Burisch Stargate

Guest wrote:
I read your post about time travel at the Project Unity forum and I think I understand the basic idea. What about the possibility of multiple time lines? The original time line would remain unaltered but because of the actions of a time traveler going back to the past, a second time line would be created and that would reflect the results of the time travelers action.

I agree with you that Burisch does not have all the answers. I don't think anyone does, not even ET. Probably the only one who does is the creator of all life. If Bursich has done and seen the things he claims to have, then I would think that he has a few more pieces of the puzzle to add than most us.

I have a Christian friend who tells me that the bible says that we are not capable of understanding the ultimate truth and knowledge. We may not have the vocabulary to describe it. So instead of spending our short life searching for answers that we will never be able to understand we should put our trust and faith in god and live our life in peace and harmony. When we are ready, the truth will be revealed.

But I want to know now, and I feel I'm intelligent handle it, but the fact is I'll probably just have to wait until until I meet "the man" himself.

If you leave the present to visit the past or future you disconnect from your existing time/line, so if you travel to the past whatever happens there will not affect your existing time/line in your present.

It is impossible for the past to catch up to the present, because of the dynamic nature of time itself which is continuously accelerating and equally impossible for the present to catch up to the future because the future is accelerating faster than we are in the present.

So, talk about a paradox in relation to time travel to the past has no meaning because there is no paradox. You cannot go back into the past and change the present. The worst you could do is change the past, but the past stays in the past.

Author:  david barclay [ Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dan Burisch Stargate

curraghtemple wrote:
Get Real Guys, I think you all have been watching too much TV. Does anyone ever ask the question why project camelot interviews so many scammers. And does talking about this "stargate" crap divert any you from the weirdness thats really going on in the world. "Project Looking Glass"? Yeah give me a break. Some asshole in government is having a huge laugh on you guys.

Star gates are science fiction material and have no basis in reality. Where they got this idea is from people claiming to have emerged from water and found themselves in another world.

Passing through water or some other type of liquid is an experience many people have had in relation to ET encounters, but it has nothing to do with star gates as described.

I have never bothered to listen to all of Dan's interviews as I have found much of the Camelot material to be somewhat boring.

Most of the people interviewed claim to have inside knowledge, but never mention any of the truly important points, which I find a bit more than just odd.

If you are going to spill the beans, spill some of the important beans that might just have some relevance to what is going on in our own world.

Author:  Tweaked [ Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dan Burisch Stargate

Well... just between you & me & the gate post, I DO believe there are Star Gates. I think the technology we're just beginning to come into now, is merely this present day spin on technology once built and used by people (maybe Atlantis; perhaps some other culture) to move between planets and star systems... We all spend SO MUCH TIME trying to "build" a technological means to accomplish scientific theories, yet we're making the same errors all the other dynamic lost civilizations made. We're trying to BUILD a way to do it, when we dumbos are all born with the ABILITIES to do it with our minds.

So many wasted $$$, so much wasted time, energy, etc.

If we could just look beyond the physical, and realize what we knew when we were born (imbedded knowledge our parents, teachers, learning to fear, and religions program INTO us, which replaces those precious Truths we KNEW when we arrived) we'd remember what we lost--the ability to time travel in a fraction of a second--to anywhere we could think of to go.

Author:  david barclay [ Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dan Burisch Stargate

I get your drift Tweaked, but some of this insider whistle blowing gets a bit thin around the edges when they talk so much about nothing.

Have you heard one of these guys tell anyone anything important...such as one solid fact, other than a lot of hype about aliens and secret bases and the rest of it.

I get bored with this mumbo jumbo, it's endless and it goes nowhere.

Has one whistle blower come out and said anything about some of our stupid ideas about the universe?

No, of course not, but they can make stuff up about all kinds of amazing things no one can confirm or deny. It's just more piddle on the floor.

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