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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:13 am 
The Hopi of the four corners region of the USA....
Where the four corners of colorado nevada new mxico and arizona meet...
Have a body or knowledge and prophecy which they claim is handed down unto them from the beginning of men.
They are an extremely spiritual and peaceful people.
They claim possession of the origonal stone tablets(a parallel to the Mosaic ones)handed down by the all father to races of men.
A corner of one of the tablets is broken off and will be returned to them by the great white brother whom they expect to come and lead us all to peace and brotherly love,as well as heal the earth of her many wounds......
Their prophetic vision given long before the USA was in existance, gives an apt description of the wagons of settlers, the railroads comming, the telephone and telegraph,electricity, and finally the highways system.
It further states that men will go to the moon,(if they bring back any rocks from there,say the prophets,there will be great trouble over it.)
They also prophecy a house in the heavens will fall back to earth...(the russian space station?)
As well as the comming of a "Blue Star"which heralds the end of this world(the fourth)and the beginning of the fifth world.
Could this Blue Star be the recent comet which exploded flashing out many times brighter than any other star yet seen?
Prophecy is for contemplation....

PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:18 pm 
That's interesting that the Koran says at the end times 'torture will be widespread'.

And that is the official policy for every guttersnipe with a gun, given that relative gain and the scarcity of money dictates it's worth.

Illiterate thugs picked up in dragnets. Anyone with a neighbor with a grievance can make a few bucks turning over someone to the American Torturers.

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