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PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:49 am 
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I don't normally "hawk" someone's site, but I've had readings from Jeff when he and his wife lived here in Los Angeles. He's very good, and charges reasonable rates for the work he does.

Welcome to Jeff's First Newsletter

Greetings to all of my clients, family, and friends.

I have joined the 21st century and created a newsletter. I am working to create occasional newsletters that will give you astrological information that can be a great resource for these crazy times.

Jeff Harman
(310) 385-8459
(520) 743-1054

Camille Harman

Special Offers!

Do You Have a Question?
Do you have a burning question about something important? Let me help you with Horary Astrology, which can reveal great details and shed light on any situation from a personal question, business venture to a lost dog. Over many years, I have logged thousands of these questions for clients and we have been amazed at the results. This service is great for checking compatibility with a business or romantic partner, especially since no birth times are needed for Horary Astrology. Formulate your question carefully, and then call me, do not e-mail. For example, "Is it in my best interest to go into business with so and so?" *I do not use modern astrology. I use ancient systems from India (Vedic Astrology), Egypt (also known as Traditional Astrology), and from the Medieval systems.
Call me for special pricing this month through September.

Are You About to do Something Important?
Electional Astrology is an ancient powerful tool used by kings, presidents, and business people even in modern times. It is extremely useful for scheduling any important business or personal event, including:

Real Estate Transactions
Legal Document Filings
Large Purchases
Business and Pleasure Trips
Grand Openings
Moving, Leasing, Buying and Building

*I do not use modern astrology, I use ancient systems from India (Vedic Astrology), Egypt (also known as Traditional Astrology) and from the Medieval systems.

Call me for special pricing this month through September.

Cocktail for an Economic Train Wreck?

While many economists are predicting a slow recovery, the astrology may indicate differently. As we head toward the Fall equinox, things might get more chaotic on the economic and world fronts, no matter how much money the Fed prints. There are always many smaller aspects playing out in the sky which can trigger the larger ones. But here is the big picture playing since last Fall. There is something very powerful in the sky that has been affecting the world economies since Fall 2008. This is called a Saturn/Uranus opposition (meaning that the Earth is between Saturn and Uranus.) Saturn rules societal structures. Uranus rules sudden changes, altercations, revolutions, and inventive technology. This hard aspect between these two powerful planets indicates disruption and breakdown of structures.

Saturn and Uranus oppositions remind me of what would happen if you put one foot on the gas and the other on the brake and stomp em both to the floor. Lots of smoke, while you burn tremendous amounts of energy and when it's all done the vehicle is toast. It kind of reminds me of loaning billions to banks that have the water level of debt lapping up into their nostrils, and are about to get hit with a tsunami of 5-year balloon mortgages and commercial loans coming due in 2010.

The figures are a bit sketchy, but some sources say the banks loaned out record billions in 2005 at the market top in real estate values. Incidentally, that real estate value has now dropped nearly 30-40% or more in some places. What a great incentive to refinance when the unemployment checks are about to stop. Couple all that with fighting two wars, all while everybody's jobs keep falling through to the other side of the planet, landing in a sweat shop somewhere in China or Malaysia. Hmmm. Shall we head to Wall Mart for some new shoes?

There are a total of five aspects of this series of Saturn/Uranus oppositions, which do not complete until late summer of 2010. (more on this later). The first hit was late last Fall in the beginning of November (Nov. 3 to be exact) 2008. The stock market crashed in October just before it was exact. The second was Feb. 2009 when the U.S. borrowed enough money to sink the Titanic.

The astrological details are as follows: First, to start this one off, Mars goes into its sign of debilitation Aug. 24 for nearly a month. Then during this 3rd cycle Mercury goes retrograde Sept. 6 through Sept. 28. The actual third Saturn/Uranus opposition happens Sept. 13, and, to top it off, the sun conjuncts Saturn Sep. 16 (both opposing Uranus) and a new moon on Sept. 18. All of this is in a T-square, by wide orb, to Pluto.

What does all this mean in plain English? A lot of energy triggers, which can precipitate more confusion, financial instability and tension in the world. I also would not rule out some possible earth changes as well. More on when this might happen in upcoming newsletters.

So, no matter how they try to calm us with statistics and "blue sky" media reports, things are likely to get a bit dicey over the next year and half. Just relax and take a long refreshing drink of that sedating fluoridated water many of us are enjoying across much of America. Heck, it has effectively sedated circus animals for many years. The real decay might just be the current financial and eco systems over the next decade. 2019 is a real trigger date. More on this in upcoming newsletters. I know. You wanted me to say 2012. We'll get to 2012 later.

The fourth hit will be next Spring, and the fifth and final hit will be in July 2010. This 5th and final aspect in July of 2010 will complete the disruptive Saturn Uranus opposition cycle we are now in. These will be examined in detail in future newsletters.

The next time this series of aspects crashes back in is approx 2054.

Vedic Astrology Perspective

In a sidereal zodiac, using Vedic Astrology, Saturn will move into the sign of Virgo Sept. 9, 2009. This gives Saturn more power to wreak trouble over the next 2 1/2 years as it makes its trek through earthy Virgo. Mars will conjunct Ketu (the moon's south node) Oct. 8-9, 2009, which could be another trigger. This could precipitate hidden and unexpected events that cause fear and panic. Also, in the sidereal zodiac, Mars will retrograde in December in its sign of debilitation (Cancer). Not exactly a great place to start spending close to 3 months in a retrograde state until March 2010. Which, incidentally, is getting very close to the 4th Saturn/Uranus opposition.

So, what do we do with all this information? Well, I would say get into solid investments and be very, very careful with taking any risks. Cut your expenses, and live very close to your means. Also KEEP SOME CASH On Hand! Yes gold and silver may survive deflation and currency devaluation, but that underpaid gas station or grocery store clerk is going to look at you with a blank stare if you shove a gold coin under their noses for a tank of gas or a dozen eggs. Until our currency is resolved, the country runs on those Federal Reserve notes we've been using for the last 76 years.

The only difference between the economy and the Titanic might be that theTitanic still had a few employees playing some good music when it went down.

Just remember, we can always scrape up a few extra devalued bucks auctioning off whatever's not in foreclosure or repossession on E-Bay! (Don't forget that Auctionsniper software).

Yes, folks, this may be the beginning of the end of western capitalism, as we know it. We might say, "Gone With The Wind".

If you plan to speculate, you might make a lot of money if you hit the right investments in these volatile times.

That's where you might want to call me with your questions, and I'll use Horary Astrology. If it doesn't look fabulous, believe me, I'll quickly tell you to pass!

Also, in these unusual strange days, commencing important events at good astrological times using, Electional Astrology, can be an added safety measure. It might not make you JP Morgan, but it could keep you from incurring a substantial loss or becoming embroiled in some uncomfortable legal situation. Remember the Legal system is "The Finest System Money Can Buy" .

As a final note, we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. The thing I love about Jyotisha (Vedic) Astrology and Kabbalah is that they show that we all chose to be here at this time in history. It further shows how man-made systems are never close to what the divine intended for us anyway. War and more war and monopolized money and energy systems, which cut out anybody or anything that threatens their existence, are anything but divine.

For proof of what I am saying, read about "the Sacred Magic," which was used by all the saints and prophets from antiquity, and which is referred to in most of the scriptures. Also, read The Magus of Strovolos by Kyriacos Markides or Anastasia (The Ringing Cedars of Russia book series) by Vladimir Megre and it will become glaringly obvious how dependant on money our society is. But we always have to try our way first don't we? So, it helps if we remember not to take this too hard or too personally. After all, we are just hard-headed humans using our God-given free will!

The last Great Depression was very trying on many people, emotionally. Many people committed suicide over their losses. We are in a different era and the world is much different now. Society is much more advanced and we have such a huge infrastructure. These times are likely to be different from any time in known history.

We might all end up staring through the goggles of our gas masks while radiating through life with N.W.O. cashless society microchips, calling each other comrade in the new socialist republic. Or we could advance by 2019 and create a beautiful world with free energy, hoeing spuds on some land that managed to stay above water during the earth changes. Hey we might even avoid the severity of the earth changes and they could happen very smoothly.

Maybe we can start to consciously have contact with Angels and the Group Spirits of the plant and animal kingdoms. Maybe we can tame the unredeemed spirits that have been plaguing us for so many eons due to our lack adherence to ancient sacred ways, as all the prophets of most of the religions, yogis and saints have referred to.

I believe our consciousness will play a big part in how this all ends up. Many psychics and astrologers sell fear, because fear always sells. Astrology sometimes seems wrought with negativity because it is the domain of collective human karmas. There are often good and neutral times shown in astrology as well.

But we have to remember thoughts are things. The mystics called them thought form elementals. They come out of our third eye (Ajana mental center) chakra. We must therefore be careful what we think, for it can have a queer way of manifesting itself. We are much more powerful and resourceful than we have been led to believe. This planet is much more protected than we might imagine or we wouldn't even be drawing breath right now.

It's important to remember that, in the end, none of us are ultimately defined by our material possessions. We are defined by how much we have grown as souls having this physical experience here on this amazing planet of ours. Nobody takes anything with them when we leave our bodies, and sooner or later we will all leave these bodies. Helping one another is a blessed thing in these hard times. Read Psalm 49, which says it all, quite elegantly.

Remember, laughing and giving to others creates large amounts of healing chemicals in the body, good karma too, (as long is it from the heart).

Wedding Astrology Article Now Online

Health News and Links

Camille and I have started doing yoga, and we love the results. We are working to build up our immune systems in this time of flu fears. We are taking Vitamin D and other supplements. We will not be getting the flu shot. Please visit Dr. Sherri Tennpenny's great web site for information on some of the dangers of vaccines http://www.drtenpenny.com/.

I am a big fan of reflexology, and if you've been in my office you may have seen my reflexology roller under my desk. Many try reflexology and complain not much happens, but that is because when you are doing reflexology you must find and break up the painful crystals in areas that are sensitive. If you push through the pain and break up those hard crystals you will find amazing results. Make certain you also get a reflexology chart indicating the correspondences to the various organs. You will be amazed how the areas you may have trouble with are quite hard with crystals. I cannot tell you how many things I have healed with the science of reflexology. I highly recommend purchasing one for your health. I got mine online at.

Rainbow Reflexology Charts are good. Just Goggle it. They are usually a couple of dollars and well worth it.

Colloidal silver is also a great way to kill unwanted bacteria in your system. The settlers used to put silver coins in their wooden water barrels to help purify their water while making their way across the West. It makes one wonder why so much silver was used for eating utensils for centuries. In our modern fast food culture, maybe we just don't want to be bothered with anything that cannot be thrown in the dishwasher. Silver takes some work to keep polished, but it has it virtues.

The United States of America Enters a Mars Maha Dasha

The United States just hit a very intense 7-year cycle on August 11, 2009. There is some dispute over the correct timing of the birth chart for the USA. I have elected to use what astrologers call the Sibly chart. The USA has Scorpio rising in this chart, which make Mars lord of the ascendant and 6th houses (health and service issues). Mars in this chart is positioned in the 8th house. This is another indicator that things may be just getting started on the aggressive military front, health issues and crisis for the USA. Lets hope the "Old Boy" motto of "Prosperity, Recession, Depression then War" is not the order of the upcoming events during this next seven years. Saturn is also transiting the 11th house and also having a Saturn return. Saturn returns are always a trying time, and since it's in the 11th house it will not be easy on the operating branches of government. This coupled with the 7-year Mars Maha (Major period) Dasha is another added indicator that these times are about to be very colorful indeed.

Happy Birthday California

The state of California has its birthday on September 9th. . Using Vedic Astrology, it's interesting that since about the Fall of 1997, California moved into a Saturn Maha Dasha (major planetary period) for 19 years. This may be why the state had to remove a Governor back then and the state has been suffering structurally.

When I look back at the golden years of Hollywood and the huge growth of California as a world economy, the Planetary Dashas of California play like a fiddle! California will hit the Antar Dasha (Sub period) of Mars, which is in the 12th house in March of 2010. This might bring on hidden or secretive military or police-type action and could be very intense time period for California until the spring of 2011 when the Antar Dasha of Rahu takes over in the 10th house.

Happy Birthday Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles has its birthday on September 4th.. Incidentally, the City of Los Angeles is also in a Saturn Maha Dasha (major period). But since Saturn for both California and the City of L.A. is a Raja Yoga planet, which means kingly union or condition, and since both L.A. and California have Libra rising, Saturn also has its positive virtues of structure. Yet, I would say that since Saturn is transiting L.A.'s 12th house, there might be a bit of a transition going on for the next couple of years, financially.

The film industry in Hollywood has reported a record profit last year, but the state is not doing so well, financially. The astrology indicates there is not any immediate turn around. But hey, why worry? Just go watch a war movie where the protagonist is battling for their impossible existence, under thunderous CGI explosions, and, heck, none of this heavy Saturn stuff will seem that bad. At least until you open the mailbox!

Happy Birthday Tucson

Tucson's "birth date" is August 20th, 1775. According to Tucson's Vedic Astrology, there will be an increase in military activity here. Why? Because Tucson is in a 7-year Mars Dasha. Big contracts are being awarded to Raytheon and other local defense industry companies.

Does Your Group Need a Speaker?

I have recently enjoyed speaking for several groups in California and Arizona, as well as being a guest on several radio and web shows. If you would like me to present a free lecture to a group that you know, please call me. Subjects include:

How to Survive Hard Times Using Astrology
Business Astrology
The Astrology of Geographic Location
How to Protect your Aura and Property from Spiritual Attack
Marriage and Family Astrology
Clearing Entities and Protecting your Aura
The Power of Vedic Astrology and Clearing Karmas

Remember, I am not a financial consultant, and astrology is for entertainment purposes only. Despite most skeptics becoming convinced astrology does work, after subjecting it to rigorous scientific tests, astrologers are usually considered quacks and lunatics on the fringes of "normal" reality anyway. Furthermore, if it were not for the laws of modern society we would all probably be burned at the stake for offering any other explanations of the meaning of life other than being carbon based units, necessary for the purposes of misery, suffering, full time labor and taxation.

Some days are DIAMONDS; some days are STONES!

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