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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 11:23 pm 

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Date of vision: Tuesday, July 30, 1991. 4:00 AM

I was awake in bed practicing geographical scans, when I began focusing on
Israel. No sooner done, I was there observing myself from here looking out
to the desert. I was standing inshore, and offshore and above water - actually
all of the above. That is when a stone began to materialize before my eyes.
In an instant, it appeared to build up and take shape in a 'bit by bit'
process. It was like an array of dots coming together randomly. I was made
to understand that Israel would become indestructible. See pic166.jpg

The stone was marble, huge and rectangular in shape. It was uneven and
somewhat natural looking and gave the impression of just being
unearthed. The center, top surface appeared to be dished out - a shallow
groove running from front to back along my viewing axis. It comprised less
than one percent of the entire volume and half the surface area. The stone
measured eight feet wide, four feet high and had materialized with the
groove intact, definitely not afterward.

I struggled with the stone's depth, wanting to believe it was four feet deep
and finally entered into my notes that it was three and one-half to four
feet deep. It made no sense, because the correct depth was truly three feet.

I saw only the desert and the stone, but imaged elsewhere and beyond was a
scene of lights - perhaps city lights - as I continued to probe for meaning.
I think beyond means time, not distance - perhaps a new city in the future.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:14 am 

Joined: Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:24 pm
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unable to transfer my image file pic166.jpg. Still working on it but having no luck.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:53 am 

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ArsenicF wrote:
unable to transfer my image file pic166.jpg. Still working on it but having no luck.

I am unable to transfer pictures (sketches) I've created of the Marble Stone and would appreciate any assistance. The file names are pic166.jpg and pic165.jpg, stored in microsoft word.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:50 pm 

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Stanley Krippner was professor and vice president of Saybrook Institute at the time we began corresponding about the mysterious Marble Stone of Israel. He was very helpful.

Hi Fred
This is a specific prediction, and is one that can be followed through.
----- Original Message -----
From: "Fred G." <deleted>
To: <skrippner@saybrook.edu>
Sent: Monday, May 01, 2006 9:03 PM
Subject: Marble Stone of Israel and Syria

Dear Stanley,

Please reference my email of 22 March 2006, "The Baffling Marble Stone

I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that the Marble Stone vision of
Israel in July 1991 continues to be on my mind. I am now pursuing a
interpretation rigorously. Pieces are coming together, and additionally
two predictive experiences on Syria are lending credence to the epoch. As
mentioned in the above referenced email, these overlapped the Marble Stone
vision in that time frame. See "Syria2#" below.

Without going into detail, my struggle with the Stone was of its depth,
which was along my viewing axis. In striking metaphor, a changing
ratio of Jews (on the decline), against non-Jews (on the incline) could be
key to the meaning. It hints that when a population ratio of 3:1 is
the dreadful event described in the Marble Stone note will occur. Today
ratio is 3.3:0.9 and in percentages equates to 76% to 23%. The figures
86% and 13% in 1990 for an average yearly change of less than 0.7%.
Accordingly, the event should occur when the 23% figure reaches 25% for
coinciding with the 3:1 ratio. It would seem the time is at hand.

Initially I thought the struggle was of my own choosing, but no longer. I
believe now it was part of the experience. I wanted the depth to be four
feet (4'h x 8'w by 4'd), and at the time I could not even begin to imagine
why. It made no sense. Now I believe that a changing ratio was being
out to me, but why ambiguously? It is a difficult question to answer.
Nonetheless, a ratio of 3:1 satisfies the numbers, wherein four feet
symbolically personifies the entire population of Israel.

The Stone materialized in the vision with a depth of three feet and,
therefore, excludes non-Jews. It raises a question of what will happen to
over 1.6 million Arabs, and others, when the figure reaches 25%. I see
one of two possible outcomes. They will evacuate, or they will be
It is a frightening scenario.

The evangelist, Oral Roberts, stated that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's
stroke was divine retribution for pulling Israel out of the Gaza Strip.
media seized on it, and he quickly rescinded the statement, but I am not
convinced he was wrong from a biblical standpoint. I believe a strong
spiritual force is evolving and will manifest after that dreadful event -
symbolically personified by the dished out portion at the top middle of

File: Syria2#

SYRIA: Two predictions on Syria describe something terrible to happen
It is the only time I have had redundant predictions that are so much the
same, as given below:

Date of Experience: 08 Sep 1993, "Syria will collapse and be buried under

Date of Experience: 10 Dec 1988, "Syria shall be buried as a snake."

These messages are not my words. I would have said "like a snake."
in the other message, how is something buried under itself? I would have
said under her but, even so, is still confusing.

The question in my mind is 'when' and what will be the circumstances?

The most devastating, cataclysmic event to happen in Syria was in 526 AD,
when an earthquake took approximately 250,000 lives. What can this mean
and is Syria what we know her to be today? Is it Syria of tomorrow or
past and/or present?

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