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Author:  lfcevans [ Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Why

After browsing this forum and other websites, I was pondering on the question as to "why" ET`s have not let it be officially known to the populus that they are here, by flying in like a flock of migrating birds do one day. It must have happened very similarly to that when they first appeared to humans years ago.

Reading about all the past civilisations from thousands of years ago, which in earth time is 2 minutes ago, they have records of alien contact, swapping technology, having aliens living amongst them and treated like Gods, everybody in that civilisation must have realised that those ET`s were not from this planet , so it was known by the populus. If that was the case, why have they kept themselves out of the limelight so to speak this time around, just what is the difference between past civilsations and their level of education/learning/technology/religion, and our society today, which is "supposed" to be more advanced than it was years ago (albeit tweaked a little from ET technology maybe).

Were the lost civilisations more advanced than us before ET came along, who then were given technology to advance them even more, or did they only advance once they were helped by ET`s. It would seem we have been advanced by them, if you believe the stories of treaties and such, but done so in secret, which has only seemed to aid (whether intentionally on behalf of the ET`s is unknown) the military in their quest for superior weapons and not to help Human Beings in general.

Does ET think then that it is not the right thing to do any more after making, not one or two mistakes in the past, but quite a few, when they decided to intermingle with us and they now feel that it would benefit us by being this phenomena, that is denied by our leaders, but secretly being in contact with them , or could it be something else thats holding them back.

Why then and not now ??

Author:  Ann from Australia [ Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Why

There are Sumerian clay tablets that were found in Iran not too long ago and they explain their version of how humans began and how we advanced and how it was all lost again. I think they make real sense and I have included the translation of the first clay tablet here and if you want to hear more then just follow the links to no. 2 in the right hand column. I believe it's worth concidering. Ann :P

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IBLoSgJme ... re=related

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