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PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 3:27 am 

The spiritual wideangle of the re-awakening of the being for a re-awakening of conscience at dawn of the Third Millennium

Subject: Jurmian unitary unification of religions by Jurm Ben Isman

Username: viadelpensiero

Name: Giovanni Ioannoni

Spiritual name: Jurm Ben Isman

Address: via prenestina nuova 1/c

City: San Cesareo (Rm)

Postal code: 00030

Nation: Italy

E-mail: gijurm@libero.it

Phone: 06-958-8782

Mobile: 333-781-2695

Born: March 11, 1944 Teramo (Italy)

Interests: Spiritual researcher and free thinker.


We were not made to be brute but to attain virtue and knowledge.

Do not mind them but look and go by.

Live to project one’s conscious self.


Jurm Ben Isman, with his spiritual religious philosophical thought, calls upon the profound inner integrity of the being as is, and goes beyond his changeable and momentary belongings to.

The following scripts which I have the honor to introduce to all the precious souls of Earth, aim at reawakening the Being for the sacred reawakening of conscience.




Website: www.unionereligionijurm.com

I invite you to give full voice, visibility and action to the project of unitary unification of religions for a humanity of peace and universal love which Jurm Ben Isman presents and proposes. You may discover that you are different from what thay made you believe. Face yourself, it is in your full right, believe in it totally with all yourself without hesitation.

I hope you will take into serious consideration my current proposal for a vigorous thinking over of human being. Otherwise we will do nothing but blindly and silently re-affirm all those many exaltations, confirmed and abnormously amplified upon us through time. In the unlucky case of refusal, due to thoughtlessness and fear, of this possibility which I am presenting, I shall remind you that we will perpetrate all those conceivable and unconceivable exaltations which took place to our detriment, and we will diffuse such weight in the world of our future and, even worse, we will deliver all this to future generations in the world of their future.

The Jurmian spiritual philosophy-religion by Jurm Ben Isman, removes this disastrous anchorage to the old world system and projects us into the new world system which is already operating and active. We must only become aware of it, individually and collectively for the true taking back of our individual power which we will never hand to anyone, as we have full freedom and infinite sacred possibilities which we won back.

DO NOT FEAR, we are our thinking, we are our will, we are our choice, we are our action, we are GOD’s dream, we are his and our active be-coming which will realize itself with our will and sharing.



In the present time of the third millennium proselytism has no reason to exist, we must comprehend that it is only a cause for division among religions, and it is a constant source of conflict between religions themselves and civilization.

In order to religere reunite all in the planetary unitary unification of religions, we must peaceably abolish proselytism in the whole world. In practice, this is what I intend when I say EVERYONE SHALL REMAIN IN THE BOSOM OF THEIR OWN RELIGION, EMBRACING THE UNITARY UNIFICATION OF RELIGIONS IN THE WORLD.

Each person shall take back his or her identity of belonging to. For all souls – persons who have not yet pronounced themselves but wish and feel the need to do so, they only have to address themselves and wholly donate themselves to our beloved FATHER AND ONLY GOD who will welcome us all from the first to the last with immense and infinite love. The whole difference between human and in the human is in consciously donating oneself to OUR FATHER THE ONLY GOD.

Let’s become the only worldwide voice of peaceful pressure which comes from below.

Let’s win back full freedom of our individual power related to voluntary collective service. Pressure, pressure and again peaceful pressure on religions and their representatives, let it become planetary, philosophic, spiritual, and universally religious telluric movement.


Let’s leave no stone unturned. RELIGION = RELIGIO = RELIGERE = REUNITE = UNITE! That which comes from the creator to the creator returns!

Jurm Ben Isman – Giovanni Ioannoni

San Cesareo (Rm), 08 aprile 2005





The realization of the unitary unification of world religions recognizing themselves IN ONE ONLY GOD is already under way. Its creation is already making itself a phenomenon.

It is now up to humanity to enliven it all in itself, becoming fully aware with loving acceptance.

Let’s make unification joyful and pacific, humanity greatly deserves such sanctifying love. We are change, change is happening now, we are the miracle, the miracle is happening now. It is inevitable, it is inescapable.

Jurm Ben Isman

Giovanni Ioannoni Rome, March 31 2005


to be published through on-line forums from the original text of:



I just want to clarify that I don't have the presumption of teaching anything to anyone. But I invite you to remember what has always been in our inner side and which, once re-awaken, gives itself back bringing us closer to our universal integrity.

This means taking back our sovereign and divine power which is re-conquered and re-confirmed in its becoming aware. NOW IS THE TIME!

Peaceful and decisive. GOD is in us, we are in GOD. Everyone shall remain in the bosom of their own religion, embracing the unitary unification of religions in the world, each person taking back his or her identity of belonging to. NOW IS THE TIME! Peaceful and decisive.

It is the individual choice compared with the collective one which creates action, forming co-creation at a level of sensitiveness. One must only make the choice and pass on to action, that's all.

Here you will find humanity's uncomfortable conscience, you may discover that you are different from how they made you believe you are. Let's face ourselves, it's in our full right. Our main goal is to unify - (religere) and seek the revival of the being for the awakening of awareness. These are basic conditions to eliminate religious wars and civil wars. Remember that we are a total unique body.

Although our future seems to be written, we are all able, if willing, to make a change on our past with a current radical change of direction, thus modifying a disastrous future written by humanity. An other possible better future is at reach: we need to make a decision and rewrite it all together right away, now.

Let's all come out into the open and act consequently, NOW IS THE TIME! Peaceful and decisive. We have been attributed with awakening on Earth the sacred plant of universality, the phoenix which arises again from its ashes.

Our titanic struggle advances with radiant success, confident of the support of immense spiritual forces we receive from the heavens and which are at the service of humanity's holy cause.

In the thorough examination of Jurm Ben Isman's protocols, it is advisable to download and print them for a better lecture, which should be similar not only to the letter, but also to the spirit. Only then we will be able to have an overall view, which is anything but globalism, anything but a new world order, anything but authoritarianism, it's the whole contrary.

Don't rail, or it would be against the part of yourself which you refuse to accept; acknowledge that you must only understand and find the necessary strength of conscious acceptance that our soul will be able to give us right after our sincere, individual and loving request.

I wish to strongly remark that it is not a sect.

I wish to strongly remark that it is not a closed community.

I wish to strongly remark that it is nothing coercive.

It's the ripping of the veil, it's being born to oneself, it's initiative.

It's a religious movement which doesn't aim at having disciples or converts. It's a movement of thought, anti-racist, pacifist and universalist.

It is a definitely anomalous religious-philosophical movement. It's a movement which is freely related to itself, to neighbors and to GOD.

It is a movement which is out of the old system that is collapsing on itself.

It's the religion of the new world to which it is already giving birth.

It's the movement of restoration of universal conscience.

It's the state of mind which comes from the Spirit.

It's the state of mind which comes from the Soul.

It's the state of mind which comes from the Heart.

It's the state of mind which is called back to itself and powerfully comes to light.

It's the state of being awaked and feeling responsible.

Let's get out of the dividing cells imposed on us and come out into the open, NOW IS THE TIME! Peaceful and decisive. Let us all determine with mighty power our pacifying intention.

Don't mind scarecrows, they aren't aware of being so, but as soon as the are they will become our most sacred allies, we will welcome them with great jubilee, feasts and with open arms. At the moment I feel like saying "don't mind them but look and go by".

Let humanity be free from senses of guilt, need, fear, slavery, imposed misery, free from retaliating opulence, and manipulation. I am gathering together every creative spirit devoted to planetary change, I'm calling for a World Tam - Tam.

NOW IS THE TIME! Peaceful and decisive.

Use me through the protocols of Jurm Ben Isman, use me for the unitary unification of religions, use me to re-awake our beings, use me for world pacification, use me as a servant of humanity which I am, use me for the unification of humanity, let's use each other for our common cause.

At the revealing of the new world system and after a physiological period of transition-settlement, there will be fewer and fewer murders, thefts, robberies and crimes in general.

Punitive sentencing is not the method of cure, instead it is becoming aware, it is the awakening of conscience which makes us feel responsible, prevents, cures and removes. Feasible ethics and morals can be found in its own aware self-identifying stage which comes from awareness.

Alleged or real guiltiness of the individual shall never cancel his dignity.

It is reported that those whom the presumed Gods will want to destroy, would at first be driven crazy. Even in this case humanity will be able to come to become sane again, we have the power, we only need to take it back, want it, do it, we shall come to our senses in time limit. We are fools in this old - obsolete world system, which is under the illusion that it will change repeating its errors. We are wise in the new world system that we are already giving birth to and which rejects its mistakes projecting itself into the age of forgiveness, towards the universal awareness of love. NOW IS THE TIME! Peaceful and decisive.

I remind you that the miracle takes place now, let's be part of it. Let's elevate the world's collective conscience, making it open, free and able to re-call itself back. This way we will have a compact planetary humanity, cohesive and unassailable.

When the world-humanity asks for help it's time to intervene, and this is the moment. NOW IS THE TIME! Peaceful and decisive.

Let's call to us all our ancestors since the beginning of time, they won't forget to come to us and into us, as we are the only reason why in their turn they came to life projecting their conscious self, NOW IS THE TIME! Peaceful and decisive.

Let's build the bridge of world religions with pure loving truth which is the essence OF ONE, let's welcome the ONLY GOD to our Hearts, may the kingdom of GOD come on Earth.

I remind you that we all are the light of living self conscious which we take from the Universe to mankind.

If it is true that the universe is mathematical and musical,

if it is true that the solar system is dynamic , if it is true that the modern world is liquid and interpretative, then it is certainly true that mankind is all this.

Given my firm and unshakeable will and my determined task to make every effort to to re-awaken consciences and considering my definitely surly character, I feel like saying that I may be anything but unpleasant, so please don't dislike me.

I have been told that if I go forward with this project, I will at least be eaten alive. My answer is in that case I will be even more inside them, and together we will become the great propulsion power of the Jurm Ben Isman's Jurmian project. I will be in them and among them and we will be a whole for our holy humanity and for the common cause of the coming new world system.

With determined intent we shall quickly go following the epoch-making choice of planetary change in the third millennium. Let's not linger on who shows the way, omitting to follow the way, NOW IS THE TIME! Peaceful and decisive. I remind you that we are the miracle, that it is happening now, that we are part of it.

Let's recognize ourselves in the eternity and splendor of our inner integrity of the being who consciously offers and donates to himself, to the neighbor and to the GLORIOUS - THE ABSOLUTE - ONLY GOD.

Make the difference, be the difference as you really are in the dance of co-creation of life and love. You determine yourself and don't be determined by others. Though you are in the world but no more of the world, observe it and yourself with necessary coldness and it will be you to determine and not be determined.

I am advising everyone with absolute certainty that there is a new contact taking place between human beings, and with it a different way to interact among us, which comes from the Heart, springs from the Spirit, reaches the Soul and reaches the heart. Let's be fully aware, this gives us back to our sacred planetary brotherliness which we were forgetful of due to the dictate imposed by the old world system.

Shall our power and determination become and remain unshakeable even beyond time and space. Let it be life, let it be love, let it be truth, let it be freedom, justice, pardon, let it be tolerance, solidarity, respect, let it be prosperity, well-being, peace, let it be health and serenity, joy and happiness, NOW IS THE TIME! Peaceful and decisive.


Jurm Ben Isman, Giovanni Ioannoni

Joannes Unificator Religio Mundi,

Giovanni Predicatore Terzo Millennio.

The present adaptation from the original text of (M.S.R.S.) by

Jurm Ben Isman of January 2, 2005 is to be extended to the press, television, radio, internet and pass the word beyond every border.


Prophecies are warning messages FROM THE ETERNAL about our future, made through voices of the prophets, and it is good to take them to heart. But be careful, there are also ones which are manipulated-distorted by man himself, in order to preserve power even beyond their time and in others' future.

These distorted prophecies are only partially true in some identifications and are thus able to make one fall into the deceptive trap, but they are false in the definition of the finale purpose.

They are created with the purpose of convincing humanity about what will not be, availing themselves with some true points and making them go back to a distorted purpose which does not exist in the real future events. Their goal is to prevent the realization of what is not in the strings of manipulators of the past even towards our present future. In brief, their aim and search is to undermine, from their past through swindle, our future which is now our present moment.

For this reason falseness was inserted to instill it even into our generations' DNA, as well as into unaware minds. Swindle tries every possible and impossible way even in describing as negative a future which, after the cyclic regeneration of our mother Earth and the spiritual rebirth of humanity, will be only positive even in the purpose of will, choice, action, truth and substantial universal love.

In having inserted illusion in some sacred scripts lies swindle and falsity towards entire humanity and towards OUR ETERNAL GOD. It is now time that original still existing sacred scripts come back to light, uncontaminated by the manipulations by which man modified them through time.

A comparative spiritual scientific study will be necessary without any hegemony of control, everyone will have to know all instantly. Full light should be thrown on past, present and future of humanity, of the world and of the universe, without misunderstanding, cheating or censure. We shall put everything in the open, everyone shall know, everyone will be able to donate their forgiveness, to offer and give their mercy; I invite you to think on our own with all our heart.

Let’s use our discernment, let’s use free will which was given to us. I remind you that we are all life and love, even to offer and donate mercy. Let’s for-give ourselves and we will be on the right path to for-give everyone and everything, let it be universal mercy.

CHRIST in our hearts and praise be to our ETERNAL GOD. Let there be forgiveness, mercy and peace in all people on Earth.

Giovanni Ioannoni


Jurm Ben Isman

San Cesareo (Roma), February 7, 2005


I wish to add further notes in order not to be misunderstood. Mine is only an intuitive remote hypothesis which should be proved in order to be confirmed, nothing more nothing less. Mine is no preventive war, neither present, nor future, against religions. I would be very careful not to do so, I am for the unitary unification of religions, it could not be otherwise.

Mine is pure questioning of the soul, that’s all. It is a good comparative rereading of original sacred books, comprising those which are still hidden and which I hope will soon see the light.

A new interpretation of also apocryphal books with an approach of full open-mindedness, in the light of needs of the third millennium, could give about new vital lymph in the awakening of the being for the awakening of conscience.

If it is also possible to find our answers in possible missing pieces, what can we say, who knows? The fact remains that we are still continuously searching for it and this should certainly have an explanation inside ourselves.

I want to advance an insolent proposal, I hope for a new interpretation of the original books of sacred scripts of world religions, which should be in the meaning of pacifist-universalist life and love, with the removal, if one is willing, of misunderstandings which create-generate incitement to oppression, violence, ethnic hatred, to hatred in general, war between nations, racism between people and nations.

As a contribution to world pacification, I would suggest a spontaneous rereading of sacred books in a totally pacifist way. Today I would see this new interpretation as a great sign by religions, a gift and act of peace and love toward humanity itself, as well as an act of reparation for the terrible errors and crimes committed by man through time as an excuse for religions.

The request shouldn’t seem excessive, it is still at our reach. Religions should find the force to truely reconcile eachother with joy and love and they will pacify humanity all. I remind that we live in the world of contradiction to complete ouselves. Man himself should ricognize himself even in his contradictions..

CHRIST in our hearts and praise OUR ETERNAL GOD.

An invitation, try to sow in good fields, and leave reap to humanity.

Giovanni Ioannoni


Jurm Ben Isman

San Cesareo (Roma), February 12, 2005



I have been asked whether I have collected opinions

and approval concerning Jurm Ben Isman's project

of which he is the bearer. Well, so far I've found a little of

everything in the fishing net, from veiled menaces to

the worst invective; also measured consensus

but reluctant to play the game of the type "you go ahead

and if there's a positive confirmation then you may count

on us.

However, their support, although moderate and apparent,

can only give hope and faith; after all they are still seeds

planted on creation which realizes itself.

The real wall of indifference arrives when we establish

contact with religions, which feel attacked and menaced;

a possible unification frightens them enormously

as they think they would be deprived of their power, which

is absolutely untrue, but it is well known that fear terrifies,

while the "status quo" of separation of religions reassures

them, as it is part of their experience.

The idea of something new petrifies them, as they are not

prepared, but they will have to adapt to change which is

now totally irreversible: unitary unification of religions is

already a fact. Religious representatives are aware of this,

but they still aren't willing to recognize it, they are delaying

change, in brief they are afraid of themselves.

Fortunately not all religions are of this opinion, many find change possible, feasible, desirable if not inevitable and inescapable. I will not name them, if they want they will have to clearly step forward. I will await them with trust and open arms, they know where and how to search and find me.

The real spur for such a change shall occur through

propulsion-consensus and mass pressure which stems

from below and is a true and powerful incentive for

representatives in charge of world religions, who will

be led to action according to all humanity's will. I would

have them note the irreversibility of this project of

unification of religions, which, be careful, does not regard

adjusting their beliefs; these will remain as defined at the


I have been asked how I think this will be possible and

feasible; I first answer provocatively posing another

question: how can you think such a thing not possible?

Then I actually answer the first question, all you need

do is take action, all you need is to want it, it is all in

humanity's choice.

I remind you that we are the miracle.

I remind you that the miracle takes place now.

Humanity shall encourage religions and their

representatives to take action.

As soon as JèRUsaleM calls, Jurm Ben Isman will be

able to reply to the appeal, to the call.

Jurm Ben Isman - Giovanni Ioannoni

Rome, March 30, 2005




It is true that in order to play to my best the historical, philosophic, religious and spiritual role of which I am a carrier, I will still need to avail myself of some kind of popular investiture. If humanity is ready, Giovanni Ioannoni in Jurm Ben Isman declares to be ready also, nothing easier, nothing truer, the rest will be a consequence.

I am certain to be shaped by eras and by present life for the task that has been given to me and that I have been entrusted with by Above, a task which I embraced in the unitary unification of religions. In making every effort for the re-awakening of the being and the sacred re-awakening of the conscience I remind you that we should be able to fly as the the heavens belong to us. I remind you that humanity overflowing with God is placed in his divine and powerful, peaceful and spiritual resistance.

The old world system has now vanished, disappeared, dissolved. The passage has been realized, the new birth has taken place, you only have to be aware of it and accept it.

From now on, people, it is all another world. IT IS ALL THE BEING IN THE BEING. Remember, from now we are shooting a totally different film, it is a totally different world; from now we are in the world of being, in the world of love, in the world of freedom, in the world of heavenly justice, in the world of wellbeing, in the world of abundance, in the world of true life in which we will live life no longer having lived from life.

In becoming fully aware of our new plan to which we were called is part of our re-awakening. The old performance for this world is no longer valid while the new performance has to be interpreted and lived in full awareness.

We are all ONE; if forced compulsion still concerns us let’s all take it on and we will be part of it and solve it all without excessive catharsis, and after the regeneration of our mother Earth and the spiritual re-awakening of humanity, we will fully live our new existance plan of universal life.

If we comprehend these things then we will be able to enliven them in ourselves and all will appear in its divine greatness. Otherwise if it slips on us we will be able neither to absorb them nor to change them. In that case all we can do is work again on ourselves, only each person has the key to this door and nobody else can do it for him or her.

Don’t become discouraged, let’s put every effort to comprehend ourselves, it is at our reach and greatness. I suggest to remain symbolically and ideally upright as a cross, still and at the center of the hurricanes, waiting for events after having longly and repeatedly searched them, procreated and provoked them.

I remind you that provokation is a winning means of our actions, conscious operators are working in the CORPUS DEUS of our new conscious universal plan, AVE MASADA where AVE MASADA stands for EVA and ADAMO as MASADA stands for a sacred place symbol of spiritual resistance placed in man ADAMAS and EVA – AVE MASADA.

Everyone should put his effort in connection with what he is innerly. DON’T FEAR, our tomorrow is in GOD’s hands for his thoughts and cures, we must do our own part. Leave old coordinates now disactivated, connect yourself to the new coordinates now activated and created in the new universal existance plan, for this task let’s be guided by our hearts.

On April 13 2005, I remark all that I have stated above.


Jurm Ben Isman

whose original name was

Giovanni Ioannoni





Fear generates monsters, determines paralysis and stillness, thus strengthening the fateful which we would want and shall overcome and reject; but which we erroneously ascribe to others who make every effort to remove such damage.

To play their game it is sufficient to do nothing, just don’t move. Through my instrument, GOD THE CREATOR puts us before ourselves, after which, if you don’t mind, it’s up to us to stew in our own juice, it’s in our right from every point of view...

The Jurmian universal spiritual philosophy-religion is brother and sister of all religions coming from GOD THE ONLY CREATOR and ready to return to him.

I understand when one complains that I’m not clear enough in my scripts, what can I say in regards? It is difficult for me to write more clearly and simply, I apologize.

Let’s not forget that covertly expressing oneself takes us to the truth, as it brings us close to hiding it, using its own strings it becomes its bolt – it’s patch, while the key is inside the single person that uses it and, once stimulated and activated, it opens to comprehension of itself.

Carefully re-read my scripts and you will notice that there is even too much clearness, it is directed more to you profound interiority than to your elementary-primary being.

It is not in the greater or poorer dialectics of the discussion that we will find the answers. These will be available only questioning ourselves, only then we will find and understand our truths.

In conclusion, I wish to clarify and make clear that at present I do not cover any public post.

Sincerely yours

Giovanni Ioannoni

April 30, 2005 San Cesareo (Rm)


Reproposed 28, Maggio 2006 San Cesareo ( Rm )

PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2007 10:50 pm 
Isnt this communique also a form of PROSELATISING?...Just a small thought...

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