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 Post subject: Do Angels Have Angels?
PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:05 am 
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As I sit often and look and think of the Universe above . I start to think of how little I know . They say you learn something new everyday even if it's about yourself . I then started thinking do angels have angels . If I am but so limited in my knowledge of understanding of what is up in the heavens are my friends from space just one more step above me and do they have angels above them also . Does God have many levels of spirit teachers to help everything get to a higher level one step at a time of higher knowledge of going to the light which is God . There appears to be no end to the heavens above as well as no end to eternity of learning . So do our friends from space have what we on earth would call a church of learning about the next step up to the light of all things . It is a never ending heaven and does God have many spiritual beings of higher life forms all over the galaxys teaching the levels below ?
I myself am just one pebble of knowledge in the desert of the Sahara and as eternity goes I hope to always be heading to the light and maybe getting enough knowledge to become a beach . Man invented time by the way that the earth travels around the sun 24 hours to us is one day if our planet were going slower then the day would be longer faster shorter . We as humans think we know so much . Some of us go to a church on Sunday for our one hour, some go more . Some people just believe in God in there own way . And some not at all and think it's a way for people to feel good about themselves . I believe in a creator of all things I have so much to learn here and when I leave this place and go to what I believe is the next level of spirituality . I am still a child before it is born swimming for the egg . I don't know why I am going to the egg all that I know is I must get there .
As with learning to get to the light I will have eternity and not have to worry about this thing called time that was made by men and I never seem to have enough of . For now I will just look at the heavens above and wonder many things and I will look at them in a positive way . Because if there are do overs like in school if you do not pass you stay behind I would like to go forward and not look at the many mistakes that I have made to keep me here .Because I am trying to catch up with the light and the Universe has had a big head start !

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I'd guess that the arch-angels are their teachers.

The thing you typed seems to go on for infinity even after reading it, it sticks with a person very deep.

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